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Epik High - 노땡큐 (NO THANXXX) (feat. MINO, Simon Dominic, The Quiett)
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Type Specialist Stereotypes

In an industry as competitive as this one, of course people are going to stereotype one another. It’s all in the name of memes and banter. 

Water: Pretentious, emotional, and preoccupied with battling beautifully. They want to win majestically or not at all. 90% chance that they own a book of profound poetry. 

Fire: Loud, hotheaded, extrovert. Probably a jerk. They gamble a lot and ‘play with fire’ as they battle, taking risks and relying heavily on instinct. 

Grass: Tree-hugging hippie who doesn’t know how to shout. Peaceful. Drinks a lot of tea and probably a vegetarian.  

Electric: Fun, but never knows when to shut up. A contrasting stereotype exists - that of the cool, unruffled electric specialist who manages to do the most mundane actions (like opening a door or eating a Pot Noodle) in a badass way. Such associations have likely come about due to Volkner and Elesa’s presence in the media. 

Ground: Down to earth, pleasant, but not the sharpest tool in the box. The infamous ‘Confused Ground Specialist’ meme circulated for months, centring on the assumption that ground trainers are always the last to figure out what’s going on. The meme escalated to ridiculous proportions and is now viewed as an embarrassment.

Rock: Fairly similar to ground, but with extra jokes about how they want to roll around in the earth. 

Steel: No sense of humour, boring, likely to battle completely to the rule book. Oddly enough, no famous specialists comply with this stereotype, so nobody is entirely sure where it came from. 

Normal: Overly defensive of their type to the point that they will scream about how they could decimate a dragonite with a skitty. Compensates for the dismissal of their type in competitive play by exaggerating its prowess.  

Fighting: Never stops talking about their damn work-out routine. Claims that they wrestle their hariyama four times a day. 

Bug: The biggest nerd you will ever meet. Encyclopedic knowledge, would cry over a bug, and never pushes their pokémon hard enough because they think they’re all beautiful and perfect. 

Ghost: No sense of priority when it comes to what they are afraid of. Will happily walk through a haunted house with blood all over its walls. Will claim that ghosts are innocent and fuzzy babies. Likely to be killed because they let a haunter lick them. 

Psychic: Completely bizarre. Probably believes in aliens. There aren’t many consistent stereotypes for psychic trainers outside of the belief that they’re all utter weirdos. 

Dark: Would sell their own mother for half a sandwich. 

Fairy: Never has any idea what is going on. Childish and pure. Daydreaming cinnamon rolls who forget everything you’ve told them five seconds after you’ve finished saying it. 

Ice: Mysterious, silent, secretive. They could be a member of a secret agency and you’d never know. Their memories never die. It’s likely that they know more about you than you do. You should be afraid of these people, just in case. 

Poison: Loves alternative music and has a collection of Doc Martens. Probably went through a rebellious phase and is lowkey still in it. Doesn’t shower enough. Ready to fight at all times.

Flying: Too serious and will punch you if you say you don’t like birds.   

Dragon: Noble, haughty, has an inflated sense of self-importance. Can’t get through a conversation without mentioning that they’re a dragon tamer. People make ‘found the dragon tamer’ jokes much like they do ‘found the vegan jokes’.  

"I Don't Dance"
  • <p> <b></b> Slytherin and Gryffindor are playing against each other in Quidditch.<p/><b>Draco, singing, :</b> "Hey, Batter batter, hey, Batter batter swing"<p/><b>Harry, singing along:</b> "I've just got to do my thing"<p/><b>Draco, moving his hips a bit:</b> "Hey, Batter batter, hey, Batter batter swing"<p/><b></b> But every time they sing a line, they start to dance as well.<p/><b>Harry, also starts moving his hips side to side:</b> "Yeah"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "I'll show you that it's one and the same . Baseball, dancing, it's easy. Step up to the plate, start swinging"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "I wanna play ball and that's all. This what I want to do. It ain't no dance you can show me, yeah"<p/><b>Draco:</b> "You'll never know"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "Oh I know"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "You'll never try"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "There's just this little thing that stops me every time"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "Come on!"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "I don't dance!"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "I know you can!"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "Not a chance, no"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "If you can do this and you can do that"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "But I, don't, dance"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "Hit it out of the park!"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "I don't dance"<p/><b>Draco:</b> "I say you can"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "Not a chance"<p/><b>Draco :</b> "Slide home, you score, swingin' on the dance floor"<p/><b>Harry :</b> "I don't dance, no"<p/><b></b> They're both musical nerds and they make everyone groan and facepalm cause of it.<p/></p>

