its not a fat joke

Jesus christ, Tumblr. Stop fat-shaming trans people and stop fat-shaming men.

If the only people you’re posting positivity for is baby-faced cis women, you’re not helping.

And if every time you bring up misogynists or homophobes or racists you depict them as fat, you’re part of the problem.


I got reported on facebook for saying that we should stop condoning people being fat. I’m so tired of seeing this bullshit. But Tumblr is even worse. Tumblr has this special breed of snowflakes that are under the assumption that because their feelings get hurt that people have to accept them. Uh no. We don’t. And just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they think you aren’t worthy as a person so knock that bullshit off. This “Healthy at Any Size” movement is all lies. Here’s some weird things that these people seem to miss.

It’s something like less than 2% of people are overweight because of a medical condition.

Medication can totally make you gain more weight, but it doesn’t make you obese or larger. If you gain some weight because of medication and are suddenly obese then guess what? You were already close to being obese!

There are some people who are just bigger but this big boned thing isn’t real! You may have a bigger frame but it doesn’t make you overweight! It can add a couple of extra pounds to what your average would be but it does not add these 30 plus lbs that people are trying to claim it does.

You just simply are not healthy at any size big or small. Your body needs fat to get through just day to day stuff and having a low fat count can actually really mess with your body. And being obese or bigger is hard on just about every part of your body.

And guess what? Not everyone has to be attracted to you! People can find being fat disgusting just like they can find being too skinny disgusting. Stop trying to make being unhealthy something that is okay! It’s 100% not okay.

When does the stupidity stop?

Ok. I need to get this off my chest. Kim Himchan is NOT fat. He was NEVER fat. No idol is fat. If Himchan is your definition of fat I hope we never meet cuz then I would as well be called a sumo wrestler. I know the standards in Asia for “fat” is different. Like I can wear a small in the UK but back in Asia I’d probably we wearing like a large.
But even in Asian standards I wouldn’t call Himchan fat. He just wouldn’t be labeled as fat.
But thats not even it. Who the fuck gave you the right to call someone else fat? I have never understood this concept of shaming someone else for their body. Why does it matter to you? Don’t you have anything better to do with your life? And I will say this, Daehyun or any other member of B.A.P making fun of Himchan is different compared to random “fans” or a hater calling him fat. Himchan can joke with his members cuz they are friends, he understands its only a joke. But if a random stranger calls him fat even as a joke it would hurt his feelings. Even though again, Himchan is NOT fat.
Like, I would love to see these “fans” and haters calling skinny ass idols “fat”. Just to see how depressing their lives must be or even just to see how “fit and skinny” these keyboard warriors are. Just leave idols alone and let then eat you rude ass bitches and fucking companies who only think they will make money if idols are stick skinny.
I want to watch them all eat as they please. So maybe I will start a protest and call it #letidolseat

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So you don't take cheesecake and "Hey Masky!" asks? Well where did the whole Masky and cheesecake thing start and why? Do you yourself have any clue? I can understand the "HEY MASKY!!!" thing, but not really the whole cheesecake thing...

well the cheesecake thing came up when Tim getting a little chubby during Marble Hornets and i guess someone said “Tim has to lay off the cheesecake” or smth, then the whole joke went viral after that but only died down in the MH fandom

idk how it rlly came around but thats basically what happened and bc i wasnt in the fandom at the time i dont rlly kno that much about it

but ye, its a fat joke thats still happening in the CP fandom by a bunch of 12 years olds and its like rlly?? its 2015 now, stop it

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Nobody has bothered, I don't get it Mercy fat is ok, but Rose thin (zamii070 case) it's bullshit?

drawing a thin character fat is not the same as drawing a fat character thin. 

its rare to find a fat character thats not reduced to a joke or used to shame fat people, and when you do find a fat character thats treated with respect and kindness people draw them skinny anyway because its their “style” or theyre just “grossed out” by fatness. 

i cant tell you the number of times ive drawn a skinny character fat just cause and i gotten responses from people in tags and messages that are ecstatic about seeing a character drawn so that they look like them. seeing traits of yourself in fictional characters and having those characters be loved for it is worth so much

I hate those guys who make sexist misogynist jokes bc they think it’s funny how girls will react n how they will get “so worked up”, but then claim that they’re not actually sexist or misogynist. Like ???????? If u r a guy who does this u need to ask yourself why u find it so funny when a women isn’t ok w/ being disrespected. U need to ask yourself why u don’t take a women expecting respect n equal treatment seriously. Could it be bc you’re idk… Sexist??? A misogynist????? Hmmmmm