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This adds a whole new dimension to the Scone of Stone. Apparently you gotta actually be British to unlock all the levels of Pratchett’s humour. Again, like in Dwarf society.

There is a LOT of regional humor in Disc which can go over non British people’s heads. Like the fact that the Dwarf bread slogan “T’bread wi t’edge” implies a northern Lancashire accent and is based on the actual real life Warbuton Family Baker’s slogan, which is in itself a pun—“Warbutons, bakers born and bread”.

There are so many men who give lip service to feminism/women’s rights/true equality, but have no desire to actually meaningfully change anything. So I am at a loss for why people think educating men is a great thing and that they, men, will step up to help us if we do this. Let me put in this way, think of an abusive relationship. Part of the reason abusers exist is because they get benefits okay? They get to do what they want, when they want, have who they want at their beck and call, AND experience no consequences. An abuser gets benefits from an abusive relationship. In the same way, this system is beneficial for men. It’s actually especially beneficial for the “good” ones, which is a joke, but also another conversation. However, when we talk about abusive relationships, what *always* gets lost in these conversations? That men benefit. This system, and other systems of oppression, are like an abusive relationship on a mass scale. There is no incentive for men, *even good men*, to stop unless it is forced. Within abusive relationships that force is often distance (separatism) or physical (self defense). That is why I advocate both, not education. Educate kids and women sure, but leave the men behind. Because this is before I even get to what happens to men who learn feminism/feminist theory and use it for themselves. Men who want to do the work, who have morals, will always be there. But mass education for true change, especially in this culture now (porn anyone?), is not realistic *and* predators are always changing tactics so good luck keeping up with everything. All of my experience leads back to oppressors only change when forced or they want to. I don’t want to wait around for the second option



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