its my life no doubt

When your mom tells you to stop watching Voltron to go socialize with family


“Последнее Испытание” фэнтези-мюзикл, версия “Леге Артис” 15.10.2016

(it’s! the full! musical! guys!) 

hmmm so my dad’s been giving my mom the cold shoulder for a few days now, and i am assuming they are definitely Not doing anything for Valentines Day, so im tryin to decide if i should bake her a chocolate cake and get her roses, or just take her out to dinner?? im kinda broke tho, but she’s had such a rough time and my dad’s awful so like, it’d be nice to take her out ; o ; <3  

I really just want a secret room filled with kingdom hearts things. So that I can bring over an old friend, and show them how professional my house looks. And they’ll be like “ Wow you’ve really grown up and are doing well for yourself” and  then I just flip a switch and be like “ HAHA STILL A GIANT KH NERD” and fade away into the darkness 

  • Liam: *is on the cover of a gay magazine*
  • Me: *reads interview*
  • Me: Things are exactly the same.