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The C’Tan Shards are entities of near-unlimited power that have the power to project energy blasts, control the minds of lesser beings, manipulate the flow of time and even banish their enemies to alternate realities.

The only limitations to a Shard is its immense imagination and the faint memories of the being it used to be before it was severed countless years ago. None of the Shards recall the omnipotent being it used to be but each contains elements of the C'tan’s personality along with their hubris. Thus, a Shard can be eccentric and unpredictable, with them striking their foes in an unexpected yet surprisingly practical manner. From their fingertips they can project transdimensional thunderbolts or bombard enemies with rocks along with boulders, transform into singularities to destabilize gravity or even simply fling their enemies backwards in time until they disintegrate.

The Shadow

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where you used to work next to him as a winter soldier and you are the youngest they have ever had, and while you not being trained or anything you live in a cell and Bucky visits you. But one time while he’s visiting you, you have a panic attack and he won’t let them touch you or even come near you?

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A/N: My work has extended its hours because we were bought out by another company and now we close at midnight rather than ten. How ridiculous is that? Midnight, yuck.

Warnings: Reader is originally in HYDRA

Word Count Total: 594

Short Imagine #74

Title: The Shadow

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How do the 2P's think about your Fem! counter parts?

2p America: a shocker, he hates her. She is beyond rude to everyone, he is too but he’s joking and she usually isn’t so anytime that she is around he leaves

2p China: Zao and her have so much fun together, they pull all sorts of pranks on each other and on others. He had a crush on her at one point and avoided her for like seven months because its wrong to love her, but they still talk and hang out after he worked out all of his feelings 

2p England: Oliver actually loves her, not in the relationship type of way though. They just have so much fun around each other that he wants to be near her and bake things 

2p France: he is very a-okay with her, they will even get together to have wine and talk about life sometimes they both smile and laugh when around each other, they are mistaken as a couple sometimes so they limit their time around each other

2p Russia: he likes her but not enough to be around her, she’s nice and understanding but he really just doesn’t like to be around her 

2p Canada: she’s rather bland to him, she doesn’t like her too much 

2p Germany: she’s so fucking awesome to him, like not only his personality good but so is the way she says things and he just, “damn, this is really my counter part????” 

2p Italy: the two of them make quiet the duo really, they’re both charming and and have a charismatic attitude when flirting or asking for something so all in all they’re both highly okay with each other

2p Japan: they rarely talk in all honesty. he doesn’t like her but he doesn’t hate her, shes just, okay 

2p Romano: he adores her fashion sense and always wants her to model for him when he designs clothes and she always wants him for the same thing so it all works out them

2p Prussia: to Gilen she is absolutely gorgeous and he would want nothing more other than for her to be happy and no he does not love his counter part she just deserves the best 

I saw the movie Life tonight and I just have SO MANY questions

why did Ryan Reynolds have to spacewalk to use the ROBOTIC arm? why would they even attempt to manually snatch up a capsule traveling at that speed? what’s a radiation limit and how long does it take a person to get near it? if you just don’t say anything about your deteriorating health does NASA forget you’re up there until you accidentally die? why was their “quarantined” lab connected to the same air filtration system as the rest of the station? why wasn’t it fully independently functioning? if they’re working with potentially deadly pathogens and microbes why isn’t there a way to vent the lab into the vacuum of space, or jettison it completely upon being compromised? why was it only separated from the station by a single steel door and not even so much as an airlock? if the gloves they’re using to handle said microbes are so great why could they be pierced through with only a sharp piece of metal? WHY ARE THEY EXPERIMENTING ON AN ALIEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STATION??? why was their first suggestion to try to fucking kill it with fire in an artificially oxygen-rich environment? how did the alien metabolize fucking coolant? why send a MANNED Soyuz capsule if the only objective was to ram the station into deep space? WHY DO YOU THINK THAT’S HOW ORBITAL MECHANICS WORK?? why did the “breach” not tear the entire station and everyone in it to pieces? what the fuck is an oxygen candle? knowing the astronauts could have come into contact with alien microbes, why would the “lifeboats” not be locked the fuck down upon reentry? why allow them to be opened by the first random dude who happens across it? why does the ISS has lifeboats???? why does Ryan Reynolds play the exact same goddamn character in every movie? why THE FUCK would anyone EVER want to go to space??

