its never going to be enough to get ready

a few things you probably did not know about the signs
  • aries: even though they don't express it frequently, they constantly crave attention from the people they care about and feel neglected/disliked if they don't receive that attention
  • taurus: they're incredibly secretive; even if it seems like they're talking a lot and opening up to you, you will never know the whole story bc they'll never let you know the whole story - only random parts of it
  • gemini: very aware of what makes other people happy and of how to cheer them up - actually surprisingly good at comforting people if they care about them enough
  • cancer: even if they seem quiet and reserved on the outside theyre actually completely crazy once you get to know them and it's almost scary tbh
  • leo: 100% ready to help you out through any crap you're going through and are likely to kill someone for you if you need it
  • virgo: they have a rly dorky sense of humour and even though their jokes are usually the lame they'll always be there to pick you up when you're having a bad day
  • libra: not rly nice and nurturing to EVERYONE (like zodiac posts make them seem), actually VERY selective about their friends and gives them the realest advice without ever sugarcoating anything
  • scorpio: too perceptive, even if they don't point it out they can tell when something's wrong before you've even decided to tell them
  • sagittarius: even though they're outgoing and usually manage to get along with different kinds of people, they have only a very small number of true friends who they are ridiculously loyal to
  • capricorn: they are veeeeery picky, especially when it comes to friends and the people they trust - even if they seem very impressed with you they might be just acting polite while judging u on the inside lmao
  • aquarius: they aren't unemotional, they probably do care about you a lot but just don't know how to show it
  • pisces: they let themselves get dragged through the dirt all the time and even if you treat them like crap they pretend they're okay when they're not and do literally whatever they can to help you and make you happy
Being unmotivated is not an excuse.

During these past couple of months, I had this urge of working extremely hard to actually get better at school–my academics. I studied everyday and I worked hard and put every ounce of effort into all of my work. I never let anything slide. When exams came around, I got nervous, I was unmotivated, I was not ready to acknowledge the fact that I was about to sit these exams. 

When I did, every word I wrote on those pages were not good enough, slowly I felt like everything I worked for in the past couple of month were slipping through my fingertips. I was saddened. Exam after exam I felt myself slowly drifting away, loosing myself to  pieces of paper I prepared my self so hard for. I had nights were I was so sad, and just slept unsoundly. I was sad. Extremely sad. And I knew that when I got my grades back, I wasn’t going to get the grades I wanted–and I didn’t. I got average grades and there I felt myself feel extremely angry and just unmotivated to do anything after pursuing these exams. 

My teachers have hope that I will get better grades and that I could easily bump myself up to higher points. They had faith in me, when I didn’t. How was I supposed to continue studying if I was feeling unmotivated? If I didn’t believe in myself completely? 

These past couple of months hit me like a ton of bricks. People were getting better grades than me, and to be honest it did bother me. Why? Because I want to feel that satisfaction, that relief to receiving those amazing grades. I want to feel acknowledged, I want to feel like I accomplished something. I want to feel like I am ready to take on the world and its challenges without the feeling that I was not able to accomplish any of the challenges. 

I pitied myself. I felt sorry for myself. 

Then came a day, were I woke up and finally realized that feeling sorry for myself, feeling pity for myself, feeling unmotivated, feeling like I am not smart enough, feeling like I am not worth it is not an excuse for me anymore. Those feelings are never going to get me to that top university. The universities are looking for people who can take initiatives, people who are capable of taking control of their own life, people who don’t give up that easily, and finally people who don’t get unmotivated so easily and keep trying their best even when they are at their worst. 

That is the kind of personality I need, that is the kind of personality which I will have. I will not stop till I get the grades that I want, I will work my hardest and smartest from now on, I will learn how to prioritize my social life from my school life. I need to learn how to balance. And most importantly I need to learn how to not give up so easily and feel unmotivated so easily. Being unmotivated is not an excuse for me anymore, and nor should it be for you. Being unmotivated wont allow you to get those grades, those accomplishments. 

yall im just gonna come right out and say a thing that I Extremely want

remember how the “taaco” last name was kind of a goof and justin said he’d reveal taakos actual last name later on

imagine some years down the road. all the grand relics have been collected and destroyed, everything is ok enough that all the members of the bureau of balance are able to enjoy a relatively comfortable and secure life. stuff is good. and magnus and taako have been through some shit and it took them a long time, like an achingly long time, and things weren’t always good and there were false starts and dead ends, but they eventually realized that holy shit theyre completely, totally, cannot-live-without-each-other in love.

and it took magnus even longer to get past the doubt and the worry that something like ravens roost would happen again, or that moving forward meant abandoning julia, but he finally whittled a little walnut ring and fitted it with a diamond and he proposed to taako. and right then for probably?? the first time in his life?? taako had 0 doubts that he’d be abandoned, or betrayed, and knew he was loved unconditionally, and he said yes.

and the two of them plus merle are hanging out one afternoon. magnus is working on building a whole gazebo. taako is trying to figure out how to make a cake big enough for practically everyone they’d ever met. and merle is getting his notes ready to go ahead and fulfill his duties as both a cleric and their best friend and preside over their wedding. and its been such a long time that he’s never even thought to ask before since there was so much else that was more important, but he has to, now that theres a ceremony for him to bust out his extreme teen bible and oversee.

and merle looks up from his notes and over at taako and goes, “taako, what IS your last name?”

and taako thinks for a second. looks around. over at magnus, back to merle. and he goes

“it’s burnsides, darling.”

so elias wakes up on the kollektiv’s couch

• he can’t make out whether his head hurts because of all the vodka he chugged straight out of the bottle yesterday, or because of this half-naked ginger guy in a satin robe singing what seems like a karpe diem song

• he finally opens both of his eyes and WOW HVA FAEN where is he and why is sana’s friend noora staring him right in the eye?

• “what time is it? did i… spend the night?”
• “ahh, good morning, mysterious friend of noora’s! a cup of coffee? tea?”
“umm… no, thanks, a glass of water will do” though it feels like even a gallon wouldn’t make any difference

• eskild seems extra pleased with himself, sits down cross-legged next to noora and now elias feels four eyes staring at him

• noora is too polite to ask when is he leaving, and she pretends to not have 25 missed calls from sana and twice as many angry texts from her
• linn is peeking out of her bedroom door every 20 minutes to check whether her couch is available, letting out a loud sigh and disappearing again

• elias’ head is buzzing and what has to be water sliding down his throat isn’t helping a tiniest bit, this cup is like a droplet of water in a desert
• after finishing the cup, he shyly places it on the coffee table in hopes that his face says it all and eskild will pour some more

• noora works up the courage to ask: “hey, elias… so when are you planning on going home? I think it’s getting hard for sana to cover for you”
• “OH SHIT!! sana saw me yesterday, didn’t she?” elias thinks. that’s it, he’s fucked, he will never live this down, how can he look into his sister’s eyes after what he’s done?
• it feels like a long time until elias finally answers. by that point noora feels uncomfortable and wishes she’d never asked
• “yeah, I should probably get going. can you show me where the tram stop is?”
• he doesn’t know anyone else’s names apart from noora’s so, while trying to get the duvet off himself (who cared enough to bring it to him anyway? it’s not like he would’ve noticed its absence), elias shouts: “thanks everyone, you’re all the best!! I hope to see you soon when I’m not blackout drunk falling onto your couch. I’m sorry about that!”

