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A welcome apology

Newt’s niffler plays cupid

Newt x reader

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You rifled through your jewellery box, trying desperately to find your grandmothers necklace, that she had given to you when you were a child.

Your panic stricken eyes, caught sight of something oily black, scurrying into the gap between the wardrobe and the wall, a shiny silver something clutched in its thieving little paws.

Stealthily drawing your wand, and silently summoning the little minx, it reluctantly floated to your open hands, as though it had been subjected to this humiliation once or twice before.


You had an inkling as to where he had come from, your next door neighbour had an affiliation with magical beasts, hippogriffs often roamed his back gardens, which you rather enjoyed watching from time to time.


Having made your decision, you began to make your way down the narrow lane to Mr Scamander’s cottage, chattering away to the irritating if adorable little pest.


Knocking sharply on the yellow painted door, the squirming creature still in your hand.


A rather tall gentleman with wild auburn curls, pulled open the door, and froze when he realized what was in your hands.


“I think this little ray of sunshine might be yours Mr Scamander.’ Your voice dripping with sarcasm.  His freckled cheeks flushed slightly, an embarrassed look on his handsome face.


As he took the niffler from your gentle grip, ‘thank you, I’m so sorry, I do hope he hasn’t caused you any trouble.’ He apologized earnestly, You couldn’t bear to stay annoyed at this sweet gentleman, nor the creature now his expert grasp. A smile twitched at your lips, as you watched him scold the innocent looking beast, as if it were his child, before his expression softened once more, his annoyance giving way to relief that his friend was safe once more.


“I think he might have something of mine in his little pouch there, I didn’t want to hurt him retrieving it.’ He gave you a surprised but grateful smile before tipping the creature upside down, shaking him out like a bed sheet. You were about to stop him, appalled by his cruelty, until you noticed the beast squirming and omitting an almost giggle like sound, as Mr Scamander tickled its rotund belly, a handsome grin etched on his freckle sprinkled cheeks, as all of the shiny trinkets poured out of its pouch like a tap.


Finally satisfied, Mr Scamander rummaged through the sizable pile of items, until he came across your necklace. He picked it up gently, ‘is this what you were looking for?’ he offered, handing you the beautiful piece of jewellery, after he set the creature down in its pile of treasure.


“oh yes thank you.’ Relief clear in your voice, his long rough fingers brushing against yours, as you took the necklace from him, your heart fluttering in your chest.


“would you perhaps like to take tea with me? As an apology for my nifflers appalling behaviour.’ There was a mischievous twinkle in his sea green eyes, that was dissolving what little resolve you had left.


Have a great day and be safe


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Loving Faerie Loki so much! What about him meeting domestic animals for the first time? I think he'd be taken aback by dogs at first, and then amused. He would hold great respect for cats and their lounging and attitude and elegance lol. A parrot would probably offend him, saying something rude lol. (Fury as a parrot maybe or the owner that the bird takes after) lol

Loki is fairly annoyed by dogs. Loud, smelly, shedding– who has time for that? It doesnt help that his first dog encounter involved a great dane. 

“Look at that ugly horse.” He comments and did not understand why his human laughs so hard for quite so long. 

Cats though– Loki enjoys cats. 

“They are obviously a fae creature.” He explains to Tony as he stares at one through the glass of the pet shop. “Look at the intelligence in his eyes. At the utter disdain it has for humans. The way it twitches its tail in thought. It is practically its own spirit, trapped in a fur body, how terrible unfortunate for such a strong soul.” 

Then the kitten placed its little paws on the glass and “meow” and Loki completely dissolved. 

“Anthony look at it! Look at its paws and its tiny whiskers! Please Anthony, I must have one for the home! Look at how absolutely darling! The little noise! I need one! The black one! It looks like a black smudge, as if he rolled in the ashes of a holy fire, as if I reached into the living shadows and plucked out something tiny! Oh please Anthony!”


Tony now owns six cats. The black kitten from the pet shop who was outrageously expensive, two full grown siamese that Loki rescued from the local pound, a fat orange tabby that was wandering around in front of their apartment building, a spotted bob tailed mix, and a darling calico. 

