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Shaikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimahullah said:

“Seeking forgiveness is the greatest hasanāt & its field is so extensive, whoever finds that he has shortcomings in his ibādah, sayings or actions, or that his sustainance has decreased or that his heart is unsettled, then let him make istighfār”

Majmoo Al-Fatawa V.11 P.698


“It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]


Sebastian Stan behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Boa Hancock + Snake face tattoo

PS fucking A
Its ok to wear pushup bras.
Its ok to wear butt pads.
Its ok to wear corsets or body slimmers.
Its ok to wear a lot of makeup.
Its ok to wear extensions.
An individual can do whatever the fuck they want with their own body if it makes themself feel better.
If I hear
“You lied to me”
“You lead me on”
“This is why i take people on first dates to the swimming pool”
“Honestly you’d look better without all that slutty makeup on”
Etc Etc, I will personally, find you, and shove my foot 8 feet up your ass,

“oh, sure, i have a smartphone, i see it’s useful. but everybody knows that you can’t get a REAL relationship anymore (ha, ha) - everybody is always looking at their phones on buses and during classes. go talk to a stranger! feel the air! eat your body weight in kale! hang on, how do i make a note on this? i wanna write that down, that was a good quote.”

consider this: i am in a long distance relationship with somebody i met in person. we have a very deep connection. we both go to different colleges. we have over forty-two thousand facebook messages: about philosophy, our lives, our deepest secrets, the posts that we find hilarious and want to give the other person so we can share that experience (lizard playing piano with an existential crisis is the most recent) - maybe when he checks his phone in public, he’s just seeing me checking in on him

i have friends in places i never thought i’d find them. i have friends hours away from anywhere i’ve ever been. i have friends from school i rarely spoke to after graduation and i have internet friends who text me every day with pictures of animals and plants. i know people who fell in love over the internet, and when they met in person, it was exactly as perfect as they expected. they meet with an ocean of shared memories already, a match which was already lit. who cares that they weren’t at some office mixer and standing around awkwardly when they first locked eyes. who cares if they were on a pokemon forum. does it matter. is their happiness somehow hurting you in any way. does it offend your “real connection” sensibilities. “we met drunk at a frat party” is just as embarrassing as “i edited her fanfiction.” not everybody meets in hollywood ways. all that matters is that when they met, they were there to stay. friendship and love are amazing that way.

i get it. there are people who really do abuse the system. i personally don’t believe in technology at the table, as much as possible. it really is rude and hurtful when someone pulls out their phone while you’re talking directly to their face. but most of the people i know will excuse it with: “this is my mom, which drugs should i tell her i’m on,” “sorry, waiting for the doctor to get back to me” “hang on lemme show you this snapchat of a cat” “wait i have the perfect vine for that.” and if you have a problem with it - which is valid - just use your “real connection” powers and be an adult about it. say, “i’m sorry, i’m not comfortable when you use that, is there any way you could leave it until i’m done talking?” most people touch their phone subconsciously. they’re not doing it to be mean.

and as for meeting strangers: did your mother teach you nothing. i don’t talk to strangers for a pretty good reason. give me a safe place, and i’ll be incredibly friendly. but the fact i’m texting my friend rather than suddenly striking up a conversation with the dude who keeps burping loudly two seats away from me: that doesn’t mean technology has frozen my heart completely. but when it’s late and i’m tired and i’ve had a long day: it’s so comforting to get warm messages from family. and even if there weren’t circumstances outstanding: maybe your problem isn’t that people are on their phone, it’s that you by yourself feel strangely alone.

just because you feel that you’re becoming distant from your friends: that doesn’t make it true for the rest of us. society changes whenever large-scale changes in technology occur. the way we interact is different. that doesn’t make it wrong. for many of us, this is the only way we can see the faces of our loved ones on a frequent basis. who cares if a connection comes with the support of the internet. learn to adapt to it. and if you feel like you’re addicted: put it down. go for a walk. delete the game you have 458 hours on. solve your own problem. stop pretending like the younger generation is at fault.

phones are portals to books, music, family, friends, to photos, to calming coloring books, to video conferences. instead of seeing a wall: see the window that person is holding. yes, they’re not looking at the grimy floor of the train station. but when you can fill that time usually spent staring into the distance with a discussion of whether academia has reduced artistic representation down to a few hallowed artists of a certain dynamic: why wouldn’t you?

so download the kindle app, re-read harry potter. join online communities. make a twitter. i don’t care that you think you’re cool and distant because you never hashtagged something on instagram. try it before you mock it. talk to people about things. take a web seminar. use the device for good instead of seeing it  as evil. somebody said to me yesterday: all advanced technology would be magic to people of another age. you have something in your hands which would have been a miracle in another day.

use it fully.

