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pleeeeease tell me there's a story about nate and aj? ❤️❤️❤️

WELL ANONS (from this fic):

Andrew Joseph Minyard doesn’t know a thing about Nathaniel Wesninski until he’s sent to kill him.

That’s perhaps more unusual than one would suspect, knowing Andrew. His general disinterest is well known, but he has a personal stake in knowing the movers and shakers of the magical families on the East Coast.

Know your enemies, and all that. Andrew didn’t used to have those, until he met Kevin Day and finally picked a side that wasn’t himself and his best interests. Now he kills people for righteousness, or what the fuck ever.

“The Wesninskis have a new leader,” Wymack tells them, hands folded on his desk like this is very serious news. “It’s Nathan’s kid, apparently. He’s cleaned house. Or it might be more accurate to say that he wiped the old circle off of the map entirely.”

Like he always does, Kevin goes pale at the mention of one of those families. Wymack flicks him a glance before continuing, “It’s not immediately clear where he stands on the old family alliances, but it makes sense for us to move now while he’s unsettled.”

Andrew can see where this is going already. “I didn’t realise we were killing off children now.”

Wymack shoots him a level look. “He’s twenty-two. Barely younger than you.”

“Well, I suppose that’s alright then,” Andrew replies agreeably. “When do I leave?”

“Hold on. Didn’t he kill his own father?” Nicky cuts in. “Shouldn’t that require a little more investigation than ‘when do I leave’?”

Dan waves a hand. “He’s a mage. Killer or not, he won’t be able to protect himself against non-magical weapons.”

“Don’t worry Nicky. I don’t like to be too well prepared,” Andrew says. It’s not meant to be soothing.

That’s how he ends up crawling through an upper-storey window of the Wesninski mansion, cursing mages and rusted locks. The house is probably warded - Andrew couldn’t say. To him it’s just like breaking into any other house.

What he does notice is the complete emptiness of the building. While mages don’t often have non-magical defence - and Andrew would be a lot less successful if they invested in some attack dogs, or even burglar alarms - they do generally at least have people. But every room he passes - soundlessly, of course - has its door flung wide open to display its total emptiness.

Every instinct he has is screaming. For a moment, he wonders if Wesninski has cleared out of the house entirely. But, despite the limited information for this trip, Andrew knows Wymack wouldn’t send him on a wild goose chase. The mage is here.

He creeps down the stairs, sticking close to the wall. It’s a broad staircase, gaudy even in the near-darkness. Apparently the elder Wesninski had more money than taste.

The lounge is no more elegant, and still empty of people. Beyond it, though, light falls from the doorway. Andrew creeps towards it, palming one of his knives.

Apparently, all his quiet was wasted. The person through the door is waiting for him - and this, having met Nathan, is definitely his son.

Twenty-two he may be, but Wesninski looks like a kid. With his fair falling into his face as he slouches against the kitchen island, he looks nothing like someone who could have killed Nathan and the entire rest of his circle in one fell swoop. Any tracery of magic in him isn’t detectable to Andrew though - for all he knows, the air could be singing with it.

The only giveaway that this man isn’t as normal as Andrew is the curling tattoo emerging over the collar of his t-shirt. It’s a mage-mark, and it’s large. Even Kevin, the most powerful of the Foxes in terms of sheer strength, doesn’t have one that extends so far across his skin.

“You’re AJ Minyard,” Wesninski says. He looks excited about that. Andrew didn’t realise he was a groupie. It’s the danger of being a contract killer - being known by your signature. Andrew is Andrew, except when he’s AJ and earning his keep in blood.

“Usually, your kind is throwing spells by now,” he replies blandly. Not that it ever helps them.

“That would be a waste of time, though. Wouldn’t it?” Wesninski says. “You’re immune.”

Well then. “You’re smarter than you look,” Andrew informs him. 

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why you’re so successful,” Wesninski shrugs. “I need to send a message to Kevin.”

Wesninski isn’t following the script. Andrew glances at his watch - usually they’d have gotten past the initial failed attempt to blast Andrew off of the face of the earth with magic and moved onto either running - unusual, mages didn’t like to run - or begging. “Do I look like a messenger to you?”

That earns a thin smile. “Oh, I’m sorry. Is that demeaning?”

“If you think I’m here for that, then you’re confused,” Andrew says. 

Wesninski throws his arms wide. “Well, go ahead then. You know I can’t fight you. And it’s not like I can run.”

Fuck’s sake, Andrew didn’t come here for a conversation. Still, though - he throws a glance at Wesninski’s legs. “Too lazy for it?”

“Not exactly. I know you probably don’t care for magical theory, so the short explanation is that right now I can’t leave this house. Hence wanting to speak with Kevin. The best I could do is hide in a closet, and I can’t imagine that would deter you.”

“As sob-stories go, you might want to try ‘but I have children and a wife’,” Andrew advises. 

“As if that would help me.” Wesninski rolls his eyes. “That’s fine. I wasn’t expecting you to help me for free. I’ll give you something you want in exchange.”

Andrew really should have just killed him instead of saying a word. Corpses are so much less trouble. He raises an eyebrow to signal that his patience is wearing thin.

“If you want a chance at getting anywhere near Riko Moriyama, you’ll help me,” Wesninski says.

