its my first one do i get credit

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hi, I'm about to take the plunge and get my first credit card! I'm thinking of getting the Capital One Secured Mastercard. I know it's not the BEST card ever (APR is 24.99% ew) but it seems like the smallest option and one I will certainly be approved for since I have no credit. I'd only use it for my phone bill. I plan to use it until I have better credit, then cancel and get a better card(I bank with Alliant but I don't think I qualify for any of their cards). Do you think this is a wise idea?

I think it’s a great idea! It’s so hard to be approved for a credit card nowadays, so applying for a secured credit card is a surefire to be approved. For those that don’t know, with a secured credit card you pay a downpayment. This payment is how much your credit limit is per month. So if you pay $200, your credit limit is $200. If you don’t pay your bills on time, the credit card company uses this deposited money to pay your bills. You still get charged APR fees, but these also come out of your deposited money.

It takes about six months to establish credit, so you’ll have a credit score after six months. In eight months, your credit card company will evaluate you, and move you to a non-secured card if you’ve been good about paying your bills. They will refund you whatever is left of that money (hopefully all of it if you’ve paid on time each month).

Some secured credit cards require you to pay annual fees! Make sure that Capital One is not one of them. I would also recommend getting a secured credit card with the company that you want to get an un-secured credit card with.

DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM: the shit they don't really tell you. PART 6.


Okay so Disney World has a long never ending list of shit you can get termed for. Unfortunately, they don’t really tell you all of it and some DCPers had to find out the hard way that some things they thought they were allowed to do, were not okay. Aside from the obvious underage drinking type ones, ill tell you guys the not-so-obvious ones too, so you can make sure you don’t make a mistake that can cost you your program.

FYI: THESE ARE NOT ASSUMPTIONS OR JUST “SHIT I HEARD.” these are actual reasons, that people i actually know, actually got termed for.

This is one of the main reasons people get termed. There are two types of call-ins; Sick or Personal. Some locations say you can go to the parks if you call in personal, some locations say you can’t go to the parks no matter what kind of call-in you make. I don’t think anyone even knows for sure, but I’ve seen people get in trouble either way. DO NOT use your cast member ID for ANYTHING if you call-in. You can’t get into the parks from backstage if you call-in. And your locations WILL check. You CAN go to downtown Disney, just be sure not to use your ID number for any discounts. You can show them your ID if it’s a third party store (like the harley davidson store, or one of the non disney clothes stores) but don’t use it at a store that sells disney merch that disney cast members work at.

Okay, this is the actual main reason people get termed. If you’re going to drink underage, you better be smart about it. DO NOT let anyone take pictures of you holding ANY type of drink or with ANY type of drink in the picture. My first program they called 16 of us into the housing office because someone saw a picture on Facebook of one of my friends with a box of beer in the background of his picture. We all would have gotten termed but he took the blame for it and went home instead. I’ve had friends who had snapchats of them drinking screenshotted and shown to Disney. You can’t trust none of these hoes. Don’t let people take pictures of you no matter how on point your outfit looks. Also, don’t stumble into your apartment complex obviously shitfaced. I had a friend get termed for this too.

This one is fucked up because if your parents come visit and you want to buy merchandise with your discount, you CAN NOT let a cashier see you take the money or credit card from your parents hand. A friend of mine bought over $1000 worth of merchandise, the cashier saw him get a credit card from his mom and wrote down his ID number and he was termed the next day. He didn’t even realize he was doing something wrong. Make sure you get the credit card or money from your parents before you go into the store.

If you lie about being convicted of something or whatever on your initial application, and they find out when they run your background check, you will be termed the first day. Even if its something that happened a long time ago. Don’t lie!!

This one is fucked up too because I had no idea they could do this until it happened to my friend. The Disney housing security apparently smelled weed outside their doorway at 4am. They literally banged on the door at 4am and woke them all up. They then made all of the girls go into the living room while they rummaged through ALL OF THEIR SHIT IN THEIR BEDROOMS. I mean ALL of their shit including their underwear drawers . They can straight up violate your shit and look through whatever they want to look through. Its fucked up but they are allowed to do whatever they want. Just be careful.

Don’t post anything negative about your job, disney, a co-worker, a roommate, ANYTHING on the internet. Anyone can turn anything around and Disney literally shows no mercy. Don’t hashtag “disney problems” or anything. A friend of mine posted a meme with mickey mouse giving the middle fingers or some shit like that, and a co-worker of hers turned it around and said she posted it about her and she got termed. She later got un-termed because someone else stuck up for her and its a long story but just dont post stupid shit or anything negative about Disney on the internet. They have people whos literal JOB is to search the internet for shit like that and its really not worth it.

