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Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz - BTS vs Scenes (s1-7)

You took the peepo

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everyone’s in love and happy and everything

anyway… welcome to capitalism where marketing is manipulation

Just girlfriends being gross.

I drink and I hate-watch Game of Thrones.
—  And then I go on long-winded rants about how none of the characterizations make sense, the plots are poorly constructed, and what the fuck is this dialogue? I mean really. It’s fucked. Everything is fucked. Read the books.

dragonlilyartnstuff  asked:

OK, so I've loved your art for a long time and have been too scared to say anything but! I would like to know do you have any favorite OTPs I know you`re a multishipper and stuff but do you? (sorry I know I'm weird XP)

oMG NEVER BE AFRAID TO SAY ANYTHING TO MEMEMEMEME I try to answer things as quickly as I can but sometimes my brain doesn’t work with responding bUT

…….Lams. Lams is tops for me and my wife. We go through like moods where we’re like ‘THIS IS THE SHIP RN THIS SHIP RIGHT HERE!!!’ and we’d say THAT’S like our second one that’s tops but it’s like…

Honestly we multiship BECAUSE we can’t decide which ones we love most it’s just like… all we know is Lams is tops and everything else is all tied for second. Wait Mullette is top too– wait fuck so is Jeffmads– wait– 

you see it right.



“You control your destiny – you don’t need magic to do it. And there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems.” [vernon edition]

I’m slowly regaining back my editing momentum. Just one step at a time. ^^

[little surprise for @hansolmates]

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Eeeeee! What's your favorite Ghibli movie?

too.. too many skj;lkafdk; okay, okay top 5 is:

- Spirited Away (the first ghibli movie i watched and i fell in loooooove ;o;)
- The Secret World of Arrietty
- Howl’s Moving Castle
- Ponyo
- Grave of the Fireflies (even tho it hurt me.. DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN)

tell me your favouriteeeees pls <33


Robert Donat in The Young Mr. Pitt (1942) for cinemaocd <3

you know what I’m still bitter about 8 years later? How alistair Mcfuckin theirin LEAVES, abandons everything if you decide to recruit Loghain. Nevermind that either that cup-o-blood has a very good chance of killing the asshole (which is WHAT HE FUCKING WANTED??!!)…if that doesn’t we feed him to the dragon (again the traitor ends up dead) and avoid needing to have awkward mostly pressured vaguely non-con sex with Morrigan. There’s a way for Justice AND a HAPPY FUCKING ENDING BUT THIS FUCKING DOLT has a temper tantrum and walks away, willfully ignoring the actual usefulness of recruiting Loghain. Listen, I don’t even like Loghain, in fact I wanted to recruit him specifically so I could feed his traitorous ass to the Archdemon. There was nothing altruistic or redemptive about my desire to recruit the Asshole Mac Tir, I thought erasing his very soul was a great punishment for Ostigar and I just wanted someone other then my Warden or her boyfriend to be the ones to die. Because She acquiesces to the giant man baby. She executes a perfectly good archdemon sacrifice to appease mr cheese loving blue eyes. THEN HE BREAKS UP WITH HER!! (cause she was an elven mage) So out of PURE SPITE, she doesn’t tell Alistair about Morrigan’s offer. She’s heart broken and angry, so very angry, and she knows there’s no real future for her, not one she wants anyways. she goes into that final fight ready to die, ready to sacrifice herself, not out of anything noble, but out.of.spite. And Alistair McFucking Theirin takes that from her too. So she’s left with a future she doesn’t want, still angry and heart broken and just….lost. Is it any wonder my Surana ended up a shell of a person after Origins, broken, and bitter with so much simmering rage and sadness, corrupting her faster then the taint ever could. Her entire person an open wound. 

I still have such complicated Alistair feelings. And I know..I KNOW I said I was done with the DA fandom, cause it’s a steaming pile of garbage, but I’ve been thinking about my warden….and just….sigh…I dunno man.  I want to explore what happens after, if she can ever come out of that dark place. I know she sure as shit wouldn’t be off looking for a cure during inquisition, so far as she’s concerned the world can burn, Wardens included. I wonder….I wonder what she would think of the inquisition? I wonder if she would even bother to DO something about the hole in the sky. 


Moral of the story, don’t make life and death decisions when you’re pissed off. 

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What happens when one of you has to go away on business for a while? I.e, Crystal has to go catch pokemon, Silver goes on a mission, whatever it is Gold does when he needs to go do something.

im so a l o n e :’(

Azzie (white), Dahlia (pink) & Finn (purple)

Unfortunately I’m not sure when/if I’ll be continuing this project (lack of time and energy), but I had to show the founders because I’m satisfied with them.~

full bastion movie when