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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (5/15)

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AU Summary: Tony helps Y/N learn about her own abilities.

Notes: so yeah i can’t wait to post all the chapters i have! you guys are in for a ride. this story is crap but its my crap so thank you for reading it :)

Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


“She’s not a prisoner.”

“I agree.”

“Then why is she in a cell. Again?”

“Because, Rogers, she broke the other one. Now what does that tell you?” Fury leaned back on his chair and brought his feet up his desk.

Steve looked away and shook his head. “That Y/N is stronger than we thought.”

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Kas' 2.5K Follower Writing Challenge!

Thank you all so much for the 2.5K followers! You guys have been with me through thick and thin, you all are the best! My life has been insane this year, but things are settling down so I’ll be more active. You guys are so amazing, and I’m so happy to have all of you in my life! 

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So to celebrate this huge milestone, I’m going to be hosting my first Writing Challenge

Kas’ 2.5K Dialogue Prompt Challenge!


  1. You may pick only one prompt and pairing. If we happen to have extra then you can pick another if you want. Just send me an ASK with whatever prompt  you would like. Send me three choices just in case the one you want is taken and let me know what pairing it will be.
  2. There is no word length, I happen to enjoy long stories! ;)
  3. It can be anything from a drabble, one shot, mini series, whatever you guys want it to be.
  4. It can include angst, smut, fluff. It can also be an AU if you want whatever floats your boat
  5. All entries for the challenge will be due on July 1, 2017 12:00am PST.
  6. Must include Kas’ 2.5K dialogue challenge in the first five tags.
  7. And above all else please tag me! If I don’t like a reblog it, it’s probably because I didn’t see it.

After July 1, 2017 I will be making a masterlist for all of the submissions. That way everyone will be able to read all you amazing fics!

Let’s get this celebration started!

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All My Fault

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This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing​ SPN Movie Night Challenge. My movie prompt was Jeepers Creepers. 

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Sort of smut, fluff at first, monster chase, angst, previous character death, sad Dean, drinking, alcoholism?? 

Word Count: 1467

Summary: Dean needs Y/n back, holding onto her in any way possible.

A/N: Umm, yea, so sadness for u all. Sorry for the shitty ass summary, I had no idea what to put for that. Hope u like the fic!

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“Hurry up, dude. I wanna go home”.

Dean’s heart always fluttered when y/n would call the bunker her home.

She had been living there for over two years now, dating the Winchester for just a year. Yet he still wasn’t used to someone actually staying with him, accepting him for who he is and not trying to change him like other people.

“Sorry, princess. On my way”.

He rushed out of the diner after hanging up, grabbing the bag of food and ignoring the dumb waitress’s flirting, pushing up her breasts and twirling her bleached hair.

“Sorry. Queue was a bit long”, he stuttered, getting into the car and handing her the bags.

“It’s ok. Just wanted you back here to be honest”.

She threw the pie and burgers to the back, not caring about the glare Dean gave her for just a single second before she climbed onto his lap.

“I missed you. A lot”.

“I was gone for like ten minutes”, he replied, amused yet completely turned on.

“Ten minutes too long”.

She leaned down, nibbling his earlobe as she ground down on his cock, feeling his length against her clothed pussy.

“So hard for me, aren’t you baby? Such a good boy!”

Dean loved when she praised him. It just got his blood flowing to his cock even faster, making him even harder than before.

Suddenly, the cold breeze on y/n’s face brought her attention back, looking around.

“What the fuck?”

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