its like she took it especially for me sighs

Murphy’s Law

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Steve x reader, where you two are dating and Sharon and you get into a fight and he takes her side and its angst and stuff, but near the end it’s fluffy. :)

Warning(s): Murphy’s Law can just get in the way of somethings, but you know, great things come from it, too. 

The room was cold and could be considered abandoned if it weren’t for the vast amounts of computers. Dust layered each one though, making it incredibly difficult to not leave a trace. My fingertips left prints as I desperately tried to find one that wasn’t compromised. Yet, like everything else about this mission, it appeared things were going to be on the more impossible side. 

“Agent 13, status report,” I said, while finally coming across a working computer. I hurriedly typed various codes and located a USB port as I waited for an answer that never came. Sighing, I managed to get some of the information off of the computer onto the small, compact device. I anxiously tapped my foot and leaned against the desk. “Agent 13, status report,” I said again, an angry tone evident. 

“Get out,” was all she responded with. Much like myself, she sounded angry and was ready to be done. I didn’t blame her. This mission was the last thing any of us wanted to deal with, especially when S.H.I.E.L.D. was trying to do its best to lay low. However, we were supposed to be a team and work together. 

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