The coolest person I know is my roommate’s son. He’s like 5 or something (idunno he just started Kindergarden, very big accomplishment and step up from Pre-K from what he told me so far). His name is Atom and he’s one of the nicest people I know. One time he found a bug on the table and was like “hello mister bug! What are you doing in here? Aren’t you lost? Oh I know you must be looking for your family!!!!” and took the lil fellow outside. He waved and was all “I hope you find your family now!”. Oh oh oh and another time he was eating dinner with me while his mom was cooking and he whispered “my mommy is soooo pretty” and it made me want to die inside aaa! My heart exploded! And today we played candy land! He won both rounds… but at the end of the second round he was like, “you should win too!” so he moved my game piece up the board and told me to keep picking cards until I caught up. He said it was because he wanted both of us to play at the candy castle together. Then when I caught up he high fived me and helped me clean up the mess before his mom came back. He is so sweet. I love him. I’m gonna be sad when he moves out… he had to go somewhere today and before leaving he gave me a hug. another time he held my hand while walking. I wanted to hold his hand but I don’t know… he isn’t my kid and I don’t wanna seem awkward. BUT THEN…. he grabbed my hand anyways and smiled at me and I was like OMFG THANK YOU ; u ; he’s back now from wherever his mom took him.. I want to say hi… but I’m crying and I don’t want him to see me sad like this… he’s so precious. I hope no one breaks this boy’s heart. I hope all the kids are nice to him at school. I hope he continues to play with his Moanna barbie doll even when his friends at school tell him he’s not a girl and shouldn’t be. He is fucking sick as fuck and I wish I was as cool as him when I was in Kindergarden

The Falsettos: 2016 Revival: A Summary
  • 4 Jews in a Room Bitching: the song where you try to SiNg aLl The PaRts of At ONce
  • A Tight Knit Family/Love is Blind: trying to make shitty situations better am I right
  • The Thrill of First Love: wash and wear?
  • Marvin at the Psychiatrist: a three part mini opera
  • My Father's a homo: Let's all gang up on Jason and try to pretend he's the most messed up one yay
  • This had better come to a stop: marvin: a dick : a three part mini opera
  • I'm Breaking Down: basically "when it all falls down" from Chaplin
  • Please come to our house: that one spoken part that Mendel does that makes me uncomfortable
  • A Marriage Proposal: let's try to make things less shitty
  • Trina's song / March of the falsettos: the minor key *wee*
  • Making a home: trying to make it better again
  • The Games I play: Andrew. Rannells.
  • Marvin Hits Trina: why is her name "trih-nun" and not "treenuh" but also marvin is a dick again
  • I Never Wanted to Love you: rip out my heart why don't you
  • Father to Son: my fathers still a homo
  • Falsettoland/About time: There's lesbians now!!!
  • Year of the child: bar mitzvah food!
  • Miracle of Judaism: my fathers a homo but I'm not
  • The Baseball Game: Jews can't play baseball for shit
  • A Day in Falsetto land: im breaking down pt 2
  • Everyone hates his parents: it's true


  • He is super excited to have them as a friend, he has so many ideas for pranks using their abilities. 
  • especially on Hanzo…..Always on Hanzo.
  • The new recruit will find the tallest wall they can and sit up as high as they can. Genji then tries to wall climb as high as he can to them. He claims it’s for ninja training but its obvious he just thinks its a fun game. 
  • They have confused a lot of people by playing this game in public


  • He is still shocked by the entire thing, but he gets used to it after a while. Now he’ll just enter a room see them chilling on the ceiling and will casually ask about the weather up there
  • The recruit will absolutely hang upside down o the ceiling and steal Jesse’s hat when he enters a room. 
  • It leads to some interesting chases around the base when they won’t give it back. Especially since McCree can’t, you know, climb the walls


  • Oh god tag, so much tag. And oh boy are those games interesting. 
  • One of them is blinking through time, and the other is running along the walls. 
  • Jack is constantly yelling at them to stop, but they never do
  • that recruit better have endless energy, cause tracer is always up for a game and she loves to play around
  • thank god the recruit can hide up in the ceiling corners cause its the only way to escape the speedster
  • when Tracers energy is finally toned down for the day they just chill and watch T.V or read. 

some SOFT CIVILIAN ANGEL CONCEPTS, because i love civilian angels:


a lone virtue, much smaller than many virtues but larger than some, is assigned with just one miracle– any miracle, it doesn’t matter, so long as it is moved by grace. some virtues turn planets with their miracles, but this one knows it should start smaller. much smaller, probably. it touches down in new york city, 1947, between a bustling club and a small pawn shop.

it’s very easy, once both feet are on asphalt, to stop listening to the hum of every voice in heaven and to focus on the the chorus here on earth; new york is as busy as the gates to purgatory and twice as noisy. and the music… there is really something to be said for the boundless nature of human music. the virtue sits in the window of the club and watches the musicians’ hands, losing days learning swing jazz measures.

after a while, the virtue sends a prayer up to God: “can i stay right here, where music and light never stops? there are countless patterns to it, and i want to see how people dance.”

so the virtue completes its task– one miracle, moved by grace: it learns to play the double bass, and joins a jazz band.


there are a few reasons God never sends seraphs to earth, the first of those being that they can never seem to stick the landing. the first seraph’s attempt is long, long before humankind is around to be embarrassed for it.

“smaller. slower. much less fire next time.” God says, grimacing.  “try again in 65 million years or so.”


it is the duty of a throne to know and impart all the wisdom of heaven, intermediaries for the rest of the angels and saints. this is an awful lot of knowledge, even for a mind as endless and intricate as a maze of mirrors– so much that some thrones can’t be bothered with the sharing. some find that human ears don’t take too well to their voices, simply can’t hear them at all, like colors outside a visible spectrum. one throne finds it’s much easier to whisper secrets to the dirt, all her voices at once, and make flowers bloom.


a few odd million years later, the seraph finally makes its way to earth. it gets the pacing right, squeezes itself into a form just about perfectly human, and causes no extinctions this time. but here’s another reason God never sends seraphs: they just don’t know how to shut up once they get going.

