its no wonder the choreography was made by n

JUST A THOUGHT: so in the last episode of astro project moonbin and rocky were riding a sky bike together and their mission was to confess something they were hurt by and grateful for and moonbin talked about how rocky always wanted to keep dancing even though moonbin was tired but he was very thankful because rocky came up with choreography he knows its hard and he wonders how which made me think like what if throughout their trainee years there was a friendly rivalry between moonbin and rocky over e v e r y t h i n g like with singing, dancing, rapping, etc. and moonbin saw himself as a better dancer, but rocky had a talent for choreo that moonbin didn’t have that he was irritated at the fact that he couldn’t do that but eventually he learned to appreciate it rather than be mad at it also i’m just emo thinking about moonrock being together for 7-8 years and i love astro