And when he complains, Loki rolls his eyes. “Honestly, Anthony. They are little fae creatures, turning them out would incur the wrath of the fairies, is that what you wish?” 

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I was hoping you could do the Rfa & minor trio react to an Mc that doesn't like to touch people, but will do small actions like link their pinkies or ruffle their hair to show affection. I'm like this and people will generally make fun of me or tease me for it ^~^ only when you have time of course! Thank you~

* Heya, Anon! Thank you so much for this request! I rally like it. As always, enjoy.

♥ Zen loves to show affection,
especially through physicality.
♥ Once he started to notice you shying away, he was confused.
♥ He asked about it the best way he could.
“Yes, Zen..?”
”Do I bother you when I hug or cuddle you?”
♥ You explained that you have a preference not to make much physical content with people.
♥ It makes you uncomfortable.  
♥Zen apologizes many times.
♥ He got you roses! Zen always
♥and I mean aLWAYS
♥ links your pinkies together.
♥He loves to sing to you, so that you know he loves you.

☏ Saeyoung saw in your medical reports.
☏ You have an unnerving tendency of physical interaction with other beings.
☏ In other words,
all parts to self!
☏ He understands, he doesn’t want to be very touchy with people, either.
☏ Yet, he loves the embrace he can get.
☏ You’re just so warm.
☏ 707 talks to you about it.
☏  “MC, I know you don’t like touching people, and I’m really sorry..”
☏ You just smiled.
“I understand. I still love you.”
☏ Saeyoung programs the robot cat to say “I Love You!”, and for its little paw to shake your finger.
bless saeyoung

φ Jumin never found the need to have much physical contact, other than a sealed-deal or welcoming handshake, firm and closed.
φ He didn’t mind the absence of physicality..
φ until he met you.
φ Jumin wanted you safe, in his arms.
φ Though, you continuously drifted off the minute it happened.
φ Jumin thought he did something wrong,
φ Oh, my poor baby child..
φ He decided to ask you about it.
φ “MC, have I done something to cause you to not touch me..?”
φ “Jumin! Baby, no! Let me tell you,”
φ You explain to him why you don’t like touching people.
φ Jumin lets you wear his clothes so that you are with him all the time.
φ He also lets you pet Elly anytime you’d like!

★ Yoosung loves to hug you extremely tight,
and extremely frequently.
★You always shimmy away, and he takes it to heart.
“MC!!! Is something wrong with me?!”
★ He is on the brink of  tears, and you are extremely confused.
“No, Yoosung! I just don’t like touching people!”
★ Yoosung feels so bad.
★ He says ‘sorry’ so much, that it starts to sound like gibberish.
★ You tell him it’s fine, but then he is even more upset.
“What does ‘fine’ mean?!”
★Yoosung links pinkies with you 24/7, and when he is playing games,
★ he lets you play around with his hair.

✎ Jaehee is never a touchy-feely person.
Never ever.
✎ As you two became closer, though,
✎ Jaehee likes a hug or a kiss before she leaves to the store, or just out of love.
✎ She wondered why she didn’t have that from you?
Not that it was a problem.
✎ She asked you about it while you two had dinner.
✎  “Do you not like physicality..?”
“Yes, Jaehee. I’m sorry,”
“Don’t be.”
✎She understands, and she never pressures you to give her physical attention, or vice-versa.

☽ Jihyun understands, so instead of having you feel uncomfortable of touching,
☽ he gets you things to remind you of him.
Polaroids, pretty leaves, and his sight-adjusted glasses.
☽  He never questioned it.
☽ When his eyesight got worse, you would type things in brail, and take his hand over it, showing each word to his sense.
☽ You two talk about each other to the other, most of his sight and your disliking of physical interaction.
“Am I weird for not touching people?”
☽  “Am I weird for not seeing?”
☽  “No-!”
☽  “Then there you go.”
☽ It isn’t awkward.
☽  It isn’t weird.
☽  It doesn’t need explaining.

