its like they all took a family picture


Jimin is always getting random af texts in early hours of the morning from an unkown number, he soon finds out it’s the most popular (bad) boy in school, Jeon Jungkook. 13/?

They’re all one big happy family!! The dance went perfectly!! They all get along and everything is picture perfect. But for how long? 

Edit: I forgot to add the last photo but its there now!!

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I KNEW IT she would have done something like that. It's been a while since her shady technique 😎

She took more pictures in 10 minutes with that baby than pictures with her supposed nephew in one year and a half despite having seen him several times, it really says it all. lolllll i love this family 

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Has your profession changed your views on men ?

Hell motherfuckin yeah

Growing up, my father was a HUGE part of my life and he took his job of being a husband and father very very seriously, I also grew up in a place where that was the “norm” everyone had double parent homes and most of us had stay at home moms. So in my younger years I had much more faith in the existence of men.

Sugaring shit on all of that. Why? Because 80% of the guys I see are EXACTLY like my dad or all of my friends dads. They’re these middle aged men with whole families and houses with picket fences and dogs, they have vacation homes with kids rooms filled with bunk beds and giant pools with water slides in the backyard. One of my previous SD’s took me to one of his vacation houses and their were pictures of the whole family hanging on the walls directly above us when we had sex on the couch where he probably had movie nights with his wife and kid.

and it really puts things in a weird perspective because you realize that this person has 2 totally different lives that are completely compartmentalized from each other. That “happy go lucky perfect family” in your town could be total fucking bullshit, the husband probably has some hot 20 year old that he’s banging on the side ITS SO COMMON.

So yes, my views on men have definitely changed, I’m no longer blind and to the fact that loyalty and monogamy are bullshit and it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

Begin — Jeon Jungkook (Prologue)

Hii everyone! So this is the fic I’m starting :)

I hope you guys like it :)

Words: 1,491

Warnings: None

Description: You’ve never met your father, so you finally make the decision to go meet him in Korea. But what you found there was more than just a father.

prologue [01] [02] [03] [04]


“Y/n, when are you going to finish and help me move my bed over?” You hear your mother groan as she stepped into the kitchen, where you were.

“I was making coffee. I know we’re both going to need it since we plan on staying up all night, rearranging furniture.” You explained. You and your mom were doing some spring cleaning. You both were bored and decided that your house needed a new look.

“We’re not staying up all night.” She responds, walking over to you and you handed a mug of coffee to her. “Be careful, it’s hot.” You tell her.

She ignored you and sipped her drink. You knew it was hot, but she made it seem like it wasn’t. She drank it with no hesitation. She was probably used to this anyways. Your mom couldn’t go a day without a cup of coffee. That might be the only thing keeping her sane. And you, of course.

You sat in the kitchen, drinking your coffees and talking. “So many colleges accepted you, why don’t you go to any of them?” She asks you.

“Mom, I told you already,” You sighed, about to explain to her, for about the 5th time this month, why you weren’t going to college anytime soon. “I want to take a break before I go to college. I want to go out and explore the world. You know that it’s my dream to travel.”

Your mother sighed. It’s not that she didn’t want you to live your dreams, she just thought that it would be great if you went to college first. She doesn’t pressure you about it, she just talks about it sometimes.

“It’s been two months since school ended. If you wanted to travel, you could’ve done it by now.” She explains, sipping her coffee.

She wasn’t wrong. You had a job as a barista that surprisingly paid really well, which let you save up enough money to practically buy any plane ticket you want, and still have money left over.

You could travel anywhere in the world, but you always had a specific place that you wanted to go to first. South Korea.

South Korea was such a pretty place. The pictures you’ve seen of it are beautiful. But you didn’t just want to go there for the scenery, you wanted to go there for the people. You knew that somewhere in South Korea, your father was there.

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I was thinking about all this for a while. Since we have all the time till November why not theorize a bit?

