its named kitty


these are kind of old and kind of blurred but. 

In regards to 'Kitty'

I think we can all agree that Kitty is the most wonderful ship name and we as a fandom have been gifted. But

*Controversial opinion*

It is also a curse; it is hard to track the tag on tumblr and find any ‘Kitty’ content without pictures of kittens WHICH IS GREAT but not what I’m looking for.

Should we adopted another ship name (-??Blackrook??-) for Kitty as well as keeping the 'Kitty’?

summer-mclaughlin  asked:

Hey your art is really cute!! I love it! Stop saying it's bad 😊😊

oh gosh, it means so much that you like my little drawings, thank you!~

( ´ ω ` )

Honestly, i really wish i could stop saying my art is bad, but the thing is, i really do think my art is bad… I have a lot of insecurities, and one of which is my drawings… Sometimes i will look at my art and say, “Wow that actually looks nice”, but most of the time, i have trouble liking what I create… The main reason being that I compare myself to other artists, and that really brings me down… I feel that the little things I create don’t really matter, if there are other artists who are better at bringing happiness to others than I ever will…

but yet… I try and fight this insecurities that I have, and I try my best to tell myself, that everyone is unique, and even if I can’t bring happiness as much as others do, i know that I might at least bring a little happiness to others, and that as I’m growing and learning more, I hope to learn to appreciate the little things I do, even if its not as good as many others have done… ;o;

there are a lot of lovely peeps who follow me that I very much appreciate for their love and support, for you all help me keep moving forward… thank you!

Thank you for this nice little message, ♥ ♥ ♥… and I’m sorry if this is a big response…

my kitty wants to thank you for all the love too!


Look, this cat fights crime by playing with electrical systems. She and Tony were meant to be.

Iron Man vol 1, #79 (1975)

Sapphire stuff b4 i go to be:

-She has asthma and really bad anxiety and its SUPER easy to give her an asthma attack. like once someone slammed a door and she almost died

-She’s usually crying. Just straight up crying as she goes about her normal daily stuff. 

-On occasion, she drinks, but she doesn’t have good self control or good sense of consequence so she usually drinks enough to make herself throw up

-She used to be super fun and peppy and cheerful but these days she’s…not

-She has mild agoraphobia and so she spends most of her time in the guild

-She has a LOT of magic power but its all used for her Archive magic. If she used her magic for some sort of battle magic, she’d be hella dangerous. 

-Everyone feels bad for her but kinda avoids her bc shes….Her

-she sleeps a LOT

-has a pet kitty. just a normal kitty. its name is Jelly and it loves skritches. 

-she is uber protective of her brother even tho he’s the fighter and he could take just abt anyone in the guild

-She wears rlly thick, big, round glasses and has blue hair