its monsoon season

there’s a consulate building near my house, and it’s lit up in all the colors of the LGBT+ rainbow all along its front entrance. it’s monsoon season and there’s lightning, pouring rain, and loud thunder, and the sky is black without stars from pollution. but the lights still glow.

i’m thinking about the pulse nightclub shooting. we have to remember them, but we also have to do better. especially for LGBT+ people of color, particularly trans women of color, who are probably the most vulnerable members of the human race. we can’t just fight for equality for white LGBT+ folks, because that’s not equality; it’s racism. we have to stand together, with straight people and gay people and bi/pan people and people of every gender and sexuality under the sun because we can prevent this from happening again. 

and i know that i will never be beaten by this world because there is more love than hate in it – i truly believe that – and for every one person who commits an act of terror, there are a hundred people ready to help and heal. we’re the lights in the storm; we keep shining.

disappointing-cheesecake  asked:

Do you know of any fics where the pack (or just stiles & derek) go 10-pin bowling? Or to an arcade or something?

uhh I have this one which is tagged with ‘eighties arcade games’

Ice Cream is Overrated by kototyph (1/1 | 2,344 | PG13)

Stiles is hopelessly competitive. Derek is just hopeless.

And these are the ones that I found which involve some type of bowling…

Stay in Your Lane by mikkimouse (1/1 | 5,382 | PG13)

Stiles works at a bowling alley and has a crush on Derek Hale, a frequent customer. He deals with this in the most mature way possible: by giving Derek dumb nicknames for every game he plays.

Of All The Bowling Joints in the World by museohmuse (1/1 | 4,891 | PG13)

“‘I - okay, here’s the thing.’” And the red flag shot up. Nothing good came from Scott saying 'here’s the thing.’ 'Here’s the thing’ was the reason Stiles’ face was on the wanted wall of the Chuck E. Cheese the next town over. 'Here’s the thing’ was the reason Stiles had a small scar on his chin from a water balloon. 'Here’s the thing’ was exactly why Stiles had trust issues.“

In which Stiles came out to have a good time and honestly he’s feeling like he might be falling in love now.

The Bowling AU by Shadowspeaker (1/1 | 4,466 | PG13)

The boy’s got on a red beanie a faded Beacon Hills high t-shirt and baggy gray sweat pants. His face is framed in dark black glasses. He’s got his hands in his pockets and there’s something about him that reads mischief. He’s easily one of the more beautiful people Derek has ever seen and he’s quickly becoming overly fixated on the boys moles and the dark wispy unkempt tendrils of hair that escape from under his hat. Derek has to sit down. Like right now.


I just got accepted into uni for my masters. After four long hard years trying to finish my undergrad course. I honestly don’t know if I can handle it tbh. Uni snatched me right out of my comfort zone, I wasnt ready and I don’t think I’m ready for my masters either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to do my very best, I’m going to work hard, but I just remember being stressed out and over worked ALL THE TIME!! ALL THE TIME.

You know when people say “I have no plan I’m just going where the wind blows?” That’s me except its monsoon season.

It’s easy to lose sight of just how beautiful you are when you open yourself up and bear your soul.  A lot of people out there like to stamp out light in others when they don’t see it in themselves… But it’s much more difficult to not only continue to shine , but also to forgive those who attack you, understanding that their venom comes from a place of insecurity in themselves.   But nothing in life worth doing has EVER been easy. So shine on kids, shine on.


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