its not as good as the other dedications but

Honestly I think part of the reasons cartoons nowadays are failing is because so many focus on comedy.

Comedy isn’t bad when the jokes are actually funny and aren’t stolen from the internet.

The issue is that they take action oriented shows (Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans) and turn them into shows that are nothing more than cash cows for the network that bank on the fame of the original while doing nothing to live up to it. A number of cartoons now fizzle out after so many seasons because they simply can’t maintain an audience. The issue is that kids grow up. Eventually the humor and stolen jokes become old to them while cartoons that should have fizzled out are kept going and out on repeat (Looking at you TTG)

“You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” - Walt Disney.

I think that is a quote any cartoonist, comic maker, writer, etc. who aims or gears their works towards children should have in their notebook or animation guide. Why? Because it’s true. So many cartoons are lame because they have no growth with the audience or any appeal beyond a young audience that is subject to lose interest at the drop of a hat. For some reason, it seems like cartoon makers are afraid of making a cartoon that has dark elements to it.

I’m not saying people should make dark cartoons just for the sake of it because that’s what will appeal to kids. Rather, I’m saying there is nothing wrong with having a dark theme in your cartoon or having the characters deal with issues. It doesn’t even have to be truly dark.

For example, The Powerpuff Girls had an episode that showed the actually dangerous or downside to the girls powers when they moved out of Townsville. They had an episode that dealt with toxic relationships (the episode with Buttercup having a crush on Ace). They had an episode that dealt with insecurities on a number of occasions, etc. all while maintaining a sense of laughter and cheerfulness.

Static Shock dealt with homophobia, Racism (the episode where Static met Richie’s father) and gun violence and bullying (the episode where Jimmy was bullied and brought a gun to school with the intention of killing his bullies). They had an episode where Static had to come to terms with his mother’s death.

Captain Planet obviously dealt with pollution and environmental dangers, but also had an episode dedicated towards HIV and suicide.

Steven Universe attracts a wide range of people to the show due to the variety of issues presented in the show. Grief, LGBT issues, etc.

Gumball is a genuinely comedic show that doesn’t rely on memes and jokes stolen from the internet for the sole basis of its writing. The characters are likable and funny without having to be total douchebags to each other.

Shows that attract a wide range of viewers are good shows and they deserve the attention over some cash cow that is a hollow shell of the original.

With so many shows from the 90s getting revivals and reboots, I can only hope that they don’t fall into the shoes of PPG 2016 and TTG.

Kids deserve better than just hollow jokes and shells of the original show that they will outgrow. Kids deserve shows that actually stick with them till adulthood.

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How hard is it to become an austronaut? I want to start to studie astrophysics and I don't know if I'll ever get any kind of job. Do you have any tips for people like me?

Astrophysics is a perfect field for pursuing any work at NASA!  A degree in a STEM field is a requirement of becoming an astronaut, but other than that there are many possibilities.  One of the best things about the astronaut office is its diversity.  We are scientists, engineers, military pilots, flight test engineers, medical doctors, etc. etc. My biggest tip is to ensure you are pursuing what it is you are passionate about as that’s the only way to truly become exceptional at what you are doing, and most importantly, to be happy doing it.  Passion, hard work, and dedication will get you there.  Good luck!


make me choose ♡ will herondale or jace herondale

“Herondales.“ Zachariah’s voice was a breath, half laughter, half pain. "I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don’t carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It’s too heavy for even a Herondale to bear.

(for @ravencalws​ )

want one?

Spoonie Witch Tips: Cleansing

Cleansing is important. Whether it be after a spell or ritual or just maintenance, a good cleansing can keep icky vibes out of your space while also lifting and promoting good vibes. (I’ve also noticed that cleansing works especially well for keeping the spookies that are attracted by my depression away. More on that later.)

I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I just don’t have the spoons to get out of bed, let alone cleanse my house on the regular. Over the course of my practice, I’ve compiled a few low maintenance ways to cleanse my space and I wanted to share them with my fellow spoonie witches.

Low Energy Cleansing Methods

1) Open the windows. Let the air come in and sweep away all of the stagnant and gross energy that’s lurking in your space. A bonus to this is that fresh air will get into all of the cracks and crevices, so it’s really thorough.

2) If you have an oil burner or diffuser, pop in some rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender oil (if you have a burner, you can find these oils for under $5 at Walmart. If you have a diffuser, check Amazon for the most efficient option for you). These oils have seriously cleansing and protection properties, especially when paired together. If you’re using a diffuser, you can also use some charged water (sun, moon, etc) to help boost the energy.

