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Life from the perspective of colour blind people 

Deuteranomalia: This is caused by reduced sensitivity to green light. Deutan color vision deficiencies are by far the most common forms of color blindness. This subtype of red-green color blindness is found in about 6% of the male population, mostly in its mild form deuteranomaly.

Protanopia: Caused by a reduced sensitivity to red light due to either defective or a lack of long -wavelength cones (red cones). Some scientists estimate that being a protan is associated with a risk of a road accident equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of between 0.05 and 0.08 per cent.

Tritanopia:  People affected by tritan color blindness confuse blue with green and yellow with violet.  This is due to a defective short-wavelength cone (blue cone). Whilst  Protanopia and Deuteranomalia are significantly more common in men, tritanopia affects both sexes in equal amounts.

Monochromacy: Only around 0.00003% of the world’s population suffers from total color blindness, where everything is seen in black and white. 

The cool kids are so underrated

Okay but I just?? love them so much???? hosting a potluck and inviting people they don’t know very well just because they can, always supporting Steven’s interests even if they don’t fully understand the whole gem thing, talking highly of Lars and inviting him to things despite not really knowing him, making Sadie feel welcome and just?? they’re so nice and?? i love how they’re still considered the “cool” kids despite having a few weird interests (like. they drive around in a pizza van) i just rlly love them okay

Langst Headcanon

Soo, I’m really new to the fandom but when I discoverd the Langst Tag, I was surprised by how much I needed it! There are soooo many good langst things out here. Well, this is my share:

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when you log on to relax and are immediately flooded with negativity


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punny illustrated reusable totes by kerrisganeson

this pair of illustrated totes from recent shop fave kerrisganeson is funny, punny, cute, and craveable. NEED ‘EM IN MY LIFE.

The Day Lance Died

Just a short little fic that I felt like writing. Hope y'all enjoy xx

The day Lance died began just like any other. There were no special meals, he wasn’t wearing anything fancy, and he still had to sit through school.

The day Lance died started with the screeching of Hunk’s alarm clock, a sign that another day at the Garrison had arrived. Lance and Hunk arose, ready to sit through classes and mind numbing lectures. It felt like a standard day at the Garrison.

The day Lance died, Hunk and Pidge joined his crew for a flight simulator. The three were a total mess, but Lance had tried his best. The stress was getting to them and Lance suggested they sneak out that night, ready for a break from the endless days the Garrison provided.

The day Lance died he watched as an unknown object came crashing out of the sky. Lance watched as his body went running towards the crash site and his mind attempted to catch up. He watched as that stupid mullet headed towards the object as well. Lance watched as Mr. Mullet Man Keith, Pidge, Hunk, and himself rescued a captured Shirl and fled. Fled away from the crash, away from the strange ship-like object, and away from the Garrison.

The day Lance died he stood in a shack in the middle of nowhere. He listened to talk of unexplained energies and a prediction of Shiro’s arrival. He followed the others to a cave and to a giant robotic lion.

The day Lance died he entered a blue lion and began to fly. He shared looks with Keith, Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk; all of them being flown away from earth and to who knows where.

The day Lance died he landed in a flying lion on a planet that was not his own. He entered a castle where upon waking its occupants he learned he and the others were to save and defend the universe.

The day Lance died he went through the unimaginable. He left earth with four other humans and was propelled into something bigger and greater than all of them.

The day Lance died was the day he finally began to live.

You guys I legitimately can’t believe it. Cole Sprouse is in love with Lili Reinhart. They’re dating.

I’ve never in my life seen such a textbook definition of what coupledom looks like. Like I wouldn’t have been able to define it before and now I can point to their Wondercon interactions and say, “that’s how you let everyone know you’re dating.”

what have I/we done to deserve this?
The Foxtrot - Final Chapter Archive of Our Own
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Thank you all. I love you all for reading and for all the kind words. I hope this final chapter doesn’t disappoint <3

Re: faking dates and planning marriages

Originally posted by jeonsshi

+ “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”
+ “I’m personally offended that you didn’t ask me to be your fake date.”

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 598
Requested by: @suga-daddy-69​ 

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event (requests open!)

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damelola  asked:

Majorly judging you, 14!

sitting on someone’s lap

It’s easy, sometimes, to forget that Alura’s life on Krypton was, for her, not so long ago.

It’s easy to forget that for her, her planet’s destruction was not decades ago, but so recent, so, so recent, because she’s adapted to life here to quickly, and she’s built a life in the place of her sorrow. She’s happy, too, Lucy knows that, she can see it, she sees it when Alura laughs with her sister and embraces her daughter, sees it when she watches Astra and Alex lean together like they have no troubles in the world. She sees it in Alura’s eyes when the woman kisses her. She knows that Alura is happy, because the woman spent enough of her life pretending, and hiding, and she leads this new life with an open honesty that is more refreshing than Lucy can describe.

But its the little things, really, that remind Lucy that Krypton’s influence is still very much present and alive within Alura. Things like this; the way Alura glances away when Lucy cups her face and tells her she’s beautiful, the faint crease that furrows her brow, the dusky flush high on her cheekbones.

Lucy frowns slightly in response, running her thumbs over Alura’s cheeks, and leans forward to nudge her nose against her jaw. ‘Hey’, she murmurs, kissing the defined edge, ‘you okay?’

Alura nods, her lips curving, her fingers carding through her hair. ‘Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?’

Lucy purses her lips slightly, considering her words, running her hands up and down the woman’s back. Alura’s weight is warm and familiar in her lap, their hips pressed together, and Lucy reaches for the remote to mute the television, silencing their marathon of Brooklyn Nine Nine, before she settles her hands on her hips. ‘No reason, really, just…’ she cups her face again, fingertips curling at the hinge of her jaw, ‘you sometimes look… so surprised when I say that’.

Alura blinks. Her brow furrows slightly, and she murmurs, ‘I suppose… I suppose I am’.

Lucy’s frown deepens, and she loops her arms around Alura’s neck, twisting locks of her hair around her fingers. ‘You don’t think you’re beautiful?’

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