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Captain America: Civil War
  • "Did you know about this?"
  • "If you do this, they will never stop being afraid of you."
  • "I can't control their fear, only my own."
  • "Can you move your seat up?"
  • "Couldn't you have done that earlier?"
  • "I hate you."
  • "Clearly retirement doesn't suit you, get tired of playing golf?"
  • "Well, I played 18, I shot 18, just can't seem to miss."
  • "First time for everything."
  • "Made you look."
  • "Anyone ever tell you you're a little paranoid?"
  • "I know you're nervous and you have every right to be, but you're lying."
  • "Do you even remember them?"
  • "I remember them all."
  • "How long are you gonna play both sides?"
  • "Are you incapable of dropping your ego for one god damn second?"
  • "I'm not the one who needs to watch their back."
  • "Are you sure about this?"
  • "I can't trust my own mind."
  • "So you like cats?"
  • "How long do you think you can save your friend from me?"
  • "Well, then... what are you doing here?"
  • "I didn't want you to be alone..."
  • "The people that shoot at you, usually wind up shooting at me."
  • "I don't do that anymore."
  • "Well, the people who think you did are coming here now. And they're not planning on taking you alive."
  • "That's smart. Good strategy."
  • "It always ends in a fight."
  • "Shit! I thought it was a water truck. My bad!"
  • "You seem a little defensive."
  • "Well, it's been a long day."
  • "Oh, you're going to have to take this to the shop!"
  • "Who's speaking?"
  • "It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days."
  • "Are we still friends?"
  • "That depends on how hard you hit me."
  • "Give me back my ____!"
  • "I said I would help you find him, not catch him."
  • "What's up tic-tac?"
  • "I can do this all day."
  • "Ugh...what time zone is this?"
  • "Sometimes I just want to punch you in your perfect teeth."

People using the racist shit Disney’s used in cartoons before for why Pewdiepie isn’t at fault is just… really out of context, plain and simple.

Disney no longer uses those characters, imagery, or jokes. Ever. Full stop they do not use any of them and never air those cartoons again because they are offensive, insensitive, and racist. Even if they didn’t mean them to be, they have taken responsibility for their actions, unlike Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie’s antisemitic videos were made for the purpose of making antisemitic jokes, nothing more. They can’t even be called jokes either, because a man literally walks around dressed as Jesus and praising Hitler. That isn’t a joke, it’s Nazi propaganda because at no point is this framed as a bad thing, it’s framed as people’s horrified reactions being “funny” and “over the top”, justifying the video.

At no point is there an apology or even statement recognizing how damaging and outright terrifying this is, because as it stands right now there are legitimate nazis out and about threatening people’s lives; there is no way for people to be able to tell until after the fact that it was supposedly a joke and not an actual nazi. This is just one of multiple videos he did in this manner.

So yeah, it’s not the same thing and Pewdiepie is actually at fault. If you fail to see this, and still ‘stand with Pewdiepie’, please examine your actions and ideas because you are standing with someone, who intentionally or not, is validating the ideals of a group of people who’s purpose is to work tword the genocide of already stigmatized groups of people.

Halloween Livestream of Disney’s Forgotten, Hauntingly Beautiful Masterpiece NIGHTMARE NED this Saturday 10/29 @ 4 PM EST! #NightmareNed2016

In 1997, Disney released an adventure game for PC that combined 2D, 3D and stop-motion animation. While it was commercially successful at the time and remains a source of nostalgia for those who played it as kids, Nightmare Ned is almost never brought up or discussed otherwise in the modern day, and Disney hasn’t acknowledged the existence of the game (or its subsequent TV series, which was cancelled almost immediately due to going over budget) in nearly 20 years. Here on Halloween 2016, I want to fix that.

Probably the best way to describe the game is “hauntingly gorgeous,” combining a variety of styles and mediums in its art and animation, making it wonderfully atmospheric.  The music is also one of the most memorable aspects, with stunning piano pieces that perfectly capture the somber and eerie mood and a number of bizarre and catchy vocal tracks.

