its name is sammy

i got a stuffed raccoon and named him ben 

what animal should i get to name sammy


They do. Usually its just Bendy, Wally has things to do, but sometimes they both do.

((also i have no idea what the ship name is, does anyone know if there is one or do I have to make something up edit from the future - ship name is Samsie.))

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Could you do Jude with he/they rpronouns and Jude with she/her and maybe, if its not too much trouble the name sammi with he/they (I'm trying to figure out if I'm gonna change my name and how I feel about using she, also I love you guys!!!!! So!!!!! Much!!!!!!)

Jude is amazing!!! He is awesome and super valid!!! I hope they are having a great day and that this helps him!!

Jude is amazing!!! She is awesome and super valid!!! I hope she is having a great day and that this helps her!!!

Sammi is amazing!!! He is awesome and super valid!!! I hope they are having a great day and that this helps him!!!

((also it’s just me. Just one person :3))

The Truth About Dan And Phil

So my friend from Twitter called fairyoakley made me think about the Phandom.

Howell has 6 letters 

Lester has 6 letters

Fandom has 6 letters

 Guys its 666 for us too….. THIS IS AN ILLUMINATI SHIT OMFG.


Request; So for the request, would it be posible for you to write on where its set in season two during the episode with the Djinn (I forget what it’s called) where instead of Dean being captured, its the reader and in the dream shes married to Dean and later on she admits that she loves him? I’ve had this idea floating around in my head forever but I could never do it justice. Thank you!

Word Count; 1,967

Warnings; None

Pairing; Dean x Reader

A/N; I remember what happened in that episode but not much of it, so if this is a little different from it I’m sorry. But going to try my best to make it good, have a good day!

~      ~         ~       ~       ~            ~         ~           ~           ~          ~          ~        ~       ~       ~         ~       ~      ~      ~

It was a cold fall night, you were out on a hunt with Dean while Sam stayed at the bunker to do more research. You figured this hunt would be easy, quick just killing the witches but you were wrong, so wrong. It was an hour long drive, which meant an hour long drive of you in the car with your crush, hopping one day he’d slip out and tell you he felt the same.

You’ve had feelings for Dean for a few months now, they were huge feelings but you don’t know if you’d call it love.  Hell maybe it was love, but you didn’t want to go that far yet.. Especially because he doesn’t feel the same about you.

“Y/n, if you need help we got each other backs. You know that right?” Dean asked, looking over at you while driving

“Yeah, of course. Forever.” You say, giving him a soft smirk, so he gives you one back.

You finally arrived at the dark alley, heading to the cave where the witches stayed at. It was terrifying, but you fought things like this for a living, as crazy as it sounds. Also it was always better with Sam or Dean by your side.

You walked into the dark cave and got chills up your spine, you always hated going on hunts because you never knew how badly they’d turn out, if this was going to be the last time you see Dean, or he sees you.

“Well Well what do we have here?  one of the witches said

"We’re here to kill you son of a bitches.” Dean says while taking out a knife from his back pocket

“Oh I don’t think so, you see you can’t kill us.. Without getting one of you killed.” She laughed

“You go ahead and watch us.” you say, walking to her with your knife in your hand also

“Oh sweetheart, You don’t know what’s coming to you..” she says, giving you an evil grin

“You leave her alone!” Dean yells while running to her

Then all of a sudden, you felt a big hit on your head and everything went black.

“I got her with a spell, she won’t be able to wake up now. For a very.. very long time..” she says, then disappears into the darkness. leaving your sleeping body and Dean by yourselves.

Dean runs over to your body thats laying on the ground

“Oh no, y/n come on wake up!” he yelled quietly, shaking your shoulders. But there was no point.

He carried you in his arms bridal style to the impala, laying you in the back and covering you with a spare blanket he keeps back there.

“Hold on tight y/n, Sammy and I are gonna fix this.” he whispers, while kissing your forehead.

~The Dream~

You didn’t know what was going on, the last thing you remembered was getting hit on the head and everything went black. You sat up in your giant bed, in your white bedroom full of pictures of you and your family with.. Dean? “What in the world is going on?” you thought to yourself.

You got up out of bed, and walked around your top floor, there was two other bed rooms with kids toys in it, one with girly and the other one was more like a boys. “Do I have kids?..” you asked yourself in your head, now you’re starting to freak out even more.

“Mommy! You’re awake!” the little girl who looked about 5 years old yelled, jumping into your arms

“Uh..y..yeah?” you say awkwardly, how do you even reply to something like that?

“Mommy!” the little boy who looked around the same age as your “daughter” yelled, jumping into your arms too

“Guys, wheres Daddy?” you ask politely

“He’s downstairs making breakfast, Come on Alex lets go play in my room!”

“Alright, wait for me Emily!”

*Few minutes pass*

You walked downstairs, trying to figure out where the kitchen is, and what’s happening. You turned into the living room, then saw a door. You looked around the living room, it was a beautiful blue color. Like light blue, filled with family pictures and pictures with quotes on them such as “Family comes first”, “Home sweet home” and so on. You were so focused on the pictures, trying to figure out what’s going on then you heard a loud bark come from behind you. You turn around to see a German Sheppard, sitting and wagging its tail at you.

