its like they traded hair styles

Voltron’s shortie siblings!  Chilling and trading cryptid theories.  Pidge has been growing out their hair while Keith had to trim his after a literal close shave with a Galran unit’s sword.  

five things i like about myself!!

thanks @gettingoverana for tagging me!!

1 - my eyes. theyre like green with a brown ring around it

2 - i like my voice (is that weird??) like its deep and can be squeaky but i like sounding like an adult

3 - my religion. im christian and i pray a lot and it really helps my anxiety

4 - my hands. theyre scarred as hell and all blotchy but they tell a story (my story) and i wouldnt trade them for anything

5 - i love love my hair! its fluffy and curly and straight all at the same time and im growing it out to look like harry styles looked when he had long hair!!

i tag @hannahvsana @ghostcocaine (if u want) @carissa-n-cream and anyone who reads this!!

Another sketcheroo of the Infected!AU I did yesterday. This one is of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. :3 I’ve always loved RD with short hair but this is by far the shortest I’ve drawn it. I just… I really like short hair styles. ;_; As for why she keeps it like this, its for practical reasons.

In this AU Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo travel together as scavengers, or those who don’t run with any group or affiliation and has made the decision to live out in the post-outbreak Equestria outside a settlement. Scavengers only ever go into settlements to sell and trade items they find, but other than that it they remain on their own by choice. Rainbow stays away from settlements because she simply doesn’t trust them, especially “big named” ones, or the ones that have the most rumors floating around them about being a “save haven” for weary travelers. She’s generally distrusting of anyone that isn’t Scootaloo, to be honest, but eventually she’ll learn to trust the Mane 6 when she comes across them.

As for how she came to be Scootaloo’s guardian: during the first few years of post-outbreak, Rainbow Dash was a part of a Bandit group: bandits are soldiers of the Equestrian military that joined civilian rebel groups that tried to overthrow a military-ran settlement, and succeeded in taking the territory over, but were eventually took to preying on other survivors once their own resources were depleted. Anyway, Rainbow; she was a part of a Bandit group and at some point she and a scouting party came across a mare in their territory. She was holding something in her arms and the group assumed it was something of use. While Rainbow herself didn’t pull the trigger, she watched as someone else in her group gunned the fleeing mare down, and she was the one to first approach the body.

Turning the corpse over revealed a young Scootaloo to be what she was carrying. Some of the group were clearly uneasy about just killing someone with a child while the rest were indifferent and debated on what to do with Scoots (some very disturbing suggestions popped up). The ultimate decision was to just kill the kid, but Rainbow spoke up and claimed Scoots before anything could be done to harm her. Rainbow had stuck with the bandits out of thinking it was necessary in order to survive, she had been having doubts and growing more uneasy the longer she stayed. It was Scootaloo that was the tipping point for her and some of the other bandits, and she eventually escaped with Scoots in tow. Originally, it was more out of guilt than anything that made her keep Scootaloo with her, but she eventually grows to love the kid as if she were a little sister. Scootaloo was a little too young to actively remember what happened, but she knows, and sometimes she gets snippets of the memory in the form of a nightmare.

I’ll write more for this one too, but I have class to get to so this will do for now. Feel free to ask questions in the meantime, and I hope you guys like! :3

Beckett's hair and why it is so important

Now not only are Stana’s luscious locks completely spellbinding, but they are also used to emphasize parts of Beckett’s personality throughout the series, which is super cool.

We first meet a hardened Beckett, going through life with this shell around her.  She needs to appear tough, like nothing can get to her - she is still really hurting from her mothers murder, and needs to prove to everyone that she’s okay.  So she acts tough and snarky and like she doesn’t care about anything.  The short haircut that she sports reflects this; the red hair is fierce and intimidating, and its spiked, short cut shows us that she is down to business and not some frilly female cop.

As time goes on, however, and Castle begins to crack this wall she has created around herself, we see Beckett’s hair grow longer. She trades the harsh red for a smooth, silky brown, and substitutes sharply styled hair with loose curls and waves.  Beckett is finally becoming a little more vulnerable, and a little more soft, because of Castle’s influence around her.  She wears it in a pony-tail a fair amount of time when she is working, showing that she is still the same down-to-business cop that she was before, however the softness of her hair shows us a softer side of her.

By the time she and Castle are getting married her hair is very long, always styled, and very feminine.  Beckett has solved her mothers murder, a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders, so she can be more loose and have more fun.  She is open to the experience of love again even though it has hurt her in the past.  Her flowing, soft hair reflects this new side of her personality.

What’s super cool, though, was that they her hair changed again for the seventh season!  After Castle’s two-month life hiatus we see Beckett sporting a shorter haircut then she had at the wedding.  She styles it straight and sharp, building her walls back up again as yet another loved one has left her life.  She is adopting the season one persona again, the one who can’t show vulnerability and needs to be down-to-business.  However, once Castle returns, her hair begins to be styled back in it’s loose curls.  Just Castle’s safety and presence in her life allows her to break down her walls and become a little more vulnerable, just as her hair shows us.