That’s an interesting offer. “What makes you think I care about that?”

“Do you think it isn’t common knowledge in the upper circles about what happened between him and Kevin?” Wesninski says. “Plus you’ve been working your way through all the high blood families over the last year. I figured a Moriyama must be right up there on your wish list. Particularly that one.”

He isn’t wrong. “I’m not here to make a deal with you.”

“Are you sure about that?” That smile again. It’s really a wonder someone so irritating hasn’t been killed already. “I have access to the Moriyamas now, whether they like it or not. I think you’d like to make use of that. Better move fast, though - you aren’t the only one who wants to kill me.”

Riko would already be dead if he were easier to get to. And Nathaniel now has his father’s seat on the council, even if he killed for it - succession is muddy  and ugly amongst mages at the best of times. He’d hardly be the first to do it that way. 

He’s right. Andrew could use that. Getting into Castle Evermore is difficult, and Nathaniel has a free pass through the front gates. If he could smuggle Andrew inside…if he were willing to do so…

“What’s in it for you?” Andrew asks.

“What, you mean besides you not murdering me tonight and me getting out of this fucking house?” So sardonic. “I don’t like the Moriyamas any more than you do, Wesninski blood or no. I don’t care if I die, as long as Riko goes first.”

It seems their interests all line up. Andrew can deal with Riko at last, and might even get a shot at the other Moriyamas in the process. He smiles a little bit, feeling his face cracking.

“Well, Nathaniel. Looks like you might be useful to me after all.”

Wesninski makes a face. “I go by ‘Nate’.”

“I really don’t care,” Andrew tells him. “I would say ‘wait here’, but I suppose that’s irrelevant, isn’t it? I’ll come to you.”

The with a message or a knife is unspoken but clearly implied. Nathaniel - Nate - smiles thinly.

“Better hurry,” he says. “Offer ends if I’m dead.”

Sixteen questions that science is unable to explain

1. What feral hell long-distant from its fragile, earthly body does a cat’s purr originate from?

2. How do we reconcile quantum mechanics on the atomic and molecular level with the human desire to go home from the lab and get a beer or something because everything is fucked anyway?

3. Why are bees?

4. How are bees?

5. When are elbows, and for how long?

6. How do badgers know how to open tins, and what have they been putting in those tins, and why can’t you remember the other twenty times you read about badgers and tins?

7. Why do birds suddenly appear any time you are near?

8. What’s that noise?

9. Wheretofore?

10. Which one of the legs is both the same?

11. Can we brain, or is it off limits?

12. What was Science doing last Saturday night and why did Science come home late with its breath smelling of ethanol?

13. If humanity did not yawn, how would we know how to work our face-hinges?

14. What is that stuff floating around all over space?

15. Why are those numbers sitting together over there and looking at us funny like they’re planning some crazy dance and we’re not invited to it even if we can hear number music and totally have the moves?

16. What are you building in there, Science?

Contended Love (Part 2) | Thomas

From: The Maze Runner
Pairing: Thomas x reader
Word count: 5,202 (i got carried away… sorry!)
Warnings: slight angst

Part 1 

A/N: This took a while, actually. I was suffering of a minor writer’s block: it’s not like I didn’t have ideas, I just didn’t have the will in me to sit down and write. But here it is; enjoy, cuties! x 

“(Y/N), come on. Wake up, sweetheart,” Newt’s voice said as he gently shook my right shoulder, trying to awaken me from my deep sleep. I ever so slowly opened my tired eyes and saw the blond lad sitting at the side of my hammock smiling at me. “Deep sleeper much, huh?” he teased.

“You have no idea,” I replied in my usual husky morning voice, causing a small chuckle to leave his slim nude lips. 

“Well, did you sleep okay? ‘Cause I was looking forward to doing something with you today,” he smiled. 

“Really? Like what?” I asked surprised with a slight frown on my face as I lifted myself with my arms, getting into a sitting position.

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@jaywani so i changed things up (a small amount) and may have gone a little overboard with your request 😅 but i loved it so, so much!!! i hope you enjoy!! ((ps i didn’t include anything about Todd wearing Dirk’s jacket here but um. i may or may not be working on a second prompt fill to fit that specifically so um. stay tuned! 💖💖💖))

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Magickal Properties of Dragon Type

Originally posted by axew

Rage, aggression, latent and actualized power, ferocity, mystery, heat, weather, unity of sky and sea and land, what is ancient and beyond, myth and legend, status, resolve, lack of restraint, secretiveness, survival, protection and guarding.

In general, Dragon Pokémon are known for their strength and ferocity, and usually being aggressive and territorial. Mega Salamance: “Mega Evolution fuels its brutality, and it may even turn on the Trainer who raised it. It’s been dubbed “the blood-soaked crescent.“” Garchomp: “Its vaunted wings become scythes, sending it mad with rage.“ The move Dragon Rage is named for this intense rage that Dragon types share. This rage or power often expresses itself as a lack of restraint, as the power may be too overwhelming and even harm the user. Gible: “It attacks using its huge mouth. While its attacks are powerful, it hurts itself out of clumsiness, too.“

Even the ones known for being gentle always have a rage deep within them that can manifest when they are angered. Dragonite’s Pokédex entry states: “Incur the wrath of this normally calm Pokémon at your peril, because it will smash everything to smithereens before it’s satisfied.” Goodra’s dex entry: “It gets picked on because it’s meek. But then, whoever teased it gets to feel the full force of its horns and a good swatting from its thick tail.” Drampa: “It has a compassionate personality, but if it is angered, it completely destroys its surroundings with its intense breath.”