After Star vs the Forces of Evil Special there are bunch of unanswered questions:

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Proposal - Finn Balor One Shot

Thanks for the request @jadedtinks

As Finn Fixed little Oliver’s hair He couldn’t help but feel nervous.. Today was the day he was finally going to do it, He had been in a relationship with (Y/N) for 4 years and when They had little Oliver 3 years ago His friends were adamant that he needed to lock it down immediately but he wanted to make sure that the relationship could last, Sure he was going to do everything in his power to make sure it worked out for Oliver’s sake but He knew raising a child took its toll on any relationship let alone a relationship where he wasn’t home all the time and (Y/N) would be raising Oliver practically by herself the majority of the time.. That and he was nervous of what her answer would be.. He was fearful that she would say no as soon as he asked even after talking with his friends who all assured him she wouldn’t say no to him he still wasn’t sure..

Today They were getting family pictures done on the beach for Oliver’s fourth birthday like they do every year so Finn knew (Y/N) wouldn’t suspect a thing with the trip to the beach, You were going to have Pictures done. It just wasn’t only for Oliver’s birthday..
“Are you excited buddy?” Finn asked his son as he fixed his white button down shirt that matched his fathers
“Yeah.. Mama’s gonna love it..”He said, Oliver was the only person besides the Jeweler and a few friends and family that knew Finn was going to propose and for a 3 year old he kept a secret really well.. when he was asked by other friends and family members he wouldn’t say one word to them
“I hope so..” He said and Finn slipped the box that held the ring into little Oliver’s back pocket “You make sure you don’t lose that!”He said to his son who nodded his head
“I got it Dada..”He said giving his father a smile

The photo shoot had been going on for about 30 minutes when Finn saw the group show up to the beach and hide so (Y/N) couldn’t see them and his heart began to race as the reality hit him, it was now or never..
“Ollie..” Finn called the little boy over to him as he grabbed (Y/N)’s hands in his and he met up with his parents “I love you..” Finn said
“I love you too..” she smiled
“I never knew how much I loved you until loving you was all I had, You’ve been right by my side through everything and I knew you were beautiful when I met you but when I watched you bring this little boy into our lives I realized just how gorgeous you actually are.. I can’t imagine my life with anybody else and there’s something i need to do that I should have done years ago..” Finn said as he dropped to one knee and Oliver smiled at his mom “Ollie..” Finn said as he stuck his hand out and his son handed him the small black box “I think we have something to ask..”
“Will You marry Daddy?” Oliver asked for his father and (Y/N) was silent for a few seconds as tears fell
“Yes..” She said as she pulled Finn up to kiss her and he placed the ring on her finger
“Finally..” Finn said feeling content finally after 4 years he had everything he ever wanted

Romani Bucky

So, I keep banging on about Romani Bucky (and writing about him! The Atchin Tan and Eggs & Coffee both feature RomaniBucky)

Several of you glorious people have asked why I headcanon Bucky as Romani, and I’ve taken far too long to answer. But here it is.

So firstly, a little bit of History. What do we mean by Romani?

Romani is an ethnic group originating in India and dispersed across Europe and the Americas. We have language, culture, history and traditions, all unique depending on where our ancestors travelled and where we ended up. Though we have the same origins, a Roma in Spain (Gitano) is not the same as a Roma in Finland (Kaale)

(Note. Some of us find the word ‘Gypsy’ offensive. I, personally don’t, and will use it on occasion here where appropriate ie. in describing English Romanichal customs, where the term is commonplace and a descriptive. No offense is meant in these terms, and I hope that no offense is taken)

Okay, now onto a bit of history. Because if Romani people have been wandering around Europe for 800 years, what are they doing in 1940’s New York?

The start of the 1900’s were a bad time to be in Europe if you were Roma. Heck, it was pretty rough before, with strict border controls, Roma slavery and the German Heidenjachten (‘Gypsy Hunts’) of the early 1800’s.

In 1899 Nachrichtendienst in bezud auf die Zigeuner (The Central Office for Fighting the Gypsy Nuisance) is established in Munich., collating reports of Roma movement throughout Germany. All Roma over the age of 6 are registered, photographs, fingerprints and family histories are recorded, resulting in the Zigeuner-Buch in 1905, a register of 5,000 Roma that demands that Roma are “a pest against which society must unflaggingly defend itself.”

