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I’m not over and will never be over dennis reaching out for mac as he wakes up in the road trip episode like ????? I’m 100% serious when I say they were banging in season 5 because dennis just… wouldn’t do that randomly, his instinct wouldn’t be to reach across the bed and feel for someone there unless he was regularly sleeping with the same person and spending the entire night and not being cold in the morning. that absolutely does not sound like something dennis would do with women but with mac? who he’s constantly touching and has been in a codependent relationship for over a decade that is pointed out only a few episodes later? they were banging and dennis was reaching out for him out of habit thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • Taehyung, walking half asleep: What day is it?
  • Seokjin: Monday
  • Taehyung, eyes snapping open: oh no
  • Seokjin: What is it?
  • Taehyung: look
  • Taehyung: 3
  • Taehyung: 2
  • Taehyung: 1

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The last fic you posted with Percy and Vax fucked me up! It was so good and was everything I didn't know I needed. Loved it! I now want to know what each of the other characters experiences would be like. <3

Thank you, anon! <3  I’ve actually been thinking about that this weekend. Very short versions …

Scanlan’s imagined his own death in many ways, but catching a stray illness in a no-name town is not one of those ways. But the fever sets in one morning, and never goes away. 

When he sees Vax at his bedside, he assumes it’s a hallucination. “Imagine me,” he tells the apparition, “Scanlan Shorthalt, savior of the entirety of fucking Exandria, dying in a shithole town like … what the hell is the name of this town, anyway?”

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Gonna Be a Bit MIA: A PSA

So with no new episode this past weekend, I haven’t been posting a lot on my blog. Instead I’ve been doing what I can to prepare for the coming weekend which the universe has conspired to ensure kills me (metaphorically, though it also promises to be incredibly exhausting physically). I’m currently getting my affairs in order, doing what I can to pad my queue with my three main fics for the next few weeks but I will be a bit MIA until next weekend is finished. I’m going to try desperately to get my thoughts for A. Malcolm sorted and posted for Monday morning as usual but there is a chance I won’t be able to until Tuesday. In addition to finally having the much anticipated reunion dropping this coming weekend, I have my niece’s birthday party to prep for on Saturday and then help host on Sunday (on whatever sleep I manage after staying up and watching the new episode). There is also something else dropping on Sunday that is almost certainly going to leave me an emotional and  incoherent mess (and that’s all you’ll get for now though you’ll be able to find me buried next to @bonnie-wee-swordsman I’m sure). I think three days is the standard for resurrections though so it won’t take too long to emerge from what promises to be one of the most eventful weekends in my Outlander fandom life. And when I do, there will be A LOT to talk about. 

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my question is; would you rather travel to the past, or the future? and my blurb request is; a tom holland one where its a monday morning, and you two are all cosy cuddled up in bed, and you've gotta get up to go to work, but he begs you not to go, and you eventually give in and take the day off. thanks love!

Answer: The past for sure, as much as I would love to travel to the future I would love to go back to the past. 


From the moment you’ve woken up the sound of raining hitting the roof was echoing throughout the room. Not even a inch of sunlight was peeking its way through your slightly open blinds like usually, already feeling the gloomy weather effect your mood. The bed was warm and soft, Tom’s warms were wrapped tightly around you as his sot snores filled the more making a content sigh escape your lips. Closing you eyes, you let yourself get lost in the warmness and safe feeling before knowing the world would come knocking at your door. 

Softly and gently unwrapping Tom’s arms around you, he hear him shuffling before one of his brown eyes open. He slowly opened the other taken site of you besides the bed and a frown to crease it’s way onto his features. “What are you doing?” His raspy morning voice called out causing you to stop your movements and look back at your boyfriend. Your heart softened at the site, his short brown him a mess, his shirtless torso exposed as his hand was rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. 

“I have to get to work Tommy..” You whispered as a slight whimper left his lips causing her heart to melt. This was rear, it’s hard when his home and you have work but you couldn’t just stay home

“But babe..” He reasoned as he got a hold of you handing tugging you back in bed. A chuckled escaped your lips as a small smile worked its way onto his lips. Pressing soft delicate kisses on your neck, you sighed closing you eyes and running your hand through his hair. “Can’t you take one day off?” He mumbled as you bit your lip. 

“But I have to go to work..” 

“No you don’t…” He breathed out as he pulled away slightly to look into your eyes. “Its a monday and it’s raining outside it’s a perfect lazy day..” He pouted as you signed knowing there was no argument here. He watched with a satisfied smirk as your reached for your phone calling the office. One your phone was placed back on the night stand table he pressed a kiss to you cheek pulling you back in again and kissing you cheek. 

“You’re making breakfast…” You mumbled into his chest as he chuckled and nodded his head.
Governor declares emergency as wildfires ravage Sonoma and Napa counties, forcing mass evacuations in wine country
Hundreds have evacuated as multiple fires burn in Napa Valley and Sonoma.
By Sonali Kohli

This seems to have come out of nowhere! Several famous vineyards are probably destroyed. 1500 structures burned down. One fire (Tubbs fire) is 35,000 acres, another is 8,000 to 12,000 acres. Total burning acreage now 57,000. 14 fires over eight counties. Part of the town of Santa Rosa is evacuated.


The vast devastation over just a few hours made this firestorm one of the worst in California history, with Gov. Jerry Brown declaring a state of emergency.

No deaths have been reported, but there have been injuries and people are unaccounted for, said Janet Upton, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. She could not estimate the number of injuries.

One of the raging fires had Santa Rosa under siege Monday morning, with a large swath of the city north of downtown under evacuation order.

The fast-moving fire jumped the 101 Freeway, forcing hospitals to be evacuated and, witnesses said, burning homes and businesses.

The area of Fountaingrove appeared to be particularly hard hit, with photos showing numerous homes on fire. The Fountaingrove Inn and a Hilton hotel also burned. Officials said homes were also lost in the community of Kenwood and at a mobile home park off the 101 Freeway.

While many evacuation centers were set up, some were filled to capacity due to the large number of people fleeing.

The Tubbs fire near Santa Rosa has burned more than 35,000 acres as of 6:40 a.m., Napa County Supervisor Diane Dillon said during a televised press conference Monday morning. Officials said the other large fire in Napa County — Atlas Peak — has reached between 8,000 and 12,000 acres.

Smoke from the fires drifted into the Bay Area, into San Francisco and as far south as San Jose.

In Santa Rosa, Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Sutter Hospital were evacuated.

The status of Safari West, a small zoo in Santa Rosa, was unknown Monday morning. The zoo is known for its rhinos, giraffes, zebras and other animals. Santa Rosa wildlife preserve Safari West posted on its Facebook page Monday morning that “for the moment, it looks like our preserve and our animals are ok.”

Natural, part 2

Pairing: Eventually Klaus Michaelson x Reader

Word Count: 2861

Warnings: language, angst

Part 1

“Mary is your mother?” Nodding slowly you bent down to retrieve your fallen bag.  He bent down too as he realized what you were doing. “I’m sorry I should have been paying more attention.”  

Your hand and his grazing each other’s as you both grabbed for the bag.  One of your more annoying abilities was triggered at the contact sending an image into your mind of the man standing before you.  He was arguing with the girl Bonnie had walked into the Grill with one moment, in the next he sped across a parking lot at an inhuman speed. Of course, you would meet a damn vampire the second day you were here.  Your body stiffened a moment before he handed you the bag.

“I’m Stefan.”  He watched you carefully as you clutched the bag against you.


“Nice to meet you, [Y/N]. If you are Mary’s daughter then I would guess you have her abilities.  Like visions when you touch objects or people.” How would he know your mother?  It was so odd.

“Yes, I do.  Just like now when I saw you.  I know what you are.”  Stefan laughed quietly as he looked down at the ground quickly then back up to you.

“She knew instantly too. Shook my hand and she froze just like you did.  Apple didn’t fall far from the witch tree.”  The way he smiled, was friendly and relaxed.  Perhaps he was not one of the more sinister of his brethren.  

“How did you know her?” His smile disappeared as you asked the question.  The way you phrased it.

“How did I know her? She isn’t…”  

“She and my father were murdered six months ago.”  The words shoved the blade through your heart forcing the pain to bubble to the surface once more.

“I’m sorry.  Your mother was an amazing woman.  Smart, funny.”  One of his hands came to rest on your shoulder, trying to convey his sympathy.

“You did not answer my question.”  A small smile appeared as he nodded.

“You’re right I didn’t. It’s a story that may take a while. I know you are just leaving but if you have the time we can sit and I can tell you all about it.”  There was a reason you were called to this town. Maybe this was it.  Maybe you were supposed to have some closure and learn more about the woman you thought about every hour of every day.

“As long as you keep the tequila coming.  I have a feeling I am going to need it.”  The rich laugh of his caused a warm feeling in your chest.

“I think that can be arranged.”  Moving to open the door, Stefan motioned for you to go first.  You walked back to the same table with him steps behind you.  As you sat, he remained standing.  “Give me a minute; I need to let my friends know I won’t be joining them.”

You nodded as you sat back against the booth, letting out a long breath.  Stefan walked over to the table Bonnie and her friends were seated. Bonnie would have to know what he was and she seemed pretty stable.  So maybe this guy wasn’t so bad, even for a vampire.  Matt returned to the table with that same grin from before.

“What?  You couldn’t get enough of the burger?”

“No it was the tequila. Bring back a bottle now.”  Stefan took the seat across from you, nodding up to Matt.

“Two glasses and the bottle, if you would.”  Matt went off to bring what was ordered while you and Stefan stared at the other.  

“Do you understand how strange this is for me to sit here with you?”  He looked confused as he clasped his hands together in front of him on the table.

“It can’t be any stranger than me sitting here with a witch.”  

“I don’t think it is strange for you.  You are friends with Bonnie.”  That smile appeared as he motioned his clasped hands towards you.

“True but I am just Stefan Salvatore.  I just happen to be a vampire.”  Perhaps you would tell him at some point how is happened.  However, not until after he told you about your mother.

“When did you meet my mother?”  Matt chose that time to return with your bottle and glasses.  You could only pray that you would be coherent enough to walk back to the B&B after all was said and done.  Once he left, Stefan began his story, pouring a glass for the both of you.

“I met Mary in Boston when she was eighteen.  She took a weekend for herself and went to explore.  She was taking pictures down at the harbor when some jerk bumped her off the dock.  I caught her hand as she slipped, keeping her from falling in.  When I pulled her up she hugged me, thanking me for saving her from soaking clothes and a useless camera.”

This was a story you had never heard from her.  That was a dark time when she had met Scarlet’s father and all the drama surrounding the pregnancy and their relationship.  Stefan’s tale must have been just before all of that happened.

“She always was taking pictures.  I have boxes at home I can’t bear to go through yet.”  Flashes of memories from as far back as you could remember, your mother always had a camera in her hand if she was not elbow deep in soil.  She was the reason you fell in love with horticulture.  Stefan flashed another sympathetic smile.

“We ended up talking for hours.  She was this whirlwind of a personality that just drew everyone to her.”  Downing the first shot quietly you nodded.  It was nice to hear about her from someone other than family.  Family was biased.  “We spent the whole weekend together.  Exploring the city and its history.  On Monday morning just before she drove home she hugged me and said she hoped I would be able to keep my thirst in line since I had been trying so hard around her.”

He laughed looking down at the glass clasped in his hands.  “I had been trying for a long time to keep myself in check.  There have always been difficulties.  But, not with her.  There was no thirst or thought of her blood.  We just enjoyed each other’s company.”

“Did you two… umm…” Stefan shook his head.

“No it wasn’t like that. We were friends and found it easy to talk to one another.  Maybe it was because we were both of a different world than almost everyone else on the planet.  We needed someone like us to talk to, that wasn’t family or friends.”

“A breath of fresh air?” He gave a short laugh as he took a shot of the tequila.


“That is me right now. I need… air.”  You could see the question in his eyes.  But you were not quite ready to say it.

“You lost contact because she got pregnant with my sister.  Scarlet’s father was… not a good man.  He kept her from her family until the baby was born then took off.”  He did not say anything at first, looking like he had many things on his mind.  

“I had thought of her many times over the years.  Wondered what she was doing if she was still even alive.  Then I run into you… I swear it was like seeing her again.  You look so much like her.  I thought for a moment she had been turned.  When you spoke, I knew you weren’t her.  But… you could pass for her easily.”  As you grew, you had been told by nearly everyone that you looked like your mother.  You did not always believe it as your mother was this beautiful woman and you were… well just you.

“Thank you.  It’s nice to hear sometimes.”  Another shot for you before any of those damn tears tried to make their way down your cheeks.

“I don’t want to upset you. If you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to.  But I feel like I need to ask.  What happened to her?”  Of course the words were coming.  Even without the aid of your powers you knew he would eventually ask.  Stefan had been a friend to your mother.  Even for a short time, he had the right to know.

“My mother had a heart bigger than anyone I know.  She loved and trusted with every fiber of her being.  Always seeing the good in people even when they didn’t deserve it.”  Dread flashed over his features.  While he did not know yet what the details where Stefan knew they would not be good.

“My mother was a fairly well known witch in Salem and the surrounding areas.  She was powerful and would help those who needed it when asked. A pair of vampires had requested and given a half payment for a pair of daylight rings.  When she completed the spelling of them, the vampires slit her throat then ripped my father’s heart out as my mother watched in her last moments.” You words were quiet towards the end as it was difficult to even think of what happened.  “It was covered up with an animal attack story by the coven.”

Stefan’s posture had changed dramatically in the last few moments.  “Do you know who these vampires were?”  Shaking your head, you took the third shot.  You were going to have to walk back to the B&B for a long nap after this.

“I never saw them. Mom had just mentioned what she was doing for them.  I found their bodies later when I went over for dinner.”  Stefan took another shot of his own looking upset.

“Mary didn’t deserve that. She was a good person.  Neither one of them did.  I’m sorry you lost both your parents, [Y/N].”  One of his hands clasped yours squeezing gently.

“Thanks.  I think I need to go sleep this off.  I’m… not good right now.”  You grabbed your bag before sliding out of the booth.  

“I can take you wherever you need to.  Where are you staying?”  He set some money on the table trying to get up and follow.

“I’m staying at the Brookwood, but I want to walk.  I need the air and to walk off some of this.”  Continuing to follow, Stefan made sure to walk around you opening the door again.

“Fine we can walk. I’m not going to let you walk alone.” Shrugging it off you started off in the direction of the Brookwood.  Neither of you spoke but it was nice to have him there in case you did.  It kept you from falling too far into the darkness of your mind.  Why was it like this all the time now?

“You know I used to be a lot more like her.”  Stefan looked over to you as he walked with his hands in his pockets.

“Like her how?”

“I used to be happy and loved life.  I enjoyed working on my greenhouse.  I practiced my craft… I was a fucking human being.”  The frustration and despair came out louder, than you wanted.

“[Y/N] you lost two of the most important people in your life.  You are allowed to mourn and be sad and angry.  It’s part of grieving.”  The wise words he expressed did nothing because you had heard it before.

“I thought it was supposed to get better at some point.  Maybe easier if not better.  It is not getting easier.  Not at all. I feel like I was to scream all the time.  Or sleep.” A hand came to rest on your shoulder as he pulled you close, forcing you to face him.

“There is no time limit on grief or pain.  Allow yourself the time to heal and it will happen.”  There was so much you wanted to say, to argue.  Instead, Stefan wrapped his arms around you and held you as the tears finally broke free.  After a few minutes, you felt like a complete ass and pulled away, wiping your face.

“I’m sorry.  We just met and here I am crying like an idiot all over you.”  Stefan laughed quietly

“You aren’t an idiot. I think we could be friends as your mom and I were for that short weekend.  Maybe it is something to do with you Wallace witches and vampires.” A laugh was able to bubble up from you. Something you had not done much of recently.

“Wallace and Avery witches maybe.  I’m [Y/N] Avery.”  

“You’re an Avery witch too? So two lines of witches? Interesting.”  Interesting did not cover it.  There were things about you due to your unique genetic situation that few people knew.  “I have a proposition for you.”

Raising a brow, you were not sure you were ready for a proposition from a vampire.  

“Not like that.  We are almost back to the Brookwood.  How about you sleep today and tomorrow I can take you out to this lake to breathe some fresh air.  It’s like a two hour hike but it is worth it.”  Stefan looked hopeful as he crossed his arms over his chest.

It did sound like it would be fun and maybe actually clear your mind.  With a slow nod, you tried a show a small smile.  “I would like that.”

“Great, I will pick you up around nine.  Make sure you sleep tonight.”  He walked off in the direction of the Grill as you watched him for a few minutes. You wished your mom were still around just so you could tell her about meeting Stefan.

Dinner that night at Sheila and Bonnie’s had been nice.  The food was great, and it was fun to be able to catch up, hearing old stories.  Sheila made you promise though before you left town you would stop to see her to say goodbye.  That was an easy promise.  Sleeping that night came easier than most other nights.  You were so exhausted that you did not remember your head hitting the pillow.  Dreams throughout the night changed.  They were different and honestly, you could not tell if they were truly dreams or visions. Some felt so real.

Stefan was right on time in the morning in a sweet looking vintage car.  Not that you had any clue what type of car it was but it was beautiful. The drive out to the trail took about thirty minutes so you talked more about your mom and what she did after leaving Boston.  It was weird talking about so many things with someone you just met, but Stefan made it easy.  Once you had gotten onto the trail, he gave you a chance to ask questions of your own.

You heard all about his life in the 1800’s and how Katherine turned him.  She sounded like a total psycho and you hoped you never had to cross her path.  The stories about the fighting and subsequent making up between him and his brother Damon were shocking.  To go so long fighting with a sibling you just could not imagine.  Scarlet was your sister and your best friend, you were not sure where you would be without her friendship and support.

Stefan brought you to a lake in the middle of the forest.  It was quiet and clear and it felt like the world around you stopped for just that sliver of time.  It felt like it would break a spell if you disturbed it even with talking.  So, you both sat quietly. You looked around the scene spread out before you, while Stefan watched your awe and amazement.  It was as though he was seeing this place again with new eyes, yours eyes.

After a while, he could not help but break the silence.  “Feeling any better?”

His voice startled you for a moment before you looked over at him with a smile.  Nodding as you looked back to the water and a bird that happened to be flying over it.  “Very much so.  I have felt so disconnected from nature and the earth.  This makes me feel like I am slowly getting back to it.”

“You will get back to something of your former self.  I know you have probably heard it a million times but just give it time.”  He was right, you had heard it many times but this may have been the first time you felt it was true.  The hike back to the car was filled with more sharing and this time, laughs.  Somehow, in the short twenty-four hours you had known him, you became friends with Stefan. He understood the bizarre world you lived in and having to hide parts of you from the rest of the world.  There were parts that you kept from your sister, as she hated the magic side of your lives.  With Stefan, though you did not feel that.  It felt good.

When you arrived back at the car, you saw a text from Scarlet.

Call me when you get a chance tonight.  The lawyer called.

Oh, that was never a good sign.

(Continuing with part 3 soon)

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this is literally just 2 minutes of him putting tape on his face