its not a figure of speech

“Today I watched you give a speech at a mosque in Baltimore. You talked about how society needs to stop its rhetoric because it’s not fair to profile a group of people as the result of the actions of just one person…Amongst the negative comments and the rising hatred of Muslims in this country, your speech was like an oxygen tank. It allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief and give me hope that maybe, just maybe, there was an influential figure who believed in us. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your faith in us.” —Aleena, a Muslim-American woman from Maryland, sharing her letter to President Obama. #YesWeCan respect and embrace all our faiths:

Friendly Reminder

You are currently reading this post on a planet that is spinning faster than a thousand miles per hour. 

That planet is traveling around its nearest star faster than 67,000 miles per hour. 

The star that planet orbits is hurtling through space around a black hole at our galactic center at more than 559,000 miles per hour

And all of this is happening within a universe that is expanding at the speed of light (the fasted speed known to science.) 

You (the person reading this right now) are literally unstoppable

That’s not a cute figure of speech or hyperbole. That is a fact. You are, at this very moment, in motion and travelling at amazing speeds. 

And there is absolutely nothing- NOTHING- that can ever truly stop you. 

So carry on, you incredible unstoppable force. 

I just finished annotating a bunch of books and articles for my AP english class summer assignments, and after going through a bunch of different annotating methods and many packages of post its, I finally figured out a way that is time efficient but also thorough. (Remember: my method will not work for everyone’s own personal needs and teacher requirements so you can pick and choose what works for you!)


This is an example of what my nonfiction books look like after they’re annotated. I color coordinate my post its into three categories:

  1. Reactions/Connections/Questions: These are important to keep you engaged with the reading. This was one thing my english teachers have looked for in the past.
  2. Rhetoric: aka the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. 
  3. Summaries: I do these at the end of every chapter so if I need to refresh on something I don’t have to reread the entire book to find it. It’s best to keep them clear and concise so it doesn’t take up too much of your time.

For fiction I use different categories:

  1. Reactions/Connections/Questions
  2. Characters/Plot/Technical parts of the book: These are important especially if you have objective tests after books. Even if you don’t, it’s good to keep track of character development.
  3. Theme/Motifs: In some books they’re obvious, others not so much. Look up motifs in the book you’re reading before you start if you’re having trouble finding them.

I used 3x3 post its for this book and cut them to suit however long my response is, but smaller post its are way more efficient and I prefer them for all my responses except for sometimes summaries.

I also use page flags to mark any quotes I could use for an essay later on. If you’re teacher doesn’t give you your essay topic ahead of time I would still flag quotes because chances are, if a quote sticks out to you, it’s important.

One last thing I do is highlight if I own the book. This helps me when I need to go back and refresh, especially with non fiction books when there’s a lot of unnecessary information that I don’t really need to remember. You can also highlight when you see something that seems important but you don’t have enough to write about it.


  • intertextuality (does the work echo other literature?)
  • concerning rhetoric (many of these only apply to nonfiction)…
    • author’s style (tone, sentence structure, vocab)
    • purpose and effect of a text (ethos, pathos, logos)
    • schemes (parallelisms, juxtapositions, antitheses)
    • tropes (ex-metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole)
    • formality/informality
    • figurative/literal
  • concerning authorial devices…
    • changes in point of view/emphasis
    • points where the author speaks directly or thematically
    • points where the reader understands something that the characters do not (dramatic irony)
    • stylistic techniques (irony, satire, humor, literary devices, etc)
  • concerning character and plot…
    • introductory facts
    • character traits/self-appraisals/revelations
    • important events/turning points/key scenes
    • contradictions/conflicts
    • connections to previous incidents/repeated references
    • comparison within text to outside events/figures
  • concerning history and culture:
    • historical references to events or individuals
    • evidence of views characteristic of the characters’/author’s time period and/or culture
    • depictions of class judgments, racism, gender biases, stereotypes
  • words to look out for (as told to me by my ap teachers)
    • God (or anything religious/biblical)
    • love
    • sex
    • America (only applies to American literature obviously)
    • philosophical or psychological terms
    • moral terms
    • anything that has to do with theme