3) Don’t want to make a cleansing spray or whatever? I feel you, friend. Take yourself to Walmart or your local dollar store and buy some air freshener. If possible, try to choose a scent you associate with cleansing. I like Air Glade Lavender and Chamomile. I pretty much just spray it while telling it to cleanse the space. It also smells nice, so bonus. This is a good one for the closet witches out there!

4) Himalayan salt lamps. Seriously, just turning them on and asking the element of Earth to cleanse the space works for me.

5) A salt water spray for those who are not open about their work. You can also add a little bit of vinegar or lemon to boost the cleaning properties of the spray. I like to add lemon juice, some rosemary, and holy water to mine.

6) Literally, just small bowls of salt around your space. In my own practice, I’ve found this also helps ward and fight off the spookies that are attracted to my depression and anxiety. It doubles as a cleanser and ward, so I make use of this often.

7) Music is a powerful tool. There are whole YouTube channels dedicated to this purpose, so finding a tune you like may take a little time, but at least you’ll have options. I like to use the wind chime sounds.

8) Light a candle. Sometimes I choose a scent associated with cleansing (lilac is good for cleansing and exorcisms, lavender is cleansing and protection, and any scent named after sunshine makes me think of cleansing and healing), other times I just light a white candle and visualize its light consuming all of the darkness in the room, clearing out all of the crap.

9) Get some plants. I don’t know what it is about having plant babies, but they cleanse and raise a space’s vibes like no one’s business. Look into cactuses, succulents, and other starter plants!

10) My personal favorite? Opening the windows and doors to my space and telling the bad vibes that they don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here, aka the GTFO method. This is probably best paired with another method, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t use this one frequently.

I hope this helps some people out there! Again, I just wanted to share some things I’ve learned work for me and my situation. You might find that you prefer some methods to others or that you need to tweak them- and that’s okay! Do what works for you, your spoons, and your practice. 💖🌌

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Was there any Scooby doo monster you were scared of? The red owl people always scared me.

Yes indeedy! I recall a few from when I was super little.

The Space Kook, (who’s objectively the best villain) stuck with me the most from the original series, and thus earns a sticker of his likeness on my camera case

…but nothing creeped out Babby Colin more than the forest-y Batman and Robin Scooby special.

It’s funny, I remember them more than any other… they really weirded me out. And the chief weirder-outer was undoubtedly our good friend,

Green Ghost Water. Its face was freaky, maaan.

I’m ready for a Scooby Cinematic Universe, featuring a standalone film dedicated to Green Ghost Water. Maybe an origin story, complete with him growing up in a cumulonimbus cloud.



Basically, I’ve seen a bunch of fandom Secret Santa kind of things. I got to participate in some in the past few years and am considering running one for Camp Camp.

Planning wouldn’t really start until the end of the month. I’d set up applications, etc. For now though, could you give this a like if you’d be interested in taking part? Or reblogging to spread the word. Just so I have a good idea of how big of a project it’s going to be.

Thank you so much

~Campe Diem~

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im thinking i shouldnt follow you anymore. youre literally confused. overrated series, yet you have this blog dedicated to that series. doesnt make any sense. its basically like talking shit about your friend. your bread analogy wasnt good either as it made no sense..... idk, im sorry, i really liked your tumblr but its just lost its flare.

ok bye lol i literally dont care.

no offense, but we have 117,000 other followers so we really wouldn’t even notice.

harry potter IS overrated. i think it’s fantastic, and brilliant, and really well written…. and i think there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of better kids books out there that haven’t got nearly as much attention. that is what i mean by overrated. i can think of something as both overrated and really good, can’t i?

what about me running this blog means i can’t criticize JK Rowling for writing the books my blog is about?? am i suddenly… absolved from being able to critique her because i like something she did?

some great things about dr. shaun murphy

is a positive angel despite the fact that his coworkers mostly underestimate him and micromanage him, even after proving that he was perfectly qualified, if not overly qualified, as a surgeon

is a religious christian ! and seeks comfort in christianity ! portrayed not in a way that overdoes it but one of the rare times we get to see a christian in media who is a better person because of it ? its refreshing

eats his pancakes w/ lots of syrup

after losing two v important figures in his life (his rabbit and his brother) he dedicates the rest of his life trying to save others!

 spending a majority of his childhood enduring abuse and neglect from his parents, and YET SOMEHOW turning out to be a decent human being??? (note sarcasm) because not everyone who was abused in childhood spends their lives trying to tear others down and is something that a lot of networks need to grasp, seriously this trope is tired.

Gay former Ontario Hockey League player disappointed in Ryan Getzlaf

Brock McGillis couldn’t hide his disappointment when he heard Ryan Getzlaf’s statement after the Anaheim Ducks captain was punished for apparently using a homophobic slur during an NHL playoff game.