• eskild shoves noora away from the door, suddenly all dressed and ready to walk elias to the tram stop (not that noora would mind staying home, it’s 9:30 am and she’s barely had any sleep)
• eskild is a dad friend and, even though he’ll never admit it, he misses being a cool parent to isak - that’s why he takes the first opportunity to be a caretaker, even if that means exiting the apartment early in the morning to walk a hungover boy to the tram stop that’s really just on the other side of the road

“Never Think” - A ‘Riverdale’ Imagine

Archie Andrews x Fem! Reader

Author Note: Thank you all for being so patient! I’ve made a full recovery and I’m ready to get back to posting. Hopefully I’ll be posting almost every day if I get enough requests. So, this imagine is going to be a tad different as its inspired by Rob Pattinsons song “Never Think.” I can really imagine Archie writing and playing this song and would advise you to go listen to it as it will be in the imagine. Here’s the link;

I hope you all enjoy! I would really appreciate feedback and feel free to send me requests!

Archie smiled looking across the table at (Y/N) as she pulled out her purse to pay for the milkshakes they both had. “Put that away.” He gestured towards the purse and chuckled at the funny look she was giving him. It was somewhere between surprised and confused. “Don’t look too surprised, I’m allowed to treat my best friend to a milkshake every now and then.”

(Y/N) shook her head and sighed “Archie just let me pay for…” but before she could finish her sentence the redheaded boy was already handing the waitress the money.

“Keep the change” he smiled towards her before looking back at (Y/N) “Sorry, were you saying something?” he raised an eyebrow, a mischievous smirk playing on his face.

“Yeah, I was just saying how much I secretly don’t like you.” She stuck out her tongue and skipped to the door. Archie just smiled watching her. Truth was he had liked (Y/N) for a very long time, ever since he met her really. He didn’t know what it was about her specifically. He didn’t know if it was the way her eyes would seem to light up whenever he played her music or if it was how her smile was the brightest and realest he had ever seen or if it was the way she was never scared to be herself and how she wouldn’t take any rubbish from anybody. What he did know was that he loved her, everything about her. He just didn’t know how to tell her. “Hello! Earth to Archie!” (Y/N)’s voice brought him out of his small daydream.

Archie shook his head a little and blinked. The look of confusion on his face. “What?”

“I was just asking if you were ready to go or if you’d prefer to stand and stare at nothing for the rest of the night.” She raised an eyebrow “What were you thinking about?” she asked.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” He replied a little too fast. “I’ll walk you home, okay?” he smiled walking towards her. (Y/N) just nodded, trying her hardest not to look too concerned for him.

They were only 5 minutes down the road from Pop’s Diner when (Y/N) decided to break the silence. “Are you sure you’re okay? I swear this is the longest you’ve ever been quiet the whole time I’ve known you.” She joked

Archie let out a small chuckle “Yeah, I’m fine (Y/N). I was just thinking about how much money I just lost. It’s breaking my heart a little.”

“Excuse me, but I clearly remember you telling me to put my money away and then paying before I could even put up a good fight. I had a great speech prepared about how its men like you that create the stereotype of women never paying.”

“Oh you prepared a speech. So, you knew I was going to insist on paying?” Archie glanced at

(Y/N) while they both walked. A goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Archie Andrews. You know fine well that is not what I meant.” She frowned. “ I just know you like the back of my hand and enjoy being prepared.” She chuckled before letting out a small shiver.

“Here take my jacket.” Archie smiled as he started to take it off.

“No! I’m not even cold.” She protested.

“Well that’s an obvious lie, You’re shivering like mad. Just take it please.” He held out the jacket to her.


Archie shook his head, a small smile  on his face. “You, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N) are unbelievable stubborn.”

She chuckled “I learn from the best” she replied while playfully elbowing him in the side. Almost buckling in laughter while he pretended to be in agony.

They continued like that most of the way back, they must have been around 5 minutes from Archie’s house when it started to pour down in rain.

“Oh My God!” (Y/N) squealed as the freezing cold rain hit her.

Archie grabbed her hand “My house is just around the corner come on.” He said as they began to jog up to his house.

“I should have taken your jacket when I had the chance!” she laughed as she jogged along with him.

“Dad, I’m home! (Y/N)’s here!” Archie yelled as they both clambered to his room. Rain water dripping onto the floor from their wet bodies. Closing the door behind them Archie let out a laugh seeing the mess of them both. “Do you want some dry clothes? I mean I probably won’t have trousers that will fit you but one of my t-shirts will probably act like a dress or something.” He shrugged.

“Yes please!” She smiled, still shivering as she watched him look through the drawers in his room for something she could wear. After a few minutes, he handed her a baggy blue t-shirt. “Thank you, I’ll just you know, go get changed.” She laughed, leaving the room to go to the bathroom down the hall.

Archie let out a small laugh as he watched her walk away before quickly undressing and putting on some dry clothes. He was fully changed and tuning his guitar when (Y/N) came back into the room. “What d’you think?” she asked, giving a playful spin. The baggy blue top was still baggy on her but very short, it came up very high on her thigh, just below her bottom.

Archie glanced up at her from his guitar, speechless for a few seconds by how beautiful he found her. He gave her a small smirk “Would you prefer what I think or the response from a straight teenage male?”

“Actually, just forget I asked.” She sat down on the bed, facing him while he was sitting in a chair. “Have you been working on anything new?” she asked, nodding towards the guitar he was holding. Archie sheepishly nodded. “Play it for me?”

Archie smiled as he started to play. It was a slower song, filled with lyrics that were seeping with emotion. Every now and then he would glance up from his guitar so he could see her eyes sparkling. He silently prayed as he continued to sing that she knew the song was about her. Once he had finished he looked back at her, waiting for her response but all she did was sit there and stare into nothing. Much like he had done earlier that day back at Pop’s Diner. “Well?” he asked quietly.

A large smile grew on her face as she focused again. “Archie, that was amazing. The best thing I’ve heard so far. It was so emotional like it was filled with raw emotion.”

