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Tough Days

pairing: poly!hamilsquad x reader

word count: 2600 

warnings: swearing, sadness, suicidal-ish thoughts???

prompt/request: “Maybe you could make one where reader’s having a really bad day and the Hamilsquad find them and comfort them (one of them more than others)?” from an anon

a/n: this is a lot like other sad ones i and other people have written and i didnt proofread this cuz i got too sad and also this is my first time doing poly!hamilsquad stuff and its probs bad but!!! i hope you enjoy either way!!!

The second you got home, you threw your phone on the couch, stripped off all of your clothes, and climbed under the duvet on your bed, wrapping it around yourself and not even thinking about when you planned on coming out.

Things had been really… tough lately, to say the least. You felt like every day poked and prodded at your brain until, eventually, it started bleeding and, eventually, the bleeding never really stopped. You were always worrying, about work or the boys or about your weight or how much food you were or weren’t eating, and you were always thinking about what you had to do next. What you had to prepare for. What if there was a fire? Which one of the boys would be strong enough to carry one or hopefully two of you out of the burning apartment building? If you spilled on your white blouse, how would you get the stain out? When you couldn’t get a ride home, would you bus, or would you call one of the boys? Should you call one of the boys? What were the signs of a stroke – you didn’t remember, and what if someone around you was having one? What if someone came into your work with a gun? What would you do? What are you doing? With your life?

You groaned slightly as the blanket peeled back, revealing a happy but also slightly concerned John Laurens, one of your boyfriends, floating over top of you. It took a moment for you to adjust to the light – he must’ve turned on the overhead when he walked in – and, when you had, you poked out your head further into the world to see his legs on either side of you, practically pinning you down.

“Hey, baby,” John greeted when he saw you, leaning down and placing a kiss softly on your mouth. “What are you doin’ underhere? Ain’t it a bit dark?”

You shrugged and began to pull the blanket back over your head. “I was jus’ napping,” you answered nonchalantly.

“Can I join ya?” he asked you rather loudly, straightening up and beginning to unbutton his dress shirt. A smile was plastered on his face – as it always was, around you – but it didn’t seem… real. You could see the worry pooling in his eyes. This was because you never went to sleep alone; especially not naps. “I’m damn cold, and it’s prob’ly really warm under there…”

You shrugged and bit your lip. “Go ahead.”

He was quiet after that. You watched, a bit sadly, as he stood up and puttered around the room, taking off his jeans and changing into a pair of gym shorts he used as PJ shorts; letting his hair out of the tight ponytail it was in and combing it; folding all of his clothes and putting them away in his section of the closet, shutting it tightly behind him and leaning against the door. He breathed out slightly before he approached the bed, running the very tips of his fingers over the blanket before entering. “Do you wanna be big spoon or little spoon?” he questioned.

“Little spoon, please,” you managed to squeak out weakly, closing your eyes and tugging the blanket almost up over your face as you turned on your side. You felt the tears coming on. You were so tired. You were so sad. Your brain felt so battered and bruised. John normally helped you feel better, but… he wasn’t right now. And you didn’t know what to do.

John slipped soundlessly under the blankets and rolled over to you. You could hear him giggling to himself as he did it, but you didn’t look. You couldn’t look. You squeezed your eyes shut, wrapped your arms around yourself, and curled up into a slight ball. How could he be so happy when you were so miserable? Why were you so miserable? Why couldn’t you be as happy to see him as he was to see you? You felt his arms snake around your waist and pull you close to him, his legs curling to match the curve of yours. The sound of his heartbeat almost made you burst into tears right then and there. You could feel it quickening. You held you breath.

“You’re… not okay, are you?” John murmured hesitantly into your ear, his warm breath washing over your cold skin. “You… never go to sleep, yenno, alone…”

“I’m fine,” you told him in response. You couldn’t tell him. You couldn’t worry him. He was happy. He was so happy and had been so happy lately. You couldn’t ruin his day, you couldn’t ruin his happy state of mind, you couldn’t ruin him. He was already beginning to get quiet, and you didn’t like it. John was rarely quiet. He was only quiet when something was bothering him. Only quiet when he felt upset.