Dragon types have a lot of fire/heat-based moves, controlling flames and special kind of heat that sets itself apart from Fire types. They are also tied heavily to controlling the weather (the masters of the atmosphere are Reshiram and Zekrom, Dragonair can control weather according to legends). They also seem to control the Earth, as many are terrestrial cave dwellers who are skilled diggers (and Zygarde is guardian of our Earth and is a Ground type), and many are masters of the sky who are capable of flight (Rayquaza is the denizen of the skies.) Many are also known to even be masters of the sea (Dragonite has a particular affinity for it in addition to being a master of flight, and its line is linked to water even though they aren’t Water types. Latios/Latias are heavily linked to water despite not being Water types.) No place is off limits for these powerful creatures to dominate!

A common thing across Pokémon generations are “pseudo-legendaries,” or an evolution family of three Dragon type Pokémon that come near the end of that region’s Pokédex and are considered to be very powerful. The fact that Dragon type has been chosen for these powerful “pseudo-legendaries” says a lot about how we’re supposed to feel about the power and status of this type.

But when talking about genuine legendary/mythical Pokémon, a large percentage of them have the Dragon typing. Legendary Pokémon are Pokémon that are 1.) more powerful than normal Pokémon and 2.) more mysterious than normal Pokémon. Having Dragon type across many of these Pokémon is no mistake. If you want any more proof to just how essential and incredible these Pokémon are, Dialga and Palkia and Giratina, masters of time, space, and antimatter, are Dragon types. That’s pretty intense.

A lineage of Dragon type experts, the Draconid people preserve the lore and legends of ancient times, and await the return of Rayquaza to save the world. The appreciation and veneration of Dragon types as mysterious legends dates back to ancient times. Not a lot is known about the Draconid people as of now, but their inherent mystery only proves my point.

Dragon types draw on an ancient and mysterious power that is often latent and buried deep within and must be tapped into or activated in some way to truly show itself. Shelgon’s dex entry (“The cells within its shell transform with explosive speed“) shows the powerful nature of latent Dragon energy. But I find this most interesting in circumstances where Pokémon that are not normally Dragon type get this type. Take Alolan Exeggutor for example: “As it grew taller and taller, it outgrew its reliance on psychic powers, while within it awakened the power of the sleeping dragon.” This dex entry seems to imply the power of the Dragon type was there all along even in a typical Exeggutor, it just needed the ideal conditions to awaken it. Dragon type is the most common type to gain as a new type during Mega Evolution. The connection between latent power being made manifest expressing itself as Dragon type is clear.

In Gen 1 there was only one evolution family of Dragon Pokémon, Dratini’s line, and they had hardly any weaknesses (just Ice and other Dragon types before Fairy types) and they were very rare to obtain. All their Pokédex entries claimed that they were thought to be the stuff of legends, and how powerful and mysterious they were. Dratini’s dex entries say “It is called the "Mirage Pokémon” because so few have seen it,“ and “It is rare and was long considered to exist only in myth.” In Gen 1 we were supposed to view this type as unique and extremely powerful, and not well understood or known within the game’s lore. There is a mythical quality to the Dragon type, and even as more and more Dragon type Pokémon have been released this type has still maintained that aura.

And finally, despite their power being so overwhelming that it might seem daunting to control, we have seen a gentle side to Dragon types as well as a protective one. Latios and Latias are the guardians of Alto Mare, protecting their home. Rayquaza protects our Earth from Kyogre and Groudon fighting and threats of meteors, Dragonite searches for and saves drowning people from shipwrecks, Drampa is fiercely protective of children it loves.

"Sausage or bacon? And no, not my sausage." - Seth Rollins

This is a prompt drabble requested by @reigns420

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

Seth has some days off and decided to treat you. He got up super early to go to the gym and on the way home, he called you up because he was at the stores buying groceries for breakfast.

“Babe, I’m making breakfast. Don’t eat anything yet.” Seth said into the phone in a serious tone.

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Shopping for Costumes

I just thought of this scenario. LOL.


The Underfell brothers had ended up in the Undertale universe with Sans and Papyrus helping their counterparts adjust to the Surface with its rules and changes.


Sans was bringing Red to a costume store as Halloween was nearing.

Since Underfell had limited resources and Halloween was a human tradition thing that Red was new too, he didn’t really know what to expect even as Sans explained to him that you would have to knock on stranger’s doors and say the magic words to get … candy, apparently.

And upon arrival at the store, Red was met with full body skeleton decorations hanged on racks for the first time, which made him stop in his tracks.

Red looked to Sans, confused as hell.

“Is this a porn shop?”


Idk, i just thought it’d be pretty cute. XD LOL

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That's stupid question probably, but why there aren't any fandom sites (like ao3) for 18- people only and some moderators like in school? Like wouldn't that solve the problem? They will spend the time fandoming there without adults and not feel creepy.

I don’t think it’s a stupid question at all.