Alpha Session AU - in which the kids got a better shake

So in Discord, we started talking about how the Alpha planets and their quests would work in an AU where the Alpha session was not fucking awful. I think having actual, viable quests and planets and things to do would be awesome, so we riffed on that for a while.

My Discord buddies are fucking insightful, brilliant people.

Land of Crypts and Helium.

Consorts: Axolotls! They live in the water, are amphibious, and have the most precious little faces. They would require Jane to stick her head underwater to talk to them, perhaps ask her friends for a rebreather, and basically force Jane out of her comfort zone to even communicate with them.

Quest: Reviving the land. By Jane’s house is a huge reservoir of water that is the lifeblood of her planet. It’s the only body of water of its kind in the land.

Her consorts are running out of water to live in, limited to a few ponds near her house. She has to figure out a way to take this enormous amount of water and get it all over the planet for her consorts to live in. Because Jane is endlessly sensible, she tries various methods to move that much water after doing research and getting a feel for things. But it’s just too big a task for her, she barely manages to expand one of the consort pools.

In the process, she nearly breaks the dam and loses all the water. If the reservoir is lost, she cannot complete her Quest and will be stuck. So her consorts direct her to Hemera.

Choice: Jane goes to Hemera to ask how she is meant to save her land. Perhaps she goe with an idea in mind already, like needing the power to build a river to move the water across the land. Hemera offers her the Choice: Jane can have the power to create her rivers and attempt her solution, or she can have a bag full of balloon seeds.

Jane’s greatest path of growth would be learning to have faith in things outside herself. So much of her interactions with her friends were darkly colored by her unwillingness to take a leap of faith and have trust. So, her Choice is about that leap.

Taking the seeds, she scatters them into the reservoir, hoping she did not just blow her one chance at this Quest. Thankfully, the seeds bloom into balloons, each one carrying a huge load of water from the reservoir and floating away to spread it across the land, slowly making new bodies of water and reviving the life there.

Land of Tombs and Krypton.

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With its frilly gills and variety of colorations, the axolotl is a popular pet in aquariums around the world. Native to lakes near Mexico City, these salamanders go their whole lives without leaving their watery habitats. Some fast facts:

  • The name axolotl is believed to come from the ancient Aztec language nahuatl, and translates roughly as “water monster.”
  • Axolotls have the amazing ability to regrow entire limbs repeatedly. They experience no scarring, and can even regrow injuries as grievous as a crushed spinal cord! 
  • Unlike most frogs and other salamanders, which move to land as adults, the axolotl lives its whole life underwater, retaining many of its juvenile traits.
  • The feathery structures on either side of the axolotl’s head are its gills.
  • Scientists are working to identify the genes involved in the axolotl’s incredible regenerative abilities in hopes of one day applying what they learn to human medicine. 

Meet more amazing creatures in Life at the Limits, closing on January 3.

