its not a skirt!


id like to think theyre buds…….

(dont think its a thing but pls dont tag as ship ty)

widowmaker: this chair is feminine. ‘la chaise’.

mercy: this chair is masculine! 'der stuhl’.

mccree: this chair is a fuckin’ object, i don’ see a skirt or trousers anywhere on its damn metal surface, y'all are fuckin’ insane.

hanzo: if you don’t pronounce 'chair’ exactly the right way in japanese, you’ll end up saying 'testicles’ instead.

  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

Ahsoka Tano custom action figure.

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There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)