In theory, yes - that would solve the problem. But the practicality of creating and running such a site is poor, because the only way minors would go to such a space would be if it were exactly as good or better as their current social media outlets and a powerful incentive to bother to uproot.  here’s a sample of some of the issues they’d face: 

  • what safeguards would keep adults from lying and sneaking in, and what safeguards protect younger kids from older kids?
  • how do you make the site attractive in comparison to other socmed sites? being a minors-only space isn’t enough on its own.
  • how do you afford the features needed to make the site competitive with sites like tumblr? (the endless image allowance alone makes it near-impossible …)
  • underage teens ultimately make up a small but loud part of fandom. A minors-only space would severely limit the spread of their ideas and content. Would this actually be desirable to potential users?
  • the legal snarl that would be owning an explicitly underage space that still allows (by-teens-for-teens) explicit content.  If even one user took a nude selfie and posted it, it could be hellish.

(This last point in particular is why it’s a lot easier to create 18+ spaces for explicit content by-adults-for-adults and letting teens that want to look at or share their own explicit content ‘sneak’ in by lying.)

The problem is: teens still want access to nsfw content on demand, and in general most teens don’t care if adults created it or not. (If they did care, YA would be dead as a novel genre!) They just don’t want to accidentally see nsfw content that squicks them, just like anybody else, and tumblr/platforms like tumblr make such things more difficult to avoid than it used to be. 

Antis use tumblr’s shortcomings as an excuse to abuse explicit content creators of stuff they don’t like. (And honestly, it’s more fun to be angry than to actually create a safe space.)

CHASING SUNS: Chapter 6 Flesh Wounds

1,837 words

The naga hunt was located near the Disc of Cauthess, the impact site of a meteorite from generations ago. More than once Cam considered turning the truck around, after all the drive was a long one, but then her side would flare up as flashbacks of Gladio and Steph rapid-fire assaulted her concentration and she’d give it more gas, reaching speeds well over the posted limit. Not like anyone would pull her over.

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Muu Alexius & the Fanalis Corps Character Guide Translation

Country: the Reim Empire
Position: captain of the Fanalis Corps
Height: 192cm
Weight: 91 kg
Family: father, mother and a younger sister
Speciality: sword fights (refers to fighting in the coliseum)
Hobby: sword dancing
Favorite food: all varieties of meat
Disliked food: sweet food
Type: older women
Disliked type: Yunan
What he likes to do whenever he takes the day off: attending balls
What worries him: matters related to the Fanalis
Weak point: wars of attrition

A warrior who’s both part Fanalis and a descendant of the prestigious Alexius family of Reim. He tracked down other Fanalis throughout the world, freed them from slavery and formed the Fanalis Corps, which he commands. He adores Reim’s magi, Scheherazade, and swore absolute fealty to her. He’s normally a cheerful person, but he would show no mercy to Reim’s enemies.


-He swore absolute loyalty to Scheherazade and made up his mind to fight and risk his life for her.

-He would slay anyone who stands in Reim’s way, whoever they are.

-He’s normally cheerful, but when he’s fighting a cruel side to him resurfaces.

Point: he’s a Reim nobleman along with being a Fanalis. He shows perfect manners and etiquette expected from a member of the Alexius family. Everyone approves of his noble status, and so the status of the Fanalis corps.

Shinobu Ohtaka’s Maref

Q: what made him swear fealty to Scheherazade?
A: Muu is a descendant of the king vessel that Scheherazade had chosen. It was his destiny since the day he was born.

Djinn Equip: Barbatos

A silver djinn equip with the power to pierce everything. With Muu’s low magoi it only lasts for a minute, but its power is matchless.

The Sword is also a Spear

His sword also acts as a spear, and there’s nothing it cannot pierce.

Legs of steel

Power is gathered in the wheels on his heels and results in ultra high speed.

Point: his metal vessel is his treasured sword that generates shock waves and cuts through things far and near. It’s very powerful, but since he possesses little magoi he can’t use it continuously.

Extreme Magic: Barbatos’ Rumh (Barbatos’ Spear)

It’s a destructive attack that forms a straight line in its wake. It’s power magic that reaches the utmost limits and can even cleave a town in half.

Muu’s Relationships

Other than Scheherazade that he cherishes more than anyone, he’s also connected to his kin from the corps and people he fought at the coliseum.

Scheherazade, who he adores endlessly

He adores her from the bottom of his heart and would give his life for her. When he lost her it was like he also died with her.

Caption: having his head caressed by her like he was a child whenever he makes a sad face, they are expressions he won’t show to anyone else.

Alibaba, the swordsman who he recognized with one look at him

Muu has been observing Alibaba since his first match in the coliseum. Moreover, when they fought their first duel and Alibaba found an opening, he took off his hat to him.

Caption: Muu, who recognized Alibaba abilities, considered his request and allowed him to accompany them to Magnostadt.

Titus, who he doesn’t understand

He’s treating him like he’s Scheherazade and also acts coldly toward him because he thinks he’s an abnormal creature. There seems to be more to it, but we leave it for another time (note: it refers to the truth about the fanalis in volume 21).

Caption: why is he likening him to them (the fanalis)?

Myron and Lo’lo, who he hesitate to act as the mediator in their fights

His little sister, Myron, and his confidant, Lo’lo, fight over anything and they are a constant source of worry for him.

