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Newt’s niffler plays cupid

Newt x reader

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You rifled through your jewellery box, trying desperately to find your grandmothers necklace, that she had given to you when you were a child.

Your panic stricken eyes, caught sight of something oily black, scurrying into the gap between the wardrobe and the wall, a shiny silver something clutched in its thieving little paws.

Stealthily drawing your wand, and silently summoning the little minx, it reluctantly floated to your open hands, as though it had been subjected to this humiliation once or twice before.


You had an inkling as to where he had come from, your next door neighbour had an affiliation with magical beasts, hippogriffs often roamed his back gardens, which you rather enjoyed watching from time to time.


Having made your decision, you began to make your way down the narrow lane to Mr Scamander’s cottage, chattering away to the irritating if adorable little pest.


Knocking sharply on the yellow painted door, the squirming creature still in your hand.


A rather tall gentleman with wild auburn curls, pulled open the door, and froze when he realized what was in your hands.


“I think this little ray of sunshine might be yours Mr Scamander.’ Your voice dripping with sarcasm.  His freckled cheeks flushed slightly, an embarrassed look on his handsome face.


As he took the niffler from your gentle grip, ‘thank you, I’m so sorry, I do hope he hasn’t caused you any trouble.’ He apologized earnestly, You couldn’t bear to stay annoyed at this sweet gentleman, nor the creature now his expert grasp. A smile twitched at your lips, as you watched him scold the innocent looking beast, as if it were his child, before his expression softened once more, his annoyance giving way to relief that his friend was safe once more.


“I think he might have something of mine in his little pouch there, I didn’t want to hurt him retrieving it.’ He gave you a surprised but grateful smile before tipping the creature upside down, shaking him out like a bed sheet. You were about to stop him, appalled by his cruelty, until you noticed the beast squirming and omitting an almost giggle like sound, as Mr Scamander tickled its rotund belly, a handsome grin etched on his freckle sprinkled cheeks, as all of the shiny trinkets poured out of its pouch like a tap.


Finally satisfied, Mr Scamander rummaged through the sizable pile of items, until he came across your necklace. He picked it up gently, ‘is this what you were looking for?’ he offered, handing you the beautiful piece of jewellery, after he set the creature down in its pile of treasure.


“oh yes thank you.’ Relief clear in your voice, his long rough fingers brushing against yours, as you took the necklace from him, your heart fluttering in your chest.


“would you perhaps like to take tea with me? As an apology for my nifflers appalling behaviour.’ There was a mischievous twinkle in his sea green eyes, that was dissolving what little resolve you had left.


Have a great day and be safe


a couple of easter bunnies for y’all

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I've just purchased two female baby rats, and I hope you don't mind, but I've named them Aleutia and Fenwrel (I know Fenwrel is a mouse-maiden, but close enough haha, unless there's any other rat-maidens in your world that have been named and I've missed it?). I was also wondering what is the correct pronunciation of Aleutia? I say it as Ah-loo-shee-ah. I'm not a native English speaker so I kind of took a shot in the dark with pronunciation here.

Oh my god I love you.

I’m very tired today and probably shouldn’t be answering asks right now but I love you. (And so far it’s just Aleutia and Fenwrel that are like fae in the Rodentia family right now!)

And Aleutia is like…made up, and not an English name at all, so you may pronounce it however you want anon. In my head I just imagine: ‘Ah-loo-shah’, but the shee-ah at the end works really nicely too. <3 

I wish Aleutia and Fenwrel all the health and happiness. :D (And you as well)

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hello! congratulations on your 1000 followers ❤️ you deserve it honestly!! may i please request for the drabble game dino with 33, 18 and 19 please? good luck! ❤️

title: cat parents

✦pairing: chan x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 389

author’s note: thank you so much for your support, and thanks for requesting<3

33: “Excuse me for falling in love with you.”
18: “Show me what’s behind your back.”
19: “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

Originally posted by 17-percent

Chan sighed, game controller in his hands as he went through the current level. It was agonizing to have to read the same dialogue over and over again only to hope to to beat the level this time. His eyebrows furrowed as his fingers moved the left stick quickly in order to lose as little health as possible.

His concentration was broken once you slipped through the door of your shared apartment, not saying a word. It was quite uncharacteristic of you to not even greet him, and he instantly died. He set down the controller and turned to you, who seemed to be in a rush to get to your room. “Show me what’s behind your back. He raised an eyebrow at you, and you slowly turned around to face your boyfriend with a sheepish look on your face. Your hands were still clasped your back, obviously holding something. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, stop being silly Chan,” you fibbed, wishing that he would let it go, though you knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. He retorted defiantly, standing up now and taking quick strides in order to approach where you were. “Excuse me for falling in love with you then, an idiot,” you teased him, wanting him to forget about the current situation, but he didn’t respond.

Chan reached out his arm to take what you were hiding from him into his own hands, but you moved to the right to avoid them. “What are you-” He stepped to the right, but you shuffled back to the left. “Y/N, please, what are you doing?” Though you were trying painfully hard to keep him distracted, he finally wrangled the noticeably large box out of your hands. He gasped upon seeing what was inside and you offered up a cheeky grin. “A cat?” 