“Babe….” He pressed a kiss to the nape of your neck than ran his nose over it gently. “Please. I just… I just wanna help.”

“You… can’t,” you whispered, bringing your hands up and pressing them to your face. “You can’t. I’m fine. Please, John, don’t ask again. I’m fine.”

He released a sigh. You could feel the air rustling the hairs at the back of your head, and for a second, he didn’t say anything. You thought you were in the clear. And then, with the utmost tenderness, John tightened his grip around your waist and pulled you impossibly closer, pressing his forehead to the top of your spine. “I love you,” he mumbled against the fabric of your shirt. “And if it was any otha day, I would stop. But you… haven’t taken your work shirt off, you’re nappin’ alone, you’re… you’re cryin’, Y/N, and don’t try to tell me you’re not because I know you are. I know you. And I know somethin’ is wrong.”

Seconds ticked by. You thought about it, through the fact that your eyes were beginning to well up with ears; you thought about telling him how unhappy you were, how exhausted you felt, how much you wanted to just fall asleep in the bathtub and… maybe not wake up for two weeks. Maybe not wake up… ever. You let out a gentle sob and he reached gently with his finger to lift the hem of your shirt up, tracing hearts onto your stomach.  You opened your mouth, choked back a weep, and you were just about to tell him when….

“I’m hooo-ooooome!” Lafayette called in the other room, the door slamming shut behind him. You and John were still, almost frozen. “Is… anyone else home?”

“I’m right beside you, baby,” you managed to hear Herc say. It was only then you realized the bedroom door was open. You and John would have absolutely no privacy – sooner or later, the boys would walk in to find the two of you spooning, and one of you crying…

“John? Y/N?” Lafayette called questioningly.

“They’re normally home by now…”

“I know, Hercules, that’s why I was calling for them,” Lafayette said casually in response. “My babies? Is anyone here?”

John turned his head around as much as he could with his arms still wrapped around your waist and called back, “We’re in here, Laf. Me and Y/N.”

“Oh, good!” Lafayette cheered, dropping whatever he was carrying on the ground with a soft thump and running down the hallway (with a quieter set of footsteps following him), practically skidding to a halt in front of your door. You didn’t remember looking up, but your eyes were squinted as you watched two more of your boyfriends come into the light of the room. John’s head knocked quietly into yours as he swiveled it back around to face you, and you turned away while closing your eyes, not wanting to see more people you would just make as unhappy as you felt. Suck up your tears, you told yourself… “Ah… having a little cuddle, a little nap, without me and Herc, I see?” Lafayette teased.

If you were looking at him still, you know the smirk surely playing on his lips would’ve dropped the second he heard you sniffle.

Mon –

“Be quiet, Laf,” John told him. The words were angry words, but John wasn’t angry. “Just… be quiet.”

“What is wrong with ma beauté?” Lafayette whispered loudly, stripping himself of his coat and moving around to your side of the bed. You opened your eyes to see him crouched in front of you. He reached a hand upward to cup your face. “Baby, Y/N, what is wrong?”

“She was just gonna tell me,” John murmured. “Just… sit down, the two of you, okay? And then we’ll see if we can… coax somethin’ outta her.”

There was a period of a few minutes were Hercules and Lafayette did the same thing John had done when he came in. They took off their work clothes, dressed into their lounging clothes, brushed their hair (well, more accurately for Herc, he took his hat off and tucked it in his drawer), and, eventually, crawled onto your bed on the other side. John took his hands away from you, and you almost whimpered at the loss of contact.

“Sit up, baby, and tell us what’s wrong,” he urged. You took your lip in between your teeth before… You sat up, maneuvered your way around him, and finally leaned back against the pillows when you were in between all of them, wedged between John and Lafayette. If you weren’t keeping your secret any longer… why try and be secretive about it?

“I’m…” Exhale. Inhale. You squeezed your eyes shut as you felt them watering and dug your thumbnail into your hand to try and hold the tears back. Your fear, your sadness, was lessened ever so slightly when Lafayette wrapped his arm around your shoulders and brought you in close to him. “…Really unhappy.”

