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I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


@christopherpowelllover asked for a new art piece with Chris and @gayforgayle suggested I draw my Mc and him a few weeks or months ago so that’s what I did and I’m so happy of the result!! If you hear screaming it’s me all the way from here also my back cause it’s dead since the third time I listened to can I have this dance

I love my cute dorks !! Chris is one of my favorite character to draw Mc not so much cause I always struggle to get her face right, it’s like Zig I never know how it’s gonna look HOWEVER PAINTING CHRIS’ HAIR IS TORTURE! I lost one brush that made it easier so I had to go the good ol’ way 😂 But hey it was worth it, I love my baby powell! 

Remember when they won and I said I was gonna draw them matching @kittenmusicals there! Omg 3 birds with one stone! Is that how you say it?? I’m LAME!

Anyway that’s enough rambling ! I hope the Chris’ stans get to enjoy the piece as much as I do! and boy I do ! 

The Animation quality has been butchered by tumblr once again sorry ! 

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Happy Birthday to my super lovely Daph-chan♪ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♫ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

after having her morning coffee, the blonde was sitting on the pier, humming a song which she only listened for a few times before just because of boredom. although, she really, really wanted to change the lyrics as neverland is home for fucking wrecks like me, fucking wrecks like me will never be free.    well, that was too desperate, ada thought. even for me. the view was very enjoyable and all, but she felt the need to turn her head as she felt somebody else’s presence on the pier. 

i finally started all for the game, so i can finally get overly attached to the characters,, i drew Aaron !!

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GOM + Nijimura For whatever reason they end up carrying their s/o,who has fallen asleep, to their bed and tuck them in

Kise: It was no secret that spending a full evening at a karaoke bar singing and dancing was tiring, but falling asleep was something new. Kise noticed your tiredness right away, the way you fumbled with your limbs and the look you had were suspicious, but he brushed it off, if you rested a bit, you would be in top condition again. “__-cchi, let’s sit down, you seem a bit exhausted.” Truth be told, you liked the idea, but your boyfriend's delight was your priority. "But the song is really good and I don’t want you to sit around since I know how much you are enjoying this.“ Your pout and tired gaze and stubborness were so cute, he could barely handle it. But, as the gentleman he is, he would always put you first as to not push beyond your limits. “I’m enjoying spending time with you __-cchi, I enjoy you, nothing else matters when we’re together.” His hand found yours and he led the way through people to your seat. “But if one of our songs comes around, I’m gonna jump on that stage.” “Do you think I will stay still? Someone has to protect you __-cchi.” And so chatter turned to laugh and then into silence, comfortable silence. He loved holding you like this, his arms wrapped around your shoulder and your head in the crook of his neck. He thought just how perfect this moment was, when he heard one of the guests of the bar singing your song. Heaven seems to have noticed his prayers. “__-cchi! Our so-” Just when he thought it couldn’t get better, fate had another ace up its sleeve. You were asleep, a small smile gracing your features. “Sweet dreams, __-cchi.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead and carefully moved, not to wake you up, and picked you up princess style. Once the two of you arrived at your home, he gently placed you on your bed and covered you with your favourite blanket, watching your peaceful expression with a sincere smile, another wave of emotions hitting him, not believing his luck.

Akashi: Stargazing with you was on his wish list for quite some time. The sky was clear, countless stars making it only more unforgettable. The yard of his mansion was more than enough for you, tho he insisted to take you somewhere else. The sole thought that you were together on a blanket, surrounded by nothing else than nature, holding hands and talking about everything filled your heart with more joy than anything bought with money. The fresh air, the shining of the moon, the sound of your voices - a dream that came true. You looked up to the sky and then to his face, paler than usual, and a smile formed itself on your lips. “What is it? Do I have some tiny insect on my head?“ Even though his humor wasn’t the best, he never failed to make you laugh, and that is important. “Well, to be honest, if an elephant was here, I wouldn’t notice.” Your laugh was what made him feel alive, it was the sweetest sound his ears ever got permission to hear. “Thank you, Seijuro. I love you.” These words slipped from your lips with such ease that he forgot about all the pain his heart had to conquer, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from you meant the world to him. “No , my love, I am the one who needs to thank you. I love you so much, __.” You could his heart beat faster, as your head was on his chest, it was the ideal lullaby for you. Akashi enjoyed the silence, it was so intimate and yet so innocent. He never expected you to fall asleep, but it was nonetheless a pleasant surprise. He lifted your head carefully and wrapped his arms around your shoulder and knees, letting you rest on his chest again. You had your own room at Akashi’s place, but he didn’t want to disappoint you with not being by your side when you wake up. Slowly he positioned you in his bed, and tip-toed to the other side, as not to make any noise. Both his arm and a sheet were wrapped around your sleeping figure, protecting you from the cold and darkness. One last whisper separated him from joining you in the land of dreams. “I love you, __.”

