its not even curly on the cover

Musically Inclined

“James asks Sam to run into town and pick up some music for him, and this one dumb errand turns into a trip he won’t soon forget.” Music Store AU that is fluffiness to the max. 

Dedicated to @the-sassy-sister as a late birthday present, and a speedy recovery charm! Thank you so much for all of your help with editing and for just being there for me. I hope you all enjoy! 

Rated T for language, ‘cause Sam.

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Sam didn’t get the Human World.

Sure, there were some sweets perks to living in it: he had way more freedom than when he was living in the Abyssal Plains, for one. Yeah, he’d pretty much slacked off that whole time, but at least here, he could slack off and not have his douchebag Dad breathing down his neck.

Video games were pretty cool, too. Matthew had dug up some old human gaming console from the mansion’s basement the first week after they’d arrived, and since then, handing his ass to him never got old.

But the rest was kind of a shitshow.

Sam didn’t know much about Human World history either. Unlike James, who for some reason actually liked studying every aspect of human life. Their traditions and cultures were fascinating to him, and he seemed to start on a new research topic every other week. This time it was music. More specifically, a bunch of long-dead musicians.

“Sam, I’d appreciate if you could simply do me this favour,” James yelled tiredly through the open window. Sam didn’t have to see him to know he was pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation.

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bandanas and hats r great for trichotillomania

i love wearing bandanas because they cover the parts if my scalp that i really want to pull my hair out of and reminds me to not do that! ive really been noticing how much hair ive lost on my head and its super depressing, but ive been taking folic acid and i wanna try and get a haircut that creates more volume because my hair looks flat af even tho i have curly hair its just obvious i dont have a lot anymore :(

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I need some help. I have fairly straight hair, so I'm not a huge help, but my sister has really curly hair. It's really frizzy so she always straightens it even though she hates doing that. She's been looking for shampoo that would keep the curl but reduce the frizz, do you have any recommendations?




DEVA is your answer

This post covers the by and large of it. But here:

DEVA product One Condition in place of shampoo

DEVA product Light Defining Gel used after the shower while drying hair

They’ve worked WONDERS for me. The One Condition, once you’ve worked it into your hair, lets you run your fingers through your hair and get out all the knots without any yanking or frizzing or pain. That’s so amazing with curly hair. 

I haven’t brushed my hair in at least a year because of this. I just “brush” it in the shower with my fingers.

It’s not really a leave-in conditioner. I use it just like shampoo. Though usually I lather it in first, do everything else, and rinse it out last to give it maximum soaking time.

Important note: the One Condition is NOT shampoo. You’ll have to use real shampoo maybe once every 7-10 days to just keep it clean. (as in–lather in shampoo. rinse. lather in One Condition. rinse)


Microfiber towel

Diffuser head on a blowdryer

These two are also super important. Regular towels are pretty awful on curly hair. A microfiber towel is way more gentle. The diffuser also lets you dry your hair without blowing out the curls and making your hair too frizzy. 

(This may just be for how my hair works but) when I get out of the shower, I always

  1. flip my head upside down (and keep it like that)
  2. run my fingers through my hair (the more I do this throughout the process the more volume my hair gets–but i do risk pulling out the curl if i do it too much)*
  3. use the microfiber towel to get it from soaking wet to just pretty wet
  4. (maybe run fingers through again)
  5. put gel in hands, rub them, and scrunch hair upwards (since I’m standing upside down). Start the diffuser blowdrying (head still upside down)
  6. (mayyybe run fingers through again if it’s that kind of day, then add a bit more gel)
  7. continue with the upside down blowdrying. The blowdryer won’t cover all my hair so I gotta move it around. I also have to be careful not to have the heat on high or I could burn my hair. Also this typically takes a long time, so I usually browse tumblr on my phone while I’m doing this.
  8. I stand, tilting my head to the right with my hair all the way on the right side and do more blowdrying. Repeat with left. Switch it up between down, right, and left once my hair is getting pretty dry. It’ll help keep it fluffy.
  9. Dry it to completion. If I stop with it half-wet it probably wont dry well just in the air.

*The left is with less finger-running-through. My hair stays closer to my head/neck. The right is with more finger-running-through; it doesn’t always retain that level of curl, but it’ll always have more volume.