Do not EVER walk around the parks EVER with your Blue disney ID showing on your lanyard. If a manager or anyone sees this and is feeling extra asshole-ish that day, they can have you termed. (Managers are allowed to wear theirs, but if you see a fellow CP with theirs showing, be nice and tell them to put it away because sometimes people forget!)

If you are going into the parks on your off-day, you are considered a guest and must enter and exit the same way the guests do. Technically. Most CPs don’t follow this rule. I got screamed at by Epcot security backstage for doing this, and YES it is grounds for termination, so be careful. If you end up getting caught, just say you worked earlier and changed so you can play in the parks, or you had to go to costuming, or your costume is in your locker and you’re changing for work.

This one is obvious, if you get caught sneaking people into an apartment complex you will get termed, but the security guards DO do random trunk checks on occasion, so don’t put anyone in your trunk. Also, I heard my first program people got termed for going into the complex sitting in the bed of a truck, obviously not trying to sneak in.

Apparently you’re not allowed to have another job while you’re on the DCP. People still do it, just don’t post about it online anywhere.

If you use your maingate passes to get people into the parks, you’re supposed to stay with them. Disney has a creepy way of knowing if you stay with them or not. Don’t be obvious and let them in and walk in with them and then turn around and exit right away.

I don’t know how the HELL my first program roommate got away with selling literally all of hers, but the amount of people that got caught selling theirs my second program was ridiculous.

If you go out to eat or anything with co-workers after work, make sure you take your nametags off! You can get in troubsssss.

By this I mean, stay the fuck awake. If you fall asleep at work (Lifeguards, Attraction Tower positions, etc) You will get termed on the spot. Having your phone out at work too can get you termed on the spot. Also, my friend in QSFB was termed for LEANING ON THE COUNTER AND NOT SMILING although he was already in deep shit at his job and they hated him. Just be a good worker and if you’re not one, fake it.

If you fuck with the curfew rules, obviously you can get termed. Like if you are caught leaving Vista at 3am and you’re housing ID says patterson. Security doesnt really check when you’re walking out of the complex but just pretend youre on the phone so they don’t say anything to you.

Unless you’re housekeeping, you don’t get to keep any tippys. If you do and someone knows about it and rats you out, you’re done.

Yep. Dont do that.

Thats all I can think of for now. Aside from the obvious attendance reprimand stuff, which can be slightly confusing SO if anyone has questions about that let me know!


Creepypasta #657: Guard Dog

Story length: Super long

I know what’s about to happen, which is why I’m writing this. I need to get my timing right, so I have to wait. And while I wait, I will write.

I have always been the protective sort. Being the youngest of four, it is usually the eldest that takes on the role of protector, but not in my family. Looking up to my older siblings, I was the one with the desire to protect them. I’ve always had it in me.

When my sister, Liz, was attacked by a dog when I was six, I protected her. I remember kicking the dog off of her, chasing it while yelling as it barked at me, baring teeth and snapping. I learned to bare mine in turn, whacking it with the small metal bat Dad had given me for T-ball practice. Dad ultimately chased off the stray, but he told me that I stayed at my sister’s side, spitting and hissing like some wild animal till the dog was finally gone.

I’ve been spitting and hissing ever since.

When Chad, the oldest of us, started getting picked on while on the bus to school, I was quick to defend him. I doubt anyone on that bus had heard of half the curses that came out of my mouth before that moment, but no one made fun of him after that, even if it had been a third grader to bitch them out.

When Joshua came out of the closet in eigth grade, no one dared do anything to him as he had a seventh grade guard dog walking him through the hallways, joining him during lunch, and threatening to dislocate the elbows of anyone who dared bring up his preference in anything other than tolerance. 

The teachers ignored claims that I threatened students; I was an outstanding student in class, got good grades, helped out staff and volunteered regularly for school events and committees, even helped found a small roller derby league for the nearby schools. It also helped that I was a smaller statured girl, shorter than most of my classmates with a sweet demeanor. An overall sweetheart.

But that’s how all guard dogs are. We know how to be sweet and who to be sweet around, but we know when to show our canines and give that first warning growl before biting.

Liz ended up getting pregnant my freshman year of college. She called me in a panic, and I helped her- through a series of phone calls, face times, and facebook chats- to sort out her emotions and gather the courage to call Mom and Dad and get their advice. Liz decided to keep the baby, and gave birth to a beautiful little girl she named Maddie. My name.

I have never fallen in love with another person so quickly before. Holding Maddie for the first time, I knew- I knew- that I would be willing to give my life to protect her.