(This document surfaces in the Nuremberg Laws in 1935. Incidentally, 1935 is the Year That Everything Awful That Could Happen happened)

Over the next few years ‘Gypsy licenses’ are introduced in Prussia, Switzerland & France. Roma children are removed from their families and put into foster homes.

Roma begin to flee for Western Europe. And Western Europe deport the Roma to the New World.

The majority of American Romani have assimilated, so it’s impossible to say for certain how many there are. Estimates are around the one million mark, with the largest concentrations in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast. Yes, the Northeast. That means New York, folks!

The first to arrive were the Romanichal (that’s what I am folks! We have paler complexions than the stereotype, brown hair, even blond. Blue eyes. We look like the rest of you Europeans), deported to Newfoundland from 1603 onwards, other European countries quickly followed suit.

It was an effective way of destroying an ethnic group, as the people were rounded up and packed onto ships. Those that survived the long sea voyage were sold into slavery.

The largest wave of Roma immigrants came from Romania in 1864 when Romani slavery was abolished (hey look, Romania. Funny that) and continued at a steady rate after, to the point where Roma were specifically excluded by US immigration policy in 1885, and many were returned to Europe.

So, the history over, lets get back to New York.

By 1940 New York was well known for its Romani population (between 7-12k estimated in 1942), mostly housed on the lower East side, Harlem and Brooklyn (HEY! Guess who we know who lives there!). The New Yorker wrote about Frankie Mitchell, Steve Kaslow and Johnny Nikanov, who all claimed to be King of the Gypsies.

A quick search for Gypsies at Ellis Island will bring you pictures of Romani families from the 1900’s onwards. Photographers like Lisette Model took pictures of Roma dressed in their finery or making money by reading palms and telling fortunes in the ‘40’s

Okay, Fox. So you’ve made a historical point. Roma would be fleeing Europe to the America’s at a really opportune time for Bucky to be Romani. But you’re gonna have to give me more than that.

Luckily, more is a thing that I can do!

Okay, so we’ve touched on physical appearance. How about culture?

Music and dancing, very much our thing. Sound like Bucky?

Cheap physical labour. Especially dockwork in 1930’s New York, which was lousy with the Irish, Travellers and Roma. Oh yeah, you know who I’m thinking of.

Boxing; in the stories you’ll often hear of Bucky boxing, even being a welterweight champion a few times. Boxing is one of the most important parts of a Romani mans life. One of the highest achievements a good Gypsy boy can manage is a bare-knuckle boxing title. Bartley Gorman, King of the Gypsies (a Romanichal honorific for the best bare knuckle fighter), was a bare knuckle boxer. Billy Marshall, Luis Welch… I could go on.

You want more? Okay. I got one more.


Funny name, isn’t it. A weird little nickname.


Bucky is a nickname in Romanichal and Irish Traveller families, usually bestowed on the favourite son. I know three of ‘em.


“Play? I have an idea for some GREAT fun, Liluck! I haven’t bombed any place in a long time. Lets go do that. The basement needs more pictures. There are some empty spots.  I’m also adding another extension down here.  We’ll need more wall decor. YOU can take the photos this time! How about that?”

“Ummm…can I be honest? “

“Of course Liluck. I always want to know what you really think. Don’t be afraid.”

Liluck took a deep breath. “The decor theme here is overplayed. We have this big, big section devoted to death and mayhem, all that black and red and flames and good old family friend Grim. I can understand how you value those memories. But its getting a teeny bit, like, repetitious? Like, unimaginative? I’m sorry. Why don’t we do something REALLY different? Get pictures of that? Change it up a bit down here. Don’t do the new section in this same theme. BOOOORING.” 

Emperor considered. Yes, Liluck had a point. Blasted corpses and exploded buildings always tended to look samey. Also. Grim wore the same robe all the time. 


Zazu was the first of his brood to wake up in the nest where his family lived. He was the runt, the smallest and weakest as well as the only male. He slept on the edge of the nest just under the hole in the tree where their mother dropped food to them. Not because he was particularly favourited, but that his sisters took up all of the warmth in the center for themselves.