“So, you liked it?” Archie bit his lip while watching her. God, he loved her.

“Of course, I do! I loved it.” She grinned before lying down on the bed. “What was it called?”

There was silence for a while as Archie raked his brains for a name to the song. “I was thinking maybe ‘Never Think.’”

“I love it.” She let out a small yawn. “Will you play me some more?” Archie responded by gently strumming the guitar and starting to play another song. At some point during Archie playing (Y/N) had fallen asleep. Not long after that Archie’s dad came in to check on them both and to say he’ phone her parents to let them know she was staying so she didn’t have to be woken up.

Once Archie had finished his final song he put his guitar down as quietly as possible as to not wake (Y/N) up. It was late now and the rain still hadn’t stopped. He could still hear it pounding down onto the window behind him. He yawned loudly as he slid off his shirt before moving to lie on the bed next to (Y/N). “Archie?” she quietly murmured, stirring from her sleep.

“Sorry, go back to sleep.” He sighed, watching her.

She nodded a small okay before moving to place her head on Archie’s chest. In response, he wrapped his muscly arms around her. “Are you sure you’re okay, Archie?” she whispered. “You got really weird at Pop’s.”

There was silence for a few minutes as Archie tried to think of something to say. He couldn’t decide if now was the right time to tell her or not. Things felt so perfect the way they were in that moment he didn’t want to ruin it. “I’m positive,” he whispered back “I was just daydreaming.”

(Y/N) frowned into the darkness as she decided not to even question what about. Instead, she asked “will you ever tell me what about?”

“Soon, I promise.” He replied before very quietly singing the lyrics to ‘Never Think’ until they both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Stay for Tonight

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Category: F/F
Fandom: Splatoon
Relationships: Pearl/Marina, Inkling/Octoling
Characters: Pearl (Splatoon), Marina (Splatoon)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

There was something about keeping secrets that made them so exciting.
There was something about this specific secret that, although hard to keep, was especially exciting.
When they finally had the courage to grace the world with Off the Hook, things went better as planned. Marina was accepted into society, and they both became popular almost overnight. But the constant dread still clung to them like glue, even if they had no intention of showing it.

Based off of @vanillavagabond ‘s lovely art, which you can see here!

Cross-Posted on AO3. Feedback, kudos and reblogs are appreciated! 

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I used to like Brother x Elena but then the whole second task thing happened and the brother actually seems to be thinking of proposing to her when they’ve been together what? A month? When he could just tell her about his nana’s request and they could figure something out - either they break up until he gets the inheritance (because it said propose or end things) or he proposes to her with her knowing whats going on and she says no (because her saying yes wasn’t a requirement). Not this nonsense where he seems to be seriously thinking about how he’s going to do it.

Isn’t one rushed marriage enough? Shouldn’t they have maybe… talked marriage before he proposes, if he actually intends to do so?

(And don’t get me started on how done I am with the nana’s requests. Elena had never even met the family - why is it nana who decides when its time for him to propose? She doesn’t know the private details of their relationship. Even if they had been a real couple, there might have been a reason he hadn’t proposed yet - maybe he wasn’t ready, maybe him or Elena didn’t want to get married. Why is Nana the one making these decisions for them?)

UchiSaku Week Day Seven: Roses

Prompt: Author’s choice / freestyle / xxx / smut, Music Prompt: Your choice! Share your inspiration!

Pairing: IndraSaku

@madasakuweek thank you for organising :’)

“Father, please.” Indra listened to his brother’s howls in silence, kneeling outside the room with his mouth set in a grim line. “There has to be another way.”

“Ashura, I do not like this anymore than you do. But this is the only way.”

“No, it isn’t! I will not allow you to do this. You cannot hand him over to-“

You have no say in this. This is for the good of the village, your brother is a hero,” Indra shut his eyes at the sound that escaped his brother’s lips, as Ashura was unable to express his despair with words that wouldn’t have reached their father’s mind in any case. “I know this is hard to accept, but pull yourself together. You will be the next chief. Your studies will start tomorrow.” The door slid open and Hagoromo stepped out only to stop in his tracks when he spotted Indra next to the door. He hesitated, attempting to find the right words but as always, failing when it came to the second son who refused to look up at him.

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Cabin Weekend

Chibs: You know what we havent done in a while?

You: Whats that?

Chibs: Gone to the cabin

You: It has been a while

Chibs: We should head up there

You: What about the club?

Chibs: I will let them know we will be away for the weekend

You: Ok, I will do the shopping and packing


Chibs: Ready love?

You: Yes

Chibs: Lets get this stuff into the truck

You: I’ll lock up the house


Chibs: You bring enough books love?
You: Its never enough

Chibs: Im going to chop some wood and bring em in

You: Sounds good to me”

You and Chibs enjoy the weekend together. You get some reading done while he has done the same. Night have been curled up together by the fire or out on the deck star gazing. Lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis under a cozy blanket and just wrapped up with Chibs all together.

Jung Daehyun Scenario: Mafia AU

A/N: Well hello! I am back with another Mafia AU you you guys. This one is obviously for Dae. So I hope you enjoy. And now I only have the maknae line to write for. How exciting.

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Zelo Mafia AU

Daehyun normally didn’t get distracted easily but he had his head swimming in information for the next raid. This was when he bumped into you. He is quick to say that he was sorry. He was at fault after all as he was on break from working so he really shouldn’t be thinking about it. Youngguk would be mad if anything happened as Daehyun had his guard down.

Thankfully he only bumped into you to snap him into reality. You tell him that it was ok with a bright smile on his face. He had been intrigued by your smile and your easy-going nature about being bumped into. But that was all there was to it. He shrugged you off as a stranger he would never meet again…a pretty stranger but that was it.

But the smile on your face lingered in his mind.

“You have something on your mind?”

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anonymous asked:

How do you stay motivated to draw? Obviously you have people that love your art and support you, and whenever someone supports my art it always keeps me super up and ready to go. However I look at amazing artists artwork and I always feel drained... I love to draw but it's hard whenever you feel like you will never be good enough ya know? And when no one knows about your art so no one really cares to help because friends usually just tell you it's great out of fear... how do you stay motivated?

Aw man this is a pretty hard question to answer bc I feel the same a lot ;u; losing motivation sucks, trying to get it back is a struggle for a lot of artists I know so you’re not alone, don’t worry! I find having a place where I save inspirational work that I can look at occasionally helps me, and maybe sparks some ideas. 

It took me a long time to see amazing work as a source of inspiration instead of a source of envy, so that may get better with time ;o; just remember that these people have probably had a lot more experience, and you can get to any level as long as you have dedication to it, so it’s ok! Look at other people’s work and ideas as cool things to help drive you forward and inspire you to do your own cool things. There are so many good artists in the world, and you’ll totally be among them if you keep going. 