And I think that’s everything! This stuff literally works miracles. All pictures of me before I started using DEVA products just don’t exist in my mind. I’m erasing that phase of my life. This stuff is just so amazingly awesome.

the art school is gay au

by @gravelyhumerus

  • so our fav kids are in the last year of high school. they’ve all got that gay artist type thing going, u know how it is
  • they all want to be artists, or they’re not sure what they want but the personality test in 9th grade said artist and they stuck with it
  • whatever
  • the audition process goes as normal. give or take
  • they work on their art for months beforehand 
  • making new and interesting pieces
  • pushing themselves and all that
  • (mostly it’s just googling “how to get into art school” and crying) 
  • they bring their art in, they kiss some ass, they exaggerate their community service and lie a little bit (but not enough that they’ll get caught if someone decides to fact check them)
  • they’re all applying for about thirty spots in the program
  • theres like 500 of them
  • finch is a self-taught painter, dad loved birds so finch painted them a lot as presents and stuff
  • he got really good really fast
  • he didn’t think he’d go to this school, since he was too focused on computers and his dad’s declining health, but he thought that he might as well try it. it’s not like he could learn anything new from a degree in computer sciences anyways
  • he comes to the interview dressed in a suit
  • he has all of his art carefully arranged in a portfolio and on a small canvas cart
  • it has wheels
  • it’s all very organized and precise
  • he’s one of the only ones without parents hovering in the waiting room
  • when john reese first sees him he thinks he’s the teacher, because who tf wears three piece suits to portfolio interviews
  • harold finch, apparently 
  • (john thought he was very cool with his button down shirt rather than his normal sports jersey or polo)
  • he almost decides to take up painting just to sit next to finch in class
  • if he gets in
  • his guidance counsellor told him he needs to be more talkative and smile more
  • he practices the smiles a lot
  • they’re more like grimaces but no one has the heart to tell him
  • he’s into sculpture, actually. wire, metal, ceramics, etc. he’s good with his hands. wink wink @ finch
  • he’s that jock that plays a bunch of sports but somehow finds time to be a fairly good artist
  • sameen shaw can relate to that, she already has her eyes on some teams before she even gets in 
  • she curses herself for not picking a program she could be sure of getting into 
  • like pre-med 
  • art is so subjective. ugh
  • but here she is
  • surrounded by hipsters holding their sketchbooks and sweating 
  • when she isn’t in her sports uniforms, she only wears black, she buys her skinny jeans pre-ripped, her ears are pierced in like 6 different places, she’s wearing a beanie all the god damned time and probably (definitely) smokes weed who knows
  • even tho her aesthetic screams emo art kid, no one expects her to be an actual artist
  • which pisses her off because she’s a damned good artist. she worked her ass off for this. she’s applied to like ten scholarships and she’s gonna have to smile at the portfolio interview. SMILE.
  • after her dad died her mom put her in art classes
  • turns out, punching people is not as good at chilling shaw out as painting is
  • life drawing is cool, ok
  • shaw’s realism is like 10/10
  • she’s good with pencil, pen, conté, anything that she can sharpen and capture reality. she’s good at making a simply thing like a scarf look like a fucking masterpiece and she takes pride in that
  • she recently got into photography too, she creates her own reference images
  • at the national portfolio day, during the practice round she was told she needed to be less like a “human photocopier” and put more feeling into it
  • so her work is really angry cause fuck them 
  • she’s not afraid of just asking random kids to pose for her
  • that’s how she meets root in the fall
  • that’s how she meet a lot of people but lets talk about root for a sec
  • root is probably the only one there who feels confident in her interview 
  • she’s got the whole digital art thing going for her
  • and she knows how to manipulate people as much as she can manipulate photographs
  • they’ll love her
  • root is committed. she drew with her mouse on ms paint in the library when she was like 11
  • this girl is next level
  • she hates traditional media, fuck pencils man. the human eye cant see well enough to be perfect with a pencil
  • she has like three ripped versions of photoshop and like a billion custom brushes
  • when she shows off her portfolio, the admissions officer doesn’t even know what a drawing tablet is
  • root sighs
  • at least the teachers wont be hovering over her shoulders the entire time telling her how to do things. 
  • anyways root is already frustrated and gay. she’s the kid who has studio overalls and paints her nails black every day because they chip off or get covered in paint. she probably has a shorn nape, some purple hair, tortoise shell glasses, and listens to halsey
  • she tries to dress nice and not roll her eyes at the other kids auditioning 
  • its hard, tbh
  • there’s some short kid with curly hair wheeling a cart around covered in pottery that sounds like its one bump away from shattering
  • thats fusco, she later learns
  • he does his best
  • and there’s a girl who is only carrying a sketch book and a small portfolio that she’s got over her shoulder
  • that’s confidence, man 
  • it has “carter” written in neat white block letters on the front
  • root vows to keep an eye on her
  • theres only like twenty kids at this audition time
  • shaw’s already a little gay for carter
  • she saw her drawing some superheroes in her sketchbooks and they were really good
  • shaw likes a girl who can appreciate some good action movies
  • anyways
  • they all get in, of course
  • and then they have about four months before all hell breaks loose
Review - About A Girl by Sarah McCarry

How much you like or dislike About A Girl will highly depend on how much you like or dislike magical realism.  

