its name is misha


2 years later:

when boruto is 7 years old, kakashi still slips sometimes by calling him “Babashi 2.0″ like…. uncle… my name is Boruto…..

(inspired by a text post circulating around the fandom)

Ok but like

Teacher: Mr. Collins?

Misha: Here.

Teacher: Mr. Ackles?

Jensen: Present.

Teacher: Mr. Pada-Podal-

Jared: It’s Padalecki, sir.

Teacher: Pitalu-Padadali-

Jared: Padalecki.

Teacher: Potat-no that’s not right-

Jared: Pa-da-le-cki. Padalecki.

Teacher: Of course, of course, my apologies.

Jared: *Annoyed moose*

Teacher: Mr. Pomegranate?

Jared: *Sam Winchester bitchface #34*

On the night of Dean’s seventeenth birthday, he feels a searing pain on his right wrist, spiraling out from the veins and building its way up to the crook of his elbow. There’s fire in his blood and metal in his saliva as he watches the inky tendrils make their way across his skin, fading into existence in an unearthly way.

As he watches the blue and ebony patterns brand themselves onto the sensitive skin below his palm, he feels his mouth go dry and all he can think is how unnerving it is, being permanently tied to love without getting a say.

It takes fourteen minutes and forty-eight seconds for it to finish, and by the end his knuckles are white and his eyes are scrunched so tightly that his cheeks ache when he finally begins to relax. His arm feels like it’s been set ablaze and he’s scared to look at it, fearing what he’ll find there. It feels like once he glimpses it, there’s no going back.

Unable to stop himself, he turns his wrist over- and feels his lips part in surprise, because oh, it’s beautiful.

He’s seen his fair share of soulmate bonding tattoos: his mother’s was yellow and black with rough edges but warm, happy insides; his father had a light aqua one, with swirls that radiated the impression of kindness, comfort. As a child, Dean spent hours studying them, noting the softness of John’s, the wavering loyalty but overall love and care in Mary’s, and belatedly realized that each tattoo captures the bare essence of one’s partner entirely.

Dean’s, though- his is unlike any tattoo he’s ever seen, even unlike the stylish and complicated ones promoted in the magazines, full of shimmering lines and curving edges. No, Dean’s is made up of the simplicity of humanity. Sky blue fades into navy, washes into purple and turns to black. White vines curl their way through the design, and blank blotches tuck into the corners. It looks like the night sky, the heavens, his skin a canvas yielding a masterpiece of falling stars and melting skies.

His fingers ghost along the tattoo as he stares at his arm in awe. The skin is raw, but it’ll heal quickly, he knows. For the time being, he has to take everything in, put names to the emotions swirling in his stomach and heart.

He presses the tips of his fingers against the foreign symbols at the bottom, where the ink stops at the midway point of his arm. His breath catches when he sees the name written in English under the elaborate language, the name of his soulmate, his other half, his better half:


okay! here is the cockles (or as my friend @kirathehyrulian says jenisha because she doesn’t like the alternative) that i got at nashcon. the rose that jensen is holding is from the roses4jensen act that these lovely girls at the con put together for this wonderful man’s birthday. we all sang him happy birthday with these roses lighting up the audience, it was amazing and so funny. ❤

but anyway, my friend gave me the idea to use the rose for my photo op with these two. i had a vague idea of what to say for the pose but no idea how jensen or misha would interpret it. so with high hopes for good things, i finally arrive at the front of the line and am then instructed to approach them. it was one of those moments where they each made eye contact with me but i lost the ability to speak for several seconds. everybody says that jared is more the puppy of the two, but has anyone ever been given jensen’s version of the puppy eyes? the one where his chin is tilted down and his eyes are open and focused on you? i received this look from jensen and really had to stop myself from squeaking at him, it was adorable. eventually i choked out that my idea was for jensen to stand in the middle, holding the birthday rose, while misha and i hug him on either side.

they both nod and i hand jensen the rose. watching jensen get into position, i notice misha wasn’t stretching across him for the hug but simply leaning against jensen’s shoulder so i figure, hey, why not try to make it symmetrical, so i follow misha’s example and move to step behind jensen’s other shoulder. the second i got close enough, i leaned my cheek against him (dear god it was like putting my face on a cushioned rock) and reached up to grab onto the back of his shoulder and place my other hand on his arm.