Everything became tense. The boys seemed… awkward. Your eyes widened when you realized what you had said and feverishly you tried to stammer through your explanation as Lafayette’s arm became stiff around you. “No, n-no, not because of you guys, please, don’t think that! I-it’s not you, I’m not… t-talking about you guys, I love you all so much, I promise. It’s just…”

You hiccupped a sob and pressed your face into your hands, wailing and moaning against your moist skin. Lafayette hugged you tightly, and it didn’t take long before you were being hoisted onto his lap. John shuffled closer. Hercules put a hand on your leg as you continued to speak against Lafayette’s shirt. “I love you guys, so much, a-and I’m so thankful, but… I’m so sad lately? And s-s-stressed? And tired? I can’t think… of a s-single moment in the past month where I haven’t wanted to sleep for… well, a r-really long time… and I hate my work, and I’ve… never been in a relationship like this b-b-b-before, and I’m worried I’ll d-disappoint you guys, and I don’t know who I am or wh-what I’m doing with my life and I want it… I want it all to stop.”


“A month?” John repeated, pushing himself up with an arm. “A whole month?”

You nodded and grabbed two fistfuls of Lafayette’s shirt in your hands, pressing them to your eyes.

“And you… didn’t think? To say anythin’?”

You shook your head.

“What the hell, Y/N?”

“J-John,” Lafayette warned as your head turned to see John. He was crying and biting his lip, now sitting cross-legged on the sheets. He looked upset. Angry, but not upset. “Please, do not upset Y/N, it’s not a good time…”

“I love you so much and I wanna help you through the bad days, Y/N,” John whispered as he moved closer to you. “That’s what me, and our boys, are here for. To help ya through the tough days. To make them… better.”

“He’s right, Y/N,” Hercules added from where he was sitting. “You should’ve told us.”

“I didn’t want to make you sad b-b-because all of you are always so happy and I-I didn’t want to be the one to ruin it,” you sobbed weakly. “I’m sorry. I’m so, s-s-so sorry, I didn’t want to make you sad…”

“Y/N,” Lafayette began, “you… never have to apologize. And you never have to feel like… like you can’t come to us. We want you to come to us, okay? I would rather sop up your tears and hold you in my arms until you fall asleep than watch TV and be perfectly happy without knowing you’re upset. You’re more important than my happiness. Your happiness is more important than my happiness. Okay?”

“Don’t keep a secret like this from us in the future, okay?” Hercules told you.

You sniffled and wiped your nose with your wrist. “Okay.”

Lafayette pressed a kiss against your forehead, patting your bum, and lifted you off of him carefully. You watched as he untangled himself from the sheets of the bed, walk unsteadily across it, and jump onto the carpet beneath. “I’m going to make you dinner, ma beauté,” he told you. “Hercules and I are going to make you dinner.”

“What abo –“

“Stay here and keep her company while we cook, babe,” Hercules said as he cut John off. “Calm her down. Give her a massage or somethin’.”

John chuckled slightly and reached out his arms, grabbing you and pulling you towards him. “Do you want me to give ya a massage, baby?” John questioned, pressing a kiss against your temple.

“I wanna sleep,” you told John as you yawned.

“Before ya sleep, we should take off your clothes,” John whispered in your ear as Lafayette and Hercules turned off the lights and shut the door. “Can I take off your shirt, Y/N?”

“Yes please, John,” you told him. You felt small, like John could swaddle you up in his arms like a baby. But you felt happy. Safe. The boys always had a way of making you feel better – you needed to remember that next time you felt like this. They would always be around for you whenever you needed them. “And then we can sleep.”

“And then we can sleep.”


You couldn’t sleep later that night, it turned out, but for the first time in a long while, your insomnia didn’t fill you with a sense of dread. Your eyes had just closed when you heard your phone ding with Alexander’s familiar notification. He was on a work trip, and you… hadn’t realized how much you wanted to talk to him until now. You missed him so much. Your heart ached. It was a different ache than it had been before, though, and it felt somewhat refreshing. But sad, too. You slid out from bed and padded over to where your phone was plugged.

