its my headcanon ok

it’s 100% canon that Yuuri and Victor learn each other’s languages and I love to think about them surprising each other with it?

because just imagine half-asleep Yuuri mumbling something in Japanese and Victor chuckling and answering him in the same language and Yuuri being suddenly very awake and affected and very very in love

or Victor and Yakov discussing some parts of Victor’s program in Russian and Yuuri casually adding his comment and Victor just staring at him for a second while Yuuri is blushing and internally freaking out he said it the wrong way

idk I just love to think of all those small moments and I’m so sure that after a couple years they’ll probably stop talk in English and use some weird mix of Japanese and Russian instead and for some reason it makes me really happy to imagine this

Different ways to draw trolls: A Chart

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AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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annabeth chase who:
  • hasn’t read a book for fun in years because aside from lack of motivation, the swimming letters and jumbled words makes it hard for her to enjoy it
  • suffers from short-term memory loss — she’ll walk into a room and forget why she went there, or she’ll go into a book to fact-check something and can’t recall why she’s even flipping through the pages a minute later. sometimes she can’t remember whether she ate breakfast or not.
  • constantly misplaces her things, which is a result of her being disorganized — like shoving an assignment into the wrong binder when she’s in a hurry or can’t be bothered, or taking her phone into the kitchen and somehow finding it in the food pantry 20 minutes later
  • can’t keep her room clean for more than a few days before it’s a mess again, cluttered with textbooks and sketchpads and clothing littering the floor and shoved into the corners
  • never fails to procrastinate on her assignments, no matter how small. you could give her a whole year and she would still wait till the last minute
  • has trouble staying focused and often loses her train of thought — she could be giving a meticulously thought out explanation on something she’s passionate about and just completely go blank
  • will stare at the pages of her stupid textbook with tears of frustration in her eyes, silently begging herself to just focus because this reading was supposed to have been done weeks ago, but no matter how hard she tries the text on the page won’t stop jumping around
  • goes days and days without brushing/washing her hair and wears the same clothes for a whole week
  • becomes anxious and irritable at small things like a ticking clock or the beeping sound the smoke detector makes when its battery needs to be changed
  • gets sudden bursts of inspiration to start a completely new project at the most inappropriate times, like during an important lecture or at 1 am when she should be writing an essay that’s due the next morning.
  • because of this she ends up with a lot of incomplete works-in-progress and half-assed assignments
  • absolutely despises school and gets anxiety thinking about going back to class come sunday night
  • pretends to embrace the fact that people think she is “scary” and “intimidating” but after years of hearing it becomes very insecure — she wishes she were the first person to come to peoples’ minds when they think of someone nice and friendly.
  • is constantly insecure and ashamed of herself because she’s supposed to be debunking that stupid ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype but wonders if she’s only encouraging it when she looks back at her slip-ups/flubs during conversations and small mistakes on tests and terrible first impressions she’s made and every single impulsive decision she made that went wrong and— what kind of Athena kid is she?
FUCK have i told you all about this au I have where Cosette can see ghosts?

OK so the premise is basically Cosette has been able to see ghosts all her life.This is based on the lines “There is a lady all in white/holds me and sings a lullaby” because as this is sung Fantine is already dead if you’re following book canon (or even musical canon JVJ doesnt leave until Fantines dead and he’s squared off with Javert and then it takes a while to ride to Montfermeil) 


After the barricade, Les Amis stick around as ghosts. I dont know why, maybe they’re in purgatory, maybe thats just what happens when you die, I dont know I’m not a theologian. 

Marius is unaware of the ghosts. But Cosette, who’s been seeing ghosts her whole life, can, and she doesnt think too much of it. Yes, they’re dressed pretty modern, but plenty of revolutions happen, and she assumes they’re from 1830 or 1828.  She and Marius have moved into a nice enough house after their wedding but Paris is full of ghosts as its an ancient city, and shes used to it. 

Until, one day, she notices that the ghosts, especially a dandy with dark curly hair, seem to stick close to Marius. She has an inkling, and she decides to listen closer when Marius tells stories of his friends. She starts to recognize them, from Marius’s tales, and with a sinking heart she realizes, these arent just recent ghosts, these are the ghosts of the June Revolt, and are the closest thing Marius ever had to a family. 