Not wanting to wake any of them up and start a fight he would inevitably lose, little Zazu carefully clawed up the tree bark to the entrance of the hole. His mother was out searching for food for them at the moment and she didn’t really like it when they went out of the nest. Zazu tried to do what he was told, but breaking one rule was better than being beat up.

They had only just started flying lessons, and Zazu was at least confident in flapping from branch to branch, so he hopped up onto one that stuck out into the air. He settled down on it’s edge and began his favourite hobby: animal-watching.

“Let’s see…Small group of Giraffa Camelopardalis,” (his mother had taught him the fancy names for every animal early on, and he liked to use them to show off). “Um, a single Black Rhinoceros; DicerosDiceros Bicornis! Family of Ostrich, that’s StruthioStruthio…”

He never did remember the second part of that name, because a more interesting animal caught his attention. “Panthera Leo!” he chirped, perching on the edge of the branch to watch the lion.

He shifted his position as the cub passed under him, a few times he opened his beak to say something but found that he was too shy. It was only when he was a few feet away that Zazu pointed towards him, ever a fan of stating the obvious.

“You’re Prince Mufasa!”

Because all the characters are such gODDANG CINNAMON ROLLS IN DGS

I also like to think that since Sherlock is such a Dad and also because I heard he’s bad at making breakfast, he just takes the detective family out to eat breakfast before going to investigate the scene– 

This time it’s Susato’s and Ryuunosuke’s first time at Cinnabon.

The Signs-What they do/love about the Christmas Season

Aries: Gets a few presents for close friends and family. Really laid back about it but really can’t wait for Winter Break. Goes on social media to say Merry Christmas.

Taurus: Loves the whole Christmas season. Decorating their tree with pretty lights and ornaments and with a tree topper.Their house has lights and things up too. Buying gifts for their loved ones, and is a little scared about if they’ll like them.

Gemini: On Amazon/eBay all the time looking for gifts and limited time ornaments. Loves the food and snacks mostly. Making Christmas cookies!

Cancer: Best thing about it all is Winter break. Can’t wait to wake up Christmas morning and go to see their presents. Hoping for a calm day with hot coco. Probably playing a few Christmas songs.

Leo: REALLY excited about presents. They got their family gifts and can’t wait to see their faces, even if they don’t like them. They decorated their tree a week before and took pictures for Instagram! CHRISTMAS SELFIES!

Virgo: Just wants to spend a happy Christmas with family. They cleaned their whole house and set tables for the family dinner. Got the tree ready with just a simple set of light (unlike Taurus who went crazy) and a small tree topper.

Libra: Gonna dress up all pretty in a nice warm outfit, even if they don’t go out! Also taking Christmas selfies with all their family/friends/pets. Tried their best with presents, but some where bad, but its the thought that counts!

Scorpio: Even though they are the calm type, they set up a nice tree with pretty lights and ornaments. Probably gonna end up writing a holiday poem or something. Also makes some type of holiday food.

Capricorn: Family is the main priority around this time. Presents need to be great and so does the dinner. Puts decorations up including the tree. Plans on throwing a party on Christmas Eve probably for Christmas and also for their (early/late) birthday! YAY THEM!

Aquarius: Goes on a holiday because adventures is where its at! Still will send/give little presents to the family. if they don’t go anywhere, they’ll probably stay home by the heater/fire with tea and watch Netflex.

Sagittarius: Going on every social media site they have to wish everyone happy holidays. Literally super low-key excited. Winter Break is what gave them life, and the fact that they get presents makes it better. 

Pisces: Gets their pet one of those Christmas outfits. Buys an ugly sweater to wear for Christmas and walks around with a Santa hat on. Christmas music is blasting and they sing along while making brownies.

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(this is jacksbits!) yes, jack definitely got into robert whateverhisnameis because he was an amateur photographer. tbh he probably was looking at robert's pictures & he was like "there.... sure are a lot of this one hot dude, huh? like. a lot. a whole bunch." *queer senses tingling* so jack looked into him a bit more & found his letters & was like, ohhhmYYYGOD. because robert talks about being thrown out by his family? but how it's ok as long as arnaud is with him??? "MY DEAREST ARNAUD" etc.

