its little paws

I’m sure this is how Gramander will get engaged ...

Graves is secretly a romantic so he will plan a little dinner in their apartment– candles, rose, EVERYTHING. Everything is prepared and now all he needs is Newt and the ring. Newt’s coming home from a consulting job in an hour. The ring …

He checks his pockets, looking for the ring box. Graves starts to panic when, shit, he can’t find it! At that moment, Graves catches a glint of silver in the corner. Newt left his suitcase at home and his niffler, Treacle, has escaped. And has Graves’ ring in its grubby, little paws.

“Treacle,” Graves says sternly. “Give me. The ring.”

And Treacle will be all like ‘You will pry my shiny from my cold dead hands’

When Newt comes home, the apartment is a mess. All of Graves’ hard work is literally up in flames, there are holes in the wall and there are roses and food on the floor. 

Graves will be standing in the living room, holding Treacle in one hand and a ring in the other, smiling triumphantly and going, “Yes! Finally! Gotcha, ya wiley bastard! Newt, look! I got back your engagement ring!”

And Newt stares. 

And stares. 

And Graves’ face will fall as he realizes he just gave away the big surprise and that his plan have gone awry once again. 

Newt turns red and gasps and runs up to Graves. throwing his arms around him and says, “Yes! Oh Merlin, yes! But before we celebrate, how about we put out the fires before the fire department comes?”

Afterwards, Newt and Graves will be eating at the diner they had their first ‘outing’ when they were both being oblivious idiots in the early stages of their relationship. 


Graves and Newt put thief-proof enchantments on their engagement and wedding rings since Treacle likes to steal them. 

a couple of easter bunnies for y’all

Derek Hale Imagine: A Puppy and a Werewolf

Request: imadangerouscause

Prompt: You are twenty three years old and you bring your new Rottweiler puppy to the pack meeting because you feel bad to leaving him at home. But, Derek, unwillingly, learns to love your puppy too.

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Warning: N/A

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf.

A/N: This request was sent via messaging and I nearly forgot about it! You can send requests on tumblr messaging, but I’d prefer asks because I can see them more directly and access them a lot faster than messaging. Otherwise, enjoy the Derek hale fluff!

You had your little puppy, Tiberius, next to you, bouncing on its little paws as you made your way to the Hale house for the pack meeting. You couldn’t bear to leave this little guy at home, he was whining and crying  that you were leaving, so eventually, you scooped Tiberius, your Rottweiler, and placed him in the car.

He bounded towards the house and rushed in as soon as Derek opened the door. There were no other voices, so you must have arrived early. Derek went inside and than scooped up Tiberius by his scruff. He whimpered. “(Y/N), what is this?”

You ran up the steps and entered the Hale House, taking Tiberius out of Derek’s angry gasped. “He’s Tiberius, my puppy.” You set the pup down and he made a beeline for the couch. He jumped on it. Derek sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“If he pees,”

“Relax, sourwolf.” You replied, sticking your tongue at him. You sat on the couch, placing Tiberius on your lap. “He’s housebroken. Anyways, where’s the rest of the pack?”

“They’re late.” Derek growled.

You slapped his arm, gently. “Lighten up, sourwolf.” You picked up Tiberius and put him in front of your face. “Who can say no to me? It's Tiberius the puppy!”

You heard a chuckle before it was stifled by a sigh. You placed Tiberius back on your lap and raised an eyebrow. “Oh, did I hear Mr. Sourwolf just chuckle at my puppy?”

Tiberius whined and you let him go. He made his way to Derek and then nuzzled himself against Derek's  body. “Aww.” You said, Derek rolled his eyes and reluctantly pet Tiberius who whined with delight.

“See, he likes you!” You said, poking Derek to be silly. He looked down at your puppy and let a small smile dance on his lips. You smiled at them. You were happy that Derek was warming up to your puppy. If one of Derek’s rare smiles appeared on his face because of Tiberius, than you definitely had to bring your puppy to more pack meetings.

“He really likes you-”

You felt Derek’s lips crash on yours. You kissed him back, feeling happy. Then, you placed your forehead against his. “I didn’t think I’d get a kiss.”

You heard a bark at the door and voices outside. Look’s like the pack was here.

“Come on,” Derek said, “Let’s go introduce your puppy to the pack.”