Drenched in Burton-esque imagery that Disney wouldn’t start to truly capitalize on for several years afters its release, Nightmare Ned was significantly ahead of its time, yet with every new operating system, it becomes more and more difficult to experience. Too late for DOSBox and for whatever reason ignored by ScummVM developers, the most recent OS where it’s possible to run the game is Windows XP. However the workarounds and headaches necessary to play it on modern machines is nothing less than worth it.

As a fan of Gravity Falls, a similarly spooky Disney production, and Disney’s animation in general, I want to bring this game back into the public consciousness as well as introduce it to those who may have never heard of it before. More than that, with the help of other fans I want to remind Disney of their own incredible creation, and convince them to bring it to a new generation. With a DuckTales reboot on the horizon, a remake or revival of Nightmare Ned isn’t impossiblebut we need to be loud enough so that Disney will hear us.

So come to the live stream this Saturday 10/29 @ 4 PM East Coast US (EST) Time on! Reblog this post, tell your friends about the stream and post about it on social media (ESPECIALLY Twitter!) with hashtag #NightmareNed2016! Tweet @Disney, @DisneyAnimation and @DisneyXD and let’s get #NightmareNed2016 trending on Twitter! Together here on Halloween we can get Disney to BRING BACK NIGHTMARE NED!!!

Reasons I think Sam & Cait are together; the holy-shit-they’re-so-married press edition, part 1


1. they’re not newlyweds anymore????


3. “who’s more attractive?”

4. mirroring mirroring mirroring all the time mirroring


6. he never takes his hand off her back and the looks they give each other and the way she turns to him in the 2nd gif…just set me on fire. 

7. just rubbing her arm. its fine I’m fine #noimnot

8. i JUST ???????????!!!!????


10. because these are totally normal faces for two platonic co-stars to have and make at each other when their boss is talking about sex.  :|


more of these posts can be found starting here |…to be continued…

(*not my gifs* I think they mostly belong to Jess)

A Funk Without A Reason

Who?: Cal X Reader
Requested?: nope but its for @side-angel
Summary: You’re feeling down and Cal knows just how to cheer you up
After days of being stuck inside your apartment with nothing to do, your usual happy attitude was drastically dwindling. You blamed the rain. London never was the best for the weather but this constant rain was getting ridiculous now. To make matters worse, all of your friends were busy and never seemed to have any time for you. Everyone was either travelling, partying or playing Pokémon Go. Apparently even the worst of weathers couldn’t stop the avid trainers.
However, it was now Friday and the sun had finally broken through the clouds. You’d spent the morning scrolling through your social media, catching up on TV shows, and sitting on the balcony of your apartment with your tabby cat curled up on your lap. But nothing seemed to improve your mood. You were in a real bad funk and it was starting to get on your nerves. All you wanted to do was call people up to go and run around Hyde Park, helping the boys level up their Pokémon. But you’d placed your phone on the table inside and now you couldn’t be bothered to disturb the sleeping kitten on your lap.
The cat wasn’t asleep for much longer as your phone suddenly rang, it being loud enough to wake the creature. As your cat stalked off to find another place to sleep, you walked inside and grabbed your phone.
“Hello?” you questioned, not checking the caller I’D before you’d picked up.
“Yo, y/n, is it cool if I come round to use your washing machine? The lads and I just got back from Ibiza and Chip just broke mine. We’d use his but the idiot left his key inside his apartment and Joel is out of town.” You easily recognised Cal’s voice, smiling at his words. God, those boys were hopeless.
“Sure, it’s no problem. The door should be open,” you said and sat yourself down on the balcony again.
“Thanks, y/n. You’re a life saver,” Cal said and the call ended. You watched through the window as the cat curled up on the plush couch, wrapping your arms around yourself as a breeze brought goose bumps to your skin. It had barely even been ten minutes when there was a knock on your door and it opened to show the lanky blond. Cal gave you his usual smile before stepping inside. In his hand he held a large shopping bag and, as you stood up and made your way inside, you could see that his clothes were stuffed into it.
“It’s just over here,” you mumbled and walked down the thin corridor to a closet, Cal following behind you. You pulled open the door and flicked on the light, turning to him and giving him a small smile.
“Thanks again, y/n,” he said and placed down his bag. You just waved your hand to him and walked to the living room, leaving him to do his washing. As you walked away, Cal frowned softly and kept his eyes on you until you were out of his sight. He began to throw his dark clothes into the washing machine, then adding some washing powder before kicking his bag aside and joining you in the living room.
You’d sat yourself down on the couch and the cat had nestled itself between the cushions, Cal sitting on the other side of the sofa and just watching you. You could sense him staring so you kept your gaze locked on the TV screen.
“What’s wrong?” Cal suddenly asked, you turning to look at him. Just as you opened your mouth to answer, Cal spoke again. “And don’t say nothing, because I know that you’re not acting like your normal self.” Cal’s words surprised you, making you close your mouth before letting out a sigh.
“I just feel down, okay? And I don’t know why,” you said, looking down at your lap.
“So, you’re in a funk? Well, that’s no good. The only good funk is funky dancing,” Cal said, grabbing your hand and pulling you to your feet. He quickly began to play some music on his phone and began dancing. But you couldn’t stop yourself from laughing as he was dancing terribly, purposely to make you laugh. Watching you laugh brought a smile to Cal’s face.
“I knew I could cheer you up. I always do,” he said smugly, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his side.
“You’re such an idiot, Cal,” you chuckle and poked his side, “I’ll make sure to call you the next time i feel shit.” Cal nodded and patted your shoulder.
“You totally should. I’m the best type of guy to call,” Cal said and you dropped yourself back on to the couch, gently stroking the cat.
“Well, I’ll keep it in mind,” you mumbled, resting your head on Cal’s shoulder as he sat down by your side. A smile rested on your lips and you were sure it would stay as long as Cal did.

