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I tripped on the gate.

Help make my dumb birthday wish come true?

Okay, so I know this is a little ambitious, and probably a little crazy, but I think it would be really awesome if I hit 2000 followers on the day of my birthday…

The thing is, I’m at ~1850 right now, and my birthday is in less than a week. It’s on October 11th. So like, a 150 follower gap. Well crap.

But hey, what the hell, I wanna give it a try.

EVERYONE that follows me already or follows me now and reblogs this post from now until my birthday can do one request for WHATEVER THEY WANT within the Fairy Tail universe. (I’ll also check out your blog and maybe follow you, I’ve been wanting to follow more anime blogs!)

If you don’t want to request something but still wanna help, just following me and reblogging this post anyways would really help reach my goal!

I’m more known for my lyrical/poetic gifsets, but I do know how to colour and make icons and graphics, so if you really wanted to, you could ask for that too. (I don’t see why though, they really aren’t as gorgeous as the ones made from other really freaking talented people in the fandom) 

You can see what my original content looks like here to get a general idea. 

Anyways, even if you don’t do anything, thanks for taking your time to read this post regardless, and I guess, here goes nothing!

The blog to follow: @fairytailpride
The post to reblog: this one duh
My original content tag: here
Where you can request if you’ve done both: here

TL;DR: I’m trying to reach my follower goal of 2000 followers before my birthday on October 11th, following me and reblogging this post would really help! Anyone who does both can request any Fairy Tail related edit if they want!