Getzlaf was fined US$10,000 by the NHL a few hours before the Nashville Predators beat Anaheim 3-1 on Saturday night in Game 5 of the Western Conference final. Getzlaf appeared to shout the inappropriate remark in frustration with an official after returning to Anaheim’s bench in Thursday’s Game 4. Officials appeared to be too far away to hear Getzlaf, but television cameras were trained directly on him.

“There was obviously some words said, not necessarily directed at anyone in particular,” said Getzlaf late Saturday night. "It was just kind of a comment. I’ve got to be a little bit more responsible for the words I choose. It’s tough to see someone refer to it as (homophobic). I didn’t mean it in that manner in any way.

“I understand that it’s my responsibility to not use vulgar language, period, whether it’s a swear word or whatever it is. We’ve got to be a little bit more respectful of the game, and that’s up to me.”

McGillis, who played in the Ontario Hockey League and semi-professionally, became an advocate for LGBTQ rights, addressing schools throughout Ontario, after he came out in November. He had hoped Getzlaf would take the opportunity to educate other players about how homophobia has no place in hockey.

“I don’t care how you mean it, when you say the word, it’s a homophobic slur,” said McGillis in a phone interview with The Canadian Press. “He doesn’t sound, in my opinion, very apologetic. He’s comparing what he said to a curse word and he didn’t apologize to the LGBTQ community or take ownership of his actions. That’s quite disappointing.”

Getzlaf’s fine is the maximum allowable under the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA, but McGillis says he does not think it was severe enough.

He notes that as the Ducks forward has made millions of dollars over the course of his 12 year career, the $10,000 dollar fine isn’t especially punitive. Instead, he hopes that the NHL, its players, and other sports leagues try to engage and educate adolescent players before homophobic, racist or sexist language is ingrained in their pscyhes.

“(Getzlaf) is a social influencer, he is a superstar hockey player and he has an opportunity to do some good things,” said McGillis. "I think that if these athletes continue to just donate money they’re missing the boat because that’s not going to shift the culture and that’s going to lead to more and more incidents like this.“

You Can Play Project, an advocacy group dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports, also criticized Getzlaf before Saturday’s game.

"Words matter and Ryan Getzlaf’s words are offensive. No language considered homophobic belongs in sports. It’s not the language of role models. This is yet another opportunity to educate athletes, teams and fans,” tweeted the organization that was founded by Philadelphia Flyers scout Patrick Burke and his father, Calgary Flames president Brian Burke.

Getzlaf’s punishment was particularly disappointing to McGillis because last season Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw was suspended a game and fined $5,000 for using a homophobic slur and making obscene gestures toward officials in the first round of the playoffs.

“It seems like it’s almost backwards,” said McGillis. "We took a step back for equality and for hockey to be a safe space for everybody.“

Earlier this week, the Toronto Blue Jays suspended centre-fielder Kevin Pillar for two games for directing a homophobic slur toward Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte.

"If anyone in a regular field of work were to use that type of language they would lose their job,” said McGillis. "I’m not saying either of the players should lose their jobs, because it’s a mistake and it happens. However, I don’t think the penalty is harsh enough.“

McGillis said he had "incredible” support from the hockey community when he came out. He advises any young person struggling with their sexual orientation to find peace within themselves so that homophobic language doesn’t cut as deep.

“You have to learn to accept and love yourself because when you learn to love yourself these words won’t have as much power over you. The thoughts and the opinions of other people won’t affect you the same way they currently do,” said McGillis. “I’m so desensitized to those words they don’t have the affect. When I hear a professional athlete say them I say ‘good, this is an opportunity’ whereas before I would have hid and thought I was horrible.”


With files from The Associated Press

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John Chidley-Hill, The Canadian Press

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I hope this doesn't sound too weird but, I wanted you to give me some advice. I'm almost 17 which means that in less than a year and a half, school is over. I'm not sure yet but I either want to be an illustrator or an animator. I just started taking art classes to. So far I was self-taught. Problem is, I see you, beinh just a bit older than, and my art is nowhere NEAR your level. Should I drop it and follow something else in life? Or keep trying to improve even if it's too late?

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly

I’ve been told this advice by someone I really look up to and I strongly believe it’s true: you wanna do/achieve something - you gotta give it your best, dedicate yourself to the case, entirely.

1,5 years is a lot of time, believe me, you can still do whatever you wanna do but you gotta get specific; if there’s something else you’re good at/ enjoy then you can presume that other path - there’s nothing wrong with art being just a hobby. However, if you want art to become your career then get professional about it.