Unrequited Love

I am hoping that you enjoy reading this I just cant stop writing Angst ^.^ its just so fun to write!

After the party and Saeyoung found his brother Saeran I would go over to their place to hang out with them rather frequently, we would talk and play games all night long. It took a while but eventually Saeran came out of his shell and would join me and Saeyoung in the living room, Saeran would engage in the conversations me and Saeyoung had from time to time, though they were just short answers. After time he would go out with us and the other RFA members, he never talked much so everyone did their best to include him in the conversations any time we would hang out.

Over time I started to enjoy being around Saeran, more so than the others. It was an odd feeling he made me so nervous anytime he would look at me, it felt as though he had begun to get used to me being at their house, well it’s more of a bunker really. It felt like I was falling for Saeran he was always on my mind every day and every hour within it, I would come up with excuses to go over to their house occasionally bringing Yoosung to play LOLOL with us. I decided that I would go to my best friend for advice on the matter Saeyoung was the best listener when it came to things involving my life, he seemed to enjoy listening to my problems.

I began to go over to their house almost every day; Saeyoung did his best to get his brother into conversations with us. Yoosung would show up and the room would become too lively for Saeran, it was hard trying to get his attention it was near impossible but I won’t give up I love him and want for him to feel the same way for me. On the way home that day Yoosung walked with me to make sure I made it home safely, as requested by Saeyoung. Me and Yoosung enjoyed the walk and used the time to catch up, out of curiosity I asked “Hey Yoosung do you have a crush on anyone at the moment.” His face got so red after hearing my question; I knew that meant that he did.

Yoosung smiled awkwardly and said “yeah but it’s a bit embarrassing.” I smiled brightly and said “Don’t worry Yoosung your secret will be safe with me.” At this he loosened up as he sighed lightly he began to speak “well I really like them but I am not too sure they will feel the same about me, they seem to just disappear once they see me. But if you swear you will not tell….I think I am in love with…Saeran” my heart sank once I was able to process what I had just heard; Yoosung and I both love the same man. There was a long and awkward silence between us before we reached my apartment before he finally spoke up “MC did I surprise you that much?” I was still in shock “No, sorry I just wasn’t expecting you to love him at all I thought maybe you would name some girl from school…I’m fine with it just a bit shocked.” He looked relieved as he said “oh good I thought you would judge me for it, I’m happy you are so accepting. Well I will see you later MC.” I waved to him trying my hardest to keep the smile on my face before entering my apartment.

