its not all gay

driving with my dad means listening to the radio, and on one hand i’m surprised i actually enjoy and even recognize several of the songs, on the other hand there is a vast majority of songs that are broken heart wailings a la ‘CAN’T LIVE WITHOOUTTT YOUUUU’ and i’m so. oh my god. oh my god chill please

hey y'all I'm begging u

If you have the money please go see power rangers! I know, its power rangers. I have literally always been like this is the most dumb series why would anyone but uhh
the thing is it’s so funny and good! And enjoyable! The characters are absolutely lovely and it’s diverse.
like there are definitely many cheesy parts and I’m not saying it’s the Peak of Oscar cinema or an edgelord dark knight take on power rangers but it’s GOOD.
PLUS ITS GAY. I know y'all. I know what y'all want. Pls don’t sleep on this.

We need the sequels.

Before I saw it I was like lmao what kind of foolishness. Now I’ve seen it four times and would very very willingly go back to see it 10 more times.

dear twd creators,
if you won’t make desus canon in s8 please at least make sure there are enough hq episode stills of daryl and jesus. preferably of both in one frame, but separate ones of each other will suffice, too. and for the love of gods, let there be more full height stills of paul. because trying to assemble his figure from three different photos kinda sucks. especially considering that the legs on one of those photos belong to some random dude from the internet and the light falls on them from the wrong side. 

psa: you can’t just group gay pda with straight pda

gay pda has always and will continue to be treated differently than straight pda, because it is not normalized because of homophobia 

so many lgb people can’t express love and affection due to this, and are afraid to do so. straight people, however, can, without a fucking care in their lives because it’s normal for them.

maybe when gay pda is normalized and treated as an everyday occurrence it can be grouped with straight pda. but that is not today nor anytime soon.


and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

Being a lesbian means I love me some gay ass music

Please enjoy a few of my favorites. 

Cliffs Edge - Hayley Kiyoko  

Girls like girls - Hayley Kiyoko 

Addicted to you - Avicii 

Gravel to Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko 

Arrest me - Bria and Chrissy 

Take me to Heaven - Bria and Chrissy 

Ghost - Halsey 

Coming Out - Ally Hills

Her Lover - Ally Hills 

First Position - Kehlani 


well, I,


*hysterical laughing in the distance*