Right now you have a purpose: to get into college. So what do you do now? You improve your skills to get into college. You wanna be able to create a strong portfolio being the proof of your abilities. You can always check what the uni expects of you/your portfolio.

You know how art takes time and practice to look ok? You gotta do just that but DONT BE STUPID ABOUT IT. Don’t just draw cute characters or whatever!! Don’t just draw stuff you like!! Yeah it is pleasant but it does nothing to improve your skills. You gotta do shit ton of drawings that you don’t like and normally you’d never make them. Draw from real life, draw people, objects around you, stuff in perspective, practice colour theory. BEING SELF THOUGHT IS THE KEY. NO ART CLASS WILL GIVE YOU THE SAME KNOWLEDGE. Also, stuff comes much easier if you’re actually i n v e s t e d. Classes won’t guarantee any success, in the slightest.

If you don’t get into college on the first try you can always try again, it’s not like your chances will be gone forever once and for all the moment you get rejected. If you REALLY wanna do it then you won’t give up, simple as that. You will find that back door. Ps. Theoretically in the art industry “papers/degrees” aren’t as important - what counts for every employer is your portfolio. So: work on your skill.

I don’t wanna sound too dreamy and poetic here but either you follow your dreams/goals or on one sunny day you’ll wake up, look in a mirror and say “wow I regret not doing what I enjoyed, I wasted my chance”

You know when it is too late to start with something? When you adapt a toxic mentality and convince yourself that it really is

Tl;dr you’re only 16, you wanna do art then just do it

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Hello! So I have this idea, a fantasy idea, that there's this mythical item that could grant the user anything they wanted. But in this world it's considered legend and it suddenly came back up out of nowhere. A lot of people believe it to be evil, some think it could grant them fortune or help revive a dead loved one, and etc. My only problem is how it got in my world and what it is; like is it a sword or a crystal. I know this is kind of confusing, but can you help me at all?

Hi there!

Mythical items can be tricky little things and sometimes even as the writer, they stay hidden from you. You mentioned that it has a legend (hurray, step one complete!) but, you’re not sure what it is or where it came from. With a little bit of brainstorm and “reverse engineering” we should be able to solve your questions. Let’s begin!

Before we start on the problem, let’s talk about your legend a little bit. In most legends, a line or two is dedicated to the creation of this object. Whether it mentions a dark force forging the object or it being gifted to a hero by a mighty king, the very beginnings of the object are usually mentioned. Along with the beginnings, the disappearance of the object is included as well. If you have one of these two, figuring out the other one should be fairly easy. Some things to consider would be if the object is good or bad, who the original keeper was, and its last known location. These will serve as the basis for your legend as well as for deciding what your object is exactly.

Creation of the Magical and Mythical

In mythology and literature, objects that have some sort of reverence or powers attached to them are created three possible ways: by a magical being, by a powerful ruler, or by an element of the earth.

  1. Magical Being- The Magical Being can be anyone that has magical powers but some common ones are wizards, enchantresses, elves, and on occasion, fairies. Because the Magical Being is powerful and most of the time there to help your protagonist in their quest, it is not uncommon for magical gifts to be created and given by them. In one version of King Arthur, the Lady of the Lake, who has some magical orientation, is accredited with the giving of the great sword Excalibur to King Arthur. While the sword is not known for being magical, it is what gives Arthur his authority as the King of England.
  2. Powerful Ruler- Similarly with the Magical Being, the Powerful Ruler can have the item forged for them but the creation is accredited to them and they are the ones either using it or giving the item to your protagonist. In literature, this is very common with powerful weapons and happens twice in Beowulf with the two swords that help him in his quest. The Powerful Ruler can also be anyone who is considered a deity. It is extremely common in mythology that gods or goddesses gift objects to great mortals who are accomplishing good deeds.
  3. Element of the Earth- An Element of the Earth is common in cultures where certain mountains, forests, rivers, etc. are either holy or contain an unknown power. Sometimes, the Element of the Earth is described as having a bodily form like a fairy or spirit, and not just being “a gift from the mountain”. The Lady of the Lake is sometimes viewed as an Element of the Earth and a water nymph, but it depends on the version of the story.

Whether or not you have certain creatures in your world will help you decided how you object comes into being, but the origins I mentioned are only the three major categories that appear over and over in myths and literature alike. There is, of course, the possibility that a wise or pure human created the magical object, but these are less common and someone with the power or magical skills is usually the one creating and gifting such objects.

What could it be?

Now that we have discussed creation and backstory, let’s review what you object could be. You had mentioned it is believed to possibly be evil, bring good fortune, or bring back the dead and that it might be a sword or a crystal. Using these five options that you have mentioned, I was able to come up with a few options for you to work with. Keep in mind that if they do not work, you can always do something different! In mythologies, there is literally everything from swords and shields to plates and cups that have some sort of special importance. Have fun and brainstorm away!