Once I got into my apartment I let my emotions go, there was anger jealousy and sadness. Why did you both have to love the same man, what if Saeran felt the same way about Yoosung but didn’t know how to express it. I feel as though Saeran only sees me as a good friend and nothing more, I am scared, I want to admit my feeling to him so that I can know for sure but what if I am rejected. I decided that tomorrow I would go over and tell Saeran how I felt, even if it would end in me getting hurt. I texted Saeyoung letting him know my plan; he encouraged me and gave me his full support.

The next day I made my way over to the twin’s home, I was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life. As I slowly approached the door I hesitated to knock and just as I was about to turn around and go home Saeyoung opened the door and pulled me into the door “What the heck Saeyoung!” I yelled at him surprised by what had just happened “I’m not going to let you back down now.” He smiled kindly before he led me into the living room where Saeran had been waiting for us. My heart began to race even faster than it already had been at the thought that I was about to confess my feelings for someone for the first time.

As I sat on the couch Saeyoung said in a bright tone “I’m going to go finish the last of my work then I will be out to hang with you.” He winked to me as he disappeared behind the door of his office space that he used to make toys for his toyshop. Saeran just sat there and waited for me to start a conversation as I always did, but we just sat there in silence as I tried to gather the courage to tell him how I felt.

He was about to get up to leave when I reached out to grab his hand, he was shocked but I needed to tell him now. “Saeran, I…I think i Love you.” his eyes got wide as he looked at me holding my head low and avoiding eye contact. He sighed heavily before he pulled away from my hand and said “well I don’t feel the same, I like someone else.” my heart shattered into pieces, there was not much else i could do but I decided to ask one thing before leaving their house “Saeran, who is it that you do like?” he looked at me and his face turned red and a small smile was on his face something that I had never seen, it hurt to see him smile for someone else but after a short while he replied “I…I like Yoosung.”

I walked myself home trying to keep my tears in just until I reached my apartment, I ignored all calls from Saeyoung because I really just wanted to be alone and I knew he had his eye on me from the CCTV cameras in the streets. Saeyoung was always there for me he was the best friend that I could ever have, I knew he was watching me on my way home so I can’t break down if he sees I know he will come over maybe that wouldn’t be so bad though.

My brain was going crazy with many thoughts, most not so good though, when I hear my cell phone going off in my pocket. Saeyoung was calling I was supposed to call him after I got home, I quickly answered but I couldn’t speak. “MC are you ok, did something happen. Hello, why are you not answering me?” His voice brought me back to my senses “Sorry I was just lost in though.” My voice grew shaky as I spoke to the only person who I could confide in. “are you sure you’re ok MC, you are crying.” I could not answer I was scared and had nobody to help me to feel better.

A few hours later and Saeyoung is at my door, he looks a little upset as he pulled me into a tight hug, with that hug all my trouble melted and I began to cry even more than I had been earlier. We went into the apartment and he sat with me on the couch as I told him what had happened, how I had been rejected, how he had feelings for Yoosung, and Yoosung had feeling for him. Tears still forming in my eyes as I spoke he was listening intently, he looked sad almost as sad as I was. After I had finished telling him what had happened all he said was “I know it’s hard but soon it won’t be that bad, we should hook those two up though so that they can be happy.” I nod my head in acceptance, and we called Yoosung and told him what we had heard from Saeran. Yoosung hung up so quickly we didn’t even have time to say goodbye.

Saeyoung stayed at my house the whole night and we talked and played games, I don’t even remember falling asleep. When I woke up it was hard to get up off the couch, there was something heavy holding me there. I opened my eyes to find Saeyoung’s face so close and his arms wrapped around my body, I was so nervous I had never been this close to a man before.  I didn’t want to wake him but I was also feeling very strange just looking at his features, maybe it was the fact that he was Saeran’s twin, or maybe I love Saeyoung the whole time and just projected that Love onto Saeran. My heart was so confused but for the time being, I just want this moment to last forever.

His eyes opened so slowly and I nearly panicked when he did, he would know that I had been staring at him. I couldn’t help it as he opened his bright golden eyes to see me he smiled and asked if he was dreaming, I giggled a bit at his sleepy gaze before he realized that this was not a dream. It was a bit awkward once he woke up completely, we both jumped up right and I decided to go and make breakfast for the two of us. I was so nervous, even more so than when Saeran was there. I was confused by my feelings it had only been two days since I was rejected, how was it that I am already over it already.