☡ Saeran knew.
☡ Whether he hacked or not, he could tell.
Saeran does it himself.
☡ He never pressured you to touch him or anyone, he let you do what you desired.
☡ You brung it up.
“Saeran, does it upset or make you feel.. weird that I don’t touch you often?”
“No, no way, MC.. I want you to be comfortable. Don’t feel the need to hug me if you don’t feel comfortable.”
☡ You smiled and decided to step out of your comfort zone.
☡ You two always take each other’s hand and write into the palm with your index finger.
It’s your little special language!


✖ Vanderwood was informed by Saeyoung.
✖ Vanderwood didn’t really understand,
✖ but he isn’t very touchy as well.
✖ Vanderwood brought it up out of nowhere.
“MC, why do you avoid physical contact?”
✖ You continue to explain why, and he shrugs.
✖ Vanderwood doesn’t question it.
✖ He enjoys that you aren’t clinging to him, and that he doesn’t have to hug you constantly to reassure you that he loves you.
He lets you mess with his hair.
✖ He will not
✖ absolutely NOT admit it… but he finds it so cute.

* I am really tired, and this is short as hell. It saddens me! .. I’ll be working hard. Goonight / day! -Admin Shayne

ladybloo mentioned you on a post “¦â€¦..anyways give me Tony interacting with kittens or give me death thx…”

@itsallavengers okay but imagine tiny little kittens doing their little stumble run across his keyboards. And Tony just dying when a kitten goes on its little back legs, front paws ‘swiping’ as it wobbles trying to attack!!! And falling over

Tony is the grumpy cat man who tells everyone they’re pests but they consistently follow him everywhere and he’s grown used to just picking them up and depositing them somewhere else whilst he works because they literally crawl over him and the rest of the Avengers are SHOOK and also slightly offended because “what the fuck Tony you won’t let me step foot in the shop but you’ve got twelve fucking kittens walking all over your damn desk!”

home is where the cats are

Written for the prompt: “Hey honey…did you seriously adopt another kitten?”

Also available on ao3

Keith is immediately off balance when he enters the house and there’s no Shiro. It’s not unusual for Shiro to be out, and it’s not like he greets Keith at the door usually. But the house lights are on, and the living room and kitchen are empty.  He walks slowly to the bedroom, and when he’s not there either Keith removes his jacket, carefully hanging it up in the closet, and then resumes his search for Shiro.

“Babe.” He calls out, before adding somewhat superfluously, “you home?”

“I’m in the bathroom.” The voice replies, the sound muffled, blocked by more than just the distance between them.

Shiro can’t be having a shower, Keith’s brain supplies helpfully.

If he were showering, the exhaust fan would be on, and besides, Keith would have heard the shower running as soon as he entered the house if that were the case.

He could have finished his shower, and still be in the bathroom, possibly shaving, but again the fan would have probably been on.

He clasps his fingers on the bathroom door handle, twisting it and pushing the door open carefully and slowly, just in case Shiro is standing within the doors opening range.

The door only gives the normal amount of resistance, and when Keith has it open, he looks into the room to find Shiro fully clothed, sitting on the tiled floor.

“Shut the door.” Shiro instructs him. Keith feels himself completing the action before he’s even considered not doing it, the click of the latch echoing in the small room before he even considers why Shiro asked him to close it, why the door would even need to be closed.

Keith can feel the confusion tugging at his face, reflecting the turmoil inside him. Something is still off. He doesn’t know what, but he can feel it, tugging at his edges. He hates the feeling, too many years spent with no idea what was going on, so many years spent trying to make sure he has the whole picture, that when he gets stuck back here again, it grates at him.

“Come here.” Shiro says, taking pity on Keith, and reaching out for him, wrapping his large hand easily around Keith’s wrist, the fingers easily reaching around. Shiro tugs, and Keith does as he always does, and follows Shiro, letting himself be pulled down, he falls to kneel in front of Shiro.

Shiro pulls at his wrist again, tugging him further in, his other hand pushing at Keith’s shoulder, until he’s been rearranged, tucked into Shiro’s side. Shiro lets go of his wrist to wrap his arm around Keith’s shoulder, pulling him in tighter.

“How was your day babe?”

Keith feels the frown on his face, his brow furrowing. It’s a distraction, Keith thinks. There’s something going on, he hasn’t worked it out yet.