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Why do you never use your own art style in your YouTube videos I mean you pretty much copy paste the emoji art meme whenever it's called and add some hair + body and call it your style and stuff? Is it on purpose or something thing if then why do you not credit/tell people where you got it from? ( Btw sorry for my bad English and if you get offended by this)

first off, do you not see when i sketch the character?? i didn’t copy paste anything, i clearly sketched every single detail.

secondly, did you mean this?

because this is mine. i made it. and why not point out the ones that u claim to be “copy pasted” into my speedpaints or art in general cuz i’m pretty sure not one of them are exactly the same as the expressions i draw in my other art.

lastly, i say it’s my art style because i’m the one drawing. because it’s not exactly the same to anyone else’s. sure it can be similar to other people’s art but is it an exact replica? no, it’s not.

ok i’m done. please don’t reply to this with rude things directed to the anon


•Email me

at with what you want your commission to be, state your tumblr/name you prefer me to call you. If you dont have an email, then make one. there are 100s of email sites to choose from and Gmail takes all.


i will not complete a drawing and send it THEN be paid that can set of for thievery and i am

Not having that, My payment is through


If you do not have one, get one, its free easy and if you have cash: find an ATM that transfers cash to paypal credit.

Send me a REFERENCE SHEET or PICTURE of your character DO NOT send me a paragrapher of this character and expect me to design it.


, commissions take time to make and i also have a life, and school, and family and friends and other things, so please do not nag me constantly, you can REMIND me if im taking TOO long through email but NEVER nag me through message or email;


•I have the right to deny a commission if im not comfortable/am physically unable to draw it. (i refund will be assured if need be)

I sometimes will send wips of the commission for you if i remember, my memory is poor so forgive me if i dont, IF you want me to TELL ME and ill try my hardest to remember.


If theres something specific you want me to add into the picture please tell me!!

Head - 10$
Chest up - 13$
Waist up w/o arms - 14$
Full body - 15$
Simple shading + 0$
Complex shading + 2$

Head - 7$
Chest up - 8$
Waist up w/o arms - 9$
Full body - 10$
Gradient cell shade + 3$
highlight + 2$

Head - 5$
Chest up - 6$
Waist up - 7$
Full body - 8$
Simple shading +2$

Head - 3$
Chest up - 4$
Waist up - 5$
Full body - 6$
Simple shade + 2$

Head - 1$
Full body - 2$


Complex +2$
Each extra character +5$ (7$ if complex)

Simple +2$
Detailed +8$

Colored lines - Ask! (Free)
Comics + 5$ per frame
Reference sheets 27$
Two characters free

Homestuck (pixel only) +2$
Chibi +0$
Semi-Chibi + 2$
Real style +5$

Canon Chars
Fan Chars
Up to 20 Char

21+ Chars (amount not age)
Incest ships
Pedophila ships

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Thank you wonderful followers <3

Upd8 on commissions 
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Please help me out the last thing i need to do is die ;-;
Please and thank you! 

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Scenes from a Halloween tips video I was tasked to do for one of my internships ^^  Happy Halloween!

okay but seriously tho brandon and callie don't get enough credit

let me explain.. 

THEY COULD EASILY BE FUCKING ALL THE FUCKING TIME. (the show would be more hbo/showtime than freeform but w.e you get my point)

but they don’t. they try. they understand their situation and they try so fucking hard to make it work the way everyone wants it too. and they just don’t get enough credit for trying! they want to be with each other (nearing the end of season three, we’re still talking about ‘what if things were different’), but they date other people ‘for the greater good’. they keep it platonic even when they’re alone when they don’t technically have to. they’re genuinely trying.

and i get that the stakes are high, so when they do slip up and act on their feelings that hell breaks loose but come on bruh. give em credit. they tried. 

like when jude was going off on callie for kissing brandon … he was all like YOU RUIN EVERYTHING! and it’s like okay but yoo, where’s her credit for not kissing him up until then? i’m dead ass serious tho like? wheres her credit for pulling away ‘because of their situation?’ she fought her feelings for him for as long as she could and the moment she gave in she gets yelled at like that? like he thought she didn’t try? how is that fair?

that’s like having a button in front of you that says do not touch and all you do is stare at it and stare at it and you like the button and you know the button likes you just as much as you like it and you trust the button and you talk openly and honestly with the button and the button just knows you better than anyone, better than you know yourself because the button is your best friend and in a world of uncertainty that is your life and situation, that button is a constant that you can rely on and you can trust the button to just always be there for you no matter what and you just fight the urge to touch it until you’re like, no one is looking *touch* and then RED ALARMS GO OFF! LOL and its like AWW COME ON!

brandon and callie give in but you have to be trying in the first place in order to ‘give in’. not doing something is required in order to ‘relapse’ or ‘fall back into’ and like addicts get a ‘chip’ acknowledging and crediting them for how long they ‘didn’t do something’ i just feel they need credit for that. sure. they fail (which is my favourite part, like ha. losers. you still like each other) but they deserve credit for what they don’t do. sure they kissed again in 2x10, but they didn’t do anything up until then and they only kissed when they thought they could and sure they had sex in 3x09 but they didn’t do anything up until then and only when they thought they could. they never do anything when their situation is ‘ON’ .. only when ‘OFF’. the moms might not even believe that considering they thought she was pregnant with his child (meaning they think they’re fucking behind their back) and i’m sure with the sex secret ‘out(?) the entire family isn’t going to buy the fact that they only fucked once. NO ONE WOULD. but it’s true. they work so hard man. they have feelings but they fight it. constantly. daily. and it’s shown to be exhausting. but them falling back into each other shouldn’t be seen as them fucking shit up all the time but like yo… they’re in a shit unique situation and they held on for as long as they could. they’re trying and making the best of the situation everyone is putting them in. 

give them credit.