The sword option only has two logical possibilities as to whether it is good, bad, or raises the beloved. A sword is a weapon, so it could be used for evil in destruction of people and objects. However, it could be a pure sword and bring good fortune to the wielder, never failing and always destroying evil. I did some research, specifically on mythical swords, and I could not find anywhere that a sword had brought someone back from death. Logically, it makes perfect sense as it is a weapon, but you could have it be more of a pure and ceremonial sword for traditions and intertwine the ability to heal grievous wounds.

The crystal option actually works with all three possibilities and other types of stones or crystals are mentioned similarly in different mythologies. A crystal can be evil and from the darkest depths of the earth with the ability to only destroy. It could bring good fortune and be like a wishing stone that when the holder thinks of their one true desire it is granted. If it brings good fortune, you could go either way on raising the dead. Either you grant it the ability to occasionally raise a beloved or you could apply the Genie Rule and it cannot raise the dead along with no wishing for more wishes, it cannot make people fall in love, and it cannot kill anyone. 

I hope this has given you at least a spring board to begin working on your story more in depth. Like I mentioned earlier, you are not confined to just a crystal or sword. Anything you want could be mythical and magical and its origin story can be anything you want it to be. All you need to do is apply reader logic and make sure it fits your plot line. (Does it make sense and does it fit?) Don’t worry about it too much. Sometimes origin stories change later down the road as you learn more about your world and your characters.

Happy Writing!


I dunno, Trump was the candidate no one believed could ever garner as much support as he did

Bernie was also the candidate no one believed could garner as much support as he did.

Trump was like the guy you couldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine existing, like you couldn’t believe someone so horrible could actually exist and be popular.

Bernie was like the guy you couldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine existing, like you couldn’t believe someone so honest and so dedicated to values you too have held your entire life.

The man was just.


When you’re interested in history and politics, you see a lot of fucked up things.

You read about horrible things we’ve done to one another and are still doing to one another, and all the systems in place dedicated to keeping the same abuses of power in place.

It’s tiring and you just think god why can’t we have a politician who doesn’t play partisan puppet and change their viewpoints according to whatever they think can get them re elected.

Why can’t we have a politician who genuinely cares about people and wants to help his people because he feels its his and the government’s duty to do so?

And then Bernie appeared as a presidential candidate and it was like wow, where have you been my whole life?

I’d never loved any politician more than Bernie.

Well, Elizabeth warren, maybe, but as a person and as a politician, I mean.

I saw Bernie live at a rally once and he was just such a kind person.

He didn’t do things because they would make him look good.

He just had instant connections with people regardless of religion, skin color, anything.

He was what Americans should be.

Honest, dedicated to democracy, and desiring to help other Americans AND non-Americans be the best that they could be.

I mean fuck, I told you, a Muslim student asked him about islamophobia and he hugged her.


He opened the floor for discussions because he wanted to hear the people speak, goddamnit, the man loves democracy so much that he allowed people at the rally to ask him any question they wanted, and then he answered their questions.

And then when she asked him about discrimination, I mean Bernie is Jewish, he hugged her and everyone in the crowd just fell in love with him.

Even my more cynical conservative friend was shaking his head and smiling and he said, “I…I don’t agree with his policies but he’s so…so nice, shit.”

Like yes.

Yes he is.

Damn, his policies might not have been the strongest, but that’s not the point. A president doesn’t wield power like a dictator, or at least they shouldn’t.

A president speaks to the people and influences their thoughts, influences congress.

Bernie Sanders as president of the United States would’ve been a symbol of change and the desire to clear out all the bad air between parties and force the system to change for the better.

Maybe we weren’t going to make college free, ok?

But we would’ve had a president who cares about education.

And maybe that would’ve helped us move towards making it more available for all.

I’m sorry.

I’m just still.