Hey, i’m here too, i saw what you wrote, it feels so weird to know you are out there somewhere. I saw your dorm, its almost identical to what i imagined to be your dorm, it looks so cozy and warm, such a place to relax. It must be hard to study there. How do you even smoke? Ayşe’s dorm in England has smoke alarms literally everywhere, if they ever smoke 50 meters near to school every alarm would blast and they would be expelled. Well i’m not gonna post pics of my school, its trash, i mean its the place where allah abandoned. I walk so long everyday when i reach the surface to get to school. I must leave home at early af clock, namely 8am latest because i change 3 metros to get there. and i can’t be absent anymore because i am almost at the limit, as always, and it all consists of me being late, as always. Yeah i do post i a lot because i have to entertain my followers and keep my blog alive. but when i’m writing to you, i make sure that they stay on the top for some time. I’m thinking about switching to a personal blog anyways. Your school grounds seem so relaxing. I wish. I have so many things to ask. How should i start? Like how long is your hair right now? I’m guessing it’s below or above your shoulders. Have your music taste changed? mine is still the same, %90 of the songs i listen to don’t have lyrics at all, hardcore metal, i really like brutal vocals now, the fire dubsteps, and various things related to that, and there are even names for them like drumstep, future bass, glitch hop etc. my favorite is glitch hop. I also listen to very chill songs like yours but a bit faster or chill traps. I also like oriental Japanese and Spanish music, and Arabic/Egyptian melodies are really good. I usually need some hype tones blasting in my brain otherwise i think and think and think and you know what? I don’t want to do that anymore. Have you learned some German there or is English enough? what lessons you take? are your classes hard? i see that your talking habits have changed drastically, well mine had changed too. I use exclamations more because i talk to foreign people here, they are not that familiar with my original ways of typing. You type very neatly and correct, do you put effort into it? How are people at your school? Do they treat you nice? are they friendly? have you ever embarrassed yourself like rolling down the stairs? are you in a relationship with anyone there? how do you feel about it? i’m sorry if those seem personal to you. You don’t have to respond to anything you don’t want to. I guess we have our similar ways to cope with each others absence right? like me taking an interest in Russian and you with copics. and i know kurecolors right? i lived with them even though i almost never use them anymore. as i said my drawings are just pencil sketches and if i’m inspired i just outline them. how about your drawings? do you have time to draw? and this might be personal, but how are you keeping your mentality safe there, do you have any close friends that you can share yourself with? for me, i don’t and it feels so bad to not being able to trust anyone, not being able to open up, talk about feelings, or generally enjoying someone’s presence. It just feels so plain bizarre that i see you write these things, because i made myself believe that you actually never cared about me, i really put effort into believing that, because if i didn’t i would kinda lose my mind. I just thought you simply moved on and forgot about me completely, did you go though the same things i’ve been through? After 11th of june, i didn’t eat for 4 weeks, and didn’t drink anything for a week, i didn’t even pretend that i’m okay. I just wanted to disappear completely. I couldn’t process what was happening. It was extremely traumatic for me, and i didn’t have anyone to talk and i was under so much stress that i developed a disorder, that i was being constantly dizzy, i felt like i was on a boat in a stormy sea all the time. I got checkups done and nothing turned positive and i was directed to psychiatry and i was prescribed with an anti depressant. After a while my dizziness disappeared and some times when i feel pressured, it comes back for a time, that is why i never use sea transportation now. This might make you feel bad so you can skip these next sentences if it might trigger you. How is your recovery going? Was i ever able to help you with your life? Are you okay? You don’t have to answer any of these. It feels weird that i now understand how you felt when you had anxiety attacks, i’m sorry i’m not there to help you. I am so shocked to see you actually cared now. That you are somewhere and thinking about me. My social anxiety is so bad that i would dip myself in a puddle instead of making someone mad at me. Whenever someone raises their voice i feel trippy, not in a good way. I’ve became so much like you, i talk and behave like you. I want to speak Russian as a tribute to you. Because whenever someone stresses a Ш or a Р i am immediately reminded of you and your accent. I don’t do much lately, i have an exam next week, i should study but i keep procrastinating. It’s so nice to see that both of us improved so much in English, i would like to see our IELTS results now. I’m pretty sure we would score at least a solid 7.5. Other than that i have the same sedentary, monotonous, boring lifestyle. How is your relationship with yourself, have your views about life changed? Have your beliefs changed? Do you find my new altered ways of thinking weird or lame? Do you think the same? I’m sorry if this is annoying. You are not obligated to answer any of these. I’m just curious. And this is a bit random but whenever i pet a cat or a dog i remember how you used to push cats out of my lap because you felt jealous, i’m smiling remembering these, or how would you put your cheeks on my hand or rip my headphones and hide them to keep me from drawing instead of loving you. I miss those so much, even i looked annoyed or bothered that times i was actually enjoying it so much. I’m so sorry we are separated. I wonder, how was your summer? And the thing you told me? Was it real? Did the telephone stay on the line while were talking or was that a facade? For some reason i find it rather hard to believe. Not that i’m implying that you purposely lied or anything but it seems so freaking stupid to believe. Was that the reason we were forced to be apart? It seems like such an utter nonsense. Other than that i discovered i have cyclothymia as well as my other disorders. It was so obvious all the time but i was so oblivious to it. I can’t get professional help for any of them because she is borderline insane now. She has attacks and thinks certain people are coming to get her whenever she downloads something… This is why i never ever tell her anything, i can never trust her that she wouldn’t go nuts all the way. And she is so, so much of an ignorant, biased bigot. All the things i told you about her are completely true. Btw i completely adopted my feminism now and i’m proud to call myself one, if you noticed in the past that i was reluctant to call myself a feminist but even though i don’t go to activist things, i am a feminist. My future plans are foggy, i don’t know. I will try ti master in an European country or Japan, if i can. But it doesn’t matter if can’t too. I’m sorry if this post is very long or annoying. I miss getting your messages, to see the notifications, i always cry whenever i read your posts or writing these. It’s funny. But i know i’m saying this for the 32. time already but it feels overwhelmingly weird that you actually read and care about these things. I can’t accept or process this in some kind of way. What do you feel about this? I don’t know. I feel so weird in my stomach when i think about this. Like i am going to throw up, not out of disgust, but a weird feeling. And my sleeps are never tight now haha. I always turn turn and turn and be like %50 awake when i’m sleeping. I wake up so restless every day. I have the weirdest dreams and most of the time they are ambiguous. I wish i could sleep without a hole (Turkish idiom here). I have to stay up late and tire myself so i can pass out on a bed. Otherwise i can’t sleep. And i swear being in 3 separated metros everyday is a nightmare. I have intrusive thoughts whenever someone walks slow or doesn’t hop where escalators end. I almost always want to knock some people down there, around 10 people everyday. I think i’m getting closer to my attempted murder every moment i’m in crowds. I am so short tempered that it takes so less to make me furious. With metros it takes about an hour to go there. Unfortunately there is no such bus to cross the bridge. Marmaray is the way to go. So i need to study now. And my period pains are kicking in. My period is regular now. 7 days of pain in every mid month. This month skipped a bit though. Shingeki No Kyojin season two is coming out on 1. of april by the way. And i was reminded of this when you said your antibiotics kicked in.