From Alexandre

Hey, sweetie, I love you and I just got Laf’s text. I’m sorry you had a tough day and that you’ve been having tough days. Call me or text me if you need to talk again, okay? Doesn’t matter the time difference. I’m here if you need me, and I’ll be home soon.



To Alexandre

Please come home soon.

From Alexandre

I will, sweetie. I love you so much. Get some sleep.

You smiled, shut your phone off, and sleepily found your way back into bed.

Yes, today was a tough day, and yes, you were going to have a lot of tough days in the future…

But at least your boys would be with you for all of them.

why does tumblr do that thing where a gif doesn’t play anymore and acts as a picture even though when you posted it, it was moving

Bellamy, Clarke, Monty and the list : Pre-mortem

Hello everyone, seems like the 100 is really back now as the show finally hit its first big controversial act of the season: Monty’s name is not on the list! (*dramatic music ensues, 10 shocked emojis*)

And with that, here comes also one of my first real metas of the season. But before I give away not only my opinion, but what I see as what the writers intend to do (something people tend to ignore completely), let me see that this is a pre-mortem analysis. The truth us: I think it’s ridiculous and useless to start a fandom fight, go tweet the writers badmouthing their houses and their dogs when we didn’t even see the episode, or Clarke’s (and Bellamy’s) reasons.

(a trial without defense sounds fair to you?)

At this point we can only guess Clarke’s reasoning by trying to see her situation as broadly as possible. So here are the facts (take your emotions and throw them in the trash, they are not needed for now, look at the facts):

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Today was definitely a bit more challenging.  I was in the new lane and one of the other faster swimmers from that lane was with us today  She really kept Jon and I on our toes, that is for sure.  But we hit all of our times and got it done and I am thrilled about that!  I did breast as my “stroke” when alternating with free and we were moving.  Then during the 2x200 kick sets near the end, Barb even had me racing her to push me.  She is moving away to Georgia next week, and has always been so nice and supportive since I joined the team. This was my first time ever getting to share a lane with her and I am really glad I had this chance before she is gone!

In other news, my Dad is back in the hospital again.  They found blood clots in one of his legs, and he likely has one or more in the other but its so painful to touch right now they could not press enough with the ultrasound to find them.  He also started acting spacey because his med levels then get off and so on and so on.  It’s such a mess really because he is in such poor shape and just way to young to be like this.  I try and always use it as a reminder of why keeping myself active and doing my best with food (even if I slip up way more than I should) is still at least giving me a fighting chance to not end up in the condition he is in someday.  I sure hope what I am doing is enough - I am such a different person than him in so many ways, but I do have some of the genetic issues he has with my legs so I am always fearfull.  You hate to use someone else s bad situation as your motivation but i have to use the cards dealt me to make the best hand I can for myself right?

In other, other news - I got the critique of the latest assignment in my illustration course and it was once again really good feedback and talked about how professional my work is coming across etc.  That really gives me hope that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing in life and to keep making these sacrifices until the big opportunities come along (which I am actively trying to put myself out there for in many different ways FYI). 

That about wraps up the past day or so, onto the workout details:

500 swim/kick/pull

Main set:

  • 100 free (steady) rest :20
  • 2x50 stroke (quick)  on 1:10
  • 100 free
  • 4x50 stroke
  • 100 free
  • 6x50 stroke
  • 100 free
  • 8x50 stroke

50 EZ

2x200 kick,   rest :20 in between

  • Alternate 25 best kick fast/25 worst kick

4x Drag race from mid pool to fast finish


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Which anime is that? (The gif?)

It’s from The Rose of Versailles!  It’s an anime from the late 70′s that’s set in France during Marie Antoinette’s time, so it’s got a lot of the humorous classic vintage anime cliche animation tropes such as shimmery eyes and sparkly floating tears, but all in all still a really fantastic show. 

In all seriousness, it was the first anime to make me cry as an adult.  I literally had to pause the video and just cry for like 10 minutes, and not just the one time, either!  There were lots of really emotional moments!

Also, Lady Oscar was a badass, if you’ll pardon my French (HYUK HYUK HYUK, because France XD) and was always the “knight in shining armor” of the damsel in distress trope that was so common during its time.