Oh my goodness! THE PARALLELS if jack’s photography professor could see him now!

Ok, but imagine that for one of Jack’s photography projects he decided to recreate some of Robert’s photos? Or like, do some of those mashup new/vintage photos??? Because when Jack has an obsession, it colors all parts of his life, and bleeds into all his other work. And like. The photography professor is like… you took a picture of your “friend” mimicking the pose of the “friend” of a famous wwii veteran who left his family to be with this “friend for the rest of his life?? **looks at the camera like she is on the office**


my story begins in Washington DC July 13, 2015. so I got ready in my costume and went to the venue around 3:30, got there a little before 4 and stood at the right gate because I knew that was the closest gate to Taylor nation and their booth. the security guards at that gate were awesome and told me how they liked my costume and took pictures of me and yeah it was just awesome :) okay then 5 came and the doors opened and I rushed through and ran to the booth with my dad; we got in line and waited and then when it was my turn I took the photo and talked to Kevin- he is a literal angel and so nice and I gave him a note for Taylor nation and he was like thank you so much and he seemed so happy and then I went over to Sierra and waited to talk to her. I gave her my note for Taylor which I wasn’t planning on doing at first and then I pulled out by book and showed it to her, that’s when I started balling and couldn’t take it she hugged me like two times and was so nice and looked at and said Taylor would love it which made me so so happy omg and then I was saying bye and she asked what section I was sitting in and I told her and then left and went to my seats; at this point I didn’t want to worry and focus all on loft and give my hopes up so I just focused on having a good time and jammed out to Shawn and Vance and haim and also so many people stopped and said stuff to me and took pictures of me which like made my year I couldn’t even get over it, okay besides that. I hadn’t seen any one like mama swift or TNATION around and it was time for Taylor to come on. as soon as all the lights dropped and the curtain was falling I saw mama Swift walk by with a team of security- I couldn’t go up to her since I wasn’t on the floor but I screamed her name and waved and she waved back. later it was like I can’t even tell you what song I was so into it and dancing and all of sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking towards me but it was like the section next to me, not me. and I was like this is my opportunity to say something or do something but I didn’t want to do that so I stayed in my place and kept dancing but kinda kept watching her and she was talking to security and everything and then all of a sudden she was like walking away from that and like towards me and my dad says that when I wasnt paying attention she was like staring at me and he held up his gun shells and sign and yeah then she was like standing right in the gate and I motioned like a hug type thing and next thing I knew she was there hugging me and I was balling and she asked the most magical question I will ever hear in my whole life; I got the wristbands and the paper and stood there sobbing and attempting to dance for the rest of the night. I can skip all the other details up until going into loft- so we got the talk and all that and then we got in and waited for Tay. then the moment came you could hear like a golf cart or something and then she TAYLOR SWIFT walked in the door SHE WAS LIKE 20 FEET AWAY FRIM ME OR SOMETHING idk she was so angelic and so happy and she started going up to groups. I watched her and how happy she was and guys she’s so like unbelievably happy and genuine and angelic and just unbelievably amazing. I heard her talk about her favorite color which she said she had way too many but her current favorite was the color that was on her nails; it was sparkly. I could also hear her talk about tumblr a bit and then it was my turn OMG I was like watching her inch towards me as saying bye to the person in front of me and then I handed my presents to my dad and she walked up and this is when it starts to be a total BLUR LIKE OH MY. we hugged and like talked and then we talked about my costume and she was so amazed I got my dad to dress up and she was so impressed and then I gave her all this fox stuff and told her how I would buy stuff for her when I was shopping and like around Christmas and stuff and she was like saying how sweet that was and like idk guys she was just cute and then I gave her the book and she was literally like shocked and happy and reading and looking through it; she flipped through the pages and was like oh my gosh this is amazing this must have taken you so long! And she was so impressed and looked so happy and I was just in awe she was actually touching the book and looking at it- it was the moment I had