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How Seventeen Breaks Up With You

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S. Coups: “Let’s not make this a messy break up or anything. Let’s just look at it like two people who drifted apart.” Seungcheol would try his hardest to make sure the relationship as friends wasn’t broken.

Jeonghan: “How long are we supposed to pretend that things are okay between us? This relationship has run its course.” Jeonghan would put mutual blame on the ending of the relationship, but he would still be crushed over it.

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1)Messi didn't become the leader of the squad by imposing himself he gradually became one. Its what he earned over the years. He played in mf last season yet was the highest goal scorer of europe that's just who he is he can step down but his talent wont&that automatically will make him the leader of the squad. Its not like he is selfish many times he has sacrificed hattrick chances for the team or even individual players so they get on the score board last season he created alot but ppl missed

2)people need to realize messi’s history with Barcelona runs too deep one cannot replace him or for that matter he is a generational player that doesn’t happen often i love neymar but he wont be messi regardless of which part of the world he ends up that’s just life. Messi was “messi the goat” well established also by the age of 25. Why should he step down or even be asked to do so? He isnt declining? So honestly what sense does it even make?

3) ppl forget to mention even he sacrificed his style of play&position to facilitate MSN working well but its just that messi can play great at all position. Messi didn’t become leader because he is barca’s biggest signing in terms of money hell barca got him for free there home grown player who has gone onto rule the world.over the years he has cemented his place as the leader&one fine u cannot just strip him off it. I would like to end saying lio is phenomenal&he cannot be overshadowed.

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Sample of what I usually do when creating an outfit...

((Its an organized mess… but I think I have an idea of what I want. I will have a cleaned up/visible up soon. GOOD LUCK READING MY MESSY ASS HANDWRITING X’DDDD)) - Mun

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A tip someone told me on how to get over art block is to draw it. Like picture what your art block looks like and draw it. It works better if you don't just draw a block but that can work too. The person you told me this drew themself fighting a giant monster with a skull for a head and the word artblock written on its stomach

this is messy but uhhhhh i tried

honestly i draw my persona so much bc i genuinely love it …….. its kinda weird, bc i spent so many years really really hating every aspect of myself but slowly working those into my persona has really helped me come to terms/like the way i look
and nowadays i genuinely like my always-messy hair, my scraggly teeth, my weird eyebrows. it makes me look unique! being wonky and scraggly and strange looking is ok. its a sign of genuineness, and i think thats the most important thing for a person. and thats something you gotta tell yourself! go out there! draw yourself! romanticize your flaws! truly love every aspect of yourself !!

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My twitter timeline also got plenty of drama tonight. What's going on with the world?? Anyway, what do you think the video for two ghosts will be?

A black and white video with harry looking at old Polaroids. It’s the middle of the night, he’s looking all sad and disheveled sitting at the kitchen table, the fridge light washing over him. He runs his fingers through his messy hair. A glass of water knocked over on the ground. Shadows in the hallway, a fish bowl in the distance. The only thing in color are the Polaroids.

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice

Girls having fun~