its not actually a virus


Now we all kno where Friday got (some) of his looks-

So…I was rewatching Ninjago, when I noticed and got a bit angry about Jay in the beginning of season 4. I’m putting this under a read more because it’s really long and there are quite a lot of screenshots. 

It’s also just a big rant so yeahh….. :/ Just gonna leave this here…

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Cupid was supposed to stay a sketch but ah well

oh and have Witchy’s redesign ref, I haven’t lined it yet and forgot a few things like black stars on his hat and clothes bUT! I got the basic idea drawn out

I still love the ol design its just it kinda bugged me a lil y’know-

but here ya go anon

Redesigned my licorice child [AKA Trickster!Glitch] [because hecc his old design, just uGH. it didnt use the right skull colour, the clothing colours were a mess] [he now looks like a crazy fusion between Sweetheart, Sugarberry, and some licorce/licorice allsorts. whiiich makes a bit of sense]

Trickster Virus AU/Verse belongs to @ask-the-candy-skull



What you should know:

  • Many people claim virus’s on tumblr all the time, and most of the time its just phishing attempts to get your tumblr password.
  • This here, however, could mean actual virus.
  • Don’t click the link, and if you do, don’t download anything.

What it is: 

  • There are many posts going around at the moment which is leading people in with everyone’s favourite MBTI Test, which connects to your tumblr, “analyzes” your tumblr account, and then posts your result to your blog.
  • It doesn’t actually analyze your blog, it’s completely random.
  • After posting the result to your blog, it redirects to one of many virus infested websites. 
  • This leads to other people falling for it, clicking on the link, spreading it, and then possibly giving many people a virus.

What you should do: 

  • Ignore any of the posts, but inform the people who post them.
  • Do not connect this website to your Tumblr.
  • If you’ve already connected, do not download anything, go to your settings, click on apps, and disconnect from “Personality Tests,” and finally delete the post from your blog. Also, run your virus software.

Please signal boost this because I just saw about 20 of these on my dash and I’m worried for my fellow bloggers ;-;

2014: everyone there’s a new suspicious scam where someone is sending people links through fanmail to their online shop but its actually a fake link and a virus don’t believe it!!

2017: lmaoooo theres a new suspicious scam it’s gonna be a meme now

kayytx  asked:

eric bittle's guilty pleasure is probably hallmark's mystery series "murder she baked" and all the books by joanne fluke that the series is based on.

i thought you were fucking with me but i googled and holy shit it’s real oh my god

im lmao at the thought of like… everyone in the haus eventually noticing that bitty tends to hide his book when someone walks in on him reading, so everyone thinks he’s reading cheesy harlequin romance novels and is embarrassed by it

and when one of them finally manages to snag a book out of bitty’s hand (bitty hid it behind his back when ransom walked in and started talking to him, holster showed up and grabbed it from behind his back) they’re basically just like ‘what the fuck’ and chirp him for a little while but holster gets CURIOUS and when he sees one of the books at a used book store he can’t help himself and he buys it and read its and actually kind of loves it?

and from there it’s like a virus, everyone wondering wtf is up with those books and why people in the haus are reading them and before you know it they’re arguing over which recipe from the books bitty needs to make next and they’re all getting together to watch the next movie’s premiere on hallmark until it’s just an accepted thing that everyone in the haus is a huge murder she baked fanatic

even jack watches along via skype and it’s probably the most heartwarming thing bitty has ever seen because holy shit does jack get INTO IT, he doesn’t usually yell that much at the tv unless there’s a hockey game on

(also imagine them road tripping to some kind of nearby convention because the author is going to be there, and they all bring their favorite books for her to sign, oh gosh and bitty talks her ear off but she’s so CHARMED (bc let’s be real who isn’t charmed by bitty) and by SOME MIRACLE they end up exchanging numbers so now bitty sometimes gets the inside scoop and when one of the new books features a small southern figure skater everyone flips the fuck out)