“listen, you’re on earth now. there’s only so many hours in a day for talking, learn to make it count.”

the seraph approximates a frown and says “but talking is my favorite.”

“and you’re very good at it. just maybe try only one voice and language at a time. speaking in multitudes scares the kids.”

“that seems fair.”

“– and enough with the flames.”

“i will try.”

“and remember you don’t need to cover your face when people look at you– i promise they won’t burn up.”


there’s a principality who spends all their time with dogs.

they abandon their post in heaven and come to earth with the express purpose of opening a shelter for abandoned ones, big and small, young and old. “but… couldn’t you have just let a human do that? isn’t that what humans do?” asks one skeptical angel, a malakhim, lowest of the choirs. “aren’t you supposed to be overseeing the rest of us? isn’t that your job?”

“because,” says the principality, comfortable under a pile of sleeping puppies. “half of you are so tiresome. look at these– these are the real angels.”

The Inner Circle Playing Get Down Mr President Headcanon

  • It’s their favourite thing for all of them to do.
  • Mor and Rhys loved to play it as kids, and it was once casually mentioned at an Inner Circle dinner and it suddenly became a thing™
  • Rhys would always lose. ALWAYS.
  • And Cassian would always start it, and be the first to tackle Rhys, no matter where they are at the time.
  • Azriel would be the first to see Cassian, and would never get tackled, as it’s like he has a sixth sense about it, and will just KNOW when the game has started.
  • Mor is a really fast runner, even in her dress and heels and will always be right behind Cassian to tackle her cousin
  • Feyre would usually notice just before Rhys, but the Inner Circle would never want to tackle their high lady, so they will wait until she notices for them to actually play it. But she usually catches on pretty quickly.
  • Their favourite time to tackle Rhys would be when they’re all walking down the street in Velaris, and the citizens would just sort of accept it like its totally normal for their high lord, high lady and some of the most powerful fae in Prythian to be tackling each other like children.
  • And even when Rhys isn’t the last to put his finger on his ears, the game would suddenly stop and they will all look away so he still gets jumped on.
  • None of them would ever dare tackle Amren, even if she’s the last to notice, which isn’t often. And she’ll just snarl at them anyway.
  • One of them always manages to get injured somehow.

too-many-overwhelming-feels  asked:

HC that Eddie and Stan get hella into football and Richie and Bill are jealous of how much the two boys talk about the team, so they work hard and make it into the team at the start of the next season. Just, football player Bill and Richie. I think about this a lot (and imagine them at homecoming).

- all richie heard was how good the game was last week, and he was getting sick of it

- “eddie it’s just football, who cares?”


- eddie rambles on all the time about the different team members and how well they’ve all been doing this season and richie just wants him to stop talking about other guys

- bill has a similar problem, stan always talks about wanting to go and see their high school football team playing with him but bill never wants too

- “its a really good sport, just give it a chance”

- bill and richie discuss their boyfriends obsession and go to watch one of the teams practises in secret to see what the fuss is about

- bill ends up taking notes whilst richie studies the players moves and footwork and he convinces bill that they should try out for the team

- “if anything, it would surprise eddie and stan”

- bev, ben and mike all offer to help the two train up for tryouts; ben researching tips and tricks and how to use their strength; mike helps them train up physically and tells them how to tackle and throw

- richie is the fastest runner and good at tackling

- bill is one of the best throwers mike has ever seen

- bev takes this time to practise her cheer leading routine and helps pump the boys up everyday

- the next week bev and mike and ben come to watch their try outs and richie and bill do surprisingly well for first timers

- they make the team and the gang celebrate by getting milkshakes

- bill and richie don’t tell their boyfriends what they’ve done but decide to invite them both out on a double date to the game next week

- “where should we meet you guys”

- “just got to the bleachers, you’ll see us”

- on the night of the big game eddie and stan take their seats but can’t find richie or bill anywhere, then ben and mike sit next to them and point to the field where bev is doing her routine with the cheerleaders

- eddie spits out his drink when he sees his boyfriend run out in football gear and stan feels faint seeing bill smiling at the crowd and waving

- the game goes so well and eddie and stan are screaming for richie and bill and getting so hyped for their boys

- their team win and the second the game finished eddie, stan, mike and ben are running down to the field to congradulate them

- bev joins them and cheers as stan jumps into bill’s arms and kisses him, telling he can’t believe he joined the team for him and that he was amazing out there

- eddie on the other hand yanks richie’s head down to his and kisses him more passionately than ever, telling him he looks hot in his uniform and that he’s the best boyfriend in the world


okay so I was talking to @tiberius-herondale abt Julian nd kit and ,, this happened