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{ a latte on my mind }

pairing: maria reynolds x reader

a/n: excuse the bad pun. i thought it was cute,,, 

my first maria imagine! thank you to @littleblue5mcdork for the idea!

t/w: none!

inbox || masterlist

You were always one for routine. You liked its stability and the security of knowing what you had planned for the day. You woke up, went to work at a local coffee shop, then went home. You occasionally went out with friends. Your life was simple, but it was enough. 

The smell of ground coffee and its rich smell when it was roasted always made you feel at ease. You helped break people out of their sleepy slumber with a simple elixir made by hand. You lured customers in with the promise of caffeine like a siren lured sailors in closer while they were out at sea. 

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Summary: Dan can get a bit jealous sometimes. Getting jealous of a Christmas tree? That was a first.

Genre: Fluff, Christmas, Jealous!Dan, Festive!Phil, Humor

Warnings: none

A/N: So I was never going to post this but then I was like, why the hell not? It’s messy, it’s weird, but I actually like it, so here you go. Ignore that it’s way past Christmas okay I don’t care. Anyways, enjoy. This is my attempt at being funny.

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I'm new in here and I just feel confused about the Robbie Rotten smut, like, its not unwelcome but what the hell?!

@mysticmessengervibes is a slut for Robbie Rotten and well I was on hardcore meds and it makes me loopy and one day I decided to write something while I’m in my loopy state and she was the fucking first one to comment to write Robbie Rotten smut and well after weeks of saying no I finally said yes. So on my last day of taking meds, I took extra to make sure I was really loopy, and I woke up the next morning to find a one shot of Robbie X Ellie smut 😂

My dudes we had cinnamon in the cupboard for the first time in a decade and I don’t know if putting cinnamon in lemsip is some kind of abomination to mankind or anything but fuck it it’s in there

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ngl that immortal silver fic sounds so cool tbh!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU i actually really like it, I’ve only got about ten pages of it, but I can’t figure out how to move it along because i overthink EVERYTHING. That’s obviously supposed to be Silver’s first scene in canon and like, i really don’t want to rewrite the whole fucking show with this one thing different but i’m IMPOSSIBLE so i would inevitably do that bgjkfsdgjhfdjgsdhghds i need to sit down one day and figure it out for real. 

I think just a few scenes from canon that would directly changed by this but then I feel like silver’s whole BEING would be altered if he could do things without the fear of dying from them, which would, i think, change his every move in s1 so idk idk

see, i told you, i need a foghorn to go off in my brain every time i overthink something i’m trying to write, except it would go off CONSTANTLY


(the first one is b4 nd the second is after)
looks a lil different, i would show the back but like idk how but its short nd i reshaved my under cut im ok with it now :^)

Killjoys, make some noise -Ch.2

Gang/post-apo!AU (requested)  

Member: Jimin (mention of other members)  

Genre: Fluff. Smut, a little bit of everything…

Sumarry: This AU is based around the lives of the “Killjoys”, a group of rebellious rogues living in a post-apocalyptic Seoul. The Killjoys are a group of outlaws who are fighting against the evil corporation Better Living Industries (BL/ind.) and its various “Draculoids” and executors, such as Korse.