“Fine.” He answers, and it’s true, it was fine, there’s nothing overly important, or outstanding, but he’d usually elaborate, tell Shiro about his day, about the drills he ran, complain about some of the students, or something. Instead he’s focusing his attention on the room, casting his eyes around the small room.

Now that he can look, he spots the outlier in the room almost immediately.

“Shiro.” He says, trying to keep his voice calm, but that in itself is probably a giveaway, as much as any other tone he could have taken. “What is that?”

He’s looking in the direction of the item, and really, the room isn’t large enough that there’s much he could be talking about, but he’s not surprised when Shiro says: “What?”

His voice is tongue in cheek, it’s obvious he’s playing with Keith, dodging the subject, but Keith indulges him anyway.

“Is that a kitty litter in the corner?”

“Oh that.” Shiro says, and his tone is light. “Yeah it is.”

“And what’s it doing in here?” Keith pushes the subject.

“It’s for the cat in here Keith.” Keith can almost hear the grin on Shiro’s face, he’s sure if he turned his face up to look, he’d see the lift at the edge of Shiro’s lips. “You can’t have a cat in here without giving them a litter tray.”

“Why is there a cat in here, Shiro?” Keith asks. The silence is telling, as is the presence of a new cat food tray, positioned in the corner by the bathroom unit.

He changes tack, “Hey honey –“ his voice lighter and a little teasing as he says the words, “–did you seriously adopt another kitten?”

Shiro’s head drops down, burying into Keith’s hair. “Maybe.”

Keith’s thoughts rush ahead. A kitten. Another cat. They aren’t even allowed the two they have. Mika and Basco have to go stay with Hunk when they have inspections, and he doesn’t mind but still.

What if the kitten doesn’t get along with Mika and Basco. What if they end up having those screaming fights that he’s only ever heard of before.

He can feel his breath starting to race, speeding up along with his thoughts, but then Shiro squeezes his arm, the hard press of the fingers dragging him out and away from his thoughts.

He looks up, dragged from his thoughts, and his attention is grabbed by a flash of movement. And his head turns to bring the movement into focus.

What he sees is a small black kitten, just edging out from under the bathroom unit.

The kitten is tiny, it looks too small really to be away from its mother, and Keith knows, immediately, that this is why Shiro brought the kitten home with him. Shiro can never resist a stray.

Keith should know.

The kitten is inching out, slowly, and Keith stays stock-still, even settling his breathing, as if that might make a difference. But the kitten is still making its way out, and Keith doesn’t want to interrupt its movement. The kitten approaches Shiro and Keith, and Keith figures it’s probably approaching Shiro, heading to the person who rescued it from whatever fate and hardships it would have faced. When it walks past Keith to sniff his own boots, it takes every bit of control not to flinch away.

He’s rewarded by the kitten walking even closer, making his way up Keith’s legs, eventually stepping onto them, climbing up on its own wobbly little legs, and eventually, surprisingly, the kitten makes its way into Keith’s lap. The kitten sniffs Keith’s pants, padding its little paws against the material, before turning around a few times, and settling down in his lap.

Only then does Keith breath properly again, taking a deep mouthful of air, while also being careful to make sure doesn’t shift too much, doesn’t disrupt the kitten.

“I think she likes you.” Shiro says the words into his hair, before placing a kiss there. He wraps his other arm around Keith, embracing him fully into a hug.

“Yeah.” Keith agrees softly. “Does she have a name?”

“No, I thought we could name her together.”

“Oh.” Keith thinks about that. Mika and Basco already had names when they got them, passed on from a couple who had moved away and couldn’t take them. It was a nice thought that this kitten would be theirs, right from the start. “Thank you.” He says, a little belatedly, when he feels like he should say something.

“So you’re not mad then?” Shiro asks.

“Nah,” Keith replies, “but if she makes a mess you’re cleaning it up.”

“That’s fair.” Shiro huffs. “That’s an entirely reasonable request. I love you.”

“I love her.” Keith responds. And Shiro huffs a laugh into his hair. Keith lets the silence go, just long enough that it feels like that might be all he’s saying, before he adds. “And I love you.”