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I WANNA READ CARRY ON SO BAD BUT IM BUYING A VIDEO GAME SO IT WILL TAKE ME LIKE 6 MORE WEEKS OF CHORES UNTIL I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY AGAIN TO BUY IT!!! I willing to wait cause I really really want it and my mom works at a book store so I'll be able to get it like 10% off and I'm so ready ahhhgggg I've wanted to read it for so long but I've never had the courage to ask my mom if I could have it (despite the fact that she wouldn't care cause it's a BOOK) but like I'm older and I can now and !!!!!!!!

go get it!! haha no need to rush tho, take your time :D

‘Sometimes its not enough’, those words tore through me and broke my heart. Because it was true, it wasn’t enough, our love wasn’t enough and sometimes thats the way it has to be, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. She was the love of my life, I’ve always struggled to write our story because it would never be an easy one. And I don’t think I’m ready to get over you and let you go. I watched as you cried darling and it took every fibre of my being not to comfort you like I used too, because I couldn’t. That wasn’t my job anymore. I was holding back tears because we were never meant to end like this. But we lost ourselves in each other and somewhere along the way we just couldn’t find our way back to each other. But my dear I was so lost without you, my world has gone dark since you left. I love you, I always will. I can’t imagine the day that I won’t.
—  Its not enough. Our loves not enough.//t.c

It’s time!

Well guys I think it’s finally time I tried to give recovery another chance. When I have my ex of almost 10 years in my arms crying to me saying if I was just sober we could be together again. I literally sit in a bathroom and poke myself for hours trying to find veins just so I’m not sick. Going out everyday and panhandling just so I have enough money to pick up. Disappointing myself and everyone else by wasting away unstead of living my life to its full potential. I would never wish an addiction on my worse enemy, it’s going to be one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever done but IT’S TIME to get sober and I’m ready. So now it’s just the matter of getting enough suboxone for my withdraws (which are fucking horrible) getting some Xanax to help sleep during the withdraws, and hopefully find some anti nausea and anti vomiting meds. Then as soon as that’s all lines up I have to at least try to live a better life!

Brad Simpson Imagine

Requested for @halloweenxxname -hope you enjoy
Creds to gif owner


Being on tour with the Vamps had definitely been some of the best times of my life.This is the only time I think our ever be greatful for our managers relationship.You see,about a year ago,I started to upload covers to YouTube when I suddenly got noticed and managed to bag myself a record deal.I was beyond chuffed.I have been fortunate enough to be able to join them on their meet the vamps tour,because both our managers just happened to be dating.This may seem sweet to some but there constant making out has kinda disturbed me.
Lucky enough,I did get in with the boys really well,they were all really funny and ,they are hot.However I did have a particular special bond with Brad,we got in like a house on fire.It would never amount to anything else though,Brad had plenty of girls throwing themselves at him,and I just had to live with that.
“All ready to go y/n?"Tristan asked me as I was a few minutes.
"Yeah I guess,just nervous as its the last show"I said whilst jittering around.I had a tendency to do that when I got nervous.
"You be fine trust me."Brad said coming over and giving me a long hug."Are you sure just friends hug like that?"Con questioned causing the rest of the band to laugh,and Brad and I to blush."Showtime, y/n"Some one called causing me to leave behind the awkward silence between Brad and I.What did Con mean by that?Brad likes me just as a friend for sure.

After the final fantastic show,I made me way back to my dressing room to pick up my bag.When I got there I noticed the door slightly open,and Brad was sitting inside,looking intently into the mirror.
"Come on you can do this,just man up and ask her out!"Brad whisper yelled to himself through the mirror.Thats when he noticed me.
"Oh err y/n…….what are you doing here?"Brad asked,embarrassed that I had seen him practicing that."Just getting my bag,what about you?"I asked,pretending I did not hear him before and going off to pick up my bag.
"Nothing,I just wanted ermm"He mumbled on. Sighing,I just walked over to him and placed a quick kiss unto his lips.Just as I was about to pull away,Brad wrapped his arms around my waisted and pulled me into a longer kiss."I like you a lot y/n”
“I like you too Brad”

Stand Up Part 2 (Ashton Irwin Smut)

Here it is guys! i worked on this until 2 am so you guys could read it! Have fun ;) 


Imagine Masterlist

Originally posted by itishemmings

I could feel Ashton’s eyes burning into my face as I continued to clean him up.  I smiled and got up to dispose of the bloody cloth I had in my hand, but I didn’t notice Ashton get up and follow me to the kitchen with the frozen peas in his hand. He set them on the counter and I figured he would take a seat at the island, but I was startled when a pair of big hands wrapped around my waist.

“Why don’t we continue what we started earlier?” his voice was low and husky. I giggled softly at his suggestion and took his hand in mine. I Intertwined our fingers and started to lead him over to the stairs. I hear a thump and turn to see Ashton holding his foot in pain. I couldn’t help the smile that crept onto my face and I tried to hold back a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny?” he scolded. “Those jerks broke my glasses and I can’t see a thing!” I was still holding back my smile when I quickly grabbed his face in my hands.

“You had no problem finding my lips.” I said looking deep into his eyes. He smirked at my comment. Oh, that was clever. Ashton just shook his head and grabbed my hand again. I almost ran down the stairs to my room which was in the basement.  I pulled Ash in and locked the door behind me. Oh shit I’m really in my room alone with Ashton. Ashton’s stutter returned as I pulled him closer to me and the bed.

“W-why did you lock the d-door?” he asked with uncertainty.

“Well we don’t want my mom or my sister walking in, now do we?” I questioned. I wasn’t a sure if he was a virgin or just not into doing the dirty so I decided to reassure him that nothing was expected. “We will only go as far as you want to go. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.” I smiled up at him and I was surprised that I could see both of his eyes. The swelling had gone down, and all that was left was a black bruise. His eyes were the most gorgeous hazel that you ever saw. God he’s so beautiful. He stared back at me for a moment that seemed to have lasted years, and I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I put my hand on the back of his neck and pulled his lips to mine. I backed up to my bed and fell back pulling Ash with me. He smiled into the kiss and I giggled. Ashton slid my letterman jacket off my shoulders and threw it across the room. His shirt was still unbuttoned from when I checked his abdomen earlier, but I was too scared to slide it off his broad shoulders because I was afraid of alarming him. Just because he was more confident with me doesn’t mean he isn’t the same Ashton on the inside. Scared and shy. I guess he noticed my focus was on his shirt and he spoke up.