Prologue    Ch.1 

It is a time to start a new life

Jimin’s p.o.v

I was awakened by a loud noise, something like a school bell. After a while I heard a very familiar female voice.  
-Hey, wake up! You have one hour to get ready. Your first class is in the hall downstairs. Come one!!- She said briskly
I opened my eyes, muttering something. I got up slowly, looking around me. My room wasn’t very big, but bright and clean. Just enough space for two people.  
Jungkook dragged himself from his bed, tiresomely opening his suitcase and taking some clothes from it.
-Im going first to the bathroom, ok?- He wasn’t really waiting for me to answer. I brushed my hair with my fingers, making even bigger mess on my head. I went to the window, pulling the blinds. I opened the balcony door and I went outside. I felt dry and crispy air. I leaned against the railing, looking at view in front of me. Maybe we were on the desert, but there were a lot of plants (trees, flowers, shrubs, grass). My eyes caught disputes pool and sunbeds,tables with chairs, large stone grill around it. However, there was a designated area for volleyball and football. It felt like a holiday resort by the sea. On the left and on the right side stretched balconies. Tae and Y/N had a room on the right side from us.  
-Jimin, we must go now. We still need to eat something.- My brother said with a big smile on his face. Its not like I need to go to bathroom too… It is a Time to start a new life
All ‘students’ were standing next to a big doors. We hoped that we came to the right place. Nobody here was  eager to explain anything to us . Exactly when the clock struck nine, the door opened. We saw a well known blond lady, she was wearing bright pink t-shirt and ripped, skinny jeans.  
-Hello, you can come inside- She said happily as she went straight to her desk- First of all, you have to choose a partner with whom you will be sit- she continued- BUT, You cant sit with you room-mate- class became quite again- Stop looking at me like than, you need know each other better. Come one, I do not have all day- I looked around me How Im going to choose a partner when I dont know people here…
-Tea…- Great, even my brother found partner. Wait…How could I forgot about Taehyung and his sister?  
-Hey Jimin, do you want to be my partner?- That voice…so beautiful… It took me a while to realized that was Y/N.
-Yeah…Sure-  Just dont do anything stupid
-Great- did she just smirked at me?
-Hello everybody- Stella said to us, again…- My name is Toxic Poison- Everybody were surprised, including me- And no, this is not my real name. This is a nickname- no shit Sherlock- You need to choose a nickname for you. You must forget you real name- She looked at us sternly. No one dared to speak. She wasn’t joking. -For your safety, and for safety of you family
-How forgetting our name is going to help?- The girl with dark-red hair asked shyly. From what I associate, her name was Minji.
Shit. We have to forget our names
-Better Living is dangerous place, but government is even more dangerous- Toxic Poison explained, walking around us.Everybody were looking at her- If they will find out your identity,they might arrest your families or…even kill them-  She stopped for a second- Thats why you need your nicknames. Something short and catchy, easy to remember. Understood? - Everybody were quite, listening her carefully- I asked about something. Understood?
-Yes!!- Everybody said at the same time. 90% of people here, looked like a typical punks. Born to fight against government.
-Good…tomorrow, you have to come in with you new name-She looked around the room with warmer look that before.-And now, please tell me…How do you understand words ‘Art is weapon’?-  
Art is weapon? I thought. Suddenly I remembered that I saw this slogan over the main entrance. I raised my hand shyly, feeling the startled eyes of Stella and a few other people.
-I think…word ‘weapon’ is a…a metaphor.- I said slowly- Better living have their 'perfect system’, exactly how they want. Everything is monotonous. Even their uniforms are the same.  They are white without any dirt on it. Art is an opposite of it. Expressing of your feelings, using your imagination, do not caring about the opinion of others…- I shrugged my shoulders-  It might be use an a weapon against BL. At least I think so. -  Toxic smiled and me widely
-Thats right Jimin- I looked at her with a surprise- What? You should believe in yourself more- She laughed- Coming back to the art, thats why we asked you to bring with you things related to arts…Please develop your skills in your free time. You have to have a lot of imagination to fight against the Better Living.
-So we are going to fight?- Boy with green hair asked, narrowing his eyes
-Some of you…yes- Toxic said looking at all of us- We will selecting you according to your your results, performance and behavior. I should take couple of weeks. Exercises, theoretical lessons, practical lessons…- We all straightened up, hearing about the “practical lessons.”
The girl with dark blue hair raised her hand
-why were we chosen?- that was a good question. I was thinking about it couple of times-First of all, we were looking for teenagers which could come here without arousing suspicion- Toxic immediately explained. I think she was ready to give an answer to every question- But  we could take everybody. I know i might sound weird, but we know about you more that you can expect- She smiled mysteriously and I felt anxiety.- We looked also at your assessment and behaviour, but in the school they have a different appreciation than here. We need a rebellious people who want to re-build the old system and who are not afraid of danger.
