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Friendly Reminder: Watch Lucifer air in the USA on Oct 2.

From what I understand, the premiere for season 3 will air a day early in Canada. 

Unfortunately, this means a lot of us are going to be tempted to stream the premiere from our devices and then skip the premiere in the US on Oct 2, a day later. But please, DO NOT DO THIS.

Season premiere ratings are one of the most important factors in deciding which network shows are doing well, doing steady, or failing. If the views on Oct 2 are lower than they were for Seasons 1 & 2, the network will assume Lucifer’s popularity is dying out.

Also, Lucifer got a new time slot. It is critical we are willing to prove to the network that the new time slot is just as beneficial to the show & its success. Monday night @ 8pm could potentially put Lucifer up against even more popular shows on other networks than it was ever against before.

There is no such thing as a network “understanding” that people are going to stream it from the day before simply because it was available. There is no such thing that they will look at low ratings and assume it’s because viewers already saw the episode early. 


Want to stream the episode on Oct 1? Okay, you are your own human being with your own thoughts + decisions. But if you do this, PLEASE tune in on Monday night for the “official” premiere. Don’t want to watch? Set it on your TV, hit mute, and just surf the web for an hour to read live-reactions to the episode. Or do something else!

Don’t live in Canada or the US? Watch whenever you want/however you want, but then LEGALLY stream the episode where it’s available. It may be available on Amazon, FOX, etc. Legally watching the show (recording, purchasing, etc) will count toward ratings.

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The whole internet being like: OMG Civil War and GoT asdfghjkl!!! And i am sitting here like: soon, it is may ( ̄~ ̄)- TypewriterGirl being all over in action with her keyboard and the HYPE is real! YUS ♥

YAAAAAAAS!! ( ^▽^) I love you.