She’s tried to communicate with ghosts throughout the years, with varying levels of success, the most being with her mother. (I will fight to the death over this ok Fantine gets to help raise her daughter beyond the grave) 

Cosette knows that Marius would never believe her, but whenever he goes out for his strolls by the ruins of the Musain or when he’s working at his firm, she endeavors to learn about these people that made her Marius so happy. She learns about their stories, who they left behind. Some, like Courfeyrac, warm up to her immediately, teasing her about Marius, and telling her how they pined. Some, take longer, and she has more trouble understanding. She learns about the peculiar relationship between many of them, which she doesnt quite understand at first, but she supports and endeavors to do better. She learns why they fought, and why they were willing to die for their cause, and finds herself agreeing, although she wishes they might have lived, and that her Marius might have left unscathed. 

She goes out and tries to make right by them, volunteering at the orphanage where Feuilly spent his childhood, paying off Joly, Bossuet, and Grantaire’s tabs at various cafes. She finds the Enjolras family burial plot, and pays for a new headstone, one that says son instead of daughter, and that has the right name. She seeks out Musichetta, Floreal, and Bahorel’s mistress, and befriends them, offering them comfort and support. 

Marius thinks shes a bit odd, going off at all hours, but he assumes shes just giving alms like shes always done.

And finally, once she’s done her best to honor the dead and to befriend those that her husband considered family, she starts to notice a girl ghost, a girl who’s face she hadn’t seen since she was a child, timidly watching.


Leo is usually the one to make Takumi flustered, but sometimes Takumi catches him off guard (▰˘v˘▰) 

Just wanted to draw Leo being the big tomato he really is. Also RIP TAKUMI.

(Base on one of Takumi’s english My Castle lines. Reposted from my FE twitter!)

James Potter and his glasses
  • Having to wipe them every five seconds because he fidgets too much and always touches them
  • Doing the thing
  • Making the “you wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses joke” every single time he’s in a fight
  • You know, the thing
  • Grabbing the earpiece on his glasses and making them wiggle up and down while grinning at Sirius
  • The thing!!!
  • Smirking at Lily with his glasses halfway down his nose before pushing them back up by the bridge, pretending he’s cool
  • The thing where you scrunch up your face so that your glasses will adjust themselves without having to touch them
  • Pulling his glasses down to the bottom of his nose and impersonating McGonagall
  • Looking completely normal doing the thing ok don’t judge me Moony my hands are covered in grease from the toast and I accidentally nudged Snivellus
  • Peter sitting on his glasses
  • Twice
  • A year
  • Being excellent at reparo from a young age because dear lord was James clumsy
  • Scowling every single time someone reached over to put on his glasses
  • Tolerating it when Lily did it, but only because it was Lily
  • Pads got bit the first time he tried
  • He didn’t try it a second time
  • Taking his glasses off and telling people they looked better with them off
Consider this

Ravenclaw has a communal library.
It started small, maybe even built out of books accidentally left behind. A couple shelves in a part of the common room were stocked with books, maybe as a lost-and-found. Students would borrow books they found natural interest in and put them back when they were done. Then kids started bringing books from home to ‘donate’, and it became tradition that graduating seventh years leave behind at least one good book for the next group of young Ravenclaws. (Ones they took interest in, ones that contain hidden messages for the next clever young students to decipher, ones with helpful information about school topics, ones that helped the donator through tough times-with scribbled messages of encouragement in the margins…All kinds of books. As long as they’re good.)
It’s grown a LOT. Some of the books are ancient, no one knows how long it’s been going on. Kids who lost Ravenclaw parents in the first or second war can read their parents’ contributions. Hogwarts magic keeps the books in surprisingly good condition. (Luna’s contribution sits next to her mothers’-an old book about thestrals and other invisible creatures, with inventive spells scribbled in the margins; and a newer hand-made one about a variety of things, including nargles, how to make new friends, and finding lost shoes.)


no hetalia characters or pairings are straight bc none of them are human so gender doesnt exist, and unless they identify as agender they are trans because they’re embodiments of landmasses and unless you’re french, the ground you are standing on right now does not have a gender.


I am now going to pretend that Luke somehow heard through the Tatooine Grapevine that it was Old Ben’s birthday, and brought this over to a very surprised Obi-Wan’s house. 

Old Ben just always seems so lonely, you know? No one’s ever over by his house, he doesn’t seem to have any real friends – which Luke finds strange given that there’s just something about Ben that seems so…kind, and warm, to him. 

Luke decides he doesn’t even care if Uncle Owen’s gonna be pissed off at him for going over there. Ben shouldn’t have to be alone on his birthday, Luke thinks to himself, packing up the cake in his landspeeder and setting off. 

ok i love R calling Enj “Apollo”

so what if Enjolras’ first name was literally Apollo and he thought it sounded too arrogant and stupid and hated he it, so Grantaire comes out of nowhere and, without knowing that, starts calling him Apollo because of the god and Enj was really mad and also thinking “yo wtf how does he know my name” and R keeps calling him Apollo and Ferre and Courf think the whole thing is so funny cause they know R has no idea Enj’s name is actually Apollo

Quiet little headcanon #18

Jeremy has chronic tinnitus. 

Often accused of not paying attention, having his headphones on and his music too loud, or simply not listening; the truth is that the constant buzzing in his head is made worse by noise. In his line of work - with regular exposure to gunfire, explosions, sirens and half a dozen colleagues who don’t understand the meaning of “an inside voice” in his ear for several hours a day - it understandably takes a toll on his hearing.

At times it gets so bad that the only relief is to put on noise-cancelling headphones and wait in silence until it subsides. 

He hasn’t told the others. Hence the confusion. He’d rather they think he doesn’t pay attention - that it’s a problem he can fix - than know it’s a cause for concern for his well being. He’d let nothing jeopardize his spot on the crew, not after he worked so hard to secure it. Not after he found where he was meant to be. It’s almost selfish on his part, but he carries on, managing it as best he can, all the while terrified it might one day cost them more than they can afford to give.

Please consider: Levy and Lisanna as cute gfs

  • They may look cute and small but they will not hesitate to kick your ass in a fight
  • Seriously, they some strong ass mages
  • They like to wear matching outfits, or even just have like matching accessories 
  • Mira and Elfman are super happy for their sister, and love Levy to bits
  • Monthly family cooking sessions, where they end up making treats for the whole guild
  • Of course, Jet and Droy are super happy for Levy, and adore Lisanna
  • They have a small home together, that’s constantly filled with flowers
  • Said flowers come from their small garden that they tend to on the weekend
  • Lisanna transforming herself so she can reach high up places for Levy (especially to get books)
  • Kids love them?? They don’t even have to do anything, kids just adore them, and they adore all the kids back.
  • Holding hands on long walks in the summer and just having fun together.
  • On the outside they may seem super sweet but don’t think for a second they don’t know secrets about everyone.
  • Lazy Sundays spent doing domestic activities
  • Best buds with the whole guild, but Cana, Gray, Lucy and Freed are some people they’re closer with


druggedandtired  asked:

Jeremy is a Homeschooled kid going into public school for the first time. One of his biggest passions and hobbies is ballet. Would you be able to do Headcannons for how that would go down when he talk to people or maybe how he reacts when people find out?

bless u im sorry for being so vacuous lol

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(also ur a sweetheart thank you for being so patient!)

hcs under cut!

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he’s my best friend best of all best friends

an important summary
  • Yen Sid: so this is the thing you two need to do in order to pass this exam and become masters
  • Riku: *does the thing*
  • Sora: *doesn't do the thing*
  • Yen Sid: Riku you pass, Sora you fail
  • Sora: aight cool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Yen Sid: also I'm going to spell it out again here in 0.2 and remind you that you failed because you didn't get the ability that I specifically said you needed in order to pass. plus you lost all your powers and are no longer at the master level anyway, and you were nearly overcome by darkness which is another thing that tends to screw one's chance at passing, so I'm sure I don't need to explain again why you can't have the master title, right
  • Sora: aight cool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • fandom: PLOT HOLE!!