-Apparently we will have here a normal lessons here- said the blue haired boy, probably Brandon. - If I will  have insufficient assessment of maths, you are going to punish me by making me to write 100 times 'I will be a better student’?- he mocked. Toxic did not seem to be  surprise about his comment.
-No, it would be a waste of time. You wont write a single word. - she said, smiling at him- The punishment for unacceptable behaviour, or very bad academic results will be, for example…-she wondered- Taking away a laser gun, ban on driving, ban going out on a mission…- She began to exchange.
All were silent, looking at her. Her coral lips twitched into a smile again.
-Before I will let you go, I want to raise another topic concerning art. Jimin come here.- She looked in my direction. Surprised, I got up from the place and went to her, standing in front of all gathered.- This clothes- She pointed at my black clothes- Are unaccepted
-Excuse me?- I asked, slightly confused. Why she is doing this to me…
-'Art is a weapon’, Jimin- She said slowly and distinctly, later bursting into laughter.- You have to be dressed colourfully. I hope this is note a problem for you-We all looked at each other smiling foolishly-We have a few types of hair dyes, some different materials, sewing machines. You will find something for you. The basics are explained, the rest of the day you have free. If you have questions, come to me. In the meantime, look around the centre. Of course you can enjoy all the attractions: swimming, volleyball, football, everything what you will find. The whole area is at your disposal. You can go now.- People started to get up from their places- I’ll see you tomorrow, in front of the main entrance, also at nine. Your homework is to work on the style and come up with a nickname- She smiled at us widely- Have a nice day, Killjoys.-What do you think about all of it?- Y/N asked few hours later, when we were all sitting in the canteen, lazily taking food out of cans.  BL controlled even what we were eating. Idiots.- These guns sound … wow. Amazing…- She said appreciatively. Some hair agreed with her, nodding. I leaned back in my chair, crossing my legs.
-I don’t know..- I said doubtfully- Guns … I do not think they give us real guns…-
- And why not?- Brandon asked, looking at me like an idiot.- We have to fight with them. We are not going to beat them by showing them our drawing or playing guitar- He laughed          
-Stop- I snapped- You would be able to kill a man?
-Draculoids are not people, and you know that- Tae said- But I agree with you, it is easy to kill anyone.
-It sounds to me more and more like a fucking, suicide mission- I heard Kookie who was sitting next to Taehyung- The longer im here, the more I gain certainty that he would never return home.
-You are right…- Minji murmured- Better Living probably soon will know all about us and…they might kill us…Thats got it will end- She throw her legs on the table- But I’m staying here anyway- She said with determined voice- I have no home to go back. They killed my family…
-Minji…- Y/N spoke gently, after a while of silence.
-Shhhh, I just want you to know that Better Living kills people- She looked at us seriously  and then he stared at me- So yes, Jimin, I think I’d be able to kill Draculoid
-If you put it that way…-I murmured
-YESSS!!!- Eunji scream with Joohyun- We will Destroy Better Living, they have no chance with us!! Will kill Korse?
-YESS!!!- Everybody were busy screaming some random slogan. Only me and Y/N we quiet.  

Should I continue this story?

…Ok I haven’t made it to the River District yet cause I wanted to do some of Will’s other campaign things first, like finally finishing at least one elemental evil zone

which brings us to this. the Black Earth armor.

which Will is NOT wearing, because you’ve gotta draw the line SOMEWHERE. More pictures below the cut in case his shirt is shielding you from JUST HOW BAD this is

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I need to hurry up and finish writing this next Pirate AU chapter because for the first time in a while I have a COOL spoiler as opposed to just sad/painful ones and I’m sure people are like “I’ll believe that when I see it, Katie” but it’s TRUE. 

anonymous asked:

do you ever feel like no one likes you or they are just pretending to like you ;-; i feel like this a lot

idk i feel so very insecure and i feel like people are just using me or judging me whenever i do things and i get paranoid and just ugh i felt like this today bc i dont really have any really close friends whom i can tell my deepest secrets sighs
like no one really talks to me irl and i have like maybe 3 friends and likes lots of people look down on me bc i dont really express my real thoughts and feelings out loud and so im just a nobody to them and they feel like its ok to take advantage of me etc etc i hope i can start to stand up for myself like people always push in like they didnt see me or something and it really annoys me because i was patiently waiting there first. Sorry just ranted but i rjdbsisbsisb

I love every taako