Admittedly I hate magical realism so I didn’t like it at all, BUT this is one of those books that I can see being loved by the right person.  I am not that person but that doesn’t mean the book is bad.  

About A Girl follows Tally, a racially ambiguously dark-skinned girl who lives with her adopted family in NYC, crushes on her trans best friend, loves astronomy, and secretly burns with curiosity to know more about her birth mother.  In fine magical realism tradition, there is little cohesive plot and Tally often makes bizarre illogical decisions which she cannot justify with anything but feeling, which is how she ends up flying across the country to meet a man who may be her father, falling in love with a girl, and rethinking her place in the universe.   McCarry is interested her in exploring the sensations of Tally’s sexual awakening and island independence, not in creating a coherent or believable plot.

The book is lyrical and poetic, and I think will be well loved by those familiar with the Greek myths referenced within.  However it would be an overreach to call this a modern retelling ala Love In The Time Of Global Warming.  Both books are magical realism YA novels about identity based on Greek myths, but About A Girl isn’t retelling any particular myth.  It uses all of the mythology and magic as more of an inspiration than as a road map.  

There were only two real flaws with this book.  First, About a Girl never uses the word bisexual though its clear that is what Tally is.  McCarry clearly labels her crush Shane as a trans man early on, but Tally never gets to discover a label for herself.  Instead its left ambiguous what her dreamy affair with Maddy means for her identity.  Sigh.  Again.  Yet another book where articulate queer teens can’t ever bring themselves to say or think the word bisexual.  

But all things considered, my biggest problem with About A Girl is with the cover, which despite being lovely is absolutely whitewashed.  Neither of the girls on the cover resemble any characters within, they are just hot white girls making out.  Tally is described as having skin that is “a pleasing shade of brown” and straight hair.  Both of her parents are described ambiguously but in a way that implies they are black.  Neither Tally or Maddy has blonde hair, so even if we assume the curly haired brunette is supposed to be whitewashed Tally, who is she kissing?  Maddy’s hair is pointedly dyed black.  There are no blonde girls in this entire book.  That gives me serious pause and makes the cover feel less like it wants to hook you into Tally’s story and more like it just wants to titillate with a sort of ‘girls gone wild’ vibe to sell books.  

Again, this is a book that I can see being loved by the right kind of reader, despite its missteps.  If you liked Love In The Time of Global Warming or anything by Fancesca Lia Block, I’m gonna guess you will enjoy About A Girl too.