Midorima: Bless the man who thought about putting comfortable couches in libraries. Another peaceful study/reading date, the silent atmosphere made Midorima’s nerves relax. You loved seeing him like that, fully concentrated, but not frowning like usual. You finished your book half an hour ago, but haven’t spoken since starting the session. You didn’t want to disturb him, you gave him all the space and time he needed. When you stood up to return the book to its place, Midorima reached out to you. “I’m sorry Shintarou, I didn’t mean to disrupt your reading. What is it?” “Why didn’t you say you were finished?” “It’s okay, I enjoyed waiting, I thought about the whole story and I could watch you.“ There was that giggle again, the one that could melt ice and also him. "Y-You can watch me whenever you want, nanodayo.” You moved a finger to his lips. “Stop right there, I don’t want any scolding, it’s okay because when I return I will sit next to you and cuddle with you while you finish that book, then we both are happy and satisfied. How does that sound?” “W-We can go now, you don’t have to wait, nano-” You wouldn’t let him finish that sentence because it war pure nonsense. Your lips pressed firmly against his own should be enough to dispose of his guilt. “See you in a bit, Shin-chan.” Another hour passed, your frame gently leaning on his, the only sounds - your even breathing and the noise of pages being turned. “__, we can g-” The instant he saw your face, his cheeks became a pallete of red. He had to bring you home, but how? Waking you up was an option, but he really didn’t want to; carrying you all the way could wake you up and seem strange. Just when he thought he had to wake up, it hit him, of course, Takao was the answer! After an awkward call, Takao showed up with the rickshaw in front of the library. “Need help, Shin-chan?” “Just don’t talk, Takao.” “Haha, okay, but only because __-chan is asleep.” When the three of you got to your house, Midorima picked you up bridal style and apologized for late intrusion, hoping your parents wouldn’t think badly of him. Once he passed them, he laid you on your bed and covered you, making sure no part of your body would be cold during night. He managed to mutter out a whispery “good night” before almost tripping in your room.

Aomine: Having a basketball date with Aomine was nothing unfamiliar to you, you even started to like it. His smile was definitely worth the sweat. “Come on __, are you kidding me? We just came here and you are already slacking off.” His ‘just came here’ was an hour in normal people time. “Oh shut up, if we were doing Maths, you would have quitted ages ago.” Instead of answering you, he stole the ball from you and held it above your head. “Oi, give it back Ahomine!” “Your dribbling was worse than Bakagami’s, I couldn’t bear to watch it.” He should thank God that you already fell for his teasing grin, otherwise it wouldn’t have been pretty. “Alright, then we make a little break!” Your speed gave off another impression. “You little liar, you can't play with me, but you can sprint to the bench?!“ "I have  always energy for resting.” Aomine rolled his eyes but eventually joined you on the bench. “It’s getting late, __. Want me to walk you home?” “Hnnn.” “What was that?” Your words became muffled sounds because your face was burried in his toned arm. A slight blush creeped up on his cheeks, you were way too cute in that state. “I think you don’t need to answer that.” He picked you up and carried you piggyback. After greeting your parents, he moved on to your room. He knelt so he could untangle your limbs. After finally succeeding, he brushed a lock of hair behind your ear, still kneeling beside your sleeping self. “I forgive you for being tired, it sure as hell isn’t easy to be so damn beautiful.“ 

yoooo who wants Steven Universe fic recs


How to Turn An Angry Space Alien Into Your New Aunt With the Power of Friendship or Whatever by Steven Universe

Basically the title. Peridot joining the Crystal Gems and slowly finding Steven worming his way into her heart in the most Steven way possible. Its adorable. 

Honesty Is

AKA Sapphire and Ruby wondering how they are gonna tell Steven they are a fusion and also a look into their shared mind throughout some moments in the show its cute i love it 

Maybe You’re Just Mad Cause You’re Single

AU where Peridot and Jasper landed in Canada together and basically must now work together while being arguing dorks 

Jasper and Peridot Conquer AP Literature!

High school AU cause im a nerd. It only has one chapter out so far but its already gold because super nerd Peridot is my bby. 

What Was Missing

“Tensions rise in a far off galaxy. Steven struggles with powers. The Crystal Gems struggle with raising a child as well as protecting Beach City. Peridot reminisces on times before war. Lapis reminisces on times before her mirror.
Three new refugees wonder what is and isn’t worth fighting for.”

How do I explain this one.. basically turning into an epic story with gem battles and politics and lots of cool gem OC’s and trans rep and autistic gems and its really great and it might be confusing at first but once you get the hang of it its wonderful and i adore it. 


Love Overgrows A Rock

AKA how Sapphire and Ruby decided to stay a fusion forever and im crying

She Saw the Beauty in Everything

Who wants to weep with me on Pearl/Rose? 

My Pearl 

More Pearl/Rose feels amirite 

I’ll start adding more the more I read and when more fics get written *wink wink nudge nudge* 


remembering the girl with the flower dresses and a silver heart

i. wake me up - avicii (madilyn bailey cover) ii. 24 - jem iii. glory and gore - lorde iv. let her go - passenger (tyler ward cover) v. asleep - emily browning vi. riverside - agnes obel vii. hurt - christina aguilera viii. i’ll see you again - westlife