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femslash february day 9: max/chloe (life is strange)
requested by @frostbite883

au in which chloe and max trained together to be jedi.


Eren throws his textbook to the side, knocking over Levi’s (thankfully empty) water bottle.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Eren doesn’t answer, instead clumsily making his way over to his desk. Levi remains seated on the floor, watching Eren dig through one of the drawers.

Levi sighs, refocusing on the book in front of him. He doesn’t know why he’d agreed to study with Eren, as more often than not he ends up getting less work done.

Levi freezes when something is thrust in front of him. Not just something, but a… box of candy.

In the shape of a heart.

Through the sudden strange pounding in his ears he hears Eren say, “I almost forgot, but um… happy Valentine’s Day.”

“We’re not dating.” Levi’s unsure how he’d managed enough brainpower to speak.

“I know,” Eren says, maybe a little too quickly. He’s still holding the small box out for Levi to take.

“Then why are you giving me candy on Valentine’s Day?”

He makes the mistake of looking up, right into Eren’s eyes as he says, “Maybe I want us to be.”

Levi opens his mouth to reply, but nothing comes out. His eyes seem glued to the little pinpricks of color blooming in Eren’s cheeks, his head buzzing, and– there’s only one thing to do.

He bolts.

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Jo/Anna High School AU
Prompt by mitch123k 
Inspo: Arctic Monkeys, Arabella (x)

Anna and Jo have been in love with each other for so long that when they finally get together, exactly no one is surprised.

When Jo tells him, still reeling from their first kiss, Dean kind of…blinks at her and says “Wait, you weren’t already together?”.

Meg arches a carefully plucked eyebrow, lights a cigarette and smirks. “Well, about time.” she drawls. “If it was possible to die from excess of sexual tension, you two would be six feet under.”

Castiel, Anna’s twin brother, gives Jo the stare of doom. At first, Jo thinks it’s Castiel’s equivalent of a ’hurt-her-and-i’ll-kill-you’ speech, but after a long, assessing minute, Castiel shoots her a rare smile and simply says “Good.” Anna rolls her eyes, squeezing Jo’s hand.

And Jo’s mom? Well, Ellen goggles at them for a minute, and then throws her head back and laughs, laughs, laughs. After a few minutes, she manages to calm down long enough to say “Oh, sweetheart, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve been together since you were eight.”

Jo doesn’t really mind.


For Gemsona-HQ’s Classroom Gem’s prompt! 

I basically used this as an excuse to talk about Rainbow Moonstone’s gravity control power. Moon relies almost exclusively on it, especially since her chakrams aren’t particularly powerful. In worst-case scenarios, she can open up miniature black holes, though doing so exhausts her energy to the point of having to retreat back into her gem. 

I’ve thought so much about Moon’s special abilities and this ended up getting really word-y but whatever, this is basically the jist of how she uses her powers. I’m glad I had a chance to do this, I haven’t done a prompt in ages OTL  


Happy early Valentine’s day friends