After a few months had gone by we all began to hang out together again, Saeran and Yoosung where happy together and I was happy for them. Saeran was talking about moving in with Yoosung and getting away from his “Idiot Brother.” I was still sorting out the feelings inside me, it was a bit awkward at first but in time it was almost like it had always been till one day Saeyoung took me into his Office area to talk with me privately.

I was a little nervous to be with him alone but he looked even more nervous than I was, he took my hands and before he spoke he checked the CCTV monitors that where in his room to make sure that Saeran and Yoosung where busy. He looked me in the eyes and getting a little closer to me he began to speak in a low whisper “MC I have something that I have wanted to tell you for a while now.” I nod my head eager to hear what he had to say “I-I think that…I think that I’m in l-love with you.” I was both excited and shocked; I don’t know how I couldn’t see it before but Saeyoung has always been there and his reasons for doing so where, because he loves me.

Saeyoung looked scared as I was taking my time and enjoying the moment, I looked him in the eye and lightly touched his cheek before giving him an answer “I think I love you too Saeyoung.” His smile was brighter than the sun as he pulled me in for a warm hug, then holding my face in his large hands he pulled me in for a soft and loving kiss.

I did my best to do a happy ending but mainly because I just Love Saeyoung he is my one and only!!

Since even before it came out I’ve thought that Overwatch looked like a neat game with cool characters that I would never play 

But now I’m getting more and more tired of a game I’ve never touched becoming 60% of everything on my dash for the last 10 months with 0 signs of this gigantic flood coming to an end any time soon 

yknow what fuck it but like it aggravates me whenever “solkat is abusive” resurfaces cause its not

karkat has never done anything intentionally harmful towards sollux(that actually hurt sollux in the process) so stop playing sollux like hes the victim because i can tell 100% that he’s not. you can’t look at something at face value and call it abusive because it all depends on the relationship and its purely situational

and people always talk about how karkat constantly insults him or w/e for “no god damn reason” but he does that to everyone and that’s just how their friendship works. they both insult and argue with each other all the time because that’s just how they communicate with each other but they know when to not cross the line and they know when to stop.

and again, its always about how sollux is the victim, like this guy is an asshole too??? this guy does snap back with snark and insults?? he does the exact same thing like wow

is their connection and relationship different from others? yeah, but this is trolls were talking about, alternia is inherently aggressive and that leads to agressive relationships that are relatively okay unless one of them does cause actual harm which both of them don’t.

and these little shits are so dependent on each other you don’t even know. they’ve been seeking each other’s approval since day one and while their approaches may be vague and unusual its still there

‘I’m just an ugly vampire’

okay so im not gonna lie this episode made me feel really sad about mika because i feel like its the first time they drew attention to how mika was dealing with things and his perspective, cause before we never really knew. i mean we knew things were hard for him but we need get to see it up close

When Ferid asked him where he belonged because he hated humans and he hated vampires, it really drew attention to how lonely and isolated mika was and how much he couldnt be with yuu… I had initially misunderstood and thought mika was respected in the vampire groups or at least feared due to him being krul’s favourite, however in the scene where Ferid grabbed mika by the throat and told him to stop playing around i was suddenly reminded of his childhood abuse and how he can never escape this constant physical and mental torture of not belonging and being hated by both groups - and how he can never be protected from anything. It’s all him for himself. Also i thought krul might like him or treat him well but she mainly treats him like a dog and the other vampires suggested that she only likes him due to his connection with yuu (since yuu is a powerful hybrid monster)… He also is always acting strong, (smiling with the other vampires, going along with their lifestyles), pretending to be something hes not, ignoring his struggles just so he has the power and energy to fight hard to see yuu.