“But Dean hates dogs..” you thought to yourself, looking at the dog with confusion, then noticed a tag on its collar that had its name on it


“Oh god, please don’t tell me what I think this me..” then you heard a familiar voice cut you off, it was Dean

“Hey honey” he said with the biggest smile on his face

“Hey Dean..” you say awkwardly, after you mentioned his name he had the saddest look on his face

“Why are you calling me Dean.. we agreed not to call each other our real names anymore, we’re not hunters anymore you know this.” he whispered and sighed.

“’re right. Sorry, it slipped.” you said, rubbing your arm up and down

It was awkwardly quiet for a few seconds, then he finally spoke up

“I made you pancakes!, come on lets go eat” he yelled happily

You two walked into the kitchen, it was a bright yellow color with a big white family table in the middle of it. You two sat down across from each other, you looked at your pancakes for a few seconds, studying it then took a bite and it was actually really good.

“I didn’t know you could cook this well”

“Yeah well I’ll always try to make things good for my princess.” he smiles, then takes your hand and kisses it

“The kids are going out with Aunt Sally today, Do you want to go out to a movie?” he asked

“Um.. I’d rather just stay home..” you said, giving him a soft smile

“Alight, we can watch a movie at home” he said

You don’t mind going out, but you knew if this was a dream it was going to be ending at some point, and you wanted to spend as much time as you can with Dean being your husband has you can, since it probably wouldn’t happen in real life.

He went upstairs, packed the kids clothes up and rest of the things they need for a sleep over. 20 minutes later and he came down with the kids, and their bags ready to wait for “Aunt Sally” to arrive

“Bye mommy I love you!” they both yelled while hugging you

“I love you too” you said, playing along even though you have no idea what’s going on.

~Time travel to tonight~

It was finally time for movie night, after this long and confusing day you finally got to sit and relax with your crush…well husband?

“Hey sweetheart, what movie do you want to watch?” he asked

“Uh..Up?” you say confusingly , if they even have that movie in this world

“Sure, already got it in my hand.” he laughs

He put in the movie, then sat on the couch next to you, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder, then kissed your head.

“I love you sweetheart..” he whispers

“I love you too.. I always have..” you sighed, if only this was real.

“I always have too.” he says, giving you a smile then giving you a peck on the lips. Oh god how you wish this was real.

After 30 minutes into the movie you two dozed off into sleep, His arms wrapped around you, your head on his chest and arms around his waist with a soft blanket covering both of you. It was peaceful and amazing.. Then all of a sudden you heard yelling of your name, your real name.

~End of dream~

You woke up to Sam and Dean hovering over you, shaking your shoulders yelling your name with fear in their eyes.

“Sam, Dean?”

“Oh thank goodness she’s awake! It worked!” Sam yelled

“What worked..?”

“We killed the witches, they said to get you out of this sleep we had to kill them.. So we did.” Dean said with the biggest, warmest smile on his face.

“Alright now that everything’s ok, and you’re awake I’m going to head to bed.” Sam said while yawning

“I’m glad you’re back y/n, We don’t know what we’d do without you.” he added

“Thanks Sammy.. goodnight.” you say while smiling

Then he walked out and shut the door, leaving it to just you and Dean. Do you tell him what happened or do you just leave it alone? The hard choice. After a few minutes of silence Dean finally said something to start a conversation to break the awkwardness.

“I’m so glad you’re safe.” he whispered

“I’m glad I am too.. Thank you.”

“For what?

"Everything..” you said softly, giving him a smile, so he smiled back.

“What was your dream about?” he asked out of the blue, looking curious

“Um.. it was weird.. you don’t want to hear about it..” you said, giving out a small chuckle.

“Yeah I do, come on please?” he asked while giving you puppy eyes

It took you a minute to reply, then you finally broke

“We were married.. and had kids..” you said sadly, tilting your head down so you couldn’t see him and he couldn’t see you


“Y..Yeah.. We had a daughter named Emily, and a son named Max.. A dog named Sammy..”

“Well thats weird, I don’t like dogs and I’m not good with kids.” he laughed

“Then we cuddled on the couch..and fell asleep together then I woke up..” you said, feeling a tear start to run down your cheek. Dean must’ve noticed your tears so he took his thumb, and ran it over your cheek

“I… I’m in love with you Dean..” you said quietly with a shaky tone in your voice

“You…you what?” he said, starting to blush

“Yes, I’m in love with you Dean Winchester..That was the best damn thing that has ever happened to me, and it was all fake, and will never come true because you won’t ever lov..” then he cut you off, cupping your face in his hands, pulling you in for a passionate kiss that lasted about 10 seconds or more, but it felt like an amazing forever.

“I’m in love with you too y/n.. I always have been..” he whispered, only a few inches away from your face, leaning his forehead on yours

“Please be mine…” he said quietly, giving you a quick peck before you could answer.. “please..”

“You don’t have to ask me twice babe.” you said, giving out a small chuckle and kissing him again, this time longer.

Dreams really can come true, and this was just the beginning.

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Omg your name is Samantha, so people can actually call you Sam or Sammy *-* btw do they? I want my friends to call me Sammy but my name is Silvana so it's obvious that it's not working:D I love your blog so much and I wish you were my Supernatural-friend:) Keep on going and take care!

Thank you!!! Hahaha and ya most of my friends call me Sam and some call me Sammy :) And of course we can be Supernatural friends!!!