We picked up Atomic Blonde a little while back, so I watched it with my mother and my husband while she was visiting (and they are not into demonstrative appreciation of media the way we get within fandom, you know?) and on the one hand it’s a pretty good spy-flick if slower than the previews made it look and we all enjoyed it

but on the other hand, I spent most of the movie doing this in my head

Originally posted by eugenny

and being kind of sad that I wasn’t watching with any of you so I could do it OUT LOUD without being distracting

anonymous asked:

yo..... i see your 'kara dying' ask and raise you 'kara getting captured/tortured by cadmus and having to tell lena that '

now, i rly think u shouldn’t have said that

ok how abt this:

kara is captured by cadmus for the second time on a warm thursday night.

it’s summer, her favorite season of the year, and she’s just flying around the city when she hears a sudden scream.

she is turning around and flying in the direction of the noise before she can fully register she moved, stretching her senses and trying to pinpoint what’s wrong.

so focused she is on trying to locate where the scream came from, she doesn’t notice anything is wrong until she’s shot out of the sky, the kryptonite darts shot at her working quickly enough that she hits the ground already passed out.

she briefly comes back to consciousness, long enough to notice she is being held in a cell, kryptonite cuffs on her wrists and the cell itself illuminated in a way she knows mimics the red sun. she can feel it in the way the floor is much too cold, much too hard; in the way her body aches all over and her ankle sits in an unnatural angle.

she doesn’t know how much time passes before someone appears, a man screaming for her to get up while he opens her cell’s door. she is too weak to move, her ankle hurts too much when she puts pressure on it, and the man kicks her stomach and sends her sprawling on her back.

he snarls something under his breath she can’t understand and he hefts her up and drags her behind him, ignoring her weak protests and questions of where they are.

he drags her into a room filled with people in lab coats and presents her to them with a gruff “i’ve got her”

one of the men turns them, cold smile and calculating eyes in place as he directs the man holding her up to “put her over there”

she’s tied to a bed then, and her trashing goes ignored when they tie her legs too tight, her ankle burning in protest. the first man offers a last parting glare after he finishes tying her up and gagging her mouth.

one of the other men in lab coats - scientists, she assumes - comes to her side then, connecting her to different machines and making brief annotations on a clipboard.

“don’t worry, alien, this will only hurt a lot” he says right before injecting her with something, and that’s the only thing she remembers before everything starts burning

wen she wakes up again, she’s back in the cell. her ankle is swollen, her throat is raw and hurts - probably from her silent screams - and there are multiple marks on her arms. when she manages to crawl in the direction of a wall to rest her back on it, she’s nauseated and feels like throwing up

the same man shows up then, scowling in her direction when he opens the door. he doesn’t say anything this time, just holds open the door so another man can follow him in and both of them drag her to the same room. the only difference is that they don’t gag her when they tie her to the bed this time, the man just leave after a particularly hard tug on the bounds on her legs.

when she manages to ask a broken “why are you doing this” to one of the scientists working around her, he just turns around with his head cocked to the side, considering before “just because you’ve managed to send one of us doesn’t mean you’ve ended the organization or the cause. you dedicate yourself to protecting the human population, do you not?” at her hesitant nod, he smiles “well, consider how much good you will be doing after we’ve completed our study on you and how much good Cadmus will be able to do with its discoveries after you’re gone”

it’s at this point someone else comes to her side, injecting her with something that quickly knocks her out

these sessions keep happening, one after other, and it’s the only indication she has that time is really passing, even if she doesn’t know how much

one day she wakes up being cradled in someone’s arms and when she looks up and sees her usual guard/keeper, his face transforms until she’s looking at “j'onn? is that you?”

“come on, supergirl, we have to go until they find out you’re missing. i’ve got you”

“but what about-”

“a team is already waiting nearby. our priority was taking you out of here”

she nods weakly, rests her face on his shoulder and manages to murmur an “i’m sorry” before she falls asleep from exhaustion

when she wakes up again, she’s back at the deo, surrounded by the sun lamps and with alex in a chair by her side. it’s when she register the sight of her sister, realizes her powers are back when she heard the frantic way alex’s heart is beating, that the first tears start to fall

she flinches back when alex moves to hug her and the pain she feels is a different one, only getting worse when she sees the way alex shoulders tense and she clenches her hands

alex waves off her apologies, only telling her to rest, promising she’ll stay there and that nothing else will happen to her

it’s only on the second time she wakes up that they let her get up and explain to her what happened, that other cadmus’ agents kidnapped her and took her somewhere out of the city, that they planned to study her and see what else they could discover before they killed her, that way making it easier for them to kill off all the aliens later

they tell her they took around a week - 8 and a half days - to find her, that the city was in chaos over her disappearance and everyone was speculating about what happened

when they’re alone in the car on their way back back to her place, alex tells her how lena was the one who alerted them something was wrong. she called alex the first night kara disappeared, telling her how kara hadn’t shown up to dinner or at any time of the night, hadn’t said anything came up and just vanished

tells her how lena offered to help in anyway she could, maintained in contact with alex so she could know everything they found and when they found kara. alex tells her she didn’t tell lena anything that happened in the cadmus facility or that it was cadmus that kidnapped her, just tells her that they found kara and were going to get her back

when they enter her apartment, alex gives her a brief kiss on the side of hear head and offers a nod and a wave to lena, who was sitting at the couch but got up when the door opened

lena looks at her then, eyes roaming every inch of her body to try and see if there was any lasting damage, tense posturing relaxing a little when she doesn’t find anything. she takes an hesitant step ahead, then stops and crosses her arms in front of herself, hands gripping her elbows hard enough to leave marks, and offers kara a small but soft smile.