- Sarah  

Whipped #25
  • Zayn: "Z," you shook him awake, "wake up, boo." He mumbled something you couldn't make out. "What?" The mumbling sound came out of his mouth yet again. "Zayn," you whimpered, needing his awoken presence to comfort you. "What is it, babe?" he asked, finally almost fully awake. "I wanna cuddle!" you whined, "and before you get all whiny, saying I woke you up too early, it's 10:20." He covered his yawn with the back of his hand before wrapping his arms around your waist. He pulled you closer and snuggled to you, "You've got me so whipped." You giggled and kissed his neck, "I love you." He mumbled something almost inaudibly which made you realize that he had been drifting off to sleep yet again. You kissed his collarbone and snuggled to him, trying to fall asleep as well.
  • Harry: "Hey bro," Louis exclaimed at the curly headed man as he entered the room. "We've missed you! We haven't even spoken to you almost a week." Harry chuckled lightly, "We've texted the whole week, Lou." They both sat down in the couch as Liam and Niall entered the room, eventually sitting down as well. "Yeah, texted," Louis said emphasizing the word. "I'm sorry," Harry laughed, "I missed my girlfriend. I was spending time with her." All four men looked at Zayn, who was recording his lines. "You're whipped, mate, that's what you are." The Niam duo nodded their heads, agreeing and laughing. "Whatever," he joined their laughter. Zayn came out, announcing it was Harry's turn. "Go, sing about how whipped you are!" Louis exclaimed. Zayn laughed, "It's true! He's so whipped."
  • Liam: "Who are you texting?" Niall sang, peeking at Liam's phone once he saw the big smile on his face. "No one," Liam smiled again, typing rapidly on his phone. "Oh is that the girl you told me about? The one who you've gone on like two dates with?" Liam didn't hear Niall's comment, causing Niall to wave his hand in Liam's face. "Yeah?" Liam asked, now looking at his blue eyed mate. He repeated his question and Liam nodded his head eagerly. Niall laughed, "It's like you're already whipped!" Liam laughed and typed on his phone again, "So what if I am? It's not like it's a crime!" Louis came in drinking a beer and handing the two boys some, "The bus is gonna get some gas. Why're you laughing, Irish?" This caused Niall to laugh harder (again), "Payno's whipped!"
  • Niall: "Forgive me," Niall begged. He had actually forgotten a date. You always thought it was impossible for someone to forget a date – especially when the people going on a date lived together. You ignored him and walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee. "Darling, love, sweetheart, love of my life, forgive me!" he exaggerated his words and actions a little. "I didn't mean to forget it!" You got some sugar out of your cabinet and added it to your coffee. He wrapped your arms around your waist, placing feather-like kisses along your neck and shoulders. "Please," he begged once more. "I am so terribly whipped," you mumbled to yourself. "I forgive you. I love you," you announced. "Atta girl!" he kissed you. "Oh, and you've got me whipped, too."
  • Louis: "Lou," you called from the kitchen. All of the boys and their girlfriends were over at your place. All ten of you were having an excellent time. You were currently making some food for all of them and you needed Louis to help you. "Coming, sweets," he yelled back at you. "Can you help me, babe?" you asked, not turning around because you didn't want to burn anything. "Of course, baby. What do you want me to do?" You told Louis what he needed to do and went back to cooking. After the food was ready, you two called everyone into the food. "Have some spaghetti and meatballs, with a sauce made by the amazingly and immensely whipped, Louis Tomlinson." All of the boys laughed. "That's true!" Niall screamed from his seat, "you're one hell of a whipped man."
  • a/n: hey-o sweetums! zayn's got me whipped and i don't even know him. requests are open !
  • ps: i may start a 'friendzone' or 'you're famous' series :-)

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1/2 listen okay so like, post coma!au after lexa's woken back up, she oversees the bby ducklings playtime while heda!aden is doing heda things. just, sitting in the sun wrapped in a light blanket bc she's still fragile, watching the ducks get into mischief and roll around in the grass. and then there's a pair of hands covering her eyes, familiar hands, of course. "guess who?" and the nightbloods all, "it's claaarke!" to which clarke huffs and goes, "you're not supposed to tell her!!"

2/2 lexa leans back into clarke’s weight, rests her head against the swell of her chest, “is it octavia?” even though she’s giggling at clarke’s attempt to be sneaky. when clarke removes her hands she runs them through lexa’s hair (loose, these days, and constantly curly) before pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “can i sit?” “no, absolutely not” even as she’s patting at the space next to her. and. ldsihvdf. cheek kisses and they lean shoulder to shoulder, soaking up the sunlight. yos.

this is so soft and warm 

Fact #1189

Both William Hartnell and Paul McGann have played the part of the Doctor in a wig; that’s a common knowledge. Little less known is the fact that Tom Baker once had to do a perm because of his hair temporarily losing its natural curliness due to illness. And the trivia most people are delusional about is that Sylvester McCoy, in fact, never wore a wig as Doctor - not even in the infamous regeneration scene. It was actually Colin Baker, playing his part of the regeneration process in full-body ‘Sylvester McCoy’ makeup. But Colin couldn’t bring himself to cover his gorgeous blonde chevelure with anything, so the hair you see in the scene is Colin’s own.

WestAllen Appreciation Week Day 7: Free choice

Barry being in awe of Iris’ beauty

storyinmyeyes requested a WestAllen fic based on “Never Seen Anything Quite Like You” by the Script, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. Hope you like this!

When they start junior high school, Iris takes to pressing and straightening her hair and wearing lots of floral dresses and putting on makeup. Beyond a disastrous first attempt at putting on eyeliner–in which she nearly poked her own eye out and then gave Barry raccoon eyes when she wanted to practice on someone else–she gets the hang of the whole makeup thing pretty quickly.

Barry doesn’t really understand the whole makeup thing all that well, but he thinks Iris looks pretty with it and he thinks she looks pretty without it and really Iris is just pretty in general. She could probably wear a trash bag and she’d still be the prettiest girl he knows.

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