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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: Cussing

Word Count: 1,226 (I’m not sorry)

Cariña - Dear or Darling

Tag List: @the-a-ham @philipandlaurens

You were doing your usual, sitting and doing your grueling work on your computer, when the door opened.

“Cariña?” Lin called. “I’m home!”

An smile crept on your face, as it always did when your boyfriend came home from work. You sat up and yelled “I’m in the living room!”

He pranced in, grinning and holding a large wooden object. You looked at him quizzically. “What’s that?” You pointed at the object. “It’s for you!” he smiled like a giddy child and held it out to you.

You took it carefully and inspected it. It was a large book, carved and put together beautifully. Looking at Lin and raising an eye brow, you said “What is it?” his brown eyes sparkled. “Well, look at it!”

The cover was carved with a title at the top in swirling letters. “The Perfect Fit”. In the middle, two detached pieces of wood shaped like a Yin Yang sign were there, one had a picture of you carved into it, the other a picture of him. In between the two was carved “A story of two people who fit perfectly together.” You looked at Lin, then tried to turn the page and found you could not. “No, no, it’s a puzzle!” Lin chuckled. He put a hand on the piece that had your face on it, and you looked at him for a moment before putting your hand on the other one. You pushed it and it moved, Lin pushed his, so that they came together, and a click could be heard.

You turned the page.

On one side, there was more writing. You inspected it.

“Once upon a time, there was an awkward young Latino boy and a beautiful girl with [eye color] eyes. She was energetic and kind, he was nerdy and whimsical.” You giggled lightly.

“One warm Spring morning, the two were walking to school when they bumped into each other, causing them to drop their books. They apologized at the same time, helped each other gather their things, and when they walked away they both hoped they’d see each other again.”

On the opposite page, there was two half circles with knobs. You tentatively turned the first knob and where the half circles ended there was an array of characters and things. You smiled when you saw the familiar one, a little ghost, and you remembered that when you’d met, he’d been wearing a shirt of Casper the ghost. Reaching for the second knob, you stopped it on another familiar object, heels. You’d been wearing heels that day. Never again.

A click, and you looked up at Lin. His eyes were wide and he looked at you expectantly. There was a sense of something in his eyes. Anxiety? Fear? You turned the page.

It was titled “The Journey”. Your eyes flitted over the writing and you couldn’t help but smile like a dork.

“The girl went to school and noticed that awkward but dashingly handsome boy being bullied every day. He was called names, pushed, shut in lockers, and thrown in trash cans. One day she couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up against the bullies for him. This started their friendship.

In college they were dorm roomies and stayed close through everything. Bad relationships, breakups, family loss, you name it. They were constantly there for each other, but neither realized they were slowly falling in love.

When they were 20 hey got into a play in theater together, and both were cast in the lead roles. Their first kiss was scripted, but that’s when he realized he loved her. He finally mustered up the courage to ask her out a month later, right after their performance of the play. She said yes.”

On the other page, there was a little car and a bunch of grooves for it to drive through. As you moved the tiny Chevy, little landmarks swung up. The theater where you had your first kiss, the building  you had your first date on top of overlooking the stars, and it ended at one of your fondest memories, the time when you snuck away in Lin’s car and drove all the way to Florida and played on the beach two days before your exams started. When you reached the end, there was a click. You turned the page.

This one was titled “Little Ankle” and read:

“The two went to Florida at a time that was pretty inconvenient. But they came back not only happy, but with a new companion.

Little Tobillo came running up to them on the beach cold, wet, and covered in sand. A helpless puppy with nowhere to go. They took her in and named her Tobillo because she liked to nip their ankles. They thought she was a boy at first but by the time they found out it was too late to change her name. Tobi it was and Tobi it would stay.”

On the opposite page was a circle with you on one side and Lin on the other, cut down the middle. You glanced at Lin and then separated the two to reveal Tobillo walking in between the two. You giggled and turned the page.

“Perfect Two” was the title, and you read on.

“Now you’re  probably wondering what the fuck I’m doing. Have patience, love, and let me tell the story.

Now, they’re getting older. Not really settling, because everyone knows they’ll probably never settle down. But calming, a bit. He does movies and theater. she does work from home and the occasional theater role. They’ve been dating for going on 7 years. Are they really perfect for each other? No one knows.”

