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Ionia - Ruins of Tuul-Ghao

“In the northern regions. among Ionia’s highest peaks lies the ruins of an old temple lost to many. The people used to know it as ‘Tuul-Ghao’ - ancient ionian for ‘Heaven’s Reach’.”

“Despite not many dare set foot there, the place remains in a fairly well preserved state, for the time it remained as such. Some tales about it say the spirits surrounding the region make it their home now… but I am not so certain.”

“The place lies within the clouds, hidden from the people living below. The air surrounding it feels dense and while some may claim it to be the sound of the wind howling in the distance, others will argue the faint whispers coming from within the region belong to the ancient souls who still inhabit the place.”

“It is unknown the reason as for why such a building has fallen into disuse.  The old bridge that connected it once to the outside world has been severed a long time ago, and it seems as if the people would rather have it that way.”

“Truth be told I had no clue such a place existed a few years ago. The temple falls prey to some adventurers in search for treasure and valuables, even though word has it they always disappear without leaving traces. I cannot tell whether or not the tales are true - I have only been there once. The only thing I can truly say with certainty is that the place surely won’t fail to make an impression.”

im super close to my next thousand!! i love you guys °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Learn Your Lesson

@slawter-rhinfox - Something I wrote about the AU because I was bored (btw I was the one who suggested Moo and Terroriser, blogs are confusing lol)

Also, this is kinda self-insert but whatever, I do what I want

“Welp, I’ll see you guys later for lunch yeah?” You questioned your friends, walking together to the entrance. 

“Yeah yeah, of course. Hopefully, it’ll be somethin’ good this time.” Laughter filled in the silence. 

“Whatever, I might be able to catch a proper break from those two.” A heavy sigh followed on as you rubbed your eyes to adjust to the new lighting.  The asylum doors opened up automatically, your friends were now parting their ways and so did you.

Passing down the cloud grey corridors, a wave of exhaustion lingered, growing on you with every step. The same emotions have been occurring for the past three weeks or so. You’ve assumed that ever since you’ve been assigned with two patients instead of the normal one was the cause of weariness. 

“Mornin’ doc~ How ya feelin’? Get a good rest?” A seemingly innocent voice greeted you as you opened the door. 

“Common Moo, it’s obvious that the darlin’ looks very tired.” The other patient commented, rubbing against Moo with comfort. You just groaned with disappointed, sitting on the chair that was facing the two. 

“Can you guys please be quiet? I just… I don’t know why I’m so bloody tired but it’s probably because I have to deal with you being all lovely dovey every single minute.” You yawned again. The two had sympathetic looks for a few seconds before resuming to their normal shit eating grins.

“Aww, we’re sorry. We’ll make up for it, we swear.” Terroriser apologised, you rose an eyebrow from the possible sarcasm that could be hidden in his sentence. 

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are~” A faint voice echoed into your ears, your head tilted down a bit but you managed to catch yourself in the act and lifted it up. Your eyelids flickered rapidly before almost closing at a slow speed.

“Are you alright darlin’? You seem to be sleeping on the job~” Moo used his free legs to give a small nudge. 

“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky…”

“What… no… I’m not…” The words seemed to disappear out of your mouth, your energy was draining away, your body was becoming limper by the second.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are~” 

“Just stay awake… I can…” 

“No, it’s time to sleep now darlin’. No more games with you, we promise…”

Brightness greets your new vision, you try to stretch but to no avail. For some strange reason, the room seemed to be covered with nothing but soft white cushions. A large mirror almost took up one side of the room, along with a metal door near the corner. It was silent, maybe too silent…

“Will anyone ever learn? This is the third time that man have tricked our staff members, and one of them is with him.”

“We’ll see. They just need to learn their lesson before they can return, that is all…”

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Rule: Spell out your URL name in Kpop

Oh man…. I’ll suffer with u Jen:,)

Amigo - SHINee

Spring day - BTS

Kingdom - B.A.P

Skydive - B.A.P

Trespass - Monsta X


Don’t recall - K.A.R.D

Engine - Pentagon

Navillera - Gfriend

Twenty four - EXO

Jekyll and hyde - VIXX

On and on - VIXX

Odd eye - SHINee

Nillili mambo - Block B

Innocent love - ASTRO

Excuse me - Bestie

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@taewinnies a writing sprint is pretty cool! it’s this website where you’re writing and other people are there too, also writing, and you see each other’s progress but not what you’re writing. there’s also a little chat and stuff.

i was making a big deal about scheduling a time but it’s super chill actually? sprints last for thirty minutes and then there’s like a five minute break but people just do what they want, it’s cool

I spent hours yesterday learning how to take apart and put this thing back together just to change the head and strings but everything is calibrated correctly and I’m pretty sure I’m in love with this banjo

feeling very lucky to live a town over from @elderlyinstruments bc they have some very helpful people working there and an absurd amount of options to choose from for banjo parts

if i’m ever a dick let me know so I can, like, be less of a dick

↠ ↠ Delphine Surana, Chancellor of Ferelden


Archetype: The Chessmaster

Tarot: The Magician // Power, accomplishment

Motto: Qui audet adipiscitur // Who dares, succeeds

Represented By: The Fox // One who uses all her wisdom and wit in her own defense

Self Description: “Worthy”


Armed With: Staff and stiletto

Accompanied By: Alistair, Leliana, Sten

Strategy: Virulent Walking Bomb, Curse of Mortality, Animate Dead

Catchphrase: “As you desire.”


Core Desire: Recognition

Talent: Charisma, intelligence

Tragic Flaw: Vanity

going to a cello concert and ending up being a chauffer for people at the last minute..

spends 20 minutes trying to find parking because by the time I get back from picking people up last minute there’s no street parking…
finally finds a secret underground garage…
tries to find stairs out of garage….finds what I think are the stairs but no its a landing platform to go from the ground level UP.


me: puts purse on landing….puts shoes up on landing….. then just jumps climbs up.

Like I was going to waste MORE time trying to find the way out.

…….and when I walk back to the concert hall there’s a damn parking spot open right in front of the door. Because of course NOW IT IS.