“You c-can take it off…” he said placing his forehead on mine.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to assume something I shouldn’t.” I said this with a smirk referring to the little incident on the couch a few minutes ago. He blushed and playfully hit my shoulder.

“Shut up y/n!” he said laughing as I slipped my hands underneath his shirt and glided it past his shoulders. Ashton was actually pretty muscular underneath the button up shirts and khaki pants and it kind of caught me off guard.  “What are you staring at babe?” he smiled.

“Did you realize you were hot or…?” I said, my hands shaking a little. My fingers slipped below his waist line to his pants.

“Am I?” he said with a chuckle.

“I have a feeling you knew.” I said bluntly. I could feel his boner through his pants and I looked up at him for approval before I just dove in and dropped his pants.  He looked up with the most innocent look I have ever seen and nodded his head slowly. I unbuttoned his pants agonizingly slow and he bucked his hips in an attempt to make me go faster. “Patients baby.” I pushed his pants past his hips and he wiggled them off of his legs. I became more and more aroused every time he bucked his hips or begged me to do something. I just couldn’t believe he wanted me. Ashton actually wanted me. I smiled up at him and flipped him over so that I was straddling his lap. His hard on was prominent through his blue boxers, and his cheeks turned a deep crimson when he realized that I could feel his member through my jeans. I grabbed his hands and led them to the hem of my shirt signaling for him to lift it over my head. He was shocked to see my pink bra was partially see through and his eyes grew wide. He put his hand on the small of my back and pulled his face up to mine. I had kissed boys before, but none of them made me feel like Ashton. His kiss was safe and innocent, but at the same time, dangerous and passionate. It was enough to make my head spin. I didn’t realize Ashton’s hands were undoing my pants and sliding them down my legs until I had goose bumps everywhere. I am so happy I shaved this morning. He ran his hands up my leg all the way up to my cheek.

“You’re b-beautiful.” He whispered.

“Are you sure you want to do this Ashton? I don’t want to give those boys another reason to hurt you.” I was looking down at him and he nodded frantically.

“You’re worth the risk.” He said moving his lips back to mine. He reached around my back with shaking hands and tried undoing my bra. After about a minute of struggling, I pulled away from his lips reaching behind myself to help him out. “Aw I wanted to do it.” He said in disappointment.

“You’ll have plenty more chances.” I assured him with I smile. He flipped us back over and was lying on top of me with his weight on either side of my body. His lips quickly found my neck and began sucking love bites up and down that I would have to try to hide at tomorrow. His hair was slightly curled now from the sweat beginning to form on his brow and he never looked so amazing to me. He was almost god-like. I could tell that he wanted some relief when he started to grind on me whilst still consumed by his boxers. I thought I’d help him out by sliding my hand between the waistband and his burning skin. When I finally reached his growing appendage, he gasped at the contact.

“Has anyone ever touched you like this?” I asked innocently.

“N-n-no. N-never.” His breathing was becoming shallow as I palmed him under his underwear.

“What do you say we get rid of these old things?” I questioned trying to act as sexy as possible. He couldn’t even form words and just let out a low groan and started to pull them off. He was now completely naked on top of me. Ashton freaking Irwin, the guy I had been in love with since junior year, was lying on me…NAKED. I was in complete shock even though I had been there the whole time. I quickly pulled off my boy shorts and now I was naked. Oh no. What is he doesn’t like my body? He is so perfect and I’m just…Blah. He could see that I was trying to cover myself up and he quickly pulled my arms out away from my exposed body.

“Don’t even think about it. You are a perfect angel and I can’t believe I get to have my first time with you.” He was smiling down at me and as if I wasn’t already turned on enough, this definitely made it worse. Oh God, he IS perfect.

“I-Is it okay if I t-touch you?” he asked glancing down at my exposed heat. I nodded and brought his lips to mine for a slow kiss as he trailed his hands closer to where I wanted him. I was always so impressed by how big Ashton’s fingers were and now I was finally going to feel them inside me. He seemed unsure of what to do so I took his hand in mine and showed him where to go. When his pointer finger glazed my clit, my hips bucked and he looked at me like he did something wrong. “A-are you okay?” he asked scared.

“Yes, that’s where you’re supposed to touch, Ash.” I said with a smile and with that he went to work. His hands moved in such a way that it had me begging for more. He brought me to the point where I was shaking almost ready to release and then he would stop and move to a different area. Its like it was a natural thing for him. “I need you inside me Ash.” I pleaded with him, but all he did was slide in a finger. Don’t get me wrong, it felt good, but he was toying with me now and I wasn’t going to have it.

“You never said which part of me you wanted babe.” His grin was enough to bring me over the edge now, but no. I had to tease him too. His fingers were still gliding in and out at an agonizingly slow pace and I decided to start pumping his member ever so gently. Low moans left his lips and he started to thrust his digits into me faster. I was happy that no one was home because I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Loud moans left my lips and I could tell it was giving Ashton more confidence in what he was doing. I had to stop him before I released all over his fingers.

“Ash-ahhhhh. Ash stop.” I said grabbing his hand and moving it upward.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” he said with worry.

“No! Of course not honey,” I said with a kiss, “I just wanted to wait and cum while you were inside me.” I tried to sound as sexy as possible when I said this.

“Oh…” was all that left his lips before I reached for his member and put it at my entrance. Ashton suddenly face palmed and I was looking at him with a puzzled face. “I don’t have a condom with me.” He said in disappointment. I gave him a quick smile.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m on birth control.” I said relieved that my mom made me get it to regulate my periods. He had this eager look on his face like a kid at Christmas.

“You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this.” and with that he slid into me slowly. He was a lot bigger than the guy I lost my virginity too (Harry, Zayn’s right hand man) and I’m not going to lie, it hurt a little. I hid the pain pretty well but Ash was still getting used to the sensation. “Its so tight. Oh my g-“ he started to pick up the pace and I could feel every inch of him in me. I always wanted to be connected to Ash in this way, and now that its happening, and it is even better than I imagined. I was rapidly approaching my end and he started to shake a little so I knew he was close. I kissed his neck and began to whisper things in his ear to push him over the edge.

“Cum for me Ash. You feel so good inside me.” I could no longer speak when he started to pound deeper into me. My head was spinning and I could feel the twist in my stomach telling me it was time to let go. “Ash I’m gonna c-“ and with that I lost all my composure and was writhing underneath him. I could still feel him above me and he held my hands over my head as he finished with a loud scream of my name. We laid there for a while before he pulled out of me and wrapped his arms around my torso.

“That was definitely worth getting beat up,” He laughed, “Round two tomorrow?”