Caption: they fight carelessly in places where it’s required to behave formally. He tries to intervene, but ends up being overmatched and blown off.

Fanalis Corps

Myron Alexius

Country: the Reim Empire
Position: a member of the Fanalis Corps
Height: 171cm
Weight: 60kg
Family: father, mother and one older brother.

Muu’s little sister who tries to be of help by behaving like a graceful lady. She does try to behave gracefully for his sake, but she’s not really into it, and so, her true self as a member of the Fanalis corps ends up taking over.


Country: the Reim Empire
Position: a member of the Fanalis Corps
Height: 202cm
Weight: 105kg
Family: a little sister

A pure blood fanalis who swore fealty to Muu and only Muu. A man of valor who serves Muu loyally after he freed him from slavery. He’s always fighting with Myron


A member of the Fanalis Corps whose dream is to have an aristocratic lady fall in love at first sight with him and marry him. He’s the strongest after Lo’lo.


A woman whose face and chest are covered in scars. She’s of a small build, but her power is the real thing.

Fanalis Corps Members

They were freed from slavery, thanks to Muu, and are considered Reim’s trump card.

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what do you think about chris and his words about klaine?

Honestly I think folks are entitled to their opinion. As for my opinion, I feel its taken the wrong way.

He didn’t say anything negative about klaine.

He said it wasn’t klaine but the viewers reactions. …okay. Maybe it is because I remember how gay people were shown on TV (if they even were) .

Do you all even understand how far we have come? When I was little, the handful times they attempted gay characters, people damn near were rioting in the streets to have them removed or not shown. Hell even will and grace, they were very limited in what they showed.

Instead klaine was embraced and loved and still lives. That is huge. Ten years ago, that wouldn’t have happened. Do you all even understand the impact of viewers loving klaine has helped to shape TV? Empire, american gods, sense 8. That is huge people. Klaine is and was bigger than kurt and Blaine.


Now on to him loving the burt and Kurt relationship… Did you know that almost 76 percent of homeless Teens are part of the lgtbq+ community? They also have the highest suicide rates. Do you know that parents still routinely disown and abandon their children simply for not being heterosexual? Why do you think we work so heavily with the Trevor project and a few others. In fact my mini is working actively on a home project for homeless lgtbq teens in the area, so they can have a safe place to sleep in the bible belt. (Yes I realize my mother is awesome for helping while I am in LA)

At any given time just so you know there are always Teens living in one of my homes. Why? Because they came out and their parents kicked them out. As a parent of two, one gender fluid gay female and one bisexual male, I told them I would be dammed if their classmates sleep on the street. If that means we have to spread blankets around the house then dammit, we are making room.

because of how many children I see kicked out because they can’t pretend to be anything but who they are, yeah I can totally say to me burts response and connection with not just kurt but also Blaine is huge!!! So many of these kids wish they had a parent like him. Many dont have that option. Last school year my mother had not only my two but at any time another two to eight living in my house. All because they are seen as different.

Burt is blue collar america. The group that by statistics are the most racist homophobic, mysognostic and unaccepting. Ten years ago they never would have shown a parent like him. a single man loving and supporting his son no matter what.

I think folks get fixated on one aspect of klaines story and they forget about the bigger picture and how the impact goes beyond just two boys. The viewers helped change this country. Take the pat on the back he is giving you.

I dont see an issue with him bringing attention to that. Especially when we currently have a adminstration full of some of the most hate filled people.

Keep in mind that’s MY opinion. I’m not gonna change it. not knocking those that see it differently. As I said my experiences with nonprofits and having had these conversations shape that opinion. As my mini says… klaineurt (klaineburt) made normal for the rest of this country what we already knew was okay and normal.

Remember how the Bolton/Frey alliance was suppose to be a dark parody of the Stark/Tully alliance, with Roose, Walda, and Ramsey being the twisted counterparts of Ned, Catelyn, and Jon?

Remember how the matter of female inheritance in a misogynistic world was a pretty big deal, especially in relation to Cersei, Arianne, Brienne, Asha, and Daenerys?

Remember how post-war recovery is a long and difficult process that requires examining the consequences of violence, especially for the poor? And how revenge, however well deserved, never truly solves anyone’s problems?

Remember how just as heroes aren’t infallible, neither are the villains? Because one’s moral alimentation, whatever it is, is no guarantee of success?

Remember how the Red Wedding wasn’t sad just because people’s favorite characters died, but because it led to the near complete breakdown of millennia-old customs and an unprecedented rise in criminality and violence?

Remember how the Others create feelings of suffocation and never-ending paranoia among the Free Folk because instead of fighting like a traditional army they slowly nip away at human populations and always stayed just on the edges of their settlements?

Remember how travel takes forever, making communication difficult even with ravens and forcing the characters to rely on very limited amounts of information?

Remember how religion can have both positive and negative aspects and that its role in public and private life is complex?

Remember how history still greatly affects the present, and the consequences of certain actions can stretch generations? And how despite their best efforts many characters fall into the same pitfalls their forebears did?

Because I know two writers who didn’t.

EDIT: Added Asha Greyjoy

I love how Filipino mythological monsters, no matter how big and terrifying they are, can also be really nice???

