its me and kyoya

  • Haruhi: Tamaki is too tall for me to kiss him on the lips. What should I do?
  • Kasonoda: Punch him in the stomach, then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
  • Honey: Tackle him.
  • Hikaru: Dump him.
  • Kyoya: Kick him in the shin.

all that is left now is to tear you to bits

People can sometimes see Hibari sitting in the park, just sitting there doing nothing. That jacket he wears on his shoulders looks puffed up, but it’s only because the stray cats like to crawl into it for warmth and take naps (while he’s still wearing the jacket in that super dorky way of his).


…Says the teenage boy in the crop top.

Haha! I forgot about this. It’s from about a year ago, when I ran out of good paper and had to doodle in a weird notebook I found lying around somewhere. There are butterflies printed on every page. Very fitting for a sketch of Kyouya, no doubt.

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Hosts + Ritsu's reaction to receiving flowers from their crush? like a single flower that just so happens to be thier favorite because their crush obviously listens and learns it. (cause i dunno if ive ever seen anything where their crush is the one doing something super romantic for them, its always the hosts being the romantic ones but gosh darn it lets see how they like it when their crush surprises them with CUTENESS and flowers ye)

- TWO REQUESTS IN ONE DAY?! I read this (it was next in line to be written) and i had to, its so cute~!

Tamaki: Horticulture was his favorite class of the day. Not only did he get to work with flowers, but he shared a desk with you, making more time to get to know you and allow you to fall for his princely charm. Tamaki always expected to sweep you off of your feet one day, and was surprised when one day you swept him off his own. 
You approached him with a beautiful blue flower, but explained how it could never compare to his eyes, making him burst into tears while hugging you.
Oh prince(ss)! Thank you so much! Allow me to take you on a dinner, where I can learn your favorite flower, and much more about you.

Kyoya: He ran into you during lunch, or rather, you ran into him. Kyoya was checking his appearance over in the mirror, getting ready to return to his hostly duties. You took a deep breath, knowing that since you couldn’t visit the host club today since it was over-booked,you would atleast get the guts to give this flower to your long-time crush. Exhaling you approached. Kyoya saw your figure in the mirror and turned to greet you, but was taken by surprise when you presented his favorite flower and tucked into his suit pocket. Giggling, you bowed and turned to go, only to stop when he grabbed your wrist.
Thank you, ____-chan. How would you like to grab a desert and tea with me? Overbooked? Never, I’ll always make time for you.

Mori: Mori loved to relax on the weekends at the park, on the bench by the pond where water lillies popped out. He loved the delicacy of the petals, leading you to be amused at how someone so strong and silent could like a such a beautiful, elegant flower. You saw him on his bench as you always did, and looked at the water lily you held in your hand. What if he actually liked the pond for the frogs? Or if he’d think you were creepy for knowing? Shaking those questions off you approached him, sitting beside him, before offering the flower to him. He grabbed it and smelt it, before smiling at you, and putting it above your ear, and leaving his hand to linger on your cheek.
It always reminded me of you, and it looks better than I could’ve imagined.”

Honey: Honey was still estatic from his bike ride with you the other day, you biked by all kinds of flowers, but stopped by the sunflowers. You made a joke saying how he was like a sun-flower, bright, impossible to miss, and always looked at the sun, the bright side. Honey was in the club room when you approached him with your hand behind your back. He ran up with a piece of cake for you and nearly dropped it as you presented the sunflower you had picked for him. He hugged you tightly, but backed off when you said something about crushing the flower.
_____-chan is so nice! Here, come have cake with me! I wanna put the flower in a vase so I can always remember how cute it is! Not as cute as you though, ____-chan!”

Hikaru: Hikaru always wondered if luck was real, and you were starting to make him think yes. He was stuck on setting up tables for the host club’s special dinner coming up, and you happened to volunteer to help. You both were busy putting the jewels on the backs of the drapes on the chairs, and he couldn’t keep himself from stealing glances at you. It was time to set up the center pieces when you hand caught his, just as he was about to place some plain white flower. You held up a bright red flower, saying how it would fit Hikaru’s table better, and he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.
How’d you know it’s my favorite? Are you in love with me or something~? Heh, don’t worry ____-chan, I was planning on asking you for a date this weekend!”

Kaoru: Kaoru was nervous, it was his first time being alone with you. You two were walking through the town, doing whatever came to mind with the excuse of you needed a break from studying together. Kaoru hadn’t confessed his feelings fully, but he dropped hints. He also dropped his jaw as you grabbed his hand to hold, and led him to a field full of beautiful flowers, the same kind but all different colours. You sat, and fiddled with your hands as Kaoru sat as well, and asked how you knew these were his favorite. In responce, you held up the crown you had made from them, and placed it on his head.
Mymy, you always seem to blow me away, flower. Hmm? O-oh, it’s a nickname for you that I just came up with! I think it suits you, and here, you should wear this crown… you look breath-taking.”

Haruhi: You agreed to help the brunette shop for ingredients for dinner, excited to finally spend some time alone with her. Haruhi scanned the aisles with you, picking things out here and there and comparing prices of this or that. Her heart sped up when she glanced around and couldn’t find you. Figuring you had just left to find the bathroom made her feel better. Haruhi was surprised when you unexpectedly tapped her on the shoulder, and blushed when she saw you holding her favorite flower, saying it was a necessity for dinner.
“D-don’t scare me like that! No, I’m not blushing, shut up! Of, of course it’s necessary for dinner, I love it… Thank you.”

Kasanoda: Ritsu was used to making flowers wilt in his presence, his permanent angry face seemingly too intimidating for even nature to with-stand. He always thought you were different though, you never wilted from his scowl, you even made it go away. You always blossomed in his view and made him feeling fluttery on the inside. Ritsu thought his stomach would burst from the butterflies when you approached him with a beautiful flower that he recognized. Blushing as you gave it to him, he hugged you tightly.
I think you’re the most beautiful flower ever! You never wilt! And I’ll never let anything make you wilt, ever! I promise I’ll protect you. W-wah? Y-yes, I’m saying I like you! Alot!”  

I may or may not be reading Ouran High School Host Club again and I may or may not have a megane boyfriend

so it’s mackerels birthday today

and I made her the best present

which is a total troll btw, but she knows I love her and I wouldn’t gift her a troll image if I didn’t love her

sadly I probably won’t post it tho I really want to cause I traced the lass image from the OHSHC opening for it….. and put some of my ocs into it