He just wants to leave everything, to escape it all, to go back to yuu…Oh mika… I wish i could hug you or better yet that yuu could hug you and never let you go. you deserve it.

frandidthat  asked:

The one... the only... the Emancipation of Mimi (Also highkey have not heard your opinion on I Don't yet WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN)

omg ill do both at once


we belong together (of course)
fly like a bird
i wish you knew

the most iconic comeback of music history.  also this album + her following top 20 singles cemented mariah as a music industry veteran and now she will forever be relevant because legends never become irrelevant.  the album itself has amazing production and i wish she’d stop using the electronic production she’s been doing and go back to this live band vibe.  i’d say the only average song is to the floor, and im convinced its only there because she didnt get copyright approval on the sample for i feel it.  also this one time when i went back to this australian guy’s hotel i was really into joy ride and played the song but his spotify was set to repeat so we ended up hooking up to joy ride playing on repeat LMAO

i don’t:

the beat FLAMES…the chorus is weak though and the best part of the song is where she’s singing “i don’t, i don’t”.  the live version she did on jimmy kimmel last night was infinitely better because of the adlibs.  the video also sucks and didn’t communicate anything about what the song is about lmao.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping captures the absurdity and fun of the music business
The movie of the week for February 11 through 17 is Popstar (2016), which is available to stream for Cinemax subscribers and digitally rent on Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play. When Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping came out last June, it bombed at the box office but still garnered critical praise: “It’s a celebration of the curious authenticity — the innocence, the sweetness, the guiltless pleasure — of music whose badness is sometimes hard to separate from its genius,” A.O. Scott wrote in his New York Times review. Which means the week following the Grammys is the perfect time to catch up with this hidden musical comedy gem. Read more
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why have All Time Low never played A Daydream Away at an acoustic set? Like, it's understandable why Alex wouldn't play it at any other live show since the acoustic portion staples are Remembering Sunday, Therapy, and now Missing You but really? Never an acoustic show. It's objectively one of their best songs with its use of metaphors detailing a relationship never becoming a 'real' one but still covering there was strong feelings there. Even though it was on Dirty Work (an album they need to stop besmirching the name of) it's still a pretty great song and perfect for an acoustic set. Is there a personal reason Alex doesn't play it like Lullabies? Does it bring back a painful memory he'd rather forget? I need answers.
just a thought

don’t ever let anyone other than you decide where your limitations are. There are gonna be people who try to tell you what you can and cant do because of your disability, and its okay if you agree with them.on certain things

but you should never let someone else decide how disabled you are, or how much you can take.

alot of the time, i keep my mouth shut when friends tell me not to jump on something or play with something or walk somewhere because theyre worried for my safety and i didnt want to tell them to stop because theyre just showing concern

but i realized if i think i can do a specific thing , then let me do it, because if i end up being able too, then thats one thing my disease hasnt taken from me and if i end up not being able to, i know where to draw the line when it comes to that thing. but someone else who doesnt know my disease, who doesnt have my disease, who isnt in any way medically trained to handle my disease, telling me not to do something because of my disease, is wrong and alot of the time, it feels as if theyre trying to limit me to what they want, which is not a friendly thing to do, whether it comes from being worried or not.

my disease has already taken so many things away from me, i cant anyone to take anything else away from me, and that includes the times where i have to try and see if i can do something.


*obv an upperclassmen

*you always ask for directions around the school bc ur like a freshman or something idk and he always gets greasy

* ‘only if you let me take you out on a date’

* ‘bruh im just trying to find the gym why wont you help me’

*you end up giving in bc ur already 10 mins late to ur class

*tbh seungcheol never shows up to class like hes always in the hallways

*or outside your class waiting for you

*you’re always playing hard to get and i dont think you even know u like him but lbr here.,, you do,,

*when the hallways are too crowded he literally pushes everyone with his hands on ur shoulders and ur in front of him

*hes like guiding you and its v cute

*one time this sophmore was like being a total jerk and seungcheol went up to them, pushed them against a wall, and threatened them

* ‘stop messing with my girlfriend’




*you’re confused

*later that night you skyped him and were like

* ‘so im ur girlfriend now?’

*he just smirked

*didnt answer

*just smirked

*your dates are really cute

*like he is only a lil bit greasy on dates not too much tho thank god

*school carnival dates

*wins you so many stuffed animals

*also feeds you cotton candy and funnel cake

*when someone is checking you out when you’re out of school uniform..

