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On Jaime, Brienne, and Undeniably, Cersei

I made a post last night off the cuff that I titled “NO REBLOGS” and of course, people reblogged it and added commentary. I didn’t want to start discourse like it’s 2013 again, I didn’t want to make people angry, but I was procrastinating and had an opinion I wanted to share on my personal (not even an ASOIAF) blog. I deleted the original post but because I got a request from @elenatria, I’m recreating the bulk of the post and adding more to it for your liking and reblogging purposes. 

I started reading ASOIAF in 2010, when I was 15 years old, and I’ve been in the fandom almost as long although lately, I haven’t participated as much. I always loved Jaime and Cersei individually, and I loved them as a pair as well because as a ship, they hit everything that I truly wanted in one, tragic love that wasn’t going to work out, love bordering on obsession, love that was tinged with extreme violence, you name it. However, the most popular ASOIAF ship according to AO3, is Jaime x Brienne. Now, I’m going to say this straight up, I have no problem if you ship Jaime x Brienne. Draw your fanart, write your fanfiction, by all means, ship away to your heart’s content. Personally, it’s not my cup of tea so I stay away from it, but I’ve noticed in my years in ASOIAF fandom that there’s a really genuinely sinister tinge to a lot of Jaime x Brienne shipping, a misogynistic tinge and I want to write about it here. Again, no disrespect if you ship it without resorting to these claims but like, I’ve been around the block when it comes to this fandom. 

I guess I’ll just bullet point the rest of this post because honestly there’s too many things I have to say and I don’t want to do it in paragraph format.