  • There is an English idiom that says, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”  This means that you can’t see the big pictures because you’re concentrating on the details too much. When you are reading, don’t try to understand every word - it’s not necessary.
  • If you don’t review your annotations there’s no point to writing them in the first place.
  • Sparknotes is honestly a horrible substitute to reading the book. Only use it when it’s an emergency (ex. you had too much homework for other classes, you left your book at school, etc) and even then you should read the chapter or section when you have the time.
  • Don’t overdo it. This was my main mistake over the summer. It took me weeks to finish one book because I tried putting a full 3x3 post it on every page and it ended up ruining the book for me.
  • Sometimes annotating can suck. Sometimes it can be loads of fun. Find the technique that pleases your teacher and still lets you enjoy whatever it is you’re reading.

He looked up and there she was, on the other side of the room, mingling with other wedding guests, not far from Mrs. Hudson’s and Molly’s table.

She turned and gave him that enigmatic half-smile, and immediately – without consent from his brain – his heart began to pound.

His words stuttered as he finally approached the end of his best man’s speech, and his fumble caused him to reveal his unexpected deduction about Mary. He hurriedly covered his mistake by urging the guests to dance, finally bringing his speech to an end (hours after he had started its delivery, but well, public speaking tended to be second priority when there were murderous photographers to be dealt with).

He looked up again, trying to see her figure in the crowd, but she was nowhere to be seen. In the meantime, John and Mary were looking at him in confusion, and he knew that unlike the other guests, he would have to explain his little slip-up to them.

“All the signs are there… The signs of three.”

He watched as the expressions on his two friends’ faces ranged from shock to acceptance and finally to joy. And as John clapped him on the shoulder with a broad smile on his face and Mary beamed at him through shocked tears, he was momentarily distracted from the appearance of the Woman by the unexpected wave of emotion that swept through him as they stood in that little circle of three – well, four, if you counted the bundle of cells currently gestating in Mary’s uterus - in the middle of the dance floor.

It was a curious mixture of sadness mixed with happiness at the same time, melancholy and euphoria blending together. A sense of… belonging. He belonged to John and Mary, and they belonged to him.

How unfortunate that this feeling should come in this hour when he must surrender them to their domestic bliss. And yet, how fitting.

How very fitting for Sherlock Holmes.

Because even though he belonged to them, he was still apart from them. Sherlock Holmes was still a man like no other, and no matter how well he fit in with John and Mary, they were still different enough from him to almost be an entirely separate species.

In the end, there was really only one other person he could think of who was truly like him.

He searched for her in the crowd, but unsurprisingly, she was nowhere to be found. He donned his coat and walked out into the night.

He found her at the train station, standing with her back against him. She had been careful to avoid the cameras, but from this angle, she would be visible if she turned and so would he if he faced her. So he contented himself with standing behind her as they waited for the train to arrive.

“Who leaves a wedding early?”

He was careful not to stand too close. He couldn’t see her face, but he knew she was smiling. She didn’t turn to face him, but he could hear the smile in her voice 

“The best man, apparently.” She spoke in barely a murmur, but the languid tone of her voice – heard only in his mind palace for far too long – slid smoothly over him like silk. “Excellent speech, by the way. Trust Sherlock Holmes to solve an attempted murder in the middle of a wedding toast.”

“Well, I didn’t want to disappoint you.” He couldn’t help it. He leaned closer and inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of her perfume. Her neck arched slightly in response to his proximity. “It is the new sexy, after all.”

The cut of her dress kept her shoulders bare and her hairstyle, which he suspected she had planned specifically to tease him, exposed the long column of her neck to him. He was tempted to brush away the strands of hair that had escaped the knot and trace the curve of her neck and shoulders. He curled his hands into fists in his pockets to prevent them from acting on that particular impulse.

Too long. Far too long.

She was thinking the same thing, he could tell. Her breathing rate had increased slightly, and he didn’t have to take her pulse to know it was elevated, or see her face to know that her pupils were dilated.

“How long do we have?”

He huffed in impatience as the train began to slow to a stop in front of them.”John and Mary won’t miss me, but Mycroft will suspect. A day and a half. Two days at the most.”