“I have the big game tomorrow, but you can meet me outside the locker room after.” I was hoping he could because even though he was a nerd, he was my nerd and I was going to show him off to the team and the whole school. 

neo-yeppuda  asked:

If you're not too busy can you do a dating Jeonghan scenario ?? thank you c:

Oh boy, i’ve actually been dying to do this one so- I’m so sorry, I’ve been really lazy with requests because I’m just so busy with work. I’m trying to write them all out but it’s taking a lot longer than expected.

How you guys met:

  • tbh I think Jeonghan is the type to frequently go out to those really comforting, warm restaurants and just drink a lot to relieve stress and just relax
  • also he probably orders like pork or something and just pigs out (if pledis lets him) with his 95 liner buddies
  • so that’s where you’d probably meet him
  • I also see him as being a very clingy/touchy drunk
  • watch out
  • I mean he as drunk, saw you
  • and you were just so god damn cute how could he not flirt?
  • but he was totally your type, idol or not, the pretty boys always get you y’know
  • so it just sorta clicked between you two

Dating Jeonghan:

  • no denying this boy would treat you like you were the god damn queen of England
  • he would be such a sweet gentleman
  • but don’t get me wrong, he can be super greasy too
  • like nasty greasy
  • don’t fuck with this boy
  • he’ll eat you up
  • okay but frreal this boy would be the most mom boyfriend you’ve ever had
  • he’ll probably do those little things like nonchalantly move to the outside of the side walk to keep you farther away from the cars
  • or like wake up a little earlier than you just to greet you with breakfast
  • and you know this boy treasures his sleep so that’s saying something
  • you’d mean the world to him
  • he wouldn’t want to introduce you to the other members because screw them you’re not for their eyes to feast on
  • but Joshua and S.coups already know and they tease you a lot
  • they’re all close friends and you try really hard to get into their tight knit group
  • Jeonghan gives a helping hand
  • This boy will probably challenge you to a high pitch competition only for it to end in both of you laughing your asses off because “Jeonghan that’s not singing you’re just screaming now”
  • He’d do anything he can to make you feel very comfortable
  • like, if you try to hold back on your eating because you have to look “graceful or elegant” he’ll probably smack you with the pizza and tell you to eat as much as you fucking want because damn sure you can be elegant while eating an entire pizza in one go
  • He’ll remember everything about you
  • that hairpin you wanted, he remembers and you can be sure he got it for you when you weren’t looking
  • how your third favorite color is like, amaranth or something, he definitely remembers
  • how you only ever eat your favorite things last. Yep. He knows.
  • You can never get away with lying to this boy, because he can tell, he’s a mother of 12, don’t think you can easily surpass him
  • But, oh my god, him and S.coups
  • it’s not funny anymore, they literally are like a married couple
  • Joshua will always be there to help with the third wheeling that they make people go through
  • he’ll distract S.coups just long enough for you to draw Jeonghan towards you
  • bless Jisoos
  • He’s gonna pull small pranks on you all the time. no avoiding it.
  • and by small pranks I mean stuff like replacing your toothpaste with mayonnaise, or like on your birthday he’s gonna hide in your room and when you enter he’ll shoot you with a nerf gun
  • its weird and sometimes can get annoying but you love him for it
  • get ready for the most annoying thing ever
  • you will never look better in selfies
  • he will always win
  • always
  • it’s okay, you like looking at his face more than yours anyways
  • and he’ll always be up for letting you use his clothes
  • but it’ll be weird, because his clothes are baggy on him, imagine them on you
  • /it’ll be like woozi in jeonghans sweater all over again/
  • so you guys probably frequent local restaurants where you guys can just eat nostalgic food and drink soju together
  • and it’s those moments you really love
  • because it’ll totally start out normal, but then as you guys dive more and more into the night the conversation will become deeper and deeper
  • and it’s just great
  • he probably blesses Jisoos for your existence because god damn it you’re an angel to him
  • Once he does introduce you to the members all he’s gonna do is brag about how you’re so amazing
  • like he’s just gotten himself a puppy or something
  • I mean he’s really gonna love the life out of you
  • if you’ve gotten hold of Jeonghan there’s really nothing more to ask for

steveebuck  asked:

"Don’t fucking touch me." STEVEBUCK

The door slams hard enough to rattle the windows and Steve’s heart clenches. Bucky doesn’t call out to him, so he stays quiet until the other man stomps into the living room.

“So Captain Rogers still thinks the Winter Soldier is too unstable for missions, huh?”

“Bucky…” Steve starts, but Bucky talks over him.

“Over a year of therapy with half a dozen shrinks, reconditioning, I had to have my arm downgraded. I was basically maimed, Steve. Everything was in order, except for this one goddamn letter from Mr. America. Who’s says that,” Bucky pulls out a crumpled, ripped piece of paper from his pocket and reads from it, “’James Barnes, while lucid for a  majority of the time, still suffers spontaneous episodes, during which he reverts to the mindset of the Winter Soldier. Therefore, as unpredictable and violent as these episodes are, I cannot recommend that he be cleared for field duty at this time.’”

He balls the letter up and throws it at Steve’s chest. “Fuck you.” Turning on his heel, he heads down the hall to his bedroom.

“Bucky, please,” Steve calls after him, shooting up from the couch. “You know I’m right. The last time you blacked out you put a knife to my throat! It took me half an hour to talk you down.”

“Back in January! I haven’t had an episode in weeks. I’ve gotten better and you know it.”

“I didn’t say you should never go on missions ever again,” Steve says, talking calm and easy. “You’re not ready yet. Give it more time.”

“I have been trying to get back into the field for months. Months, Steve. You had no right getting involved in this.”

“Buck, come on, it’s for the best. You know it is.” Steve reaches out for Bucky’s arm, his fingers grazing its metal before his hand is slapped away, hard enough to make him wince.

“Don’t fucking touch me, don’t you dare touch me right now,” Bucky snarls. “You know how bad I wanted this. You knew it and you took it away from me. Do you know what it’s like watching you and everyone I care about go and risk their lives? Knowing that everyone thinks I’m too dangerous to protect others? Protect you?”

He does know, that’s the thing. Bucky gets quiet and distant every time Steve comes back from an assignment, a bitter silence stretching between them, sometimes for days. But as angry as Bucky gets, it’s worth it to Steve, knowing Bucky’s safe at home.

“I just don’t want you getting hurt,” Steve says.

“Go to hell.” Bucky slams the door to his room behind him.

Steve stares at the door for a minute, awkwardly shifting from foot to foot, before going back to the couch. He watches TV for a while, not paying attention, listening for any sound or movement coming from Bucky’s room. When dinner time rolls around, he knocks tentatively on Buck’s door, opening it slowly to ask him if he wants to order something in.