Colossal tree demons that daze travellers and cause people to go astray?

It’s high on weed and wants to be your friend. May also develop a crush on you and grant you wishes. Literally stoned all the time.

Giant cyclopses with immense strength and amplified senses?

Plays around in the forest giggling at it’s own jokes and running away from other animals and people because it’s too shy. 

Hobgoblins knowledgeable of ancient magic involving complete human bodily deconstruction?

Won’t harm anyone if you excuse yourself when near its presence. Can also bless you with good fortune if knows you won’t bring harm to its underground home.

Shapeshifting, day-walking, human eating monsters with scorpion tail proboscises tongues, detachable upper bodies that crawl on ceilings, and make disturbing noises in the dark if it spots you?

Can be socially awkward, introverted, shy, and implied to be terrible at cooking and choosing to eat out instead. They also have standards when it comes to hunting: neighbors and human friends are completely off limits and may even be protected.

Welcome Back

Summary:  Sometimes a home cooked meal by someone you love is all you need.

Pairing: NozoHono

Links: AO3 FFnet

Note: Pointless fluff because I can’t help myself with these two.

The occasional bumps and rattles were the only thing keeping Nozomi awake. Her eyes threatened to close at the rhythmic sounds of the train plodding along the track, but the sudden jolts of movement were enough to keep them open for now. 

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ask-femamerica  asked:

How do the 2P's think about your Fem! counter parts?

2p America: a shocker, he hates her. She is beyond rude to everyone, he is too but he’s joking and she usually isn’t so anytime that she is around he leaves

2p China: Zao and her have so much fun together, they pull all sorts of pranks on each other and on others. He had a crush on her at one point and avoided her for like seven months because its wrong to love her, but they still talk and hang out after he worked out all of his feelings 

2p England: Oliver actually loves her, not in the relationship type of way though. They just have so much fun around each other that he wants to be near her and bake things 

2p France: he is very a-okay with her, they will even get together to have wine and talk about life sometimes they both smile and laugh when around each other, they are mistaken as a couple sometimes so they limit their time around each other

2p Russia: he likes her but not enough to be around her, she’s nice and understanding but he really just doesn’t like to be around her 

2p Canada: she’s rather bland to him, she doesn’t like her too much 

2p Germany: she’s so fucking awesome to him, like not only his personality good but so is the way she says things and he just, “damn, this is really my counter part????” 

2p Italy: the two of them make quiet the duo really, they’re both charming and and have a charismatic attitude when flirting or asking for something so all in all they’re both highly okay with each other

2p Japan: they rarely talk in all honesty. he doesn’t like her but he doesn’t hate her, shes just, okay 

2p Romano: he adores her fashion sense and always wants her to model for him when he designs clothes and she always wants him for the same thing so it all works out them

2p Prussia: to Gilen she is absolutely gorgeous and he would want nothing more other than for her to be happy and no he does not love his counter part she just deserves the best 

Alpha Session AU - in which the kids got a better shake

So in Discord, we started talking about how the Alpha planets and their quests would work in an AU where the Alpha session was not fucking awful. I think having actual, viable quests and planets and things to do would be awesome, so we riffed on that for a while.

My Discord buddies are fucking insightful, brilliant people.

Land of Crypts and Helium.

Consorts: Axolotls! They live in the water, are amphibious, and have the most precious little faces. They would require Jane to stick her head underwater to talk to them, perhaps ask her friends for a rebreather, and basically force Jane out of her comfort zone to even communicate with them.

Quest: Reviving the land. By Jane’s house is a huge reservoir of water that is the lifeblood of her planet. It’s the only body of water of its kind in the land.

Her consorts are running out of water to live in, limited to a few ponds near her house. She has to figure out a way to take this enormous amount of water and get it all over the planet for her consorts to live in. Because Jane is endlessly sensible, she tries various methods to move that much water after doing research and getting a feel for things. But it’s just too big a task for her, she barely manages to expand one of the consort pools.

In the process, she nearly breaks the dam and loses all the water. If the reservoir is lost, she cannot complete her Quest and will be stuck. So her consorts direct her to Hemera.

Choice: Jane goes to Hemera to ask how she is meant to save her land. Perhaps she goe with an idea in mind already, like needing the power to build a river to move the water across the land. Hemera offers her the Choice: Jane can have the power to create her rivers and attempt her solution, or she can have a bag full of balloon seeds.

Jane’s greatest path of growth would be learning to have faith in things outside herself. So much of her interactions with her friends were darkly colored by her unwillingness to take a leap of faith and have trust. So, her Choice is about that leap.

Taking the seeds, she scatters them into the reservoir, hoping she did not just blow her one chance at this Quest. Thankfully, the seeds bloom into balloons, each one carrying a huge load of water from the reservoir and floating away to spread it across the land, slowly making new bodies of water and reviving the life there.

Land of Tombs and Krypton.