The doors opened and they parted. She walked in casually, just another passenger. He followed, careful to keep distance between them, and the train began to fill.

He entered his compartment and had barely closed the door when she was on him and he found himself pushed against the wall. Her smile was wicked as she tugged off his Belstaff. 

“We’d better make it count then.”


By SorrowsFlower

Back when things weren’t fucked up.

Because I still believe that Irene was at the wedding. In my Irene and Mary as sisters AU, she went because she promised Mary long ago when they were kids that she would be at her wedding (‘cause Mary was that kind of little girl then, but Irene, unsurprisingly, wasn’t).

Also, because I frickin’ need Adlock!!!!!!!!!
a handful of bone - chapter 1: omens Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Will frowned. When was the last time he’d slept the whole night through? The desk lamp flickered. “I feel haunted,” he said, gazing down into his hands.

“Too much time in the field chasing ghosts. Too many deaths weighing heavy on your mind.”

“I don’t mean it as a figure of speech.” Will sighed and closed his eyes. “When I’m alone I feel like someone’s watching me. The dogs bark at nothing in the middle of the night.”

Or the au in which Will is being haunted by a literal ghost in place of suffering from encephalitis. Canon divergent after early season one. This one is going to be a bit of a slow burn, but I promise it will earn its rating at some point in the future.

Antonin Artaud from The Theatre and Its Double 

All true feeling is in reality untranslatable. To express it is to betray it. But to translate it is to dissimulate it. True expression hides what it makes manifest. It sets the mind in opposition to the real void of nature by creating in reaction a kind of fullness in thought. Or, in other terms, in relation to the manifestation-illusion of nature it creates a void in thought. 

All powerful feeling produces in us the idea of the void. And the lucid language which obstructs the appearance of this void also obstructs the appearance of poetry in thought. That is why an image, an allegory, a figure that masks what it would reveal have more significance for the spirit than the lucidities of speech and its analytics.

This is why true beauty never strikes us directly. The setting sun is beautiful because of all it makes us lose.

the signs as tomarry/harrymort fic plots
  • Aries: harry goes dark and joins voldemort
  • Taurus: "harry" born in tom's era
  • Gemini: harry and tom grow up together
  • Cancer: harry goes back in time to when tom is at hogwarts
  • Leo: voldemort figures out that harry is his horcrux
  • Virgo: harry finds tom riddle's diary
  • Libra: the horcrux in harry starts talking to him
  • Scorpio: harry is some sort of creature and lovin' happens
  • Sagittarius: idk locket!tom/harry
  • Capricorn: some sort of voldemort wins au
  • Aquarius: either harry or voldemort somehow get turned into a snake
  • Pisces: some variation of the wrong bwl au
  • [on Aeaea, while being pursued by Circe’s animals]
  • Odysseus: Oh, man. I mean, you know, I-I don’t want to kill nobody.
  • Circe: They’re just animals, Odysseus! It’s okay to kill them! They’re animals!
  • [Odysseus throws a spear at one of the animals, badly wounding its leg. It turns back into a human as it dies.]
  • Animal: Aaaaah! My leg is cut off!
  • One of Circe’s attendants: Polites is bleeding to death! Someone tell his wife and children!
  • Odysseus: They’re not animals, Circe!
  • Circe: It’s a figure of speech, Odysseus. They’re men. I don’t respect them.

can we pls bring more light to dirk and karkat bc ive been shitting over this pairing for 400 years

things to keep in mind:

- dirk annotating karkats smut novels

- karkat getting up in dirks shit about his moods because he has that kind of knack for dissecting/IRRITATING people

- karkat and dirk offering each other space when needed because they mutually understand their need for peace and silence and usually end up sitting with one another solemnly when theyre having a shit day

- dirk feeling the incessant need to figure karkat out because of his intriguing gesticulations and general demeanor because he KNOWS theres something more about him than what he lets off

- karkat feeling drawn towards dirks lexicon and manner of speech when he talks about things that arent meant to be huge fucking jokes, and even then its the way that he ironically dissects them that piques karkats interest because wow he could be a good conversational partner?

