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Protégé [Part 4] (M)

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Warnings: Rough smut, Fem!Dom, scar mention

Words: 7,288

Lie back.” You instructed, your voice soft but stern.

Jungkook listened, he lowered himself onto the surface of your desk, the movement causing the hem of his shirt to ride up only slightly. When the sliver of bare skin met the cool, varnished surface of the wood, he sucked in a sharp breath.

“Ready?” You asked, fighting the urge to smile down at him as he stared up at you with rounded eyes, nervousness swimming in the brown irises.


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anonymous asked:

What about RFA+V+Saeran that get caught up with an MC that is always getting into life threatening danger (a hell of a lot of enemies) but she's done it so many times she's just hella fearless and can fight em off easily? (Bonus points if she's quirky enough to even make a few jokes and one liners in the face of danger) she's not an agent or anything she's just really badass and is always getting into trouble.

anon, this is amazing. i want to be this mc. thanks for stopping by!

hope you like it!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  • is,,stressed
  • the first time he really got into how fearless she is was on a date
  • they were literally just walking along, laughing and holding hands, when someone bumped into the two of them
  • turns out, it was one of mc’s many enemies. 
  • the next thing they know, they’re surrounded 
  • zen is lowkey terrified, but mc just groans
  • she’s like, “come on, it’s date night!” but they don’t care 
  • one even tries to grab zen away from mc and she’s just like “oh, now you’re trying to steal my boyfriend?”
  • zen really wishes mc would stop joking around and call for help or something
  • but instead, she just shakes her head. one of the bad guys is sneaking up behind her. “you were right, zen. men are wolves.” 
  • and proceeds to kick everyone’s ass. 
  • she takes zen’s hand and leans up to kiss his nose. “can we go home now, babe?” 
  • he is absolutely shocked…and surprisingly found that hot 
  • he wants to protect mc, but knows she does that just fine herself. 


  • look, no complaints from yoosung at all 
  • someone, who was actually one of mc’s enemies, was making fun of yoosung
  • and had the audacity to punch him !! 
  • mc saw that though, and ran over. yoosung tried to stop her, but she glared at the other person
  • there they are, acting all smug and think they finally got away with something in front of mc when
  • mc trips them and the Beatdown beings
  • Yoosung is totally surprised. when could mc-
  • when she’s satisfied, she helps yoosung up and pulls him into a hug 
  • “sorry, honey. looks like someone was jealous because I have my own shooting star and they don’t”
  • wow, the compliment sent yoosung’s mind away from the person who was on the ground 
  • when they leave, he asks her how she did all that 
  • and she tells him about all her enemies. he’s so shocked!
  • “mc! that’s so dangerous!!” “its alright, they can’t beat me. I know, they’ve tried.” 
  • asks her to train him


  • what a kickass couple!
  • mc’s enemies never stood a chance against mc alone now, oh boy
  • a few of them had mc cornered one day, but mc was literally just chilling
  • they were all being assholes, you know, talking smack about mc
  • “why don’t you call your boyfriend to come save you?” one of them said
  • “boyfriend?” mc responded. “what’s that?” 
  • mc confused her enemies! 
  • “ah, I know what you’re talking about. No thanks. Why when I need a boyfriend when I have this?” 
  • and she moves in and starts beating one of them up
  • she pretends the other two are getting close to beating her up when one of them asks “maybe you want to call your boyfriend now?” 
  • “, I’m good.” mc says, “but you, on the other hand..”
  • enter jaehee and her ass-kicking skills
  • the one who spoke to mc is on the ground and mc kneels next to them 
  • “you had to face the wrath of my girlfriend”
  • see, jaehee knew cause they’re a couple who sat down and talked for hours and hours before making it official


  • to be honest, mc does feel a little better with all these guards around
  • but one day, a particularly powerful enemy of hers came by and fought the guards off
  • jumin is surprised that happened in the first place, but now he’s about to be more surprised 
  • “well. took you long enough” mc said. jumin is confused
  • she turns to jumin, “excuse me, dear. I forgot to take out the trash today”
  • and proceeds to whoop that person’s ass single-handedly
  • he is Shook
  • mc explains that she has…a few enemies. 
  • that explains why his guards kept getting hurt
  • he asks how powerful and fearless mc really is so she has a showdown with his guards
  • which she wins
  • jumin is so proud of mc, wow
  • she still has guards though, just in case