“It was abandoned!” You protested, snatching up the small kitten sitting patiently inside the package. “Look at how cute it is! You can’t resist its adorable little face and paws!” 

You shoved the feline into his hands, taking advantage of his bewildered expression. He casually began to pet the cat, a peaceful expression growing. He didn’t say a word, but you moved closer,,squishing your body next to him. “That’s a yes to keeping it, right?”

Admin Emi

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Blackmail me to learn swedish

NOOOO I forgot to reply to this!

Okay, here we go.

See this kitty? See its little paws in the air? The fear in its eyes? I’m not saying anything will happen to this little fluffball if you don’t learn Swedish. But you better start learning.

Is it working?


Let me try this again.

1) You already know German, so most of the little grammar quirks Swedish has will be familiar to you. Except that Swedish grammar is like a bazillion times easier. Only two grammatical genders instead of three, no cases, all personal pronouns take the same verb ending, plurals actually make sense (most of the time - there are a few rules you’ll have to learn), NO CASES.

2) You’ll be able to watch all those Swedish crime shows in the original (if that’s your thing. If not, they will be once you’ve started to immerse yourself. There’s no escape.)

3) The music! Need I say more?

4) It’s just such a cute and happy language! Who can resist the sing-songy power of “hej allihopa” or “ursäkta mig” or “hoppsan”?

5) I’d love you forever and be always at your service if you started learning Swedish!

Constellations // Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Part 1)

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: (?)

Summary: The lovers whom never thought that they would find each other, did.

Author’s Note: Hi i’m soft and this is my first post of the new year! I hope you al like it~

xoxo Sara

Prologue - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

It was late afternoon, the sun had just began to duck behind the horizon and the sky began turning the beautiful shades of pink, purple, orange, and blue as it usually did during this time. The cold and harsh blows of the wind began to rustle the dead fallen leaves against the concrete, creating a scratching sound in the atmosphere which was usually dead silent. Most of the streets were empty, due to the fact that it was Sunday and most stores closed early. Though, there was the mere exception of the rebellious teenagers who lurked the streets with their friends until the early hours of the morning in search of their next adventure.

You sat on the bench nearest to the park that laid inside your small city, outside the cold metal gates that prohibited you from entering the one place you felt most at peace with yourself. You hadn’t noticed how lonely you felt until, the sudden realization of your day had hit you.

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I’m sure this is how Gramander will get engaged ...

Graves is secretly a romantic so he will plan a little dinner in their apartment– candles, rose, EVERYTHING. Everything is prepared and now all he needs is Newt and the ring. Newt’s coming home from a consulting job in an hour. The ring …

He checks his pockets, looking for the ring box. Graves starts to panic when, shit, he can’t find it! At that moment, Graves catches a glint of silver in the corner. Newt left his suitcase at home and his niffler, Treacle, has escaped. And has Graves’ ring in its grubby, little paws.

“Treacle,” Graves says sternly. “Give me. The ring.”

And Treacle will be all like ‘You will pry my shiny from my cold dead hands’

When Newt comes home, the apartment is a mess. All of Graves’ hard work is literally up in flames, there are holes in the wall and there are roses and food on the floor. 

Graves will be standing in the living room, holding Treacle in one hand and a ring in the other, smiling triumphantly and going, “Yes! Finally! Gotcha, ya wiley bastard! Newt, look! I got back your engagement ring!”

And Newt stares. 

And stares. 

And Graves’ face will fall as he realizes he just gave away the big surprise and that his plan have gone awry once again. 

Newt turns red and gasps and runs up to Graves. throwing his arms around him and says, “Yes! Oh Merlin, yes! But before we celebrate, how about we put out the fires before the fire department comes?”

Afterwards, Newt and Graves will be eating at the diner they had their first ‘outing’ when they were both being oblivious idiots in the early stages of their relationship. 


Graves and Newt put thief-proof enchantments on their engagement and wedding rings since Treacle likes to steal them. 

Derek Hale Imagine: A Puppy and a Werewolf

Request: imadangerouscause

Prompt: You are twenty three years old and you bring your new Rottweiler puppy to the pack meeting because you feel bad to leaving him at home. But, Derek, unwillingly, learns to love your puppy too.

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf.

A/N: This request was sent via messaging and I nearly forgot about it! You can send requests on tumblr messaging, but I’d prefer asks because I can see them more directly and access them a lot faster than messaging. Otherwise, enjoy the Derek hale fluff!

You had your little puppy, Tiberius, next to you, bouncing on its little paws as you made your way to the Hale house for the pack meeting. You couldn’t bear to leave this little guy at home, he was whining and crying  that you were leaving, so eventually, you scooped Tiberius, your Rottweiler, and placed him in the car.

He bounded towards the house and rushed in as soon as Derek opened the door. There were no other voices, so you must have arrived early. Derek went inside and than scooped up Tiberius by his scruff. He whimpered. “(Y/N), what is this?”