  • okay so kit is utterly terrified of jules at first bc he’s probably v scary to anyone who isn’t family (ya I’m choosing to ignore that scene where cristina compared him to a puppy or whatever the first time she saw him let me have this) and also bc Julian is rlly tall and kit just isn’t
  • so ya kit is scared of him , (like Julian would look at him and kit just, shits himself) BUT eventually they warm up to each other and bond through their mutual love of gossip and ty 
  • its not uncommon to find them talking shit about ppl (especially Cameron-discount-captain-America- ashdown) 
  • nd if someone says something rude about ty you can bet ur ass that Julian and kit are both there to fuck a bitch up , , (one day someone says smth rude about kit and he goes to stand up for himself and Julian just walks up beside him and folds his arms and stares that person down (bc he actually cares abt kit ok) 
  • ok but real talk,, shadowhunters are completely disconnected from the modern world so  kit has to teach Julian all the modern slang and memes,,
  • like one time Julian complains abt the heat like, ‘its too hot,’ and kit is just like, ‘hot damn,’ and that’s how Julian learnt what uptown funk was
  • (he didn’t stop playing it for four months much to everyone elses horror)
  • oh and if u thought that kit wasnt gonna take this opportunity to screw with jules u thought wrong buddy
  • he convinces Julian that the way to woo a girl is by going up to them nd saying ‘hey lil mamma lemme whisper in your ear,; and Julian falls for it,, Emma has never been so confused in her entire life
  • kit gets the whole thing on camera but the video quality is really bad bc kit wouldn’t stop laughing
  • one time emma walks in on Julian and kit just bopping to fireflies and she just does the stares into the camera like shes on the office face
  • kit also tries to convince Julian that wearing Hawaiian shirts on backwards is currently the height of mundane fashion and Julian says he doesn’t believe him but later he gets a text from emma with a picture of Julian with his shirt on backwards ‘did you have anything to do with this?’ and kit straight up cackles
  • pls consider,, kit printing out memes just to teach them to Julian only for him to use them incorrectly in an attempt to be ‘down with the kids,’
  • nd kit shows Julian vine and when he goes to download it and finds out that its gone, he gets So angry, ,,
  • everytime Julian does something remotely wild he says ‘do it for the vine,’

             - ‘Julian that was a red light !! you’re supposed to stop,” “yeah well, I, an intellectual, am doing it for the vine,’

         okay this got rlly long but kit and Julian bonding nd getting to have a good time nd a fun relationship is my shit ok ,, 

Fate, Destiny, Whatever. (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 24,698

Warnings: Smut ‘n swears

Authors Note: Yo, I’m really proud of this fic y’all. I know it’s long but it would mean the world to me if you could just take some time out of your day to read it it. I would honestly mean so much. Feedback would also be greatly appreciated, let me know what you thought!! also shout out to @adolescenthowell FOR LITERALLY HAVING TO DEAL WITH ME COMPLAIN ABOUT CLOSURE FOR THE PAST LIKE 3 WEEKS TO NO AVAIL. WE QUOTED ALOT OF THOSE LATE NIGHT CONVOS. LOVE U.

Summary: Lin’s convinced you and him are soulmates, but you believe you’ve only found your way to him by a coincidence. Would you have found your way to him if you had met him in a different time all together? Was it fate? Was it destiny? Or was it whatever?

Requests: nothin but my own noggin

Tags: @hamilton-noodles


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“Honey!” Lin called from down the hall.

“What?” you yelled back, eyes not moving from your laptop.

“Come and look at these.” You heard your husband’s voice strain, and you cracked a smile before closing your laptop.

You walked down the hall to his office. You were fully expecting him to show you a new melody, or a rap; instead you were greeted with him sitting on his floor, an array of photo albums spread around him and loose polaroids and pictures scattered all around the floor.

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A/N: I was asked by @kaya174 if I was going to do a second part to this, and I didn’t intend to but here we are! 

Part one

“So Doctor?” Amy asked swinging round the console as the doctor flicked switches here and there with a skip and and a jump. “Yes thats me” he grinned then paused suddenly “sometimes” he corrected before continuing with his jumping. “How many rooms are in this place?” she asked
“Yeah, I found a door labelled ‘scone room’” Rory said pulling a face and the doctor shot him a look “What’s wrong with that?” he asked “I like scones” he said with an additional mutter under his breath. “Yeah, but it leads to questions, how many rooms?” Amy asked again.
“Oh I don’t know um… a lot?” he said as if too many things where going on in his head and throwing his arms in the air as he thought. “Hang… on” he said pausing suddenly as if he was realising something that should have been obvious. “There’s something else… what is it?” he asked, the doctors voice had become caring and soft. “Doctor, what’s the room with the wooden door?” Amy asked curiously with a bounce as she made her way over to her best friend. His face fell. Why do all the latest companions keep asking? “Nothing, forget it” he said and tried to fake being the excitable puppy he usually was. “No” Amy said dragging out the letters in her Scottish accent. “What is it? Only door to look like its falling apart, so it has to be something” she said following him as he danced around the centre of the TARDIS. “Well of course it has to be something, it can’t literally be nothing, thats impossible. But it doesn’t matter, just leave it.”

“Right well then–“ she said before glancing at her husband and nodding. Before the doctor could stop either of them they had disappeared into the TARDIS corridors. He sighed and leaned his elbows on the console so that his head could rest in the palms of his hands in exhaustion. “Why Y/N does no one ever listen to me?” he muttered out loud.

