its morphin time


Today I listed these 5 morphenominal bad boys for sale. I feel like it’s my duty in life to spread the Power Ranger love. I of course also have a white and green one, but didn’t list those yet.


Preorder your Pokemon Z-Ring

The hot accessory for 2016 according to the Tiny Cartridge Lookbook, this accessory will blink, vibrate, and make noise when you launch “Z-Moves” in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You can change the look with different crystals (this one includes 3, more sold separately), and it may or may not summon a Dragonzord and/or transform you into Ultraman.

Oh it also comes with a little Pikachu figurine, idk. It’s $29.99 on Amazon, and seems to be categorized as a toy rather than a video game, so it doesn’t look like it’ll get the 20% Prime discount for new games. Maybe?

PREORDER Pokémon Sun and Moon, BUY Pokémon New 3DS