its not actually but i said it

Gil Dating Ben’s Sibling Would Include:
  • Going to save your brother after he gets captured
  • getting yourself captured
  • Ben telling you he doesn’t think the trio are that bad
  • “They kidnapped you” “yeah but…”
  • Gil flirting with you (Trying way to hard to act Confident, cause that’s how his dad was such a heartthrob)
  • You telling him to fuck off
  • Ben joking about how beast technically kidnapped Belle
  • Harry giving advice to Gil on how to actually talk to you (“Dude your dad didn’t get Belle by being cocky. I don’t care that it works for me, that’s different. Listen”)
  • Refusing to admit you think he’s cute
  • But like he’s so sweet, an angel
  • He brings you a flower and your heart melts at how nervous he is once he’s not faking narcissism
  • You know Evie said there weren’t many flowers on the Isle and what little there were, were old and wilted
  • The flower’s not perfect but its prettier than what Evie described and you know he had to have worked really hard to get it
  • That’s when you learn awkward flirting must be a genetic trait
  • “Thanks, I mean we never really keep single roses around at home because of the curse that witch put on my dad-”
  • “Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t think-”
  • “Oh no it’s fine really. Its beautiful thank you. I love it.” You d smiled at him reassuringly
  • Ben tried to tease you, but you shut him down by reminding him that he ate a love potion cookie for almost the exact same reason
  • By the time you escape the isle you’re completely smitten and absolutely devastated that you can’t take him with you
  • “You know since were bringing more Isle kids over to Auradon…”
  • “Ben, dad will never let you do that.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m king now”
  • “I love you, you’re the best brother ever”

  • The next group  is Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy
  • You and Gil are so happy to see each other again and everyone around you is making gagging noises at how you’re both like love sick puppies
  • You try to keep the relationship on the dl because of your parents
  • Well your dad really, you told your mother within a week of you officially dating
  • She loves Gil, the second she met him she basically adopted him
  • She also agreed to not tell your Dad as long as you promised to do it yourself
  • You were terrified and tried to put it off for as long as possible
  • You didn’t last long until you realized that it was hurting Gil to not be able to be open about your relationship
  • You know what the worst time to tell your parents your dating a villains kid is? Parents Day. You know when you decided to tell your parents? Parents Day.
  • You’re a bit more subtle than Ben
  • And to his credit Beast takes the news much better than you thought he would
  • But he’s still not thrilled you’re dating the son of the man who tried to kill him (and belles dad)
  • Beast is completely stunned when he actually meets Gil
  • Like the boy is so much like his father and yet so different
  • like he’s buff and he knows it but some princess try’s to flirt with him and he doesn’t even realize it
  • he’s fairly confident in your relationship but he doesn’t think you should be grateful he likes you
  • He loves cooking and will make things for you on a special occasion or if you’re having a bad day or just cause
  • the thing that made Beast accept him completely was when someone posted a video of you reading to Gil on some Auradon social media site and he saw how Gil looked at you
  • Also did I mention Ben gives Gil unsolicited relationship advice
  • He jokes about how he puts as much effort into the relationship as you and Gil do
  • The same could be said about Harry
  • He’s basically like a second boyfriend
  • That takes a bit of getting used to
  • At first you’re a bit envious of Gils loyalty to Uma, but when you get to know her you understand completely
  • “Yeah, I’d probably follow her to certain doom if she asked me to.”
  • You get so close to Uma and Harry people cant really tell who’s dating who (Polyamory Probably)
  • Him thinking he’s not good enough for you
  • “Umm why would you not think your good enough??????Im gonna go back to the isle and kick Gastons ass”
  • Alternating who is the big/little spoon
  • being in his arms is comfy but the boy is soft and should be held like the angel he is

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Gaaaah I dont want to sound like someone who got awfully triggered, and also ily both (like this is my fav mysme blog actually.) but I do not think its right to call Rika a snake. From what we learn in the game, Rika cannot be just labelled a "bitch". She has a mental illness (most possibly schizophrenia), just like Saeran does. If we can forgive Saeran (who is not all that innocent), why cant we forgive Rika? how is it her fault that she is ill mentally? She had no control over her actions.