Anyways, i hope you are okay and well.

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Symmetra is another character that I think I’ve only ever played to meme, with varying levels of success. I only have like an hour of play time with her in quickplay. I use her a lot in no limits for the memes, but there’s no way for me to see how much time I’ve spent on her in the arcade so rip

My favorite maps for her are Eichenwalde and Temple of Anubis because… just endless death. Kill gates, death rooms; death. A lot of death. It’s fun.

Currently I have the “technomancer” skin equipped !!

Again my favorite ship with her is Symbramaker because… it’s just so great.. but I also like Symbra and whatever just her/widow is called (I really don’t like symm//rat because Symmetra is autistic and I think his affinity for explosions would conflict directly with that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) EDIT: SYMMARAH IS REALLY CUTE TOO i forgot abt it when i was answering this ask but it is another good ship

Send me an overwatch character!

Fast Facts about the Axolotl

With its frilly gills and variety of colorations, the axolotl is a popular pet in aquariums around the world. Native to lakes near Mexico City, these salamanders go their whole lives without leaving their watery habitats.

  • The name axolotl is believed to come from the ancient Aztec language nahuatl, and translates roughly as “water monster.”
  • Axolotls have the amazing ability to regrow entire limbs repeatedly. They experience no scarring, and can even regrow injuries as grievous as a crushed spinal cord!
  • Unlike most frogs and other salamanders, which move to land as adults, the axolotl lives its whole life underwater, retaining many of its juvenile traits.
  • The feathery structures on either side of the axolotl’s head are its gills.
  • Scientists are working to identify the genes involved in the axolotl’s incredible regenerative abilities in hopes of one day applying what they learn to human medicine.

See live axolotls in Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species, now open!

March 7, 1916 - Verdun: Further Heavy Fighting at Mort-Homme

Pictured - “Vorwärts!”

The intense battle for the high ground on the left bank of the Meuse around the village of Cumières-le-Mort-Homme continued on March 7.  The village lived up to its name, given long before the war, of “the Dead Man,” in fearsome hand-to-hand fighting.  On the 7th, the Germans threatened the position by capturing the nearby Bois des Corbeaux with a crescendo of barrages, taking the woods and a large bag of French prisoners, including a wounded colonel.

Fortunatly for France, the fight on the Right Bank of the Meuse was tougher for the Germans.  The German artillery’s devasting bombardments required an immense amount of shells, stretching the logistics train to its limits.  Even German infantrymen were forced to lug heavy shells on their backs to the guns.  The worst fighting was concentrated around the village of Vaux, near Douaumont.  The village changed hands at least thirteen times in March alone.  The French, still deflated by the loss of Fort Douaumont, celebrated any small blow to the Germans.  When the Crown Prince tried to recreate the easy capture of Douaumont on much smaller Fort Vaux, his soldiers were cut down, “like so many tin soldiers,” bragged French journals.