as soon as chris took the photo, jensen tips the rose back in my direction when i step away and gives me a small smile when i thank him. i looked over at misha who was already smiling at the next girl, but my mind was so focused on getting his attention to thank him, i called his name without thinking. he glances at me and i tell him, “thank you, misha!” with a grin and he then smiles and says, “you’re welcome.” i just have this incessant need to personally thank these people after a photo or an autograph for some reason.

anyway, gotta say, after seeing this photo for the first time, i really love how it turned out. jensen is an absolute amazing actor: he stood so straight and still and looks like he’s posing for the cover of a movie poster with how dead center that rose is with his body. misha looks absolutely adorable as usual.❤❤❤

happy birthday jensen!😘😘😘😘

(if you crop me out and use this photo elsewhere, please remember to put credit where credit is due, thank you!😉)

Meet Misha - the Russian Bear

Misha (or Mishka) is the much beloved mascot created for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. Isn’t he cute? (he IS though) (don’t you just want to stuff him in your pocket and take him home?)

And just in case this isn’t common knowledge: Misha is a short form for the Russian male name Mikhail (Michael), and Mishka is a diminutive of Misha. This name, in any of its forms, is a common colloquialism in Russian for a bear, because it is similar to the standard name for bear медведь (meddled). 

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i jus made a new psn account w a cool username so when people see me whip their ass on destiny theyre gonna b like “that person is so cool i totally deserved that :/”

A conversation that probably happened on the set of Supernatural
  • MISHA: You know what's really out there? ANAXIMANDER! WEST ANAXIMANDER!
  • JARED: Oh wow that's really out there. I'm sticking to my white American Texan roots. THOMAS COLTON. That's pretty safe.
  • MISHA: Safe could actually be interesting. MAISON MARIE is pretty safe right?
  • JENSEN: What are you guys talking about?
  • MISHA: Baby names
  • JENSEN: OH! I GOT ONE! JUSTICE JAY. It's my name (Jay) with a side of Justice!
  • MISHA: Justice Jay, really?
  • JENSEN: What's wrong with Justice Jay?
  • JARED: It's not as badass and Texan like AUSTIN SHEPHERD!
  • JENSEN: Excuse you what's more badass than a little JUSTICE brought into this world??
  • MISHA: I think you two are glossing over the fact that I have the wild wild WEST. I'm the clear winner here.
  • JENSEN: West? Direction? Compass?
  • STEPHEN AMELL: *walks by and crosses the road*
  • JENSEN: ARROW! ARROW RHODES! Hahahaha suck it losers!
  • JARED & MISHA: Are you being serious?
  • JENSEN: As serious as that Sirius Black guy!
  • DOG: *walks by*
  • JARED: Bram?
  • JENSEN: *puts on sunglasses and walks away*

Okay. This was my first photo op of the whole convention.
It’s a very special moment to me, even if I remember just little of it because I was too excited about being there (next year I won’t make the same mistake x)).

Misha was unbelievably sweet. HE ALSO WINKED AT ME AND I DIED
I asked him to do this pose and he was like “Yes, yes, yes!”
I also asked him a hug and I basically remember none of it, but I remember me telling him that one of my kittens’ name is Misha. He just said “OH MY GOD!”

Later I also saw Misha at the autographs and showed him a picture of my kitten named Misha.
“Oh my God, that’s adorable!”
“Well, its name is Misha, of course it’s adorable”
“Stop”, and put his hands on his face to cover the blushing.

I enjoy torturing my mother and she can't do a thing about it because I'm 33.
  • Mom: Your Tumblr problem is so serious that you'll end up going into labor at some point in your life but you'll be like hold on, I gotta reblog this Destiel smut before I push. And then you'll name your child Castiel Misha Minion Jewett.
  • Me: It's not a phase, Mom!
  • Mom: Did you get that from Tumblr?
  • Me: There's a lot of judgment coming from someone who trips over herself to see naked Outlander gifs on my laptop.
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Mom: *walks away mumbling about gay porn and Scottish dicks*

The Angel Heart Reaction Video Project

You all have heard about the already infamous episode, so The Misha Project decided to add a little bit more fun to your viewing experience with a reaction video from the fandom as a whole. Oh yes. Let’s do this.

