its not an assault rifle

The Survivor

My second (late) submission for Mass Effect AU Week!

The Survivor (Also on AO3)

Ashley Williams never thought that she’d be content to die. Prepared, yes, willing, sure, but never content. And yet here she was, relieved to the point of gratitude, that her commanding officer was leaving her to die.

Because it meant Kaidan would live. The adorable dork of a lieutenant, with his surprisingly dry sense of humor and absurdly perfect hair, would live.

Shepard would rescue him and eventually realize what a mistake she had made, turning him down for the doe-eyed, blue alien. They would have a winter wedding, and four kids and a dog, and a house with a few acres of land in the middle of nowhere. Maybe, if they had a daughter, they would name her Ashley.

They would live happily ever after, but more importantly, he would live.

A rocket hit the front of the pillar she was using for cover, pulling her from her thoughts. She made its wielder a priority target and brought her assault rifle to the ready. Just because she was happy didn’t mean she would go down easy.

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The German STG 45,

When the Germans invented the Sturmgewehr 44 during World War II, it was the most advanced production small arm in the world which would inspire a revolution in military firearms.  However, Germany was not quite done yet.  In the waning months of the war Germany experimented with a new design called the Sturmgewehr 45, which was created to be a further improvement of the STG 44.  The new STG 45 was similar in many respects to the earlier STG 44.  It used the same 30 round magazines, was chambered in the 7.97x33 Kurz cartridge, and visually both rifles look similar.  However the STG 45 utilized a new roller delayed blowback design similar to the MG 42.  I will not pretend to understand how such a mechanism works, but I believe it has something to do with magical German elves.

In addition to its new operating mechanism, the STG 45 was designed to be produced using faster manufacturing processes, cheaper materials, and lighter materials.  The earlier STG 44 cost approximately 75 reichmarks to produce, however the STG 45 was significantly cheaper at 30 reichmarks.  While the STG 45 was being designed, Germany was badly losing the war and suffering from severe raw material shortages while its industrial infrastructure was being bombed to dust.  Thus a cheap assault rifles that required little manpower or resources to produce was desperately needed. Germany was defeated, however, before testing of the weapon could be finalized and production could begin.  Parts for 30 rifles were produced, which weren’t assembled until after the war, mostly done by Allied powers who seized the weapons for experimentation and testing.

After World War II the designers of the STG 45 moved to France and continued work on their designs.  The design would become inspiration for the Spanish CETME rifle and the Heckler & Koch G3.

anonymous asked:

You're gonna be my google on this one, AR 15, what is it. I know its like an acronym for Assault Rifle, but why does it seem like everything I see is an AR 15?

*Lets out a very long, slow sigh*

No, anon. AR stands for ArmaLite Rifle. ArmaLite is the company that first made the AR-15. The AR-15 is the .223/5.556 version of the larger AR-10 that fires .308. 

Like not all AK’s are Kalashnikovs, but people call them AK’s anyway for the sake of convenience. Not all AR-15′s are ArmaLites, in fact most of them these days aren’t. People just call them that because they’re based on the AR-15 platform.

some-call-me-shining  asked:

There's no such thing as an "Assault Rifle" it's a made up term. Even a soldiers M4 isn't an assault rifle. That's a term made to describe firearms that look scary because people think just cause its black it can kill more people

This is what you are telling us right the fuck now, you jackass?