“Amy?” Rory hissed as he followed her down the corridors. “He said don’t”
“Yeah and when do I listen to him? There is something about this door and its important” she said. On reaching the door she reached out on of her perfectly manicured hands and twisted the handle. “It won’t open” she complained
“Mind out” Rory said and she moved to one side trying to open it as well but still nothing. “Move” said a soft voice behind the pair made them freeze, look at each other with a sideways glance  before turning around to see the doctor stood there. His face was forlorn, that sad expression he did when he was thinking about the past. “Donna found this room as well…” he said and smiled sadly a little bit “I really ought to hide it better” he mused.
“Doctor, what’s in there?” Amy asked again. “Something I tried very hard to forget about” he sighed before stepping forwards and pushing the door open without even trying.

On walking in Amy and Rory saw the same thing Donna Noble had done all those years ago; dark and dusty filled with the same furniture. The TARDIS may have changed but this room is a constant. “Doctor… what is this…?” Amy asked “and who is she?” Amy pointed at a picture frame on the vanity table, it was of a girl with Y/C/H and a kind face. “She um…” it was as if the doctor was struggling to find the right words to explain what had happened, or didn’t want to. “Hang on, is that a… a cot?” Rory asked and the doctor smile sadly “Um… yeah.”

“Doctor, do you have children?” Amy asked and he shook his head “She was going to-“
“She being?”
“Y/N she was going to have a baby” he said and tears began to well in his eyes. This regeneration of the doctor is much more open emotionally than the last one.  “My baby” he added before falling on the bed, face first. What Amy and Rory didn’t know was that he had fallen onto your pillow. Breathing in the sent of your perfume that lingered behind, preserved by the TARDIS just like everything else in the room. “Doctor?” Amy asked carefully, glancing at Rory and creeping forwards to sit on the edge of the bed to place a comforting hand on his shoulder. His head rolled over to look at her, his eyes red and tear streaked cheeks. “What was she like?” Amy asked in an attempt to try and cheer him up. “She was… she was like a star… my own personal star that stayed with me. She was… she was Y/N” he told her before sitting up slowly to look at the pair. “We where going to have a baby… she worried it was going to have three heads or a space face” he chuckled remembering.

“I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say something like this has never happened before?” you asked and he glanced at you from behind the console with a frown. “You mean…?”
“I mean” you said jumping to your feet, facing him and forcing him to stop jumping around and look at you. “What if its got I don’t know… three heads or a space face?” you pulled a disgruntled face
“A space face, whats that supposed to mean?” he asked looking almost offended and going to play with something on the console. “Oh you really bother me sometimes” you huffed “you know what I mean!” he shot you another look “Time lord” you pointed at him. “Human” you pointed at yourself. “Baby” you pointed at your stomach. Tears welled a little in your eyes as you began to panic and your heart began to race. He saw the fear on your face and sighed stopping to walk round and pull you close into his arms and place a kiss on your forehead. “No, this hasn’t happened before… but I promise Y/N that I’ll keep you, both, safe.”

“What happened to her?” Amy asked pulling the doctor back to reality. “She died. She had gone to labour…” the doctor trailed off again as the tears over took. Amy’s hand flew to her mouth as her heart broke. “Y/N died… I couldn’t save her, the baby was too much like me. I killed her” he cried.

church camp.

genre: smut

length: ~1500 words

idol: joshua hong | seventeen

part ½

Request: Seventeen Joshua smut?

a siren goes off signaling mass. as you get out of your bunk, the girls you share your cabin with quickly glance at you before walking out and talking side by side. they never waited for you, but it’s never been a problem since you would rather walk alone.

every summer, you go to church camp and every summer, you hate the experience. no one likes you because you didn’t want to follow the rules verbatim. this camp was a joke to you and everyone knows it. you don’t have any friends at the camp, besides for one. joshua. he’s like everyone else, afraid to act out and extremely holy, and since your first summer here, you’ve wanted to break that. you want nothing more than to turn his soft gaze into a face contorted into immense pleasure.

it’s been three years and you still haven’t broken him.

the walk to the church was quick. you stood outside, surveying the nature before walking in. you always walked in last so you would be the furthest away from the priest. to your delight, you saw a spot next to joshua. you slid into the pew and smiled at him. he smiled back.

“last again?” he asks.

“who would i be if i wasn’t?” you return.

he nods his head and smiles as if admitting defeat,

“that’s fair”

as mass starts, you start shaking your leg to try to ease my boredom. accidentally, your foot hits joshua’s. he shoots you a smile before diverting his attention back to the front. being in the back corner had its perks, no one was around. getting an idea your my head, you shift closer to him, both of your thighs now touching. turning your head slightly to look at him, his gaze remains at the priest. wanting a reaction out of him, you put your hand on his knee. you can see his eyes dart towards you in the corner of his eyes, but his head never tilts to directly look at you.

you slowly move your hand up towards his mid thigh. you move your fingers around, playing with the fabric of his shorts. you look up at him to see if he gives me a look to stop, but it never comes. his eyes dart down, staring at your hand, waiting for its next move. feeling a little daring, you begin to move your hand up a little further near his pelvis. a smirk begins to play on your lips as you notice him getting visibly more and more tense.

you move your hand one last time, but before you can make it to his dick, he grabs your hand and looks at you. you look down at his soft lips to see him mouthing “bathroom.” a smile etches across your face and you stand up quietly before signing out to leave.

you rush out of the church and towards the bathroom, quickly opening and closing the door, leaving it unlocked. you look at yourself in the mirror, quickly patting down your hair and adjusting your top.

you look down at your hands, noticing the small lines before looking up in the mirror to see a flustered joshua.