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Hey there! What would dating either 40s! Bucky OR Wanda Maximoff include? (because im indecisive and can't choose between my baes) You can choose either one you like Whatever you feel like writing is totes fine It's up to you! Thank you beautiful! :)

Dating 40s! Bucky Headcanons 

  • He would have no shortage of nicknames for you
  • These include (but are not limited to) doll, dollface, kid, angel, angelface, sugar, sweetheart, baby, baby doll, “my number one girl”, darling
  • He’s not much for sit down restaurants–he’d rather grab a hot dog on the pier and go for an evening walk
  • And when you spill mustard on your shirt, he purposefully smears some on himself so you feel better
  • You’ve learned to keep him far away from carnival games because every time he gets near one he goes broke trying to win you some sort of giant thing–and if Steve is there, he usually ends up broke, too, because Bucky “borrows” his cash to keep trying for the dumb toy
  • He’s not super big on holding hands–he’d rather have you on his arm, or have his hand resting on your lower back 
  • Goes out of his way to hold doors and pull out chairs for you 
  • When he speaks to you, he likes to get really close so he can murmur in your ear because he likes the way you blush when he does
  • He will do anything he can to make you blush 
  • You are constantly scolding him to clean up his damn apartment
  • He’ll sigh and agree and start to clean but somehow cleaning turns into sex mostly because he sometimes has sex with you when trying to avoid something
  • Bucky isn’t really a fan of quickies–if he’s gonna do someone something, he’s gonna do it right
  • He’s a very sensual person; he is constantly using his mouth and hands to take in every inch of your body
  • He can’t explain it, but for some reason he just really likes fucking you up against walls
  • And he always has this smug little half smirk on his face 
  • Except for when you’re done–then the smirk turns into a smile of content as he pulls you against his chest and kisses the top of your head
  • He has a few joints that he likes to take you dancing at, and he always slips the band a buck to play your favorite song 
  • You don’t often go to the movies, because when you do, he makes annoying commentary 
  • Bucky is always talking about the big plans he has for the two of you…travelling the world, getting married, moving to that beautiful house with the picket fence 
  • And he intends to give them to you, as soon as he comes back from winning the war

  • Dating post Winter Soldier!Bucky can be found here
  • Dating Wanda can be found here

The first drawing for Inktober, and it’s Gengar! Sadly I don’t have the time to draw something every day, but I have a few more ink pieces planned for the rest of Inktober c:

I know I’ve said I wasn’t going to create any more pokemon in the same style as the Gilded Eeveelutions, but a close friend of mine wanted to see Gengar in that black and gold style (and I’m sure some other people have mentioned they’ve wanted to see other pokemon in black and gold as well), so I figured “eh, why not?” I may choose to do another one in the near future if I feel inspired!

As this Gengar is pretty special, he’ll be up as a limited edition, 5x7 metallic print on my Etsy; there will only ever be 30 copies of this Gengar printed! A small number will be written on the back of each print to denote its uniqueness - for example, the 6th print will have “6/30″ in the bottom corner, along with my signature.

I’m really excited to be participating in Inktober this year, even if it’s only a few pieces that I’ll be able to draw. Ink is lovely <3

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Hey there, Mizzmello. I was just curious if you had any specific appearance or accent headcanons for Wammy's boys? I can't share all my appearance headcanons, as it would be too long. I really love the idea of East London Matt who dropped a revolting amount of chavese into his youthful speech, Mello secretly thinks it's adorable. Nigerian Near with albinism and a surprising Gloucestershire accent. Every time Mancunian Mello thinks he's bested him; "Mello owned me Mr Frodo!"

“I can’t tell you about my appearance headcanons it would be too long” BULL-FUCKING-SHIT there is no character limit on text posts that you can tag me in that I will definitely read and personally illustrate and maybe even post the finished products on tumblr. 

Anyway, I absolutely ADORE THESE, hence the excessive capitals, and I will let you know that I audibly gasped as my brain was forever reformed upon imagining a Nigerian Near with albinism. Oh. My. God. I have literally never heard this before and I love it. Why are you on anon when we could be mutuals??

To begin, I’ve always pictured Matt with an affinity for talking and acting like a total chav, especially when he’s really young (he thought it was cool ok and he wanted to be tough like Mello). My imagining of Wammy’s is basically a Spy Kids AU mashed up with a Quentin Tarantino movie where they have ‘interrogation tactics 101: waterboarding and being waterboarded’ as well as classes on learning how to adopt personalities and disguises alongside their advanced calculus, and were all encouraged to lose their natural accents.

I know this headcanon has holes b/c series states that Wammy founded orphanages all over the world but did he really found ALL of them for breeding baby geniuses? I like to think he and L and Roger just plucked the smartest ones from all over the world and stuck them in the orphanage in Winchester as more of a front, not really intending on letting any of them get adopted… Because arguably they knew they were being raised to be L, and got to talk to him, and knew things about him, and kids are bad at keeping secrets so shit would eventually get out to their adoptive parents, new friends at school, etc… Not a good idea. 

But I’m rambling. Anyway, I’ve read that Mihael is a Slovenian name, so I’ve always pictured Mello living a (very) brief childhood on the coast. Played outside a lot, got very tan. Anyway, he refused to speak English for the first couple weeks at the orphanage. More out of spite than anything else. Threw fits, started fights, bit Roger. Eventually L heard about it (ahem, Roger gestures to his fresh and potentially rabid wounds) and it reminded him of when he first got to the orphanage (also threw fits, started fights, and bit certain caretakers. Roger didn’t start out hating kids.) so L decides to have a private conversation with Mello, private meaning Watari alone with a laptop in a dark room probably. Talks to him in Slovenian (which he knows, because why wouldn’t he; truthfully don’t even question where this is going at this point?), convinces him to practice English, and so he does with the promise of being able to take the classes at the orphanage (Mello was also a bookworm.)
SO, in conclusion, Mello spends his first year or two at the orphanage with a very thick accent. He eventually weans it away, and another headcanon of mine (how this turned into everybody’s origin story I will never understand) is that Mello was the first and youngest of the trio to be adopted, and as the oldest, by the time Near, and then Matt, arrived, his accent was mostly gone. He still cussed in Slovenian until the teachers caught onto it. 

