its my dream to have a huge building like this

am i not currently living the ideal student life though?

i have a fairly cheap, completely white one room apartment in a newly renovated student building, complete with a kitchen part, a bathroom, and very fast internet. i have fairy lights all around my room. i have a big sofa that can also be turned into a guest bed. i have a dying cactus, a super cute ficus, six tiny small cacti, and three windows with the view of a couple of trees.

it takes me barely five minutes to go to school, and every morning my classmate, and also friend, who lives in the same building as me, knocks on my door and then we walk the short way to school together where we study film and television production with teachers that have been, or are still, working professionally (one of them has even worked with ingmar bergman). sometimes our third friend on the floor below me joins in on the walk there too. 

i can eat whenever, whatever and however i want. i can stay up as late as i want. i can go around naked. i can have friends over at anytime, i can not come home for days if i want to too. i can leave the dishes dirty for a long while. i can visit my friends without even leaving the building.

every week, usually sundays, me and my friends have taco and doctor who nights. we meet up as often as we can to play games, watch films and maybe sometimes to study. but just sometimes. they’re all huge fucking nerds and i love them.

and think, just earlier this year i didn’t even dream i’d have this.