its morphin time


Today I listed these 5 morphenominal bad boys for sale. I feel like it’s my duty in life to spread the Power Ranger love. I of course also have a white and green one, but didn’t list those yet.


Preorder your Pokemon Z-Ring

The hot accessory for 2016 according to the Tiny Cartridge Lookbook, this accessory will blink, vibrate, and make noise when you launch “Z-Moves” in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You can change the look with different crystals (this one includes 3, more sold separately), and it may or may not summon a Dragonzord and/or transform you into Ultraman.

Oh it also comes with a little Pikachu figurine, idk. It’s $29.99 on Amazon, and seems to be categorized as a toy rather than a video game, so it doesn’t look like it’ll get the 20% Prime discount for new games. Maybe?

PREORDER Pokémon Sun and Moon, BUY Pokémon New 3DS

Gosei told us the morphers would give us power. Let’s use them.


While I absolutely love the homages to the original, which were off course totally expected, I can’t help but notice that the cards clearly say “Gosei (colour)” on them. They even do a close up on the cards. But of course there’s no way we won’t see Skick, Landick, and Seaick on their backs, but still. In the original when the power morpher started glowing on their belts and they had to have a close up it said Power Rangers and not Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

/End pointless rant. I’m still going to watch the show and enjoy it

while having a skype conversation with my mother this evening, she asked me why I was home by myself on a Friday night and not out with some cute gentleman.

i informed her that there have been no applications for outings by cute gentlemen. she told me that maybe it was because of how I presented myself, because after all i was wearing a shirt with a dragon on it. 

so i shouted “DRAGONZORD! GUH!”