I want to start out by thanking you for calling us your favourite, it means a lot! ^^

Then you’ve probably noticed from the beginning that I /completely/ respect others opinions (including yours, nonnie! ^^)

But I have to /completely/ disagree if you. Please hear me out as to why.

 I can forgive Saeran but not Rika solely for the fact that she is a /MANIPULATOR/. 

While it’s true that Saeran is in no way /innocent/, there’s room to forgive him because (although this is also /no excuse/ considering there are people who are in similar situations and grow up to be innocent) he was abused as a child, and he was /drugged/. In the secret endings you can tell that these drugs were /forced/ upon him, (by Rika, nonetheless!), and they appear to be some strong drugs that (like all drugs) mess with the chemicals in your brain.

Am I completely excusing anything Saeran did? No way, by no means, but I can /forgive/ him because he was solely carrying out the will of his “Saviour” and acting upon the /lies/ his drug induced brain had been fed.

As for Rika, what she did was not forgivable, and here’s why.

Your mental illness is not an excuse for your shitty behaviour.

I suffer from a few different mental illnesses, while none of them may be /Schizophrenia/ (which I wouldn’t really diagnose her with that off the top of my head, I’d have to go more for the Schizotypal Personality Disorder but that’s not what I’m talking about here) I know that, as an adult, 

I am responsible for my own actions.

Which means I am responsible for:

-Seeking my own help

-Knowing whatever actions I pursue have consequences

-Not creating a god damn cult and brainwash a child to bring harm to others

While yes, of /course/ I know it’s not her fault she may have a mental illness, it /is/ her fault that she decided to pursue running a cult carrying out dangerous actions. 

She, at one point, was going to therapy to talk through whatever problems she may be having at the request of V, but she stopped going just because she didn’t want to go.

That, right there, was when she took control of her actions and had /proven/ to me that she is, in fact, responsible for what she had done- not her mental illness. 

She refused helped because she “didn’t want to go”, (which I understand. Sometimes therapy is redundant and feels as though it’s no help at all, but to take action and hopefully help control your mental illness it’s a course of action you need to take) she decided then and there that she was going to do whatever she wanted, and not care about any and all consequences. She was going to get what she wanted.

What she wanted was a world where no one would be hurt, they’d be free to do what they want, yada yada yada I don’t remember /exactly/ what she told Jumin, but she didn’t pursue that. 

Instead, she /hurt/ a child by drugging him and feeding him lies just so she could have a lean, mean, killing machine. She created a cult completely ready to follow her every whim. She planned on using this power to eliminate the RFA and get the members under the same control she had over those in Mint Eye, and that is all /her fault/. 

Was she influenced by her mental illness? That’s a possibility, yes, but it was /her overall decision/ to do what she wanted and was going to use any means of manipulation and violence to get that.

And that, my friend, is why I will forgive Saeran, and never Rika. ~Admin 404


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NAKAMOSAKA created the group chat

‘help a broke man pass this exam’.

fullycapable, seolty, cantspeakkorean,
four year guy, shittaporn, fabreeze,
curly fries, devilchild666, RABBITEMOJI2K17

lol whoever gives me the answer
to question 3 is gonna get treated
to a bigmac i swear to god

fuck i added taeyong he’s gonna snitch on me again

NAKAMOSAKA removed FABREEZE from the group chat

thats better

“treat u to a bigmac” tf u lying

actually, ugly, my mom said that
if i get at least forty marks on this
test than im gonna get the ka-chings


fuck off johnny

you should have revised. it’s
not our fault

fuck off doyoung*

but seriously i can someone
give the answer to q. 3 iTS

nvm one mark is quite enough

HEY! :(

nice one donghyuck

ok im not sure if its right but i got
12 squared

im actually laughing all my friends
are fucking dumb

shut ur pie hole u rat

i found out you don’t really need good
grades 2 become a nun. sicheng my speak-
no-korean friend will u join me?