“i- i’m so glad you’re safe now” and the way her heart beats, hard and fast, doesn’t escape kara

kara is the one who closes the distance between them, hesitating only a second before she envelops lena in her arms - because she stills flinches when people try to touch her, still gets startled with sudden and loud noises, still feels uncomfortable with anything too constricting

but this is lena, someone who makes her feel safe and at peace and at home, so she starts to relax when lena hugs her back, when she feels lena’s pulse under her hand, when she smells lena’s familiar perfume, when she feels the familiar way lena nuzzles her neck and rests her forehead on kara’s jawline

they say “i love you” at the same time, pulling apart to smile at each other and then, in silent agreement, they both move to the couch

kara hesitates another moment before she starts telling lena what happened, breath catching in her throat when she describes what they did to her and why they did it

she’s aware of the way lena’s hand tighten in hers, can hear the way lena’s jaw clenches, as the story progresses

she only realizes she’s crying when lena’s hands are suddenly cradling her face and she flinches back because of the sudden move

she sees the hurt mixed with concern flash in lena’s face and she stammers her way through a brief apology before lena is interrupting, telling her she understands

when kara starts to cry again, she’s the one who moves close to lena and allows lena to wrap her arms around her and press a kiss to her head

it’s to lena’s whispered “i love you"s and promises that they’re going to put an end to cadmus, together, that she falls asleep, feeling if only a little better, and infinitely times safer, for the first time.

May 18 Update


Sorry, Sorry, I got excited. Its just, man this update.


Strategos Six is back, baby!!! Omg, yes!! I knew it, i knew it!! My prediction came true. Michelle wouldn’t have gotten rid of the Strategos Six character right after she introduces them. Strategos Six is probably going to now hunt down Ava, leading to a galaxy wide manhunt/ adventure. Yes, Yes, YEs, YEAS. HELL YES!!

Okay to the smaller stuff,

More Gil calling out Maggie, I feel like she deserves it and maybe she will learn from it. And I like that Gil is being righteous about his cause. I think this brings up a good point, Titan’s society is not perfect, though they try to come off like it. While the lower classes or nonbelievers aren’t given the best (Ava and Maggie’s reeducation planet didn’t give a crap about them) but that can be the exception. Titan has created medical marvels that save countless lives ( Gil’s) and they give a purpose to people lives, (even a slightly twisted one). Its basically any other religion or movement, it has its good side and bad side. It is a grey area that I hope Michelle explores more. When Ava kills Titan, the society will crumble and what will happen to all those whose lives depend on it, or have spent their whole life dedicated to it. Its an interesting outcome I want to see, consequences to Ava’s deal.

To something lighter,

More of Odin’s witty burns, Maggie’s probably should be on fire with all the sick burns right now. Its so good.

Damn, Ava’s destruction is wide-spread. That’s some major damage for it to be seen from space. Wrathia’s powers is something. I love Odin’s smile at it, either representing his happiness at Titan’s misfortune or how little Ava recked the place. Cute. 

That’s all for this week, see ya next week.

It’s difficult for games to have years and years worth of life expectancy and it’s usually not even the game’s fault itself. Sequels come out that drag people’s attention away. Online support just runs out. Completely different games are released that grabs people’s attention. Sometimes people just get tired of playing it. So for a game like Team Fortress 2 which has no campaign of its own and is meant exclusively for online play to last 10 years and still growing strong is a testament to how good the game was.

TF2 has had an interesting history. The first game in the series, Team Fortress, started out as a mod for Quake but even back then, the core of it was realized. After several delays, improvements, and even a complete overhaul of the art style, Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007 as part of the Orange Box bundle, a collection of various Valve games.

Like other Valve games at the time, it was well received and spawned a dedicated following that only grew with time. Even 10 years later, it’s still one of the most played games on Steam in general so the question is, how did it last this long?

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen and all other configurations of being!


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Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Lele, and I created a blog dedicated to Wilford Warfstache, or more recently known as the colonel or William!

After Who Killed Markiplier ended, I’ve been wanting to do something for him since he definetly deserved better, and this is what I came up with!

Feel free to tag, submit, or ask me anything! I’ll try my best to keep this blog running, but since I’m a student in high school, there might be a few complications in the way every once in a while. But I will respond eventually!