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he knew about mc’s many enemies
  • it showed up on her record. but her, herself, seemed nice and innocent
  • she just had major butt-kicking skills
  • which saeyoung thought was amazing
  • mc came over to the bunker and saeyoung had been bragging to vanderwood about her
  • so they ask to spar. mc kicks vanderwood’s ass. saeyoung is jumping in joy
  • but when they were on the run one day, both saeyoung’s and mc’s enemies caught up to them
  • saeyoung is lowkey scared, but mc is like. “well..don’t we have a bit of a situation here…”
  • he thinks it’s not the time for jokes, but mc just smiles. “i wonder what we should do about this…”
  • one of them gets impulsive and runs at mc, who easily takes him down
  • “ooh a free for all! fun!” she says as another one runs towards her
  • saeyoung cannot believe his eyes
  • she beat all of them. and at the end she goes, “and the supreme champion is…mc!! agent 606!! the crowd goes wild!”
  • saeyoung humors her and cheers. 
  • this is a common occurrence 

v / jihyun

  • he thought that by taking her in, she’d be in less danger than she was on her own
  • however, one of her enemies decided to crash the party
  • v was going to take care of it, but mc marched up to them
  • “i didn’t invite you to the party” she calmly says to her enemy
  • before the enemy could say anything else, mc stomps on their foot
  • “if you didn’t get an invite, you’re not invited. it’s fairly simple.”
  • turns out, mc has jihyun’s roasting skills
  • v is Impressed and he clearly underestimated her 
  • another one of her enemies went after v
  • but not on her watch
  • she beat them up so easily
  • “you know what they say about taking the sun head on! what do you want to be, an Icarus?” they say
  • it’s pretty amazing

saeran ( i went for more of ‘unknown’ here oops)

  • so…this was probably a mistake
  • he thought mc was just a random person, but she totally overpowered him when he broke into the apartment
  • she looked at him, her head tilted. “are you Unknown?”
  • “what’s it to you?” he asked
  • “well, I don’t recognize you. you’re not one of my usual enemies.”
  • now he was confused. “usual enemies?” she shrugged, “i have a ton”
  • “is that why it was so easy to lead you here?” “i figured I could take you. and I did”
  • he huffed, but he couldn’t argue
  • “what do you want?” “you could join me, you know..”
  • “but I’m in rfa already. And I like it here, thank you very much. If that’s all you wanted, I can let you go..”
  • “….quick question. tell me about your enemies.”
  • they kinda form a bond over mc’s stories
  • she eventually lets him go
  • “i’ll be back for you.” he says. “or.. you could find me. but tell the rfa any of this happened, i’ll end them.” 
  • and he’s gone 
Testing New Waters

*this was a requested scenario. i did my best, it also came out to be longer than expected. but all in all, i hope it’s good and that you all like it!*

“ Ah could i get a scenario where jungkook and his girlfriend are still both really inexperienced yet they want to try something new and one of them suggests that jungkook be rougher and maybe throw a blindfold in too? ~ inexperienced anon ”

Originally posted by busanplayboy

Summary: You and Jungkook try something new.

Members: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 2,361 words

-Admin R

You found yourself passing the time away in the dorms of the Bangtan Boys often. Jungkook was your boyfriend of five months and while your relationship was still kept in secrecy, it was flourishing in abundance of joyful and quirky adventures. But all of that is beside the point. Because of his constant busy schedule, you and Jungkook always tried to find time together no matter the situation. So when the guys wanted to go out to a festival that was taking place in the city, Jungkook found himself feeling feverish enough to suggest that he stay home while the others left. Once alone, he phones you and you’re on your way to be with your effervescent boyfriend.