The bed’s empty, the window to the fire escape open. With a sigh, Steve goes to the kitchen to fix dinner and wait for Bucky to come back home.

A Home (final installment)

10 Things Emma Swan Never Had (and now she does) 
Previous parts (though all can be read independently)

Summary: The title pretty much says it all. I’m planning 10 of those, all Emma centric. Also on
Rating: Raising the rating to a M because, frankly, this one is all about sex (with some heavy emotion thrown in there). Hope you enjoy it!
Word Count: ~3 500

A/N: So here it is. I just wanna say that this has been one of my favourite things to write and certainly the most emotional one. If you enjoyed the ride half as much as I did, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you!


She parks her car in front of the garage, eyeing the gate like it’s a wild bull ready to charge her. The staring contest continues for a full minute before she sighs, deciding that she is indeed too lazy to get her car in and kills the engine. She reaches over to the passenger seat, grabbing the bags full of Chinese (it’s Friday so Emma can let it slide and promise herself that she’d do some baking during the weekend because it’s been awhile and she likes the smell of flour and eggs in her kitchen and the sight of Liam trying to help and ending up with melted chocolate all over his nose and fingertips and she knows how copious amounts of chocolate affect Killian).

“Mm, yes, definitely chocolate soufflés tomorrow.”

She got out of jail a month ago and here she is, with nothing but the clothes on her back and the yellow bug parked in front of the coffee shop she is sitting in, seeking refuge from the cold February weather.

Emma wraps her arms around her cup of hot chocolate, which is a luxury in itself so she tries not to look at the display of different cakes and cookies and pies, gaze sliding to the table to her right against her will. The girl’s giggles and the boy’s sloppy kisses have been irritating her ears for the last half an hour and if it wasn’t fucking freezing outside, she would have left 29 minutes ago.

She feels an absolutely baffling combination of pity and envy as she watches them split a piece of chocolate cake between themselves. Going so far as to feed each other. Are those people for real?

She truly pities them, doesn’t even need to look at them really, she can tell them right now how it’s all going to end, how it always end. But she envies their delusion.

Sometimes she wishes she was still deluding herself too. Still believing that happily ever after existed, that there was a home out there waiting for her.

She crosses her lawn quickly, eyeing it critically and making a note to herself to have Killian or Henry cut the grass, depending on who gets on her bad side during the weekend.

It hits her out of nowhere. She has a lawn. A beautiful house with a huge green lawn and two amazing boys to torture with it when they get out of line and… she has a lawn, ok? Emma Swan never thought she would have a lawn. Ridiculous as that may sound to anyone else, she feels the full weight of it, settling comfortably in the pit of her stomach.

She’s lost in her head and maybe she’s not paying attention and thus has barely opened the front door when her son barrels into her, nearly knocking her over.

“Woah, kid!” the teenager promptly rolls his eyes at the endearment but doesn’t slow down, one foot already out the door. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Out,” he mutters, shuffling his feet, obviously anxious to be gone.

She would be amused, if she wasn’t 100% in Mom Mode as Henry himself calls it. Looks like she had a candidate for the lawn already.

“Care to be a bit more specific?” she lifts an inquisitive eyebrow and her son rolls his eyes again.

Who the hell did he get that from? Oh, right. Nevermind.

“I’m meeting Grace and I’m already late,” he says, glancing exasperatedly at the phone in his hand.

“It will be dark soon.”

“Mom, I’m almost eighteen years old. Come on! Dad said I can go!”

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Muse Pt.2

The source of inspiration

Members : SeokJin ( Jin), Namjoon( Rap monster) , and Hoseok (J-hope) || xReader ||

Pt.1 | Pt.2 | Pt.3 | Pt.4 | Pt.5

An entire day passed, and he hadn’t called, not even a text. You sighed burying yourself in your pillow kicking the empty air, you felt like you were the girl after a one night stand waiting for the guy to contact you, except that the guy was your boyfriend. You sighed into it throwing your phone on the other side of the bed when you heard the notification tone. You sat up immediately from your place pulling it into your hand once again. It was indeed from him, but from the small preview, your heart dropped. You didn’t dare open it up, your fingers shivering as they reached the screen.

“ Y/N, I think we should take some time off. I thought about it hard and this is unfair to you.”

You sighed, he was breaking up with you over a text-message? After a two years relationship, this was all he could do ? You were getting angrier by the second, feeling heat travel to your face. Not for long, since it was soon replaced with a deep feeling of sadness as if your heart was being hollowed out of its content, your breaths coming out short and shaken. You gripped the phone hard enough to snap it into two, wanting to write him something that would hurt him just as much as he did to you but you couldn’t think of anything and frankly, at this point, you weren’t even sure if your words could even hurt him. You kept typing then erasing , feeling pitiful with every syllable. Choked up with tears you couldn’t even breath, and every intake you did manage to get in felt like thorns were being pierced into your throat.

Another notification lit up your phone screen making you cringe at the light.

“ Feel like having a drink, A friend just opened a new club. Wanna go ?”-From Jin.

“ Not really, I want to be alone.”-To Jin

“ That’s more of a reason to go, I’ll come pick you up in 30 minutes. You better be ready and out by then.”-From Jin.

“ I warned you.”-From Jin.

You pushed yourself off your bed, it would be a great distraction from this. You went through your closet for the tightest, shortest and hottest dress your owned making a new mindset, that you were going to make mistakes tonight, and enjoy it like you have never done before. You shouldn’t let this throw you back into the arms of depression, it was hard enough to get away from its grasp the first time. Sitting in front of the mirror, you stared into your reflection for a long minute taking in the sight of your reddened and puffed out eyes from all the crying. You wiped it away, putting on heavy make up to hide any traces of it.

You heard a familiar honk from outside your window and you knew it was Jin. You quickly took your jacket in hand going out to meet him. He stepped outside his car to meet you at the front door, his eyes scanned you and as he always does, he blushed away.

“ One might think you’ve fallen for me ” You scoffed.

“ I think I did. If it wasn’t for Namjoon, I would have already …”

“ Let’s go, I’m freezing.” You interrupted him, not liking hearing the sound of his name but internally you were relieved he at least didn’t known yet. He opened the passenger door smiling “ Ladies first ”. Jin made sure you were in before closing it back again.


The music was too loud, the men too friendly, and you too sober to put up with it all. Now that you were here, in this overcrowded and disgustingly stuffy club, now that everything was too much for your liking you finally remembered why you stopped coming to these places. The original mindset disappearing completely.

Where is he ? You thought spinning around in your chair to look for Jin, who left you a little while ago to go look for someone and still haven’t come back, you wanted to leave. Your eyes traveled the space, examining the pile of swaying and grinding silhouettes only visible through the blinking lights everywhere. You turned back, giving up on finding Jin and just settling on waiting until he comes back, unable to take in anymore of the repulsive sights.