—  This coming from someone who has never owned a smartphone/tablet/e-reader in her 21 years of life // r.i.d
About Firefox 43, New XKit and Extension Signing

A lot of you people using Firefox probably already realized: The update to Firefox 43 completely disables New XKit due to it not being signed/verified.

Let me begin by saying that all of us are truly sorry for this inconvenience.
We are trying our best to fix this but currently are unable to give an ETA on how soon this is going to happen.

Mozilla published their plan for extension verification in Feburary, so even when the New XKit project started in July we knew that it was something we were going to have to deal with eventually. We submitted our extension initially to Mozilla on July 20th, and did not hear back from them until November 16th, when Mozilla removed our extension from their online gallery, telling as that we do not meet their requirements to be a publicly listed extension. We then submitted as an “unlisted” extension, which was theoretically a more lenient process. This time they got back to us within about a week, but they would not still not accept the extension the way it was currently written.

There are a lot of technical details that go into the situation, but the bottom line is that we need to rewrite the core of how XKit handles extensions almost completely before getting signed. We’re currently about half-way through that process, and hope to have something to share with you as soon as we can pass validation. The biggest downside that comes with this rewrite though will be our reaction time—we will have to update the entire extension whenever we want to change one of the individual packaged extensions, and third-party (non-signed) XKit Extensions will no longer work.  

Until signing happens though, we can offer you 3 workarounds:

  1. Use another browser like Chrome or Opera with New XKit. This is the best solution, as it allows you to still be on the most up-to-date browsers while also using New XKit. You can grab the Chrome version of New XKit from the Chrome Web Store and find instructions for using New XKit with Opera on our blog
  2. Downgrade Firefox to v42. This is less recommended then option 1, but more recommended the option 3. Mozilla provides instructions on how to do this on their wiki
  3. Disable signature checks in Firefox v43. (NOT recommended)

WARNING! Signed extensions a security feature added by Mozilla. Disabling that feature may put you at risk of installing viruses and ad-ware! 

Additionally, this fix only works until Firefox v44 hits and the switch gets removed.

If you still want to proceed, type “about:config” in your Address Bar, look for “xpinstall.signatures.required” and double click on it so it has the value “false”.

And as always, if you got any trouble with XKit, you are welcome to join our support chat room. (hosted on gitter, if you want to join with a github account)

“i’m pretty sure they’re hair extensions, not weaves” - says a white girl who can’t grasp that she used weave as a term to cheapen the beauty of and insult black hair while describing its use of hair extensions when they’re the same fucking thing

Email tumblr. Ask them (politely) to change the layouts back. Explain why calmly, rationally, and firmly. Feel free to use my email in full, or as a base if you’d like:

Dear tumblr staff,

I understand that you want to make updates to your site and your layout, and that’s fine. We might complain about layout changes, but overall we adjust. However, this is different. As someone who has been a graphic maker on tumblr for several years, I have created what I can only assume is over 1000 graphics, gifs or otherwise. All of these gifs were designed for the 500px post width, all thanks to your recent change, all of them now look awful. The new wide post width stretches out all gifsets created with the previous size in mind, making them look blurry and/or cut off. This includes both on the dashboard and on personal blog layouts, which have been designed with the 500px width in mind. I, like so many other graphic makers, put so much work into each gif set that I make. Over time, this would add up to hundreds of hours of work that has been single-handedly ruined with one “simple” change that you somehow saw “no reason not to”. Well, I hope you will see that there are plenty of reasons not to. Reasons like the thousands, probably even millions of gif-sets that now look absolutely awful because of the changes you made. Or the personal blog layouts that have been similarly ruined because of your change. This is not even taking into account the fact that you’re essentially asking thousands of graphic makers to change how they make their gifs and graphics, to new (and very weird) size ratios. 

Please undo this poorly thought-out change, and  revert the width of the post size back to 500px. For the sake of all your site’s numerous, incredibly talented graphic makers, as well as this incredibly visually-oriented sites years worth of posts.

Thank you,


I don’t know if I want to do this alone. I don’t even know if I can.