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Just to recap: My name is Lele (actually it’s a nickname from my buddy Peter from @ego-protection-squad but I like it so I’m going with it), I am a junior in high school, and I love my cotton candy son. Feel free to tag, submit, ask, whatever!

I dont know what else to put… shit.

Oh well! Thank you every configuration of being for reading!

Tagging other protection people because REASONS:







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Hey i don't know if someone has already asked or if it's something you'd reply to. But.. your headcannons for bat boys. Would they have blogs you think? Dick's is probably all about puppies or kittens idk.

oh man headcanons are my lifeblood ok ok ok let me try my hand at this:

each keep his tumblr a secret from others unless stated otherwise

  • dick: blog dedicated to uplifting posts to keep himself grounded and positive. reblogs a lot of wholesome memes & helpful public PSAs, ‘signal boosts’. follows back, always answers messages good-naturedly with :) a lot ;) of :)) smileys :-D. uses #YOLO liberally and inaccurately
  • tim: manages one respected photography blog he tells ppl about, 2nd blog is secret and autoplays peppy D-grade anime music. started using comicsans ironically, later continues out of spite. follows 1 person. shitposts a lot; reblogs opinions just to perform savage takedowns. begins sentences with “Actually,” ask page is titled, “YOU WANNA FIGHT”
  • damian: posts personal art, reblogs funny animals, animal care/rescue etc. struggles to pretend to be a regular adult human online and it shows. enters a fandom ~discourse~ once to post a fierce defense of nightwing and the trash-talking OP was never heard from again. mouse cursor is some cutesy animal too pixelated to recognize 
  • jason: porn blog. updates whenever, no text, nothing is tagged, navigation is a nightmare. very popular anyways because he’s got good taste. kink revolves mainly around consensual/artistic bondage and respectful D/s relationship. dick saves almost every post but will deny this


  • bruce: highbrow gothic aesthetic blog of things in black or near-black. imposes strict blogging rules for self–posts punctually on a set time, always manages to accurately source even the most reposted-through-hell-and-back posts. barely readable black helvetica with no visible page buttons. blacklists ‘superman’. the only blog tim’s shitblog follows
  • slade: bit creepy nightwing fanblog. neatly tags body parts, #ASS the only one in caps. every once in a while reblogs dad jokes, to the confusion of his followers
  • alfred: guns and sometimes miniature cakes

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why do you hate deepweb? wtf

let me make this very clear. 

deepweb/dark web is the dark abyss of the internet . facebook,twitter,tumblr,google are the tip of the iceberg.good, sane people use the internet and never venture into the deepweb.  

but the reason I hate deepweb and am very proudly anti-deepweb is because of what its ‘moto’ is. to conceal from the general public, and governments&police the items forbidden by law. 

it encompases online paedophilia, extreme murder videos, threads and topics dedicated to how to rape,murder, ordering hit men, finding peoples addresses and abusing them and their families, obtaining explicit pictures of people and black mailing them  and extreme EXTREME gut churning catalogues of video child abuse/animal abuse which is put on the ‘deepweb’ for others to find and do un-imaginable things to..such as pleasure themselves…. things that make sane, good moralized people vomit with disgust on sight.

I dont mind the fact that you can order drugs in the deepweb as thats someones own actions against themselves, but all these other horrors just make me want to burn my eyes out after what ive firsthandedly seen. I want to put bleach in my eyes and clean them out. 

so why do I hate deepweb? because its a safe haven for murderers,rapists,pedos,animal abusers to congregate anonymously online and discuss their incredibley horrible acts. 

when I heard of a place that is secret and hides from the view of the law, I thought wow! thats great! a place where no one can track what we do, and we have real freedom! but no. oh god no was I wrong. rules are put in place for protection. alot of people who stand for the use of deepweb say its fighting for true freedom….. but I dont stand for freedom if it encompases the horrible things I stated above. hell no.

also go watch this if you are over 16, or are with someone else….. it will certianly put you off ‘deep web searching’ WARNING YOU IT IS EXTREMELY UPSETTING.

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I am so glad that you like Gokumaru because it's so rare but a lot of people also like it so?? I'm happy you enjoy it, I have a group chat dedicated to this ship and we've all written headcanons and fanfics and stuff and we didn't expect it to get anywhere but now it has a lot of cute fanart!! It's amazing

THAT’S GREAT I’m very happy to hear that more and more people are liking this ship!!! I wasn’t expecting to get invested in a crossover ship but it’s so good?? So I’m glad other people are getting into it too!! (that group chat sounds lovely I’d love to see the headcanon and fanfic honestly)

Bonus Gokumaru sketch. Nidai has already started designing a training regimen