its never really this clean

I hate when you can tell that someone is lying about believing in you. I know you think it’s too far-fetched, I can tell. Please just be honest instead of pretending I can’t see through you, just tell me I’m not good enough and let’s move on, shall we?


G-Eazy: The Pri$e of Fame

I really love the contest outfits for the special manga in the diamond and pearl because we have

Platina looking beautiful and elegant, her hairs done beautifully and she has a cute shall and overall just gives off an elegant appeal, like her.

Pearl, rocking a really nice white (?) tux. He’s got a nice collar on his blazer, which has a great tail (I don’t know the proper term). 

Then we have Dia,

Wearing a top that’s clearly too big, with shorts, eating a donut. 

When your parents are disappointed in you cause all you do is draw cartoons all day and pretty much the only thing you clean is your rooom: