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I am also convinced of black paladin lance (and i will also be so upset if he isnt like u have my hopes too high) bc like lance is legit always taking charge! Like whenever its just him and another paladin without Shiro, Lance is the one who leads! Someone will have to pry this headcanon from my cold dead fingers before i give it up

(Sorry for getting your hopes up but we’re in this boat together now buddy)

Exactly!! Lance usually falls into the pattern of leading when Shiro’s not around, and he’s pretty damn good at it. He’s pretty serious on missions, creative when coming up with solutions, and doesn’t actually get braggy when he has a good idea, which is really interesting considering his character the rest of the time. He knows when to get down to business! 

And like the other options just don’t make as much sense to me?

I genuinely don’t think that he fits the characteristics of the Red Lion. He’s not really that temperamental most of the time (unless Keith is involved bc he’s jealous of him). He’s not very impulsive in battle (outside of battle is a different story though lmao). And I don’t really see him as relying on instinct more than skill. He seems to prefer planning.

And then there’s the whole “you’re only here because the best pilot in your class had a discipline issue and flunked out” chekhov’s gun to take into account. They never really followed up on that line and I feel like it’ll come into play in season 3. Specifically if they put Lance in Red, because he’d be sitting in a seat just because Keith had vacated it. Again. I think it could be a good arc (Lance slowly coming into his own and realizing that he doesn’t have to compare himself to Keith), but it’d have to be handled carefully. Red is a lion that requires a pilot that “carves out their own path,” though, so it could work!!

As for Blue, Lance is kinda incompatible with her. Blue is one of the most confident lions and Lance… isn’t actually all that confident (anymore?). That whole “seventh wheel” line was. yeah. If they keep Lance in Blue, I feel like the whole “the blue lion is the most accepting of new pilots” thing will come into play somehow (Blue’s characteristics will probably get revealed in-show when the team is trying to figure out what to do without Shiro), and that Lance’ll have to deal with that information as the season progresses. Like with Red, I think it could be good for his character, but it’d have to be handled carefully.

But it’s like. Putting Lance in Black would just be a really interesting option, and it would fit him!! Maybe even fit him the best!!! He has the goods to be a leader– his main issue would be acting like one. It’d be so cool and it would make sense and I’m. Emotional about this boy.

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4 for Cassaric, please?

It had become such a habit to him, that Varric hadn’t even realized what he was doing until Cassandra commented on it. He glanced down at his hands, in the middle of flexing and massaging his fingers. 

“Bad joints,” he explained. 

“I see.” 

He honestly thought that was the end of it, she didn’t comment further and so Varric went back to warming his hands by the campfire. He was quite surprised when she came and sat down next to him a short time later. 

“What’s that?” Varric nodded toward the small tin in her hand. 

“A salve. Bull gave it to me, he uses it on his leg for the pain.” 

“What do you use it for?”

She opened the tin, the scent was strong mint and something else Varric couldn’t name. “My shoulder. And my knee… and sometimes my hip.” She smiled at him a bit, “I am not as young as I used to be.”

Varric laughed. “None of us are.” 

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” She motioned toward his hands with the tin. 

The entire thing seemed absurd, but still Varric found himself nodding and offering up his hand. She took it gently and started slathering some of the salve on his skin. She dug her thumbs into his palm, her long, calloused fingers running over his knuckles. 

It was nice. 

More than nice, actually. The salve was soothing, almost numbing in a pleasant way. Even more pleasant was the fact he could study Cassandra up close. She was focused on her task, and hardly took note of him. 

His eyes traced along the scar on her cheek, noticed a faint one running along her upper lip. He counted the smattering of freckles on her face, and marveled at how long her sooty lashes were. 

Then it hit him: Cassandra was beautiful.

It was a fact he had been aware of since he first met her, terrifying as she had been. But it wasn’t something he had really known until that moment. Varric was so caught up in that revelation, that he didn’t even notice when Cassandra returned his hands to his lap and replaced the lid on the tin. 

“Does that feel better?” She asked, voice surprisingly gentle. 

“Yeah. It does.” 

“Good. I am glad.” She stood up, turned toward the tents. Varric reached out, caught her sleeve before she left. 

“Thank you.” It was a simple statement, but he meant it. He thought Cassandra understood that, her cheeks turning a bit pink.

“Think nothing of it, Varric.” She nodded curtly and hurried toward the tent she was sharing with the Inquisitor. 