i’ll take that as a yes

i dont wanna ruin no plans or nothing
but… nuns are female

did u just assume my gender u lil shithead


where tf is taeil?? he’s smart like he studies
all the time and he’s like never touched a girl

come on taeil save us

im not telling u


step on a plug

slip in the shower

choke on rice

i really need answers tHERES


…we go to church on sundays


besides u got kicked out of church


jesus, mary and joseph, how tf did
thonghyuck manage such a thing?




during prayer, some guy had to leave
and he tripped over the pew and he
couldnt stop laughing and disturbed



seven minutes

dongyoung honestly stfu i know
where u live i’ll egg ur house

no time 2 argue gays


honestly whats the fucking difference

i got -45



taeil hasnt read the messages in
awhile is he dead lol

im sat at the front of the row
next to the fcking teacher who
keeps checking up on me how
am i supposed to talk to u

besides its a test

NAKAMOSAKA added FABREEZE to the group chat

taeyong, go! use cheat!

did u know that if u type 59009
into your calculator and then turn
your calculator upside down it kinda
looks like boobs hah life is crazy

NAKAMOSAKA removed FABREEZE from the group chat


n e ways anymore guesses??


thanks sicheng

yuta why dont you use your arm? dont
you have like all the answers scribbled
on it?

ok truthfully i finished writing them all down
and then i decided to play basketball with ten
and his boyfriends and yeah i sweated the answers

i mean what answers psh its a tattoo you uncool


1 and a half minutes

lol does anyone wanna fuck me so
i dont die a virgin

johnny, life fucks us all. you don’t need
us to do it for you


relationship goals !!

y'all r depressing

maybe we wouldnt be if someone aKA MOON



i really, honestly, seriously, from the bottom
of my big heart, can-fucking-not right now

gnna be real honest with you guys, i
put winwin as my answer

winwin is everybody’s answer amen

honestly i put winwin down too

winwin! :D

what a cutie

-20 - -25 = winwin ???

i cant deal with all this negativity


ur a funny guy nakamota


honestly thonghyuck i thot we were
bonding thru this test

twenty seconds



fuck a duck and call me buck johnny its
kumbaya like who tf do u think u r ??
blackpink ??

winwin! >:(


times up!!!

btw guys the answer was -45


my paper’s been collected ngl i kinda 

feel a lil sick


NAKAMOSAKA removed RABBITEMOJI2K17, CURLY FRIES from the group chat

officially done with snakes

yuta my broski homie best friend buddy
homo pal good boy u should put ur phone
away cus mrs lim is giving u some eyes rn

shit boi do you think she’s noticed


fuck lol ur doomed m8 shes walked

up to you puta


oops i meant yuta


no i didnt


she’s whispering 2 him now but god she looked
peed off


me, a good christian …

whats lim saying ??

well yuta’s being accused of cheating. she
saw his arm aND uh oh spaghettios 


she saw his phone rip lil buddy if she checks

it and finds out it’s a group chat

my mother is going to use my head as
a trophy lol fuck my life </3

yall shes shouting so if u cant hear it
then ur clearly deaf

yeah we can hear

nice. if she checks his phone

we’re all fucked



thanks for your input, dear friend

hehe yuta is troubled

thats like the longest he’s ever
typed oh my god

fuck me up the ass sideways with a

guess who’s got detention :’((

sicheng, hold me

CANTSPEAKKOREAN has left the group chat


here’s something a lil different than usual. im aiming for humour instead of emo angst ygm and this is the result, a shitty beginning of a yuta book i wanna write. not all the chapters will be like this, they’ll mostly be full ones with some more group chats

idk who i love more, yuta or winwin

Update on the Starbucks thing I got in touch with the employee hotline and they said the manager would have to give them a call to find out why he’s not receiving my application and so I called the manager one last time and begged him to do it and he said he would and seemed pretty genuine so hopefully he actually will, it’s a lot to ask just to let him interview me but obviously I know how to do starbucks stuff since I worked in a starbucks kiosk for over a year so I think I’d be a good fit!! Either way I’m sure a job will come my way soon and I feel like I’ve done all I can for this particular prospect… its in the Job God’s hands now