*he is always protective and stuff but lets get back to the schoolboy aspect

*his uniform is always undone like his shirt isnt tucked in and his name tag is lopsided

*he finds it rlly cute when u fix it for him tho ;-)

*sometimes he purposely makes his name tag crooked and u dont even notice

*he wants to take you to events only for upperclassmen but ur so young and dont kno anyone??

*his grease forces you to tho

*you end up having a really nice time

*he gets in trouble a lot (mainly for skipping class)

*you sometimes get in trouble on purpose so you can have detention together

*its always fun bc eventually you break the rules so much that the adviser doesnt even care anymore and is like ‘go home pls i dont want to deal with you two’

basically, seungcheol is such a great oppa and takes care of you at his own risk. also likes to tease u bc ur a fetus :D

“poor Alistair if he was unloved by the female Warden” is something I just saw and. holy shit. my lesbian Warden had to turned his rose down two separate times and just wanted to romance Leliana in peace. She never flirted- I’ve played the game multiple times and romanced him before, I thought I could avoid the flirting but apparently being nice to him literally starts the romance.

I got negative 40 approval the second time she- nicely- turned him down despite being in a romance with Leliana. “poor Alistair he’s so unwanted” how about “i turned him down once why the fuck didn’t he take no for an answer and why is he harassing a woman who is both gay and very clear about her interests”


*so like u know how wonwoo never talks? yeah well seokmin does he never stops

*you two met during english class

*it was the beginning of the school year and you didnt know anyone in that class

*a project was assigned for partners and guess what seokmin really wanted to be your partner so you were like uh ? ok

*he actually liked you for a long time before that but its his little secret

*whenever your shoe is untied he stops you in the middle of the hallway and TIES it FOR you

*you just become inseparable after the project

*in gym you two never participate you just stand in the back together goofing off

*and study hall omg dont even talk about study hall

*paper airplanes and all that stuff

*you two get detention together but you just keep playing until you can go home

*seokmin isn’t really up to date on all his homework assignments so its honestly your job to remind him and help him

*hes rlly smart but he just is a carefree flower so he just doesnt do his homework

*his uniform is just untucked but other than that… a +

*whenever theres food on your face during lunch he does THAT smile and youre like ??

*he wipes it away with his thumb without even telling you

*once someone pushed into you really hard in the hallway and youve never seen  him angrier before

*he just like yelled at them “yah be more careful!”‘

*hes pretty popular so people knew that it wasnt like him to be that way

*thats when rumors started to circulate that you two were a thing

*he confessed to you in the most embarrassing way ever omg

*so student council elections right? and he walks up to the podium to present his speech because he was running but plot twist he actually just wanted to confess to you in front of the whole school

*you two are the couple of the school like evryone knows youre together

*hes pretty touchy like he is always holding your hand even when you get flustered

*he also walks you to class even if it means hes late to his next one just so he knows you get there safely without dropping your binders or something idk

*hes in chorus and you go to all the rehearsals

*he even asked the chorus director if for the concert the chorus could sing a song dedicated to you

so you two are best friends but also dating and thats the best way to have it, isnt it? he loves you with all his heart and you can see it in his radiant smile bc that smile is for you!!

Maybe it is time to stop waiting for you, hoping you’ll come running back, waiting for that ‘I miss you’ text. Because it’s time, it’s time to face reality. You are never coming back what we had is over and you have moved on, she is your life now. As hard as its going to be, I need to leave you behind, I need to stop playing our memories over and over in my head. Although it’s going to be the hardest thing it’s time to let you go, what we had meant everything to me, but I can’t keep holding on to the past because you don’t want me in your future.

Honestly one thing I’ve caught onto is that when Taylor doesn’t have loft 89 she plays a throwback song. Not every show that has a secret song doesn’t have loft but most of the shows that haven’t, have had a surprise song. It honestly just makes me so happy because even though Taylor can’t meet fans that night she is still going out of her way to make sure she does something special for them. It’s not like it’s insanely easy to plan, she has to re-teach herself and practice the vocals, guitar/piano, lights, sound, etc. It’s her own song that she’s played for years but its still extra time that she spends preparing something special for fans when she could be doing something else and have no surprises. The amount of thought and love Taylor has towards her fans is unbelievable. She never stops going above and beyond and doing everything in her power to make us happy and for that, she will ALWAYS have my love & support.