Side note: can you imagine a room full of stressed out orphans yelling in different languages?? You know every teacher had to have like three aides: one to break up fights, one to catch kids cheating on their assignments, and the other just to keep an eye on B. 

Also B, he doesn’t even know where he’s from; destroyed his own file at the orphanage without reading it and claims he doesn’t have any parents and was raised by wolves. If you ask him where he was born, he comes up with a different story every time (this story usually being the plot of the romance novel he most recently read).

Quick appearances summary cuz I just wrote a novel of irrelevance:
L is British/Japanese, as we know (the son of two drug addicts that named their spawn after a letter in the alphabet), so he’s ridiculously pale already. With his general glow of ‘pulled a series of all-nighters in front of a dimly lit computer screen without moving for 7 hours at a time, wbu?’ malnutrition gives his skin a shade of jaundice that, combined with his very purple veins, leaves any doctor worried. Has very jet black hair, and when it’s not oily, it’s actually kind of soft and curly. 

B tans well (to his disdain), and has naturally light and dusty hair that he dyes (‘looks sooooo fake,’ says Matt, with his new shade of blue) that emo-kid black that’s kind of reddish and ultimately terrible. He also has a lot of freckles and moles he goes through great troubles to cover up daily. 

Mello is naturally a lot darker than the other four. Spent a lot of his free time outside playing sports and running around. His hair fluctuates between shades of blonde depending on how much time he spends outside, and Matt likes to tell everybody he’s a natural brunette (if you saw how mad Mello got you would think it was funny too). Waxed his eyebrows off when he met L face to face for the first time and never looked back. Wears a fuckton of concealer and eyeliner but keeps it on the DL. Definitely shaves his legs and armpits. Also on the DL. 

Matt has a pasty completion, minor pizza face when he was younger but it was almost indistinguishable from the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF FRECKLES. I have been in favor of freckles on Matt since the dawn of the fandom and I don’t intend to change now. Naturally mousy reddish brown hair that he’s dyed every color there ever was. Permanent goggle indents around his eyes (yes, he has more than one pair, yes, he sleeps with them on, yes, Mello is the only one who can convince him to take them off), really massive gawky feet that Mello teases him about? And tells him he has clown shoes. He was self conscious about this until they met up again after the explosion and Mello reassured him he didn’t have clown feet. Overall kind of a bony b*tch tho he has a pouch that Mello likes to punch him in. 

Near… When you first see him you’re like “close the door don’t let the draft in!!” Because what 17 year old boy is five feet tall and ninety pounds. Near please. We are all worried. But then he opens his mouth and you want to bust his head through the aforementioned door. Basically his skin is made of paper and his bones are made of glass and his words are made out of cold steel. That’s all I got. 

(Bonus points if you can remember how many times I said something stupid within a set of parenthesis during this fucking epic jfc… If you said 1 million you’re right)

Destiny Exotic Lore: Universal Remote

This weapon is mysterious in origin, but many believe it to be one of Cayde-6′s many personal weapon projects, only a handful of which have actually made it to production. While still classified as a shotgun, the rounds fired by this weapon aren’t pellets like a normal shotgun, but actual rifle cartridges. The methods used to create the weapon are a closely guarded secret, but it is known that it took a lot of Glimmer to nail down the range and power of the shotgun. Its outdated moniker was a term used in the late 20th and early 21st centuries to describe a remote control that could be programmed to interact with multiple devices, although technical limitations of the time period prevented smooth interaction with more than one device at a time. When asked about his involvement with the project, Cayde-6 was recorded as saying this:

“I won’t admit any involvement [with the Universal Remote], but I won’t deny it either. I’ll even admit I’ve used it a few times myself. It’s gotten me out of many a sticky situation down near Firebase Rubicon. Those cartridges…hoo boy. They pack a punch. I actually found mine in a scrap heap down near the Suros foundry on my offtime. When I picked it up, I could see that it took great care, and an incredible feat of fine-tuning, to craft the weapon. The junkyard manager actually asked me why I took it. I just told him ‘To the untrained eye, the beast is a junker. To the trained eye, however, this junker…is a beast.’”

The weapon itself carries 5 rounds of premium ammunition in its chamber at a time. Electronic sensors in the scope, which was pulled from a scout rifle and welded on, detect when the wielder is looking down the sights and modifies the firing pattern of the weapon to increase range and decrease recoil. Guardians favor this weapon when fighting the Cabal (as it is optimal for cracking their heavy armor) as well as in Crucible play in arenas such as The Cauldron and The Anomaly. (And it is one of my personal favorites as well)


  • The Vanguard designation for this weapon is (LRSX-111 Universal Remote type Long-range shotgun, Primary-class)