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Hey so what's been happening with the supergirl cast?? I've seen so much about it but I have no clue what actually happened

- first the cast sang this song in which they screamed that lena and kara would only ever be friends and its time to give up hope

- jeremy jordan, who was the first to do this, posted this bullshit apology which to be fair he now posted this apology and has been being really good on his twitter but it’s a lot to come back from 

- mechad brooks commented his support (links to two images as those were the only screenshots i can find) and said they can’t be homophobic

- melissa benoist’s publicist, when confronted, basically said “i cant be a homophobe i was on glee” and “if you call me homophobic i’ll sue you”

- david harewood tweeted another bullshit excuse without an apology

- mechad brooks told katie mcgrath to shut up in italian (”zita”) when she stood up for gay fans

- chris wood is being chris wood

- in the midst of all this melissa is also voicing a nazi version of supergirl in a new “what if the nazis won” show on the cw

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is it normal to chew on random things when im trying to concentrate? like up until i was 7 i would always chew on straws and stuff but my parents made me stop because they said it would ruin my teeth but im doing it again now but i cant get chewelry and its just ahhhh

Yup, that’s totally normal for ADHDers. I can’t tell you how many pens and pencils I destroyed over the years. BIC ball point pens never survived long and I learned the hard way not to chew on the ink cartridge (ink tastes kind of metallic, I’m just sayin’; it also took me more than once to learn to stop). Also, I have a chipped tooth from chewing on a pen. So yeah.

Way back before chewelry was a thing, we got some surgical tubing from the hospital for one of the kids I was working with, and he chewed that. I also used to have a small piece as a cushion for my clarinet thumb rest, so it’s something you can probably obtain safely and easily.

Followers, do you have any other ideas for this anon?


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A 10, B 24 and C 21! Make it happen! Please and thank you. :)

Hey remember when I said was taking prompts and its been forever since I actually wrote one? Well, here we go, I finally finished it. Sorry it took so long.

A (General) 10: Dirty: Character gets filthy – how, where and why? B (Romanic/Erotic) 24: Reunion: Lovers have been apart for a long time and are finally reunited. C (Dialogue) 21: “Tell me you’re joking.”

I went ahead and asked if I could write the prompt in Eli’s medieval AU and got the go ahead, but I decided not to. So, this is inspired by your AU but not actually place within the same universe, because I know you got plans for that thing ;-]

Inspired by this piece by @bi-otic-kaidan-alenko and this piece by @missannaraven please enjoy. 

The Press Forward

Kaidan felt it in his bones as the enemy forces charged, the very earth trembling under their feet. Horrible nightmare things, from tales and warnings long since dismissed as fairy tale stories. Reapers, creatures of myth and stories parents told naughty children to get them to behave. If only his father had listened to Shepard instead of dismissing the knight. Maybe if they had been able to prepare…

His focus snapped back as the drumming and cries grew closer, the line of pikes wavered before settling as the mass of enemies clamored forward. It was three deep, men and women defending their homes, their families, armored in whatever the Alliance of Free cities could find.  The creatures would pay in blood if they wished to get past them.

Beyond the line of pike waited the reserves, those meant to fill in any gaps that appeared, meant to replenish the inevitable loss of life.

With a cry, the archers waiting behind the reserves let loose a volley of arrows, a dark mass slicing through the air, deceptively fast. Volley after volley flew, raining death upon the waves of enemies, not nearly enough to stop their charge; the line braced itself for impact.

The resulting clash tore through the air, the clash of metal, twisting and snapping, punching through plated armor and vulnerable flesh. The screams of the beasts that impaled themselves upon pikes cut through his resolve and for a moment he succumbed to his terror, watching as the creatures tore and killed with too many limbs, even as they died.

It was thoughts of Shepard that put the steel back in his spine. Stolen moments together, each one a way to escape troubles that life had thrown their way. Thoughts of rough hands and soft lips, finding peace in each other despite his father’s wishes.