- karkat slowly facilitating dirks general uneasiness in social situations wwkd ((what would karkat do))

- dirks presence helping karkat keep himself collected wwdd ((what would dirk do))

- [screaming]

Digital technologies have a connection to the potential and the virtual only through the analog. Take word processing. All of the possible combinations of letters and words are enveloped in the zeros and ones of ASCII code. You could say that entire language systems are numerically enveloped in it. But what is processed inside the computer is code, not words. The words appear on screen, in being read. Reading is the qualitative transformation of alphabetical figures into figures of speech and thought. This is an analog process. Outside its appearance, the digital is electronic nothingness, pure systemic possibility. lts appearance from electronic limbo is one with its analog transformation. Now take digital sound: a misnomer. The sound is as analog as ever, at least on the playback end, and usually at the recording end as well (thc exception being entirely synthesized music). lt is only the coding of thc sound that is digital. The digital is sandwiched between an analog disappearance into code at the recording and an analog appearance out of code at the listening end.
—  Brian Massumi, Parables for the Virtual: Movement Affect Sensation
Our story

My name is Regan Lynn Edkin. I’m a 17 year old girl from the Illinois region. This blog is about how much i love my girlfriend Emmalyn Grace Mueller, of whom i plan to make Emmalyn Grace Edkin. This is our lovely story:

We met about a year ago officially. we were both in DDA (Dramatic Duet Acting) for our school’s speech teams. We competed against each other and noting too eventful happened. Right from the first time i saw her, she caught my eye. She has these adorable little freckles that dot her everywhere, and her eyes are gorgeous, and her smile lights up my day. I watched her intently. I made sure to figure out her name, mesmerized by its beauty. and hers, of course. I spent many nights stalking all the social media accounts of hers i could find. We didn’t connect at all. i was too chicken and afraid to make a fool of myself. A few weeks after i saw her for the first time i saw her again, in my school. i was so baffled that i was able to run into her again. she was so sweet and so beautiful. she talked to my friend and me, who were both roaming the halls, waiting for a scholastic bowl tournament. she striked up a conversation about speech and other things. she was so sweet and easy to talk to and so. fucking. gorgeous. most of the conversation was me trying not to stare. we parted ways and i hoped i would be able to see her again that day. that never happened. i went home that night and slaved over her every word, searching for an innuendo that she may be gay or even have a crush on me. of course, i didnt find one. slowly but surely i moved on, ultimately forgetting her and the very little time we had shared.

flash forward, a lot of time, to 11/7/16. it was the day of our regions TRAC Invitational. long explanation short: TRAC is the schools’ in our specific regions top musical students coming together to form a band and a choir for one day. we practice a lot and perform at the end of the day. i was in the choir and she was in the band. while practicing with the choir i noticed a cute soprano that i wanted to talk to. i tried my best to get the nerve to ask her out, but ultimately failed. I told my friend about how i liked her curly hair and her hazel eyes. she told me to write her a note and give it to her at the end of the performance, right before we left to go back to our school, so i wouldn’t have to say anything after she read it. lol i have no guts. Anyways, she apparently read the note, and was appreciative of my kind words, but ultimately not interested. TURNS OUT she was Em’s best friend. SO she told Em what happened and Em said “that’s great, but since youre not interested can you give her my number and tell her i think shes cute. so her friend (mari) texted me that night explaining. I was very hesitant in texting Emmalyn. i remembered her beauty and knew that i wanted to talk to her. i was afraid i would fall too hard or get the completely wrong idea. i was afraid to love and get hurt again.
I texted her anyways. i threw all worries to the wind and texted her anyways. and that was the best decision i have ever made. we talked freely and happily for about a week. talking about dates and staying up as late as our tired eyes could handle. it was so raw and lovely and full of newness and i wanted to learn everything that i possibly could. at the end of that week her mom found out. Upset that she lied, she took away her phone. long nights turned into patchy talks through her friends at school or other events. Yet, my love never wavered. it only grew. and grew and grew. as soon as i could talk to her again (Monday, November 14th), i asked her out. i was afraid she would say no, but at that point i didnt care. i needed to be able to call her my girlfriend and tell everyone that she was mine. i needed it.