Thanks for reading - you can prompt me if you want - prompt list is here

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hello! congratulations on your 1000 followers ❤️ you deserve it honestly!! may i please request for the drabble game dino with 33, 18 and 19 please? good luck! ❤️

title: cat parents

✦pairing: chan x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 389

author’s note: thank you so much for your support, and thanks for requesting<3

33: “Excuse me for falling in love with you.”
18: “Show me what’s behind your back.”
19: “I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.”

Originally posted by 17-percent

Chan sighed, game controller in his hands as he went through the current level. It was agonizing to have to read the same dialogue over and over again only to hope to to beat the level this time. His eyebrows furrowed as his fingers moved the left stick quickly in order to lose as little health as possible.

His concentration was broken once you slipped through the door of your shared apartment, not saying a word. It was quite uncharacteristic of you to not even greet him, and he instantly died. He set down the controller and turned to you, who seemed to be in a rush to get to your room. “Show me what’s behind your back. He raised an eyebrow at you, and you slowly turned around to face your boyfriend with a sheepish look on your face. Your hands were still clasped your back, obviously holding something. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, stop being silly Chan,” you fibbed, wishing that he would let it go, though you knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid. He retorted defiantly, standing up now and taking quick strides in order to approach where you were. “Excuse me for falling in love with you then, an idiot,” you teased him, wanting him to forget about the current situation, but he didn’t respond.

Chan reached out his arm to take what you were hiding from him into his own hands, but you moved to the right to avoid them. “What are you-” He stepped to the right, but you shuffled back to the left. “Y/N, please, what are you doing?” Though you were trying painfully hard to keep him distracted, he finally wrangled the noticeably large box out of your hands. He gasped upon seeing what was inside and you offered up a cheeky grin. “A cat?” 

“It was abandoned!” You protested, snatching up the small kitten sitting patiently inside the package. “Look at how cute it is! You can’t resist its adorable little face and paws!” 

You shoved the feline into his hands, taking advantage of his bewildered expression. He casually began to pet the cat, a peaceful expression growing. He didn’t say a word, but you moved closer,,squishing your body next to him. “That’s a yes to keeping it, right?”

Admin Emi


today i saw a cat
hanging out of the window of a balcony
it seemed to stare at me
or perhaps above me
or most likely two centimeters to my right
(or my write)
its little paws seemed stationary
it was oblivious to the hands of time
or to the death of chlorophyll
i meowed at it
and it raised its right ear
and i thought
‘what a time to be alive
kitties are finally autonomous’

PERFECTION thank you @furihoesa, @cosleia, and anon!

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I’m feeding something even cuter than I am. Hard to believe, but true.

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The Jedi Killer investigation might start up again after Senator Ren was spotted on a planet shortly after a brutal murder

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Sorry I disappeared I’m just feeding the porg and petting it. Takes two paws can’t tweet

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Senator Ren nudes leaked by jilted ex-boyfriend

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I’m doing a porg documentary. A porgumentary

Nothing but the Sluice @intwingsluice now

Porg value to society is incalculable

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Virgil snuggling the cat patton gave him when he's sleepy.

(Note; no one really needs to read the first cat fic I wrote to understand what’s going on, but if you want background info, check it out: x)

Tag List: @wilsonprs, @abstractedthinking, @future-watcher, @milk-withtwosugars, @vladimeme, & @the-sanders-sides

It was a one-time thing, Virgil swore. He wasn’t fond of pounds of cat fur sitting around on his bed or all over his clothes. But it was a night that he was tired and a bit anxious and craving… something. And Purince, the little black cat was just sitting there, cleaning its tiny little paws. So when it leapt up into beside his pillow that night, Virgil didn’t kick him out.

It was really a one-time thing, but… two nights later, Virgil was really just tired and kind of wanted company, so he let the cat sleep beside him, curled against his stomach. 

Two nights later, he and Roman fought. It was normal to seek comfort from the little animal, right? People did that? So he slid his hand in its smooth fur and didn’t move it for the entire night.

And then two months slid by, the cat never leaving his bed. He’d snuggle the little thing until he fell asleep every. single. night. 

With that, Virgil finally had to admit; it wasn’t a one-night thing.

Send me a word, sentence, or short paragraph and one of the sanders sides characters (or HP character), and I’ll write you a little fic! catching up on prompts!