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“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

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Tony-winner Rachel Bay Jones performs “So Big/So Small.”

Social media is a facade tbh, don’t let people’s pictures or posts think they’re marriage/friendship material. In all honesty, people on here need to stop thinking they know a person just by what he or she blogs.

I can say this about myself tbh and this isn’t merely out of humility, it’s the truth.

fr what bothers me the most about people judging you for liking any east asian thing (whether it’s music, language, food, shows, etc) is that people make it sound like appreciating east asian’s culture is just a myth/impossible and that their culture is inferior to anyone else’s. You won’t see someone judging you for listening to french/english/spanish music but something korean? Get ready for dirty looks.

wanted to draw my favorite flower lesbian again bc its been awhile since I’ve done anything with Alliacea. 

now that I’m out of my “MORE COLORS, MORE SATURATION, BLINDINGLY HARSH CONTRAST FOREVER” phase, I’m thinking about going back and fixing up the islander designs to make them a bit more pleasing C: 

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so - wait, i've been off the tungle for a while and somehow didn't piece this together, you're marrying the author of dragonoak?! :O :O that is so cool! i just started the first book because of your recommendations and gorgeous fanart and holy crap i'm so happy for both of you!!!!

hahaha i KNOW right its so crazy!!!! 

we were acquaintances on the internet for a While until i reached out to them about reading the novels they had been working on for a few years…which is the story of how we became friends bc i read dragonoak in its earlier stages! and everything just escalated from there and well. now!!! we are here!!!!!

i cant believe how LUCKY i am to be marrying (?!!??!?!) someone who i not only love but ADMIRE so much. its so wild to me that anyone i look up to as much as them would choose me of all people…theyve helped me become more of myself and really start to value myself more as a person, which is so much considering my ex did a really good job of breaking that all out of me before. 

lmao im getting sappy i just. im very lucky and very grateful and very in love and its very nice haha

A practice picture bc I freaking thought shading was possible and it’s NOT. But I love these two.

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LISTEN Nolan who rly rly likes Nico but is super shy about making a move, even tho he knows Nico likes him too. They start with just lil things like Nolan casually putting at arm around nico's shoulders, or hand holding in private. Finally after a few days in Chicago, they're watching a movie in a the hotel. Nico shyly rests his head on Nolan's chest and wraps an arm around his waist. Nico looks up at Nolan to say something and he just looks so cute, Nolan ducks down and softly kisses his lips.

DANG. Okay so I was just reminded of the way Nolan looks at Nico, like the heart eyes? Incredible. Wow anyway this is the softest thing ever, my heart is gone, thanks anon I’m crying