We went on, talking as much as we could and trying to make plans. I longed to see her as much as i possibly could. The times we were able to meet up will be different posts. Nowadays the love of my life and i dont talk at all. We decided to stop so we could win back the trust of our mothers, so we could have a stronger, healthier relationship. It fucking sucks. I miss her more than i can explain. I wish I could tell her how much I love her

Every night I think about holding her and kissing her and it makes me cry. I try to shelter my heart as best as I can and I have always felt the need to be strong, but with her I am putty. I never cry, but these last couple of days when I haven’t been able to talk to her the tears haven’t stopped coming.

I plan on spending the rest of my life loving the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I feel so lucky. I’m so glad she is in my life.

   also another random hc bc a thing i just talked to cat about tbh, the kid cant understand figure of speeches to save his LIFE 99% of the time tbh ? ?? ?? 
   like if someone ’ awhh ur so cute i could eat you up ’ @another person he’d prob just start backing away slowly bc what the f uc k bc he took it literally lmao

Rewatched the First Episode of Sword Art Online

And I noticed two things that flew right over my head the first time! 

During the live coverage that Kirito was watching right before firing up the game, look who’s on screen! 


And right after Kayaba’s creepy speech, the camera shows Asuna, Silica, and Lizbeth in the crowd. I noticed that the second time I watched the show, but what I didn’t notice:

Lisbeth’s hair isn’t pink! I guess somewhere between the first episode and when her and Kirito actually meet, she figures out how to re-customize it? 

Okay, enough of my silly observations :P Realistically, I’m probably super late to this party and this is probably old news to everyone else! 

I dont see why the term “we’re pregnant” is offensive? i mean nobody actually thinks that the person who’s not pregnant is going through all the things the pregnant person is going through? its just a figure of speech??