You and Jungkook found yourselves in the main room going through a pile of movies, figuring out which one would be the winner. Playful jokes and lighthearted conversation was exchanged  between you two lovebirds. One thing led to another and Jungkook was now chasing you around the dorm trying to catch you and get his revenge on you for tickling him. As he chased you, he grabbed one of Namjoon’s scarves hanging effortlessly in the hallway, he came up behind you and wrapped the scarf around your eyes. You paused in your tracks, Jungkook proudly whispered in your ear, “I’ve got you, now, Y/N,” and then circled around you. Still standing, with your eyesight gone, your heart was trying to return back to its normal pace. Then, you felt Jungkook’s lips land on yours. You pushed forward into him until his back hit the wall, his hand still gripping the scarf tightly. “Kookie,” you cooed, your right hand rising up to find his face, tracing the outline of his nose, down to his lips. The dorm was quiet, all that can be heard is your own heartbeat filling your eardrums and all that can be felt is Jungkook’s breath warming your fingers as they trace his face. For a moment, you could have bet everything you owned that something great would have taken place. Something intense, had it not been for the front door rattling, revealing Namjoon and Jin quickly returning for the scarf that Namjoon had forgotten.

Moment over.  

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Accents (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Gif not Mine

Summary: While talking to Pietro you slip into his accent and his finds it adorable.

Word Count: 1115

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Bright Lights, Big Trouble; part 2

Summary: The Winchesters and the reader hit up Sin City to solve a case, but contrary to the popular saying, not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Author: fvckinpayno
Character: Dean x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3824
Warnings: Mild language, mentions of alcohol use, fighting.

A/N: Happy holidays to all you wonderful people out there! Because I got so many lovely messages asking me for a part two, I hereby present to you the second and final part to Bright Lights :) I hope I did a good job on this one, so feedback is greatly appreciated and very very welcome! :) x

Part 1

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Alternate: Limelight

@vehluhree​ : Hello! Still can’t get enough of the Sayuri saga ;v; This time, could you please do a separate version where Sayuri targets Manga!Kise (for the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world perhaps. Is she a woman who craves fame/revels in attention?) Sayuri’s powerful, but Manga!Kise is a sly one. He’s encountered one too many syrupy, pretentious girls and thus likely to see through Sayuri’s vixen charms. Will she succeed in tempting Kise into straying~?

I swear you guys intend on having Sayuri seduce every Miracle in KNB. Deciding if the guys cheat or not is becoming my life’s newest dilemma. OK for this one I’m assuming that Kise is still a model, and I wanted to give Sayuri a bit more development to what happens when things…go differently than she expected.

I wrote more to compensate for the lack of new content these days >.<

An alternate scenario to the infamous Akashi-Sayuri saga, which can be read here and the other routes/alternate scenarios found in the Masterlist under ‘Sayuri Kiyohime’ in the OTHERS section. A quick reminder that this, like Doctor, Doctor, is NOT connected to the other routes that are basically sequels to the original request.

Accompanying soundtrack: Wanderers from Tokyo Ghoul Root A

It wasn’t that Kise was mean or rude. It was just that he’d never had much  patience with people who weren’t close to him, and ever since going straight into the entertainment world after high school he’d had even less time to deal with them.

But it got slightly better because he got a personal assistant to handle that kind of stuff for him along with the promotion.

Sure, he read the cards from his old friends, and kept the occasional legal letter from Akashicchi or medicine bill from Midorimacchi, but to be honest he usually threw out the rest of the fanmail without reading them. Aside from his supporters, there were also more of those pretentious types, people who wanted a step up the popularity ladder.

Fakes, all of them.

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In For a Penny, In For a Pound

Harry Styles, AU, Mature

(a/n: this is nothing but pure, indulgent filth. Sometimes people have big mouths (I know a few). Warning for sex and lots of profanity.)



Claire’s eyes shot open to find Louis opening the drawer beside her bed. Cringing at the sunlight burning its way into her room, she felt her head spin as she moved to sit up. Fighting the acidic burn at the back of her throat, she reached for the half full bottle of water to chase away the sandpaper feel of her tongue.

“What are you doing, Louis?” she choked out, closing the cap on the bottle. “What time is it?”

Louis continued rummaging through her drawers, humming to himself. “It’s ten thirty. You’ve only been asleep since two.”

Lying back against the pillows, closing her eyes as the wave of nausea passed over her, she held back the burp she knew might be more than that and took in a shaky breath. “Why did you let me drink so much?”