What is this reaction video?

It will be a multi-clip collection of all the reaction videos sent in from the viewers of Angel Heart. The video will be put together within several days of the episode airing, and will be published on The Misha Project’s YouTube Channel. Said video will then be sent to various cast & crew members to show how their work has emotionally compromised affected us. 

Why are we reacting to Angel Heart?

As most of you reading this have probably seen, Angel Heart has been one of the most anticipated episodes this season at first simply due to its name and its possible connotations, and now for Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles tweeting these two “Taster’s Choice moments” from set, along with this video with Kathryn Newton.  This video is meant to be a possible safety net, if you will, in case anything spectacularly game changing happens in terms of the dynamic of Dean and Castiel. The other reasoning is to show the fandom’s love for Team Free Will episodes, episodes which have Cas as a pivotal role in the episode and in the story arc as a whole-  and from the episode title itself, we here at The Misha Project were sure that this episode was the best bet of them all to showcase that. We love our Sam, Dean, and Cas!  

I see there is some mentioning of Destiel, but I don’t ship it. Can I still send in a reaction?

Of course!! This video is to show how ALL parts of the fandom react to this episode, and not all of the fandom ships Dean and Cas, or ships at all! This video also is supposed to be a celebration of Team Free Will, of fandom, of cautious optimism, and a reaction to any possible devastating turning points Angel Heart brings, so send in your squee of intellectual Sam moments, or your horrified face at all of the blood-splatters in the first five minutes, it is all about your genuine reaction.
However, you must be comfortable, if you are a non-shipper or not a DeanCas shipper, with your clip being joined with clips of squeeing shippers, because there will be some crying over ship interaction, and you must be okay with your clips being edited together with clips talking about shipping.

When does my video have to be submitted by?

2AM USA PST the morning / night after the episode airs 

For example, if it airs on April 27th, the videos are due at 2am on April 28th. This is so I can get the video out as close to the actual episode as possible!


Just wanted to get this out early so anyone who wished to participate had time to prepare! Thank you all so much~

oh gosh i’ve been having so many troubles with my name lately

i didn’t realize it would be a problem once i got older, but i’ve been getting the “i can’t believe i’ve known you all these years, and never found out what your real name is!” BUT like how. HOW COULD I..HOW COULD I KEEP THAT SECRET SO WELL. I FOOLED THE GOVERNMENT

people get trust issues with me when i say “i’m not kidding, it really is scout. you guys it’s–it’s on the birth certificate. i did not choose this” because they think i’m kidding and that i don’t trust to tell them my real name


My first interaction with Misha Collins.
We were almost the last people in the autograph line. He was signing for over 2 hours. You could see he was exhausted. I wanted him to sign my phone case because I didn’t have anything else for him to sign and its a constant reminder of this amazing experience. While waiting in line there was a guy writing names down on post-its so Misha knew how to spell our names. I made sure the post-it guy spelled my name right. At this point I was shaky and cold and about to pee my pants just thinking about actually seeing Misha. I handed Misha my phone with the stupidest grin on my face.
Me: Hi!
Misha: Hi Melissa!
He starts to write my name on my phone. He accidentally writes two l’s
Misha: “Shit!”
I laugh.
Melissa: Its okay.
Misha: is this an iPhone 6?
Me: Yeah. It takes great pictures!
I was hoping he would take a picture but that is “STRICTLY PROHIBITED” during autographs.
Misha: Should I get one?
I thought he meant a photo.
Me: YES!!!
Misha: okay
Me: what?
Misha: bye
Me: thank you!
I reluctantly walked away trying to process this. And then 5 steps away from the table I turned around and accidentally yelled out my thinking process.
My friend guided me out of the room.

People question why anyone would spend $55 to get an autograph. It’s worth it. The feeling of seeing a person that is important to you in person is unexplainable.