“josh-” you start.

he grabs your shoulder and turns you around, looking down into your eyes. his eyes were lustful and you couldn’t help but bite down on your bottom lip. his eyes flickered down to your lips, before going back to your eyes.

“do you want to do this?” he asks.

all you had to do was nod and you were now sitting atop the sink counter. his hands gripped your waist pulling himself as close to you as possible. his hands slid up your sides before cupping your cheek. you could feel yourself getting wet. your eyes fluttered closed, waiting for his lips to crash against yours.

you feel his lips collide onto yours, moving sweetly in sync. his soft lips kissed yours slowly, making the kiss more passionate than you expected.

you snake your arms around his neck and entangle your fingers in his hair, using your nails to play around with the tips. while pulling away, you suck on his bottom lip. you peck his lips once more before kissing his chin, across his jawline and down his neck.

“(y/n), if you wanted to do this, you know you could’ve initiated it out of mass”

you hum, acknowledging his statement. moving him forward a bit, you bend down onto your knees, looking up at him, flashing a smile before looking in front of you. you unbuckled his belt, looking back up at him.

he pushed a rogue piece of hair behind your ear,

“you’re gorgeous” he whispered

a blush crept up on your face as you try to stop yourself from uncontrollably smiling. you start to pull his pants down along with his boxers, his boner springing up in front of you. you wrap your fingers around the base of his cock, slowly moving up and down. you glance up at him to see his eyes closed, mouth slightly agape.

you lick the tip, continuing to stroke him. closing your eyes, you open your mouth to take his head in your mouth, running your tongue all around it. a soft groan emerged from his mouth, his hands moving down to hold your hair away from your face.

hollowing your cheeks, you slowly move closer and closer towards the base of his cock. you could hear him let out little moans of “fuck” as you went deeper. feeling your eyes prick with tears, you pull away from him, letting out a loud gasp. you continue to stroke him, not wanting to stop his pleasure. you sit on your legs a little bit, licking at the underside of his balls.

a groan fell from his lips and you smirked.

you go back to his cock, licking the underside before once again wrapping your mouth around him and going deeper, this time bobbing your head around his length. feeling a bit adventurous, you push yourself to deepthroat him. joshua moans and pushes your head deeper, feeling your nose dig into his pelvic region.

“fuck (y/n), you’re so good”

gagging, you pull back from his cock once more, using your hands as a substitute. you go back down to his balls, sucking on them this time.

“babe, i’m gonna cum”

this prompted you to jerk him faster, wrapping your lips around his head, sucking and licking it.

he releases into your mouth with a groan, thrusting into your mouth to milk his orgasm. swallowing his cum, you get back up onto your feet, gazing up at his face, filled with pleasure. mission accomplished.

he opens his eyes and grabs you by your legs, putting you on to the sink again. his fingers unbutton your jeans and undo the zipper. raising your hips, he hurriedly takes both your panties and jeans off.

joshua’s hands each take a place on your inner thighs, softly pushing them down in a butterfly position. watching him kiss up your thigh, you begin to shiver. you’ve wanted him for all this time and finally, he’s right there in front of you ready to give you the best leg shaking orgasm of your life.

he blows cool air, you could feel your clit throbbing to be touched.

“please joshua, i don’t think you understand how much i want you.”

“oh baby, i understand” he responds, before his mouth quickly latches onto your clit, sucking lightly onto it.

you throw your head back, the attention to your clit being all you’ve wanted since mass started. moans seep out of your mouth as joshua licks down your slit, rubbing comfortable shapes into your thighs.

he pushes his tongue inside your pussy, lapping at your juices before moving back up to your clit, licking circles into it making your eyes roll back as moans come out of your mouth.

you feel something poking at your entrance, and you look down to see his middle finger working into you. joshua curls his finger, making you gasp and arch your back. who knew a little church boy would be so good at eating a girl out?

continually curling his finger inside you, you start uncontrollably moaning.

“joshua please don’t stop, fuck” you breathe out

he slips another finger in, immediately curling it. your legs start shaking, the pleasure taking over. his tongue flicking shapes into your clit, you can feel the build of your orgasm rising.

“joshua, i’m cumming” you breathe out once again

he helps you ride out your high by continuing to finger you until you start flinching away from him due to overstimulation. you could feel the sweat stick your hair to your forehead, eagerly pushing it out of your face.

joshua rises up and plants a firm kiss on your lips.

“i don’t think you realize how long i’ve wanted to do this with you, babe”

a knock can be heard from the outside of the bathroom, you cup your hand over his mouth.

“(y/n) what are you doing?? it’s been twenty minutes what are you doing?”

“i’m not feeling very well right now”

“do you need help?”

“no!” you rushed.

“i’ll be out in a few minutes, just let me get cleaned up”

-수호 천사

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Imagine you and carl have this game where you always steal his hat and hide it places and carl has to try and find it to get it back. You do it to annoy carl unaware carl plays along with it cause he likes you.