You just stared at the empty glass in front of you, your finger circling the outline of the frame, the thought of Namjoon suddenly coming up. With the chaos around, you had momentarily forgotten about him, which was why you agreed to come here in the first place. But, the idea of him was always present in the back of your head and in the slight sting in your eyes from the prior constant crying. You sighed How could he end it so easily ?

“ What’s wrong, baby ?” A man spoke sounding dangerously close to your ear that you flinched away as he tried to scream over the music. You turned to look at him, unintentionally glaring as the anger and frustration that was already brewing inside of you was about to erupt, the smug smile on his stupidly looking face making you sick. Trying to calm yourself, not in the mood nor having the energy to create a scene right now, you stood up from your place grabbing your jacket.

“ Hold on, wait, no need to be so stiff” He spoke again, this time grabbing your forearm and pulling you flush against him. His motions were abrupt and quick, you didn’t have time to react before being locked into his arms, his hands roaming your body so freely as if it was his. You struggled to get out of his grip but all your attempts failed. A pressure inside your chest tightened, the anger turning into annoyance and vexation, you felt asphyxiated in his hold, in here.

“ Let me go!” You yelled out, gathering whatever energy you had left to push him away one last time. However, before you could even do it, the two of you were parted away. The man violently peeled off of you and thrown to the floor, with you slightly pushed back away from the two.

“ Are you okay ?” The other asked as he adjusted his clothing with a wide smile. You just nodded, not finding your words, still needing a moment to gather yourself. He looked away for a moment, searching for someone as well before waving at, what you assumed to be, the security. “ Take this trash out of here” He ordered the larger, taller, and much older man wearing all black.

You slipped on the jacket, covering your overly shown skin, only now did you regret wearing such a revealing dress. Honestly, what was I thinking ? You bowed your head to him, returning the bright smile he gave you with a forced grin “ Thank you … ”

“ Hoseok ” He spoke, and you furrowed your eyebrows at him “ My name … it’s Hoseok”

“ Ah, It was nice meeting you then, Hoseok-shi. Now, if you excuse me I need to get out of here.” You smiled again, making sure to prove your gratefulness to him, because you were indeed thankful . He had just saved you from a complete mental breakdown in public, but you just couldn’t stay there another second.

“ I can help you with that, I know the place like the back of my hand ” He took a step aside giving you room to move away off the platform and closer to him. You were about to refuse his help when you spotted Jin, also looking right back at you, making his way towards you in an agonizingly slow pace.

“ I see that the two of you have met on your own” He said, as he stopped by your side, putting an arm over your shoulder. It was a simple friendly gesture, that the two of you shared casually a lot through out your friendship, but right now it seemed more of a show of possession. You glanced up at him, making sure that he wasn’t just drunk, but he didn’t smell of alcohol. Only you did.

“ You know each other ?” You asked, shifting your attention from Jin to the other man who identified himself as just Hoseok.

“ He’s the friend that opened the new club I told you about” You nodded, reaching your hand out to Hoseok, which he gladly took shaking it lightly.

“ You shouldn’t have left your girlfriend alone, hyung. She almost got …” He swallowed the rest of his words when Jin shot him a silencing glare, which you didn’t catch. You cleared your throat, escaping Jin’s embrace and stepping away.

“ I’ll go to the bathroom for a moment, then we leave okay ?” You pleaded, staring at him with doe eyes he couldn’t refuse so he just nodded back as you wandered off.

You obviously didn’t know where anything was, and from the state of everyone in the hallways no one will be able to give you a correct answer without falling to the ground swimming and floating in their own vomit.

“ Namjoonie !” You heard a female voice call from behind one of the doors, to the private compartments, which you mysteriously found yourself in probably because it was the quietest place there, only a faint sound of the noise reaching your ears. It’s just a coincidence, it must be the alcohol kicking in finally making you  imagine stuff , he couldn’t be-. And what you have feared had been proven right, his voice, a voice you would recognize even if mixed with hundreds of different sounds. He laughed, along with her.

You stopped in front of the door, your fingers surrounding the outer door nob, shaking and hesitant. You took a deep breath, holding it in and turning the metal handle around to push the door open. Your eyes immediately fell on the familiar face, enveloped in pleasure. Namjoon had his eyes closed and mouth gaping while an unidentified woman grinded against him, her form so perfectly wrapped in his arms. A form you only had the chance to see the back of, remaining faceless, for your own good. Your stomach flipped, the small hairs on your body stood up in pure disgust, and your heart seemingly stopped in your throat.

“ N-Namjoon ” You stuttered, hating how your voice cracked and got muffled by both of their moans and cries of euphoria. His eyes shot open, in disbelief, almost the same expression you had drew on his face now that your image registered in his mind.

Namjoon’s fingers reached for her hips, stopping her movement, as he just stared back at you. The tears spilled without warning and you turned away running. You heard him call your name on the top of his lungs but you didn’t stop, you couldn’t stop. Your legs carrying you somewhere, you just didn’t know where.

A hand stopped you before you could reach the way leading out, halting you. You looked back to find a very concerned Jin peering at you.

“ What’s wrong ? What happened ?” He kept repeating when you didn’t give an answer, only choking on your breaths and tears, unable to make out a proper sentence without it being interrupted with shivers running up and down your spine.

“ Y/N !” Namjoon called, coming out the crowd, only now pulling down his shirt properly.

“ Namjoon ?” Jin breathed out as the younger man stopped in front of the two of you, his eyes not leaving you as you tried to get out of Jin’s grip.

“ Y/N, let me explain.” He started out, not paying any attention to the questioning eyes of Jin. “ It’s not what it looked like ”

You scoffed, finally jerking your hand away from the other, and standing up straight. “ It only looked like you were having the time of your life ”

“ Y/N … ” He whispered, and you hated it, you hated how he spoke your name with the same mouth that was moaning another’s just moments ago. His voice was torture to your ears and you didn’t want to hear it for one more second.

“ DON’T … bother ” You voice gave out, new tears replacing the old dried out ones. “ Go back, Namjoon, your date will be waiting for you ” You turned to Jin, who was still puzzled with everything going on and forced a thin smile onto your quivering lips. “ Let’s go … Please

Namjoon took one step towards you when you walked back, only to be stopped with a clenching fist on his shirt pushing him back.

“ I told you … I told you I would kill you if you hurt her.” Jin growled at the younger man

“ Hyung ”  

“ We’ll talk about this later. Don’t you fucking take another step from here” He emphasized the last words as if they were a challenge, maybe even a threat. However, when he walked out the club into the chilly night, you were no where to be found.

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