its looks weird doesn't it

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

I only wanted a new avatar but she’s cute and this happened. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

commission info | redbubble shop

When I say Vol- you say?!


happy lesbian day of visibility pals 💖🌈 feat. my weird hand


high necklines make me emotional now bc thIS SCENE

WIP for some up coming merch~ I wanted to try and make beach towel;; haha;; Sorry my merch is so stupid and self indulgent L O L

I’m trying a new printing vendor…but if it comes out well then I will probably do Shiro too. And Lance if I don’t tire out of rendering abs (it will never happen don’t worry)

I know I said this last season but grimmons is going to be confirmed by the end of season 15

Remember when some su fans said smokey quartz was ugly because they’re fat.

Keep in mind,these are the people who hate su crits because “su is So progressive and the animation is totally perfect”