  • First of all, Jaime and Cersei and Jaime LOVING Cersei (and Cersei loving Jaime) are CANON. I don’t care how much you hate Cersei, you can’t ignore the fact that they were in love with each other for most of their lives, have three children together, and are both honestly obsessed with each other. From his very first chapter in ASOS to his last chapter in ADWD, Jaime constantly thinks of Cersei even if his feelings go from devoted, downright obsessive love to extreme anger, even thinking about how nice it would be to kiss her and then immediately knock out her teeth. Not cool Jaime, violence against women is never acceptable, even if it’s against your “bitch” sister who cheated on you and nobody except Cersei fans EVER calls him out for his violent thoughts. Like, Jaime might not be threatening to kill Brienne anymore or insulting her every other breath but that doesn’t mean he’s in love with her. I know, radical thought. (I’m reminded of that Tumblr post where it’s like “My boyfriend Chad is great, he only called me a bitch once last week”) But yeah my point is, Jaime is in love with Cersei. He’s extremely angry with her as of ADWD, but I can tell you for a fact that being angry at somebody doesn’t negate love for them. In an AU where he magically gets over Cersei, sure Jaime x Brienne could work, but in canon, they aren’t going to have sex and have (more) blonde babies. Jaime is going to face Stoneheart, be the Valonqar, kill Cersei and then most likely kill himself. That’s how basic narrative structure works, like that’s high school level English. The Valonqar is not Loras Tyrell, or Sandor, or Tyrion, or Tommen for god’s sakes, it’s JAIME. I get the appeal of AUs, I have a certain predilection for Jaime x Sansa in a very messed up AU even though I fully acknowledge how fucked up that is but in canon, Jaime isn’t going to be long for this world without Cersei. 
  • Relatedly, Brienne deserves somebody who isn’t in love with someone else and who began their relationship by copiously insulting and threatening to kill her. Like, I don’t know how to get this into people’s heads: being angry at somebody doesn’t mean you don’t love them. And he’s been in a lifelong codependent relationship with his literal twin sister. Do you really think he could move on and have a healthy relationship with someone else after KILLING the love of his life? Most emotionally healthy adults can move on from long term relationships but Jaime Lannister is not what I’d call an “emotionally healthy adult” like he’s trapped in the mind of the 17-year-old who killed Aerys. Arrested development you know?
  • I don’t like the Beauty and the Beast metaphor that people use to describe Jaime and Brienne. Brienne is not a Beast!!!! She’s called the Beauty mockingly, so it’s not as if she would remotely appreciate being referred to in that manner either. There’s a lot I have to say about beauty in ASOIAF too because there’s a certain “beauty is goodness” thing but it’s also the “You don’t know you’re beautiful” trope with Arya and Lyanna and the idea that any girl who is born beautiful must suffer for it. Sansa, and Cersei, and Ashara Dayne all come to mind, like Sansa is sexually assaulted in King’s Landing and is currently being groomed by Littlefinger, Cersei was repeatedly raped by Robert, and Ashara Dayne was said to have thrown herself off a cliff for failed love, and for what? Do they deserve it for being born beautiful and vain about it in the case of Cersei? Or should they not be aware of it? Would that make it better?
  • Jaime isn’t going on a redemption arc. Period. He doesn’t become a better person because of Brienne and it’s honestly disgusting that anybody would try to put the onus on Brienne to MAKE him a better person because it’s never a woman’s responsibility to fix the moral failings of a man. I think it’s worth it to talk about how the Lannister brothers, Jaime and Tyrion are much more morally gray than Cersei who’s more an anti-villain than anything who’s going mad queen on Westeros, but that’s not my point here. According to the literal text, Jaime isn’t going on a redemption arc. (cough cough trebucheting babies) That’s again, basic reading comprehension. I know people go on about different ways of interpreting the text but in reality, there are right ways and there are wrong ways and to claim that Jaime is going on a redemption arc is a wrong way.
  • I really really dislike the “Good Woman” “Bad Woman” dichotomy that people make with Brienne and Cersei. Cersei isn’t a “Bad Woman” she’s a bad PERSON. I recently wrote about how Cersei and Weaponized Femininity and how the patriarchy fails her miserably because she tries and fails to use her sexuality to gain power but that’s the thing: using her sexuality, whether it works or not, doesn’t make her a bad person. What makes her a bad person is killing children, sending people to be tortured, enacting her abuse on other women and children, and stuff that’s not remotely related to her sexuality. If anything, Cersei is severely traumatized by sex because of being repeatedly raped by Robert for literal decades and she’s totally disgusted by non-Jaime sex and that’s more tragic than anything. And as for Brienne? Brienne is the flip side of Cersei. She isn’t conventionally beautiful and doesn’t have the so-called privilege of “using her sexuality” but at the same time, she isn’t constricted by femininity in the same way. Cersei wishes she could have had a sword like Jaime, which is the only canon reason she’d ever be jealous of Brienne. I have a lot to say about gender and sexuality and these two but I’ll leave it at that.
  • I said this before but Jaime x Brienne is an easy ship for people to stomach because it’s a classic trope, Good Girl Fixes Bad Boy and takes him away from Evil Blonde Bitch and it’s an extremely sexist trope at that. The Blonde Bitch is a real live person who LOVES the “Bad Boy!!!!” Like Cersei loves Jaime! People don’t like to believe that because it detracts from their image of the Evil Queen who doesn’t know how to love and also, they’re like “haha Jaime doesn’t love Cersei anymore because she’s a crazy bitch who doesn’t deserve love.” Brienne isn’t inherently more deserving of Jaime’s love and that’s honestly a really misogynistic way to look at it. She’s a better person than Cersei hands down, but that doesn’t make her “worthy” of love because romantic love doesn’t work like that!!! I just basically hate the idea that one kind of woman is more deserving of love than another kind of woman, that is all.  

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Kingdom- Preview

Gajeel has had the dream about dying for a blue haired princess for about half his life. He was so used to it by now that he hardly paid it any attention now. That was, until the woman from his dream shows up and now he isn’t so sure it’s just a dream.

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fic; electronic surgical words [Orphan Black] chapter 1

pairing/characters: Sarah/Rachel (eventually), Beth/Veera. Sarah, Helena, Rachel, Beth, Tony, Veera, Cosima.
summary: Sarah, Cosima, Tony, and Veera start an underground radio show in protest of Rachel Duncan’s soul-sucking high school radio station. The last thing Sarah expects is for it to bring her closer to her arch-nemesis. (Radio Free Roscoe AU)
author’s note: did someone say fluff? this universe has been my happy place since like, january, and after the summer it’s been i had to just get this out there for anyone who might need it. you don’t need to have watched radio free roscoe but if you were one of the few who did, just know this is exponentially gayer. as it should be.
(on gods: the last chapter is 95% done - i haven’t had time to touch it with work + sheer exhaustion but it’s my main focus now that i’m on break. hope we’re all up for another ending.)