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Thank you!! And when it comes to environments or literally just…not-people things to draw, I love drawing plants and foliage and such things the most, and I’ve definitely noticed other people liking stuff like you said with lots of plants so its something to consider… I’ve seen My Hero Academia is really popular but i haven’t watched it myself though I’ve been meaning to. I actually liked Yu Yu Hakusho a lot when I was a kid… maybe if its something people would like !!

I really love Kelsey. I like how she was introduced as a totally unlikeable character who was there just to make Bojack feel uncomfortable by not validating his attitude to later develope a personality, with weaknesses and wishes.

This episode is strong for her. It’s strong for Bojack also, but what can be said about his part? That he confesses he isn’t an actual actor, which he and everybody else already knew? That he discovers, once more, that his actions have consequences? All of those things are related to Kelsey’s storyline. That’s why I wanted to talk about her, if I was going to talk at all of this episode. And I just had to talk about it, because it’s a very loaded one.

Kelsey is a “real director”. She doesn’t like Hollywoo and its materialism and she would rather make independent films all her life, but she agrees to direct a big budget film becuse of her daughter. She is not there to take risks, she just wants to follow orders and her orders to be followed so everyone is happy.

And then Bojack comes in. He didn’t like the orders Kelsey (and him) were being given, so he decided to change it. Kelsey had no major issues, but she wanted to make another kind of movie, and is convinced by Bojack to make a plan to film a scene that had already been cut out so maybe the producer would accept it back.

And she is so invested in it. She knows what she’s doing is wrong and risky, but she does it anyway because she loves her job and was glad someone thought like her that the movie should be more authentic, more raw, more controversial if that was necessary. She even tries to make a very bad actor cry. Much is said about the line where Bojack asks her “You didn’t know I had it in me?” and she replies “No, I knew”. At first I didn’t understand it, but now I think she wanted to make Bojack feel better at this point somehow. He had been trying to cry, couldn’t, until she said it was ok because they could edit it later. She didn’t want to be in that place any longer (remember that she’s shown as a very closed person, not very sentimental, which is ok, it’s her personality; she is not excited about being Bojack’s napkin now), so she found it easier to just say ‘ok, we’re done’, tell Bojack he made a good job and see what happens tomorrow. If the producer accepted it, great, if not, the reel would be destroyed and everything would go on like before, right?

But she is fired. We don’t even get to see her the next morning. All those months, all the hopes she had, wasted away because of one night… becuse of Bojack. Because who cared if the movie had the bloody Nixon scene? Who cared apart from him? No one. And who had to suffer the consequences? Her.

This is shown (and rightfully so) from the point of view of Bojack. The moment the fact that a woman lost her job because of a whim he had hit him.

We don’t see Kelsey again until Fish Out Of Water… god, the only thing I’ll do the day I see that one will be writing in this blog.

Can we just talk about how tumblr sjw are so hellbent on Albeism that its come down to people nitpicking social characteristics, words, even that of what a person wears.
Now i understand the need to defend disabled people. I do. But when you are telling others that words and phrases like go outside, stupid, dumb, idiot, etc are albeist you erase many words that do hold meaning. If i call someone stupid, its because they are acting stupid. It has no bearing on if said person IS disabled. It’s a whole nother ballpark if you call a disabled person dumb for being disabled. Which, rarely anyone is doing. When i tell someone to go outside, it is because yall are so hellbent on your tumblr online views that you neglect to see the larger picture of the world going on around you. You sit at your computer, tablet, phone or whatever device your own and preach about justice and equality for all but you never actually go do something. I am liberal, but i am not a sjw. Its gone so far as to make many people uncomfortable to be who they are for simply wearing a tshirt. Yall are so damn sensitive you cannot realize SOME THINGS ARE NOT ABOUT YOU and SOME THINGS ARENT NESSICARILY OFFENSIVE. You take everything at face value and a lot of you assume assume assume.
You take something, and assume said person is making it bad, and use it as a way to make a problem out of nothing. I see it all the time.
Why cant you let people live? Make their own choices?
If you want to go after something, go after big stuff. Not little things such as silly little words.
And no. Dont attack my post and say that im approving of racism or discrimination. I certainly am not. I am stating that the majority of things you find albeist arent fucking albeist. And YOU ARE NOW HARASSING THE PEOPLE WHO COULD HAVE DISABILITIES FOR VENTING OR USING DUMB AS AN ADJECTIVE. get the fuck over yourselves. You wanna be a warrior? Go out and fight. Go. Outside. And. Fight. Your tumblr words dont get anywhere.
See an issue at school? Go to the school board, not the internet.
See an issue in the community? Go to the town hall and speak to people. Set up organizations. And if you cannot do that due to a disablity, i understand. Im not talking about you. Im talking about the ones who claim to be fighters yet only preach on the internet. Make a difference in your community outside of your phone. Tumblrs not the whole world. People wont listen to you simply cuz you have a trauma blog.

