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So I did some NPC interactions for my Bloodborne Hunter Cecylia inspired by @annaxiin‘s artwork they did for their character >>here<< cause I thought it was such a cool idea and wanted to try my hand at it :’) hopefully its legible


We vote that fuck of a captain back into his station and he’s already skirting the fucking rules.


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I realized that K doesn't really focus on any romantic relationships really like most animes do, like they focus on relationships as far as friends go but nothing OFFICIALLY romantic. So what do you think Gora did to drop hints at fushimi and yatas possibly being gay and into each other. Because like I said, they don't focus on that stuff really. Also there's a line in the LSW novel that says yata was relieved Saru didn't have a girlfriend because he would've been beaten to the punch. Thoughts?

The series doesn’t really focus much on romantic relationships, at least not in any explicit manner (which I personally rather like, no one in the cast is just there to be ‘the love interest’ which I think is a pitfall some shows fall into from time to time, and the series focuses on the whole idea of ‘bonds between people’ in general rather than going for any kind of 'okay but romantic bonds are the strongest bonds’ endgame). As for the hints about romance between Fushimi and Yata, honestly I see those in the same vein as things like Munakata’s personal space issues or Shiro calling Kuroh his wife – yes it is intentional, but not in the sense of 'we wanted to make these characters actually gay but can’t because of reasons.’ Like technically there really is no reason any of the cast couldn’t be explicitly gay – maybe they were worried about it affecting sales but it’s not like there aren’t anime out there with gay characters, and since K is an original work Gora can make the characters date whoever they damn well please. I think Fushimi and Yata are written intentionally in a way that could seem romantic because Gora is well aware that there is a significant portion of fans who want them to hook up, and that significant portion buys a lot of discs and merchandise and gives Gora money. And because Gora likes money they want the money to continue, so they’re not going to do anything like give Yata or Fushimi a canon girlfriend (outside of the otome game anyway, which is its own weird little thing) and they’re going to write things that make it sound like Yata and Fushimi are in fact totally gay for each other, and all the people making the official art are going to draw Fushimi and Yata in romantic poses because that’s what sells magazines. So I’d say that yes, I think those hints are intentional but I don’t think Fushimi and Yata are actually explicitly intended to be gay for each other – and if anyone asked Gora straight out I imagine they’d deflect and not answer – it’s mainly just exciting the fan base so they’ll buy more K things.

Here’s a picture of Bendy in a secret outfit from club penguin: the Shadow Ninja suit! at first i didn’t know about it at first. but when i saw a small glimpse of it in a video. there it was. and i thought this suit would fit him so. i drew this. i hope you like it!

Oh wow that outfit does fit him pretty well. XD Really cute! ^^

Handy visual reference for the different house expansions.

Click the pictures for more info.

  • You have to expand the main room to the fullest (8x8) and get a second floor before you can add other rooms (but in whatever order you like from then on).
  • You also have to have a right and left room before you can purchase another architectural style than the default Mansion from Nook’s Homes.
  • The basement, room in the rear and expanding any rooms beside the main room don’t have an influence on the house exterior!
Follow up! More New Icons~

Before I head to bed, here are the remaining icons in style of Devil Survivor from the new cover of the P5 anthology!

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still not finding enterprise that interesting yet but i do enjoy the way technology that’s familiar in other series is experimental and terrifying in this one 

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Helo! Not really a fact about myself but I reckon it's kinda interesting. I'm Welsh and on Valentine's Day in Wales we give each other special spoons!

Wow that’s really neat! Thank you for sharing!! This is kind of a fact about me i guess (maybe??), but for the holidays last year my Ma put taco shells stuffed with chocolate coal in me and my sister’s stockings lmao. The taco shells broke when we pulled them out, but it was still really funny. My younger sister was pissed for some reason and I was just laughing my ass off. My 4 yr old sister though, she just, didn’t move a muscle. She stared and stared at the taco remains, like she was trying her best to comprehend why there was even a taco in her stocking in the first place. So i guess in my family we give each other taco shells for the holidays lol  


nIll spare you my terrible hand writing:

Boku no Hero Academia OC number one - no name yet
Age: 24-ish
Quirk: Cooler. Passive. Slows down the molecule vibration of whatever’s within 3-4 inches of her skin. Good for chilling the air in a room, and holding beverages for people. Not so good for the heat bill at home,  or cuddling. Sleeps in like a literal sauna, so her body heats up, and cools down slowly during the day, until she goes to work. 

Has a special insulated (and heated?) overall in case she couldnt sleep in her sauna at all or long enough, or if it’s already cold outdoors. Could potentially lower the temperature of things to absolute zero, but no one wants to find out. Body is not particularily affected by cold or heat. Kills fires just by going close. 

Occupation: Works at her uncles meat packaging factory, night shift. Mainly sits around in the freezers and coolers, passing time, keeping the rooms chill. Saves her uncle lots on their electricity bills. She also does controlls of the temperatures, equipment and facilities throughout the night, and some other odd tasks. 

Lives at home with two parents and 1-2 siblings. Not a licenced hero, but graduated from a hero program at high school (not UA). Went to a non-hero university for two years (maybe), studying something fairly mundane. 

Boku no Hero Academia OC number two - no name yet either
Quirk: Freckles consist of a pigment that uses the sunlight to produce…??? something

I drew her first but it just didnt fit Number One, so this is her best friend instead, maybe girlfriend. 

anyway yeahhh

i just changed my mobile theme and i think it looks pretty neat. the lyrics in the desc are from the song “some kind of nature” by gorillaz but….. every time i read it i cant help but think of that one scene from bill & teds excellent adventure when they are trying to communicate with socrates and bill (or ted?) was like “all we are……… is dust in the wind dude”

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Could you possibly come up with a quest for a Page of Light in the Land of Fortune(cookie)s and Whispers?


You are the Page of Light on your planet, the Land of Fortune Cookies and Whispers (LOFCAW).

The ground beneath your feet crunches noisily as you hurriedly rush to catch the voices you heard. Every few hours, you get the feeling that someone is trying to tell you something, but this is the first time since you landed that there have been audible voices. They move quickly in the wind, but you are determined to uncover whatever secrets they have in store. They speak of hidden treasure, limitless knowledge, countless fortunes, and a monster that lives far beneath the crust, one whose knowledge surpasses all but the legendary Page that the consorts had told you about. You wonder who it could be, but between lapses of trying to follow that particular train of logic, you spend your time checking the fortunes your careless cracking leave behind. After the voices fade far, far away, you loop back and spend some time reading the fortunes. Your strength will be unmatched someday soon and The great denizen beckons are the two most ominous and exciting fortunes so far. Your job is to use the hints of knowledge floating about and the advice written in the ground to find what will give you unlimited knowledge and fortune on the Land of Fortune Cookies and Whispers.

@astranemus replied to your photo: That thing’s been in shrink wrap for 11 years….


FWIW, I never found out why they used that design or what it meant, and back then they probably had a reason for it. I have more guesses these days, but yeah. Now I do wonder if that was actually a Thing.