Hogwarts Teams Instead Of Houses

Okay so I already went into this a bit here is the post. I do not take the credit that got me started on this post that goes to the op. Sorry that its in link form i do not know how to make it look fancy but here is the original post with my original idea:

So Hogwarts still sorts into houses but each first year has to make a team and it has to be mixed with diffrent blood status and maybe gender too. It has to have one preson from each house Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor

The teams of four get to choose their names it has to be mostly agreed apon so like 3 out of 4 people have to agree apon it

each team is under a staff member and different from my original post there are only 4 heads so it would be snape, Mcgonagall, sprout, and flickwick for harrys era.

It is a competition between the whole school as teams all fight for the house cup or team cup in this case and each of the fours achievements or lose for rule breaking

As i hate dumbledore there would be a spell on a castle that would automatically dock points from any bullies each time they bully and the headmaster isn’t allowed to award points the headmaster is there for all the legal stuff but doesn’t really have any control as its the board of governors that control on top and the teachers who control in the school the headmaster is just the inbetween and has no much say in anything.

All the abandoned classrooms would really be dorms for each team and they would have the teams name on it would be password protected and only the teams individuals magical signature could open it and staff could too no other students could or the headmaster

The dorm assignments would rotate so like all the graduated 7th year dorms would become the first year dorms

In the great hall there would be square tables that the students we’re encouraged to move to sit with other teams of any year

The main thing you get awarded points for would be helping other teams out as well as your own team.

Each class would have 4-8 teams

There really wasn’t any house favoritism because it was never one house in a team

Quidditch was a first come first serve kinda thing. Not everyone in the team had to be on one of the Quidditch teams or even had to play Quidditch

did yall know if u have amazon prime but choose no-rush delivery instead of the other faster options they just…give u $5.99? like its just a credit onto ur amazon account…like…this sounds like one of those stupid posts abt like survey sites but im serious amazon just gave me $6 cuz i didnt need my wig asap……..

EDIT: i didnt make this post expecting it to bloe up so i didnt have a lot of info on it. Heres some stuff ive found out since making it: You dont get $6 every time you do this. The last time I tried i was only able to get like $2. I dont know if its $6 the first and then some smaller amount every other time or if it depends on the item or what. Someone who reblogged said the money disappears after a month. It only goes towards pantry items which includes food and other household items like toilet paper or soap. In order to buy things from the pantry you purchase a box as well and they put as much as they can into the box and you have to pay for shipping fees with the one box. I THINK the box fee IS the shipping but im not sure. The box is $6.
So I did a photoshoot today...

First a twig got in my eye…

Then my friend goes “do an action pose” and I accidentally touch the biggest bug I have ever seen…

So I turn around to recover… only to find an enTIRE HORDE OF THE LITTLE BEASTS…

Needless to say, photo shoot successful.

Photographer credit to one of my best friends Mareah

Life hack:

When you get your first credit card, immediately subscribe to Netflix or start paying your current subscription with your new card. We all know you’re going to pay for Netflix, anyway, and it gets you set up on a habit of making frequent payments. This is literally how I built the lion’s share of my credit over the first couple years.Even when I was broke, I could still afford $8 a month, and a few years of monthly on-time payments shot my score well over 700.

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Some people are stealing your posts and claiming it's their own :/

Hi 😊 I know that it is happening, but not really to what extent.. Both on tumblr & instagram I get people contacting me about profiles using my photos without crediting me. So first of I want to thank everyone who is watching out for me, which I really do appreciate it❤️

However most of the time its not only my photos, but from many different profiles. I would just say that if you do come across profiles that post photos without giving credit(not reblogs), comment on it & report the user. Make the person aware of the fact that they should not use the photos and claim them as their own. In general I don’t think one should post photos without knowing the source. But I do know people can make mistakes, and given the chance can change their ways.😊 I have done it myself, my old header was a picture that was not mine, but I still used it. I did not even think about it when I put it up there, I just used it because it was pretty 😑

So to sum it up, I hope more people start crediting the original photographer/painter/artist. If you don’t know the rules try to get to know them. And also if you ever feel like I take credit for something thats not mine please tell me :) and again thank you all for watching out for me! You guys are the best 😄❤️❤️❤️