its mah selfie


Tagged by @inunanna @hireikotsu @kag-san @keichanz @kuddle-cakes @adorableears7 @mustardyellowsunshine (can you tell I’m late to the party 🎉?) thank you ladies!!!

Whenever I love a band I listen to their entire discography on repeat until I’ve found all the songs I love by them (& know the lyrics too 😬). I’ve been so obsessed with “Arabella” lately.

Lockscreen is a reminder to go after my dreams, and that selfie was taken after a long day with the bf, hiking ‘round town and sweating off my makeup - thank goodness for Snapchat filters!!!!

Many of the people I’d tag beat me to the punch!! So I tag @kagomeforever @placebogirl7 @who-locked-stark-in-the-closet @sangoslays @goraishi @sassybratt9791 @inu-yaasss-a @ryupioupiou @co and anyone else who wants to join in!!


@asexualkurootetsurou tagged me to post a couple of selfies! these are from a couple of days ago and the lighting’s kind of bad but oh well :P

and i taaaag (only if you’re okay with it, of course): @foxerica, @banshee-cheekbones, @sleepy-skittles, @eeyore9990, @crossroadswrite, and @queerleighyours and @queerlylonnie (because omg you two are too precious i am dying with every photo you post!!!)


Thought I’d finally give that make-up thing a shot. Oh how I wish I wasn’t blind.