Unfortunately for Varric, he knew, despite her words, that he would be thinking about it for days to come. 

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For your call for asks: want to talk about your asd!matt headcanons? It's such a lovely headcanon and id love to hear more of your thoughts on it

yes, yes I do want to talk about it XD (it’s just taken me a little while to get round to answering this because i have a lot of feels about this and didn’t feel up to trying to get them into something coherent whilst using a touch screen.)

but yes, omg asd!matt murdock. i’ll say before starting this is very much informed by my own experiences of being on the spectrum and that of autistic friends – i’m certainly not an authority on the matter but this is how i am interpreting the character. i also am aware some of these behaviours/traits can be a result of his blindness but hey, comorbidity is a thing and while the last thing I want to do is downplay or take away from matt’s disability when its such a massive part of him and his identity, I know next to nothing about what being blind is like or blind culture so I can’t comment on it.

now, i’ll try break this down a little into things I’ve noticed/interpret and general thoughts so:

~ the stimming
this is actually the first thing I noticed, specifically in nelson vs murdock when matt is clearly upset and you see him tugging at the fabric of the couch arm and then later rubbing the fabric of his sweatpants. I saw that behaviour and was just like ‘fuck – this is me, I do this all the freaking time when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need *something* to help ground me a little. That isn’t the only instance of it either, not by a long shot, you see it all the time, most frequently in the way matt fiddles with his cane. it’s something that once you start noticing it, you really can’t stop.

~ sensory input/overload
now I appreciate that matt has his super senses so everything is dialled up to like a hundred with him but the aversion to /hyper awareness of textures (and so the use of silk sheets, the wearing of clearly well-worn and soft clothing when not in his suits) is such a massive flag for asd.

see also sensitivity to odours - i cannot tell you how often I get distracted by scents, how upset I got when I discovered my deodorant had changed it’s recipe and smelled different, not being able to concentrate if something, myself included, smells like it shouldn’t, being irritated by air freshener and the like.

then there is sound, that struggle to focus when there are multiple conversations/sources of sound going on around, the sheer force of will it requires to make out what you need to be paying attention. the way that certain noises, regardless of volume, are like a cheese grater against your brain. On the flipside to that, latching onto sounds that feel good, the way they can anchor and sooth – matt has clearly stated in canon he likes how foggy and Karen sound, the ease he comes to find with claire’s voice – it all points to this.

~ touching
tied in with the sensory input is how matt physically interacts with people. leaving aside the darevil-ing, matt clearly has a well defined sense of personal space, his ‘bubble’ is tangible and you can see his visible discomfort when people encroach on his space. the flipside of this is the way he actively seeks out touch from the people he likes – matt murdock is a tactile, touch starved person and the way he latches onto the contact people give him; he and foggy at law school, his hug with Karen (so unwilling to reach out, afraid to ask but when she gives it to him he just *sinks* into it), the gentleness of his touches with claire - even as his grip on the chair next turns his knuckles white, his thumb is so gentle in its moving against her. That reluctance to be touched/have strangers close vs that need to be close and craving the touch of certain people, losing yourself in that sensation rather than the noise in your own skull – yeah me too matt.

~ gestures/what is your face even doing?
so as we know, gestures and facial expressions being a visual medium are going to be lost on matt and foggy will frequently describe what people are doing for his benefit. i propose that even when matt could see them as a child, he struggled to understand the emotion behind them. Part of the reason why he loves that foggy describes what people are doing is that, as much as he can gather as what is going on based on air movements, body temperature, heart rate, the *way* in which foggy describes them often clues matt into the emotion behind the gesture if he doesn’t explicitly come out with it. ofc there has been a number of occasions where foggy will literally describe someone’s emotional state and while matt isn’t going to start being thankful he’s blind, having someone else willingly ‘read’ and translate people’s emotions for him is a massive help, especially when he’s too exahsuted/unfocused to pull the picture together from the stuff he can pick up on.

~ relationships
matt is without a doubt a charming individual when he wants to be but when you compare his behaviour with say vanessa or the judge in court, even mrs cardenas, with the way he interacts with foggy its clear this is a studied behaviour and, as we saw in the flashback, there was clearly a time when matt was awkward as fuck with people and while he might be able to seek out the most beautiful woman in the room (and have foggy suffer as a result), he does not seem to have had any long term relationships. in fact matt doesn’t appear to have many friends period but the relationships he does have are clearly massively important to him and he is hugely emotional invested in them as witnessed by his distress at the fight with foggy, how stick leaving clearly still hurts as much as he tries to cover it. for matt, his relationships are pretty much all or nothing and he gets emotionally invested fast when he feels he has a connection with someone.