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I'm so annoyed at Jonathan SJ its total lack of respect towards Alfie and Zoe!! Alfie the Daily Vlogger didnt even vlog HIS OWN housewarming party, but Jonathan did?? And as for the title is total click bait! Using Zoella instead of Zoe!? And then calling it Zoella's house? It's actually Alfie and Zoe's house! How disrespectful and dismissive can he be!

Yeah that’s why I said it would be disrespectful for him to just call it Zoella’s house purely so he can just get the views he wants. With the blogging, I’m sure Alfie and Zoe knew he was still going to be blogging lol he never misses a day no matter what happens. I might watch the vlog just to see if there’s a zalfie moment xx

Edit: Just seen his title on twitter. Why am I not surprised?

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oh my god that new video, ok listen i was always skeptical of whether that photo was dan or not (the showing earring face to side one) like it looks like him but idk i was still unsure but today it was confirmed its him and dan even said that was actually after his purple fringe faded and turned blonde iM SCREAMING YOU DONT UNDERSTAND JAHDKSJHFJSDHFKH

What??? Of course its him hahaha why would u even doubt it? hE always took such twink emo pics jfc

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Jen/Colin cons used to excite me to no end, but now i'm actually dreading the run of cons we have coming up! The hate/negativity that has been directed at Colin ever since JMo made her decision to leave has left a sour taste in my mouth, coz it highlighted just how divided the CS fandom actually was! Plus i feel like Colin as an actor/his own person would actually benefit from distancing himself from CS/JMo for a while - give the fans a chance to know Colin as an actor/person separate from JMo!

I completely agree, nonnie! The negativity is disgusting in itself (especially when directed at someone who is absolutely and utterly innocent in this situation, whatever one may think of the continuation of the stow), and it’s particularly upsetting because, as you said, it shows indeed a gap in the CS fandom I’d never have thought existed in its depth.

(More under the cut, because it got a little longer)

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Actually, the rudest thing a blog could do is screenshotting your comment under their post WITHOUT even TAGGING you.

It’s really rude ranting about what an user told you without even having them have the chance to reply, because said user wasn’t tagged.

Tumblr has a really nice way to tag people under posts. “@”! Feel free to use what this site makes for us.

I guess these blogs just want to feel important and so rant about users with their followers in public. Rude.

“more reason to stay away from that ship” -> yes! stay away as I do too. I don’t bash other ships ‘cause they got canon and mine didn’t.

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I'm bored... what's shakin' bacon

i just got up, it’s 6.40am. its my day off but i said i’d work since a girl is sick so im working 57 hours this week instead of my usual 40. funny because i’m actually not well and have been up half the night as well. but it’s money, i suppose and we know i love my money ahah 

Just about all my followers (besides the ones I’ve gained in the past couple of days) have followed me for a while now. I saw one time where someone said to imagine the amount of followers you have as an actual amount of people following you around. That would be terrifying. Thats bigger than my whole high-school was & its a pretty big school haha. Its crazy to think that THOUSANDS of people follow me & continue to stick with me through my journey in this thing called life. I hope I’ve impacted some of you in a good way. It’s just crazy to really think about.


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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