“Why do you ask me that every time? You’re an adult. Anyway, you don’t always drink like that. Only when you’ve had a “bad day”,” he said with air quotes signaling his sarcasm. He pulled out an old notebook that she knew was full of calculus notes and began thumbing through it. He scoffed and tossed it back to where he pulled it from.

Feeling her matted hair and the greasy skin of her face, she wrinkled her nose in disgust at the feel of make up now soaked into her pores she’d just recently gotten control of. “What do you need that you need to be going through my things?”

“Oh nothing,” he said with a wave of his hand. “I was just trying to find out how long you’ve been keeping secrets from me. Don’t you have a diary or some kind of weird girl book that you complain to?”

“Weird girl book,” she repeated hoarsely. “No. I don’t, Louis. What are you talking about though? Secrets?”

Louis stopped, elbow deep in a drawer before looking over at her with an eyebrow cocked. “Drunk words are sober thoughts.”

Closing her eyes again, shaking her head against the lovely softness of her pillows, she sighed and wished that she had ten gallons of water at her disposal and Louis long gone from her home. “I’m so confused right now. I feel like there is a tiny person trying to drill its way out of my skull through my temple.”

“Yes, well, that’s what happens when you disregard all of the warnings your best friend gives you,” he mocked. “I told you to stop, but you insisted on doing shots between all the rest of your liquor. You fell over in the booth and I didn’t want us kicked out. So Harry helped me get you to the car without anyone noticing.”

Her eyes shot open at the name. But she stayed quiet as Louis continued.

“You almost puked all over my car. Which I just got detailed, by the way,” he reminded her sarcastically.

Tired of listening to Louis chastising her, she frowned and hoped that she could keep down what was in her stomach. “What’s the secret I’ve been keeping from you then? I tell you everything! You’re the one that reminds me when I’m going to have my period… You know more about me than I do.”

He slammed the drawer closed and Claire cringed at the loud noise. “Harry.”

Feeling her heart beat pick up at the mention of his name, she hoped that Louis couldn’t tell that the simple mention of the name set her off. “What about Harry?” she asked, wishing that she didn’t sound so obviously uneasy. Forcing herself to look at Louis as not to give him any other body language cues, he had a mischievous smile on his face. He walked closer to her and sat down on the bed. He jostled her a bit, her stomach following suit and she hoped that this conversation wasn’t going to make her retch all over her freshly laundered bedding.

“I was just wondering how long you’ve been… attracted to Harry,” Louis said. His voice was one that Claire had been familiar with, the softness of it an absolute front for the interrogation she was about to go through.

She sighed and rubbed at her eyes. “I am not attracted to Harry,” she blatantly lied. “I don’t know what I said, but I was drunk.”

Louis began toying with the loose thread on her worn quilt. She could sense his apprehension in believing her. It was like he was a human lie detector. “Are you quite sure you don’t? Because the things that came out of your mouth were hardly words of someone not attracted to Harry. You were absolutely vulgar. I kind of loved it, but I was also sickened by it all.”

Her stomach was now churning, wondering what she’d said that had Louis grinning at her like he knew her deepest darkest secrets. In all the years they’d been friends, she’d refrained from ever telling Louis who she ‘liked’ or had a crush on after the debacle of third grade. When Louis had spread to her entire class that she had a crush on Caleb, who promptly let Claire know how gross she was, she’d not mentioned a single thing to him. The echoes of children’s laughter still haunted her. She vowed after that to never let on that she felt anything but complete indifference to every living soul she encountered, lest Louis embarrass her to an early grave.

“You’re lying,” she spat quickly, the worried feeling pumping through her as Louis watched her carefully. “I won’t fall for your tricks.”

Louis’ eyebrow raised in interest. “Really? Odd, then. Maybe I’ll just tell Harry what you said. See how he takes it.”

“I didn’t say anything!” she yelled, slapping her hands in frustration on the blanket still cocooning her. “Louis, now is not the time. Would you please leave and come back after I’ve showered and don’t feel like I’m going to die a slow, dry death?”

Louis stood up slowly, stretching lazily before he leaned over her. “I’ll leave you alone. But once you’re right again, we are discussing the fact that you want Harry to fuck your tits.”


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