You could hear carl coming so hid behind a wall trying not to laugh. You heard him walk past and smiled. “Y/n” maggie called seeing you “there you are, what are you doing?”. You shook your head at her but carl had already heard. Carl smirked coming around the corner, “not a good hiding place y/n”. You rolled your eyes and placed the hat on carls head “15 minutes” you smiled “not my worst time”. Carl grinned as you turned to maggie “you need help?”. Maggie nodded “yeah if you two arent busy playing”. You laughed “its ok carl won this round, i can help, bye carl” you smiled walking with maggie. “Y/n” carl called suddenly. You and maggie stopped as carl ran up to you. “Hey i was thinking maybe you should just keep my hat”. “Why?” You smiled “finally giving up grimes?”. “You wish, well for one reason in the 5 years weve known each other ive never given you a birthday present”. You nodded “its really hurtful carl, its a daily struggle”. Carl grinned holding it out to you “and second it suits you better than me”. “Its suits me?” You asked thinking this was some joke. Carl nodded “yeah you look hot in it” he smirked “see you later”. You stopped in shock watching him walk away. “You okay?” Maggie laughed. “Did carl grimes just flirt with me?”. Maggie smirked “aw y/n hes been flirting with you for five years but its good youve finally noticed”.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why have All Time Low never played A Daydream Away at an acoustic set? Like, it's understandable why Alex wouldn't play it at any other live show since the acoustic portion staples are Remembering Sunday, Therapy, and now Missing You but really? Never an acoustic show. It's objectively one of their best songs with its use of metaphors detailing a relationship never becoming a 'real' one but still covering there was strong feelings there. Even though it was on Dirty Work (an album they need to stop besmirching the name of) it's still a pretty great song and perfect for an acoustic set. Is there a personal reason Alex doesn't play it like Lullabies? Does it bring back a painful memory he'd rather forget? I need answers.

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hey babe!!! hit me up with some good malec fics?? chaptered and single fics??

yes omg how fun there’s so many good fics/writers that don’t get enough appreciation so im gonna try and put as many really good but not very widely read fics on this list !!!!! it’ll probably be a mix of ao3 and tumblr posts but i’ll be linking the fics along with adding summaries !! (i’ll also be adding a few jimon fics in here as well bc there are some really amazing ones i’ve read !!!)


at the hip (jimon) by @simonlewhiss

sarah wrote this just a few days ago and its so brilliant i cried basically simon and jace are secretly in love with each other and the rest of the gang bets on who can finally get them to admit their love for each other its so cute pls read it

the door, get the door (malec) by @hoteldumorts

this is basically just the internal monologue and external dialogues of malec’s first time scene from 2x18 and it is whole ass making me want to be dead even though its been like a month since she posted it

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How to copy your main character HUD / Keybind / Shortcuts / macros to another character

My lasts 5 guides :

Crafting : Crafting website > FFXIV Crafting
Crafting : Leveling from 50 to 60
Gathering : About GP Regen
Gameplay : Copying your UI from a character to another
Crafting : The Lucis Rotation

> Click here for more ! <

So ! Today I logged in on I’silmë who is one of my alt, only to discover that everything had been reset :

As I had to fix it and I believe it might be annoying for anybody who has to face this sort of problem or just want to have the same interface on their alt and on their main, here is a little tutorial.

STEP 1 : Backup everything.

  • Click on “config’ on the launcher.
  • Click on “Back Up” .
  • Select again “Backup” and save your file with the date.

STEP 2 : Track your main character folder.

It could seem easy at first as you might think that 1 character = 1 folder, but NOPE. It seems that there are several folders for each of your characters and every time you create a character, even if you delete it 5mn after, the game creates its folder to never delete it.
So here is my FFXIV folder :D

Well, time to stop to panic and to actually find Ilwe’ran’s folder in the middle of that mess.

  • Open the game configuration folder : Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn
  • Scream 5mn.
  • On top right of your folder, open the research and click on “Last modified” then select “Earlier this week”
  • Right click on any .log file then select “Open file location”.

If you didn’t play with many character you should have found your main character’s folder. On my side it wasn’t that hard as I don’t play so many character and there were 457 log files in the folder. No way that I have that many with any other of my characters XD .

STEP 3 : Make sure that this folder is your main character’s one.

Easy step there : Select ANY other folder and place them in a new backup folder. I named mine = FFXIV-CHR = .

You don’t need to restart the game here, simply log off your character then log in again :

  • If your interface is still the same : CONGRATULATION ! You found your main character folder.
  • If your interface isn’t the same : NO PANIC ! You should now have a new folder with your character’s ID, you only have to fetch the folder with the same ID in the folder you dropped all the other character’s folder and simply drop it back in your FFXIV folder.

In any case : WRITE SOMEWHERE THAT THIS FOLDER IS YOUR MAIN CHARACTER ONE. Who knows, that might be useful at time !

STEP 4 : Sharing your main character’s interface, Macros, Keybind, etc. With another.

Now that you know which folder is the one interesting you, you can easily use it as a base to copy your informations everywhere.

  • Do NOT drop back your character’s folders in FFXIV’s folder. Instead, log in with the character you want to have the same interface as your main character. If you have a queue to log in, drop the queue right away : The character’s folder is already created !
  • Copy from your main character’s folder every single file aside the log folder, then paste everything on the brand new folder.
  • Select yes when Windows will ask you if you want to replace the old files by the new ones.

TADAAAAAA~ ! It’s now similar to your main character’s interface and all !