been waiting for. Sierra was right she did love it and said how much she loved me and all this and then she signed my loft pass and my dads ticket both out to me and we were laughing because she knew it would all be mine and stuff and then it was like picture time and I asked about the cute hug and head thing and she was like yeah of course or something like I don’t even know if she heard me it felt just like a natural picture happening and just immediately wrapped herself around me and leaned her head on mine and I can’t even tell you how in shock I was and like couldn’t believe it. then she said my dad had to be in a picture because it was so awesome and she was like thank you so much for doing this with her and supporting her to my dad and that made me feel so happy oh my and anyways we took the second picture and talked a few longer and then she hugged me again and was like see you soon or something I can’t even tell you I’m still trying to recall it all. And then as she was semi turning she was like thank you so much for the book it’s amazing I love it it’s incredible or something and looked so happy and GUYS I CANT EXPRESS HOE AMAZINF SHE WAS SHE WASO SO CUTE AND SKINNY BUT HER SKIN WAS LIKE GOLDEN AND SHE WAS WEARING SUCH A HELLA CUTE OUTIFT( teal ish like crop top with skirt) AND LIKE HER HAIR AND MAKE UP AND GOD ECEYTHING IT FOESNT FEEL REAL. THESE PAST 24 HOURS HAVENT FELT REAL TO ME I NEVER THOUGHT THIS FAY WOULD COME. After Taylor I was like freaking out and went into the photo booth with my loft pass and then I talked to Andrea off and on and took a picture with her and thanked her and she was like perfect as well. SCOTT SWIFT WAS IN THERE- I was screaming on the inside but I didn’t get a picture with him because I went to the haim sisters and started talking to them and they were like hair goals and going on about my hair and how they wanted it and that I should be their other sister and that I should join the band and all this- they were AWESOME and then I was like hey can we go in the photo booth and they were like excited and so happy and we went in and had some difficulties getting the photo started which was really funny but then we took a round and then they were like oh no it’s so bad look at my face! It was so funny and cute so we took another round and then they were like okay that’s so much better and we were laughing at all our faces and how unprepared we were and how fast it was going. And then they were concerned about them printing but then they did and they took one of the two copies which was like OH MY GOD THEY HAVE A PICTURE WITH ME. I freaked out and went to my dad and then Tay was leaving and all her family and then like yeah it was all over and I started walking out and thanked everyone again and left. THIS WAS THE BEST FAY. NOTHING WULL LIBE UP TO THIS. GUYS DONT EVER GIVE UP. ECER EVER. IF ITS MEANT TO BE IT WILL HAPPEN AND SHE LOVES US ALL SO MUCH AND I LIKE I CSNT STRESS ENOUGH THAT IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU. she appreciates us so much and loves us so much. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR. THANK YOU FOR IT ALL. THANK YOU FOR THE YIME OF MY LIFE.THANK YOU SWIFTIE FAMILY. THANK U TO EVEYONE. oh and when Andrea was taking she said that they are filming all the shows and are going to make a DVD and stuff but she was just saying Taylor doesn’t want like a 3D movie or stuff like that and that its focused on the fans and all that :) LONG LIVE JULY 13 2015 LONG LIVE TAYLOR SWIFT MY QUEEN ❤️❤️ taylorswift

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im surprised jay didn't say a word today. or his sisters, or someone who loves him. NOBODY. maybe they dont have to play along anymore, maybe its just louis.

It’s quite odd that a father would have his first Father’s Day without a congrats from one friend or family member and yet here we sit. Nothing came from Jay or the rest of the family today, not even a liked tweet alluding to Father’s Day. So as seemingly extra as this day was there could have been a lot more going on. Louis had a drive to a grocery and a state park some staged photos, an Instagram picture and move along all of which hopefully took even less time than the 90 minutes they want us to believe he gets spend with his son. It’s in a holding pattern of the same repetitive events and the bare minimum being done.

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Sorry to bother you with this since I know it is old, Im kind of new to the fandom though. What exactly happened in Chicago that everyone is comparing it to what is going to happen in Utah? Thank you so much!! :)

Louis stunted like no tomorrow and took approximately 132,478 fan photos.  The entire population of Chicago and its suburbs got a picture with Louis.  He also wore a scarf, went shopping at Sandro, ate to much dairy, was in all of Danielle’s family and friends snapchats and got his ass tattooed while Danielle’s family looked on.

But the scarf …