You frowned a bit and looked at the opposite page. It was an eyelet and a moving piece of wood. You looked at him. He was fidgeting in his seat and you could see he was shaking. “Go on.” He coaxed quietly. “Open it.”

You pried your eyes off of him, mind ablaze with questions, and turned the page.

The little compartment opened to reveal a beautiful ring with a sparkling diamond staring you in the face. You began to shake, and slowly picked it up, looking it over. Finally, you looked a Lin. But he wasn’t there, he was on one knee on the floor, his brown eyes sparkling despite his shaking hands.

“[full name], I’ve loved you since we bumped into each other, and ever since. I’ve never stopped loving you and I never will. You’ve stayed with me through thick and thin and that makes me so happy. I know I can always rely on you for anything, and I know for sure that I want you to be my wife. What do you say?”

You didn’t bother wiping the huge tears streaming down your face, you just stared at him, ring clutched in between your fingers, and watched as his face started to fall. You immediately enveloped him in a huge hug, now sobbing into his shoulder. After a few minutes, you pulled away and looked at his face. He had tears on his face and in his eyes, which you wiped away with your thumb. You thought for a good minute, just looking at him as more tears fell from both of your eyes.

Finally, you spoke.

“Of course I’ll marry you, you fucking dork.”

Inspired by:

Jon  peered around the corner, followed closely by the askers.  Scanning the back of the store, he finally noticed the figure crouched against the far wall.  As he floated nearer, he could make out soft muttering, they appeared to be talking to themselves.  “No, no come on… I’m fine, we- I’m okay, just… come on, please…”
“Um, hello?”
The man’s head snapped up, and Jon took note of his wide, dulled gray eyes before he looked back down at his mottled hoodie.  He didn’t respond further, so Jon continued, “Er… are you alright?”
He was silent for a moment, before responding, “Yes.”  His voice was low, but oddly familiar; the accent sounded slightly warped and strange.
“Oh alright!  Sorry to disturb you, just wanted to make sure I didn’t startle you or anything… it’s Tedd, right?”
He seemed surprised at this, and took a moment before replying, “Er… yeah.”
“I’m Jon, nice to meet you!”  The ghost floated a little nearer, obviously happy Tedd no longer seemed so distressed.  “I don’t suppose you live in Durdan Lane up the street?”
“Um, yeah actually, I do.”  Tedd pushed himself up from the floor, leaning against the wall now.  
“I do too!  Sorry, I kind of assumed, seeing as you weren’t exactly freaking out talking to a ghost or whatever, haha…”
“N-no, that’s fine!  Yeah, um, I moved in pretty recently?”
“Cool!  That explains why I haven’t seen you before I guess.”  Jon glanced back towards the front of the store, but didn’t see any immediate sign of his friends.  “Do you want to head back with me?  I think Eddie and Mark already left.”
“Oh, uh… sure?”
Jon joined Tedd’s party.


Do you remember when we were eleven? Let’s go back to that.

The words roll across Harry’s mind like waves breaking. He blinks, his smile fading, and begins reading again.

Do you remember when we were eleven? Let’s go back to that. I’ll throw Remembralls into the sky and you can try to catch them.

Sometimes I think you can just keep my wand. I think of all the Dark spells I performed, all the Unforgiveables I tried to cast with it.  But then I remember when I was eleven years old, learning Lumos and casting mending charms, and it’s hard to let go of that.

So give me my wand, or give me a timeturner.

—  Running on Air by eleventy7

when they were standing in buckys apartment steve was just barely containing the urge to touch bucky, to take him and run before someone hurt him. he kept inching forward cautiously as if bucky were a feral cat just learning to trust humans. it’s because of this hesitation and buckys visceral reaction that steve only touches him on the shoulder later. anything else would be too much too soon. and god knows bucky has had enough people touching on him w/o his consent. steve refuses to be another name on that list and so he puts his own wants last. let me repeat that. steve spends 2yrs searching, finally corners bucky and does not take what he wants even after seeing his face in buckys journal. the most he asks for is for bucky to tell him why. “tell me you loved me and couldn’t stand to lose me. watch me do the same for you.” and this repeats in wakanda only steve holds back and stuffs his hands in his pockets instead even though he can’t even look at bucky when bucky says going back under is best. he goes right back to being brooklyn steve watching bucky ship out and feeling helpless. their love is an endless sacrifice and it keeps tearing them apart but this vicious passionate love is the only thing they know. it’s beautifully simplistic: give the other person your everything endlessly.


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