STEP 5 : Fixing the gears sets !

Because yes, the problems with this method is EVERYTHING is copied from your main character to your alt. Gear sets included which will might make you scream for a minute or two. But ! There is a solution ;) !

  • Once again, log off your character.
  • Find the folder which ID’s is the same as your alt in between the old folders stored in  = FFXIV-CHR = .
  • Inside the folder, find the file : GEARSET.DAT , copy it and past in in your new folder.
  • If this didn’t work, quit the game, repeat the copy / paste, this should fix the problem.


Be happy and don’t forget to reblog this ! It might be useful to someone else some day !!!

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Head canon that Ren never stops doing the "OMG TAAKO" joke. ever. It could be 400 years later, Taako is doing a speech at his school, Ren moves to the side of the stage after introducing him and then before he can even get through "hail and well met-" "OMG ARE YOU TAAKO??? FROM TV?????"

oh my god yeah. she never stops. taako probably pretends to hate it but secretly loves it. he always plays along with it, and they play out the whole situation every. single. fuckin. time. 

You know, i bet after a while ren has her own reputation, so Taako starts being like “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU REN???? FROM TV????” back at her, and it’s this Thing that they do together. its the weirdest inside joke. 

soulmate!au taeyong

Originally posted by dovounq

a/n: umm this is long but :)))) 

  • ok i think you’ll be able to tell this is the first time im doing a soulmate au dont murder me
  • so. TY TRACC
  • ok lets say here that you meet ur soulmate through….. music
  • like you could be anywhere listening to music and if your soulmate is in the same area as you, you’ll know because the song changes to something you’ve never heard before. and you wouldn’t know the name of the song because it nevER SHOWS WHERE ITS PLAYING FROM?????!!!
  • like you can’t stop it until the song is over or until the soulmate leaves the area.
  • does this make sense shiT
  • yeah but usually these moments usually come with bad luck
  • as in you can hear the music but you can never look for the other person because ya know. life situations
  • so thats how it is with taeyong
  • youre waiting for the train for your morning commute and it’s particularly very packed today, on top of that its hella cold and the train is late
  • people are starting to raise their voices
  • so ur like nah f this and put ur headphones in (at this time you heard about the soulmate thing but didn’t have the will to believe in it)
  • and you start playing lil uzi vert idk whatever ur into
  • like it’ll be going hard as hell nd ur dazing out watching the world fall apart in front of your eyes
  • so you dont even notice the song suddenly changing to something more soft and dreamy until u were a few seconds in
  • “wait i never downloaded this boi what the fUC”
  • you have flashbacks to ur friends screaming abt their soulmates and the music thing and ur like soRRY whAT???
  • u had no idea where the song was coming from either but aware it was from your phone only 
  • u closed all ur apps and it still didnt go away
  • and at first you’re apprehensive like haaaa…. nooo… this isnt real…. its ight its a phone problem probably i need a new one anyway
  • u didnt need a new one u just got the newest update
  • you start to look around the station secretly hoping this soulmate thing was true and ur future person was also looking for you and you could swear you did see another set of frantic eyes with headphones in their ears looking around but then quickly looking down
  • u notice they have fading pinkish hair 
  • interesting i got myself a rocker???
  • alas, u are shoved in the train car and a disappointed sigh leaves you when the song starts fading away
  • so from then on you always have your headphones in whenever you can, listening to the literal sweet song of your soulmate being in the same place as you and slowly believing the concept of the whole thing
  • you hear it several times and always look for that pinky hair but :( whomp
  • you get held up at your job and end up leaving late and the train ride back home is quite empty.
  • ahhh, SOLITUDE
  • as per your new habit, your headphones are plugged in and you’re thinking 
  • at a stop a dude with messy faded pink/blonde hair and a face mask walks in the train and uR MUSIC CHANGES
  • you were about to knock out but even hot pockets right out of the microwave couldnt wake you up that fast
  • the guy also has headphones but he’s not wearing them, (are u sRS)
  • you glance at the guy and he’s still kinda sitting there not putting his headphones and ur like fuckiNG SHIT DO I REALLY HAVE TO LEAVE WITHOUT KNOWING HIM
  • ur stop is getting closer and youre literally praying that he puts his headphones on
  • finally hE DOES
  • you watch as he puts it on and his eyes get wide and looks around
  • and then. the eye contact (u were probably crying in ur head by now he looked so cute even wiTH MASks) 
  • u shyly wave at him and are about to go up to him but ur stop is coming up so SHIT GOTTA NARUTO RUN
  • you run to him instead and ask for his phone
  • the dude, still in a daze hands it to you and you quickly punch ur number in and leave ur name
  • “y/n… im taeyong” he says as he pulls his mask down nd ur like WAIT HE NCT DUDE THE OPEN UR RICE GUY !!!!!!!!!! c?????DD
  • “yeah i wrote my name in there already but hi im literal putty and can u stop holding my hand bc im sweating bc i saw u on youtube good GOD”
  • he laughs and u swear u heard the angels singing from above
  • unfortunately ur stop comes and u gotta get off so ur all puppy eyes and pouting 
  • “bye :((((( taeyonggggg”
  • “bye literal putty :’)))))” cue ur heart yelling
  • well yeah you know what happens next. date at amazing coffee shop umm yes pls