~ society’s rules are not my rules
whilst matt has his own internal conflicts within his ideology and what it is to be a good man, that interplay with what is right and what is just, he does have very clear ideas about right and wrong and he really doesn’t seem to care that they don’t align with, you know, the actual law. he doesn’t go about confession the right way (you can’t confess for what you’re going to do matty, it doesn’t work that way!), he’s a lawyer who practices vigilantism, he doesn’t see an issue with listening to people’s heartbeats – he can hear them, why shouldn’t he utilise the information. His rules makes sense to *him* and you can hear his frustration at trying to explain his logic to other people – its is so clear to him, why can’t they see it the same way?

~ sarcasm fail
a small thing here but one that I certainly come up against and have seen a few times in the fandom with regards to matt – people often read him as serious but matt is a sarcastic, snarky little shit, he is just often so deadpan/dry with it people don’t read it as such or they don’t realise he’s joking. i can see this coming up a lot at college, perhaps even with foggy at first before he realised what matt’s sense of humor was like. the truth is matt finds a lot of stuff funny, his sense of humor just doesn’t line up with other people’s that well. seriously tho, i strongly believe the reason foggy makes as many wisecracks as he does is due to overexposure to matt and his sense of humour :)

~ emotionally inarticulate
matt is a well spoken, educated man and in his dealings in court, with wesley and vanessa, with foggy and karen, even his dealings with criminals when he’s in the mask, we rarely see him at a loss for words.  in fact the only time we really see him struggle is when he talking about his emotions and the more intense his emotional state, the more of a struggle it is for him to speak, let alone articulate what it is he’s feeling.  he uses metaphors/similies, talks around the matter in an attempt to make sense of it but in the end he breaks down, words failing him.  this also leads nicely into…

~ emotion writ large/no poker face
this boy is appalling at keeping his emotions of his face. oh he tries for sure but tbh honest he’s fooling no-one.  i’ve posed before that perhaps matt is shitty at lying because he’s never learned what exactly his face or other peoples do when they’re concealing the truth so he doesn’t know what to avoid doing, has no way of reading those cues.  and thats just when it comes to small stuff like an inability not to smirk when karen is talking about daredevil.  when it comes to big emotions, hoo boy.  whether its the full blown, unconscious laugh when something (foggy) makes him happy, his temper or the way he cries, open and ungaurded, no attempt to conceal it - matt is subject to them at their fullest and they sear through him.  this child wears his love and his pain on his sleeves for the world to see and even if he did know he was doing it, i strongly doubt he’d be able to stop himself.

~ focus/special interests
be it reading thurgood marshall as a kid and still quoting it as an adult, how quickly he learned Braille, how he pushed himself at law school to graduate top of his glass or the driven way he attacks a punching bag, when matt focuses on something he gives it his all and the subjects he cares about, he knows a *lot* about. i would put money on matt being able to accurate identify a bible quote without having to even think about it and reflexively correcting foggy on legislations (tho foggy doesn’t get that stuff wrong that often to be fair) – matt knows his shit inside and out to the point of obsession and has the kind of focus that closes the rest of the world away. You know at law school he would have let studying come before everything else and I genuinely believe that without foggy bringing him food and forcing him to sleep, matt would have crashed and burned.

~ justice
a small thing to finish with that I found out the other day talking to my good friend who after her diagnosis with aspergers a couple of years ago is always reading literature about it, a lot of people on the spectrum have a very clear and strong sense of justice and what they consider to be right and fair and if that doesn’t sound like matt murdock to you, I don’t know what to tell you!


okay wow, this ended up long but hey, matt is a fascinating, engaging character and this is a headcanon I’m very passionate about, as my tag regarding the matter would suggest. if anyone wants to continue discussing the matter with me, please feel free – the ask box is always open!

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Hanzo wakes up from a nightmare in sweats and McCree comforts him?? :3 (for the prompts)

FINALLY! Here’s the Nightmare/Comfort ficlet monster. (Otherwise titled: “Hanzo Does Not Know How to Deal with His Emotions and is A Bit of a Drama Queen Word Vomit that Holy Shit Got Out of Hand I Have No Idea Where it was Going it Wrote Itself Bye”) Sometime on Gibraltar:

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