You ran up the steps and entered the Hale House, taking Tiberius out of Derek’s angry gasped. “He’s Tiberius, my puppy.” You set the pup down and he made a beeline for the couch. He jumped on it. Derek sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“If he pees,”

“Relax, sourwolf.” You replied, sticking your tongue at him. You sat on the couch, placing Tiberius on your lap. “He’s housebroken. Anyways, where’s the rest of the pack?”

“They’re late.” Derek growled.

You slapped his arm, gently. “Lighten up, sourwolf.” You picked up Tiberius and put him in front of your face. “Who can say no to me? It's Tiberius the puppy!”

You heard a chuckle before it was stifled by a sigh. You placed Tiberius back on your lap and raised an eyebrow. “Oh, did I hear Mr. Sourwolf just chuckle at my puppy?”

Tiberius whined and you let him go. He made his way to Derek and then nuzzled himself against Derek's  body. “Aww.” You said, Derek rolled his eyes and reluctantly pet Tiberius who whined with delight.

“See, he likes you!” You said, poking Derek to be silly. He looked down at your puppy and let a small smile dance on his lips. You smiled at them. You were happy that Derek was warming up to your puppy. If one of Derek’s rare smiles appeared on his face because of Tiberius, than you definitely had to bring your puppy to more pack meetings.

“He really likes you-”

You felt Derek’s lips crash on yours. You kissed him back, feeling happy. Then, you placed your forehead against his. “I didn’t think I’d get a kiss.”

You heard a bark at the door and voices outside. Look’s like the pack was here.

“Come on,” Derek said, “Let’s go introduce your puppy to the pack.”

Can We Keep Him? (Newt x Reader)


Prompt: newt spends the day assisting his no-maj veterinarian girlfriend in the office and she shows him how to care for all these non magic animals and by the end of the day Newt wants a dog and a cat and one of everything that came through the office

okay but newt and puppies

Originally posted by simplyelda

     Things were quite busy at your workplace which honestly, is the opposite of a bad thing. You’re a veterinarian. It was the thing you wanted to do ever since you knew that choosing a career was a thing. Thank goodness, there weren’t any serious patients so far, mostly people dropping off their pets while they go do something. Also, the bunch of puppies that get dropped off annually even though it is encouraged for the owners to ya know, personally find owners. But you didn’t complain, more puppies for you. As you were filing papers and giving the puppies smothering your feet some attention, you heard to door bell chime that signaled some one walked in.

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The brothers' reactions to their s/o bringing home a surprise pet?

Osomatsu: At first, he’d act pretty neutral towards the animal, fiddling with its ears or experimenting to see if it can do any kind of tricks, i.e fetching the remote for him. He’d progressively fall in love with their new pet and gradually start to give it nicknames deviating from the name he and his s/o had given it. Osomatsu would end up carrying it around the house with him and curling up on the couch with it. (He’d still do the whole ‘fetch me *insert item*’ thing with the pet just for the fun of it.)

Karamatsu: He would most likely attempt to give the new pet a lengthy, grandiose name befitting of such a majestic and exalted animal. He’d just utterly forget to even ask where his s/o had found the animal and, within the first five minutes of their meeting, would without a doubt try to put one of those shirts with his face on it onto their new pet. Or maybe a pair of his shades; then parade about the house talking about how their pet is a “Karamatsu *insert type of animal*” in honour of the legendary “Karamatsu girls.”

Choromatsu: He’d be surprised initially, asking them where they found the animal, how much it cost, what made them choose this little one specifically, what other animals were there, etc. Then immediately after he’d start talking about insurance for the pet in case it gets sick or injured, if any compulsory injections are needed in order to preserve the pet’s good health, then he’d make a long list of different types of names and sit down with his s/o to pick an appropriate name. (He’d also make those silly little cooing noises that people do towards animals but would deny it if he got caught doing so.)

Ichimatsu: Ichimatsu: If his s/o brought home a cat, he’d absolutely lose his mind. It probably wouldn’t even catch him off guard, he’d immediately fuss over it and pull out each and every tin of sardines he owns to feed his new friend. He’d gush about its little ears and cute paws, in a subtle fashion of course so that they wouldn’t catch on how much he loves it, and would affirm that his s/o had made a good choice. He’d privately delight in the fact that they like cats as much as he does. If the pet wasn’t a cat he might not respond with as much enthusiasm, but would warm up to it eventually.

Jyushimatsu: Jyushimatsu would be so enthusiastic as soon as he caught a glimpse of the surprise pet. He’d jump up and down, wave his arms about, stare in awe of the animal and squeeze his s/o excitedly at the prospect of a new friend for them to play with. He’d be so energetic and think up lots of ideas for names whilst bouncing around, unable to contain himself. It wouldn’t matter to him what kind of animal it was, he’d just be so full of elation at the idea of having a pet and would ask to cuddle it immediately.

Todomatsu: Todomatsu would act very indifferent toward the animal at first. he’d probably try to avoid it any chance he got, asking his s/o why they needed it anyways when they already had something much cuter(him.) After a while he’d warm up to him and would include him in many selfies while still denying his love for the animal. He’d probably try to dress it up in cute clothing whenever his s/o wasn’t around to tease him for it. He’d never admit to his s/o he’d fallen head over heels for the animal and thought it was the cutest thing ever.