His Angel

“Are you sure I look okay? I want him to think I look appealing.” Castiel said to Sam and Gabriel as he straightened his tie for the seemingly millionth time. Sam let out a short laugh. “Yes Cas, you look great. You could show up in a paper bag and Dean still wouldn’t care.” Sam told him. Castiel titled his head just the slightest. “Why would I show up in a paper bag? I thought you were supposed to wear nice apparel for events such as these.” Castiel said. Sam laughed again as well as Gabriel. “Its a figure of speech, man. Now calm down, and let’s go or we’re gonna be late.” Gabriel said slapping Cas on the back and slightly pushed him out the door. As they stood outside the door, Sam went inside and Gabriel took Castiel’s arm. “Are you sure? You’re not having cold feet?” Gabriel asked Cas. “No, my feet are warm. Charlie got me these thick socks for cold hunts-” Cas began and Gabe cut him off with a laugh. “What I mean is, you still wanna do this? You’re sure?” Gabe asked. “Ive wondered about a lot of things in life, and I’ve had some very difficult decisions to make, but this isn’t one of them. Ive never been more sure of anything in my entire life than I am right now.” He said looking Gabe in the eye. “Alright. Lets do this.” He said taking Cas’ arm once again. They walked through the double doors. It seemed like a long aisle, but he could see Dean, standing there, next to Sam and Charlie, wearing a black suit, with a black tie, and white shirt. As they got closer, Dean looked at Castiel and Castiel could see the tears form in Deans eyes, but a wide smile was slowly stretching across Deans lips. As he got up to the alter, Castiel couldn’t believe what he seen. “Crowley? What are you doing here? And in a Priests outfit?” Castiel asked. “Its all the same in the eyes of God. Or so I think, anyways, we have to get on with this, we broke in here and someone is bound to alert the police once they see lights.” Crowley said. Cas shook his head, but all thoughts soon were replaced by Dean as Dean took his hands in his. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of these two bastards-”
“Crowley! Not in Church!” Cas hissed. “Oh and what’s going to happen? I go to Hell?” Crowley asked and Cas shook his head. “Anyways, as I was saying, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Dean and Castiel. As this is not exactly your traditional wedding, seeing as how we broke into the church in the Dead of night, One groom is an angel, the other a Hell bound monster hunter, and the ‘priest’ is the king of Hell, but, the couple has written their own vowels.” Crowley said. “Dean, when I was called upon to raise you, I thought of it as nothing more than another duty to fulfill. When I seen you though, I felt this feeling inside of me, which Charlie described as a um, what was it? Oh, yes, a crush. As our relationship and closeness began to deepen and grow, I felt this ‘crush’ feeling begin to grow larger. And once again, Charlie said that she believed I loved you. When i told Gabriel this, he laughed, until he realised I was serious. Then, that day you exploded, and told me that you loved me, I felt joy. Complete and utter joy. And when we kissed, it feel ten times Better than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I vow to always love you, and keep you safe. To always be there when you need me, to always heal you whenever you may need it, and never hurt you in any way, shape or form. I love you Dean Winchester, and I wont ever stop.” Castiel said and a single tear fell from Dean’s eye, which was quickly wiped away. “Uh, wooh, where do I begin? Um, Cas, when I first saw you, I didn’t know what to think, but it was the first Time I ever questioned my sexuality, ill tell you that. As time went on, there were more and more feelings developed, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I never thought you’d actually feel the same. And over the years that I’d known you, I fell in love, completely and irreversibly. When i found out that you felt the same way, aw man Cas you don’t know the joy I felt that day. How happy I was. Happier than I’ve been in years, Hell, maybe my whole life. There was a hole inside of me Cas, and you filled it. I love you more with every passing day, and I promise, ill never let you go. Ill protect you at all costs. Ill do anything for you. Ill never betray you, and Castiel, I swear, ill never stop loving you. Ever. You are my everything Castiel. I love you.” Dean said. “That was beautiful. Im truly touched. Or that might be nausea, im not entirely sure. The rings.” Crowley said and Sam stepped in front of Charlie and handed Dean the rings. Dean slid his onto Castiel’s hand, and Castiel did the same. “I present, Mr and Mr Winchester. Now kiss.” Crowley said and Dean didnt need to be told twice and he took Castiel’s head in his hands and kissed him. Charlie, Sam, Gabe and even Crowley clapped. “I love you Dean Winchester.” Castiel said. “I love you too, Castiel Winchester.” Dean replied, his green eyes staring into Castiels blue ones.
Deans eyes suddenly shot open. He sat up and scanned the room. His arm automatically reaching for Castiel, but finding nothing. Then the tears came as the memories did. He had been dreaming of his and Cas’ wedding day. The happiest day of his life. But as he remembered, he began sobbing. Their wedding was seven years ago. And two years ago, Castiel had died. A Ruga-Ru has killed him. Dean had failed. He broke the vows that he had made to Cas to protect him. He got up to grab Cas’ trench coat. That damned coat that Cas loved so much. That coat that had a few specks of blood, rips, but most of all, it had Cas’ scent. Dean sat on the bed, and he clutched that coat to him, breathing in Cas’ scent, and he sobbed. The hole that Cas had once filled was now wide open and bleeding. And it would never be filled by his angel, his Cas, ever again.

The Signs as Voltron quotes
  • Aries: “ I say, "Vol," you say, "Tron." Vol...”
  • Taurus: “Okay, enough with the bad sounds effects...Besides, it's more like, ‘blam, blam, blam’ ”
  • Gemini: “I almost feel sorry stealing from those Voltron folks. They seem like a nice bunch.”
  • Cancer: “Thank you, Keith. Now can you come and unchain me?”
  • Leo: “I can’t ‘man up.’ I’m a girl. I mean, I can ‘man up’ because that’s just a figure of speech. I don’t actually have to be a man to ‘man up.’”
  • Virgo: “It's true, like the old proverb says, a man can be driven to do anything if a beautiful woman is just really, really mean to him.”
  • Libra: “I’d know that mullet anywhere”
  • Scorpio: “Just ignore them and go connect with a big, yellow, mechanical cat.”
  • Sagittarius: “We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!”
  • Capricorn: “The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane”
  • Aquarius: “This is an advanced race we're talking here. Surely, they've learned that it's foolish to have forks and spoons when one tool will efficiently do the job.”
  • Pisces: "...and I'll form the head."