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A sentence that I, a grown-ass adult, never expected to say.

Here we go…So, since my first article about the baby last week my collection of articles about Larry on Buzzfeed are quickly approaching 100,000 views collectively in seven days (it went from 89k to 90k while I was writing this). 

The blue/seeded views mean clicks from people who were already on Buzzfeed, which is due to them putting my first article about the baby on the Buzzfeed homepage (as opposed to where it originally sat on the Community homepage - thanks Buzzfeed!). Which means that its out there amongst the “can we guess what kind of cat you like based on what your grandmother got for her 68th birthday?” kind of content.   

I have always written from a neutral place of journalistic professionalism on Buzzfeed, trying to just let people collectively see what is right in front of them. However, as anyone who follows me anywhere else on social media can see, I am high-key Larry AF. I’m just doing my dark!Larrie part to infiltrate the mass media with the truth. That’s the kind of sentence that will probably end up as some Anti’s banner, but I don’t care. Larry is as real as an element to me. Earth, wind and Larry. They should rename 1D that. 

Anyway, I’m trying to get the Rainbow Bear account to acknowledge that they have seen how amazing everyone has been in sharing and reading these articles, so if everyone could kindly share and RT this tweet:

we can see if they’re following along with us. LINK HERE.

Thank you again for everyone’s amazing support over what has undoubtedly been the most horrific week I’ve ever seen in this fandom. I won’t lie, it took me 36 hours to write that last article because I kept getting the wind knocked out of my sails by all the shit being thrown at us. Amazing people like @mellygrant and Aaron Butterfield (go read his article!) have been there for behind the scenes panic and drama, but also there was no way I could ignore this:

Which is why I thankfully persisted and have hopefully shed some light on how absolutely ridiculous what they’re trying to make the general public believe is. 

So, yeah - if you’d like to help, please RT that tweet and share this post since we know those creepers lurk around Tumblr. 

Thank you! xx

What are you doing?
Two people said mikayuu is bad. So what? Block them and get over it. You do realize they are simply salty haters, right? It’s not like their negativity will change anything. Laugh at their nonsense and let them go and make mikayuu more popular lol
Stop harassing the haters, there’s no point. Let them drown in their bitterness. They are just inmature people hating on fictional things in front of a computer… Internet is to have fun. What are even haters for? Let them go fuck themselves. They spend their time hating on ships instead of enjoying their own. They don’t even have good arguments. Just calm down and, I don’t know, if you’re mad and you want to vent come and scream at my ask box or message me and I’ll scream with you.


When your friends decorate your locker for Valentines Day and they prove how much of a sinnamon roll I am
• v •’

But honestly thanks you guys, I really do like it! > w

@twiilight-realm @b-bakashi @bassieswife @kmsss00 @chocolatecoveredluke

Also that isn’t me in the picture, its
b-bakashi xD

so ok like if u think of online safe spaces the same way as real life safe spaces though the importance becomes pretty damn clear like,

ok imagine if there was a school, and i can attest to there in fact being SEVERAL schools. and its generally universally a nono to smoke in a school. nono as in like, illegal. that’s not because smoking is inherently the worst possible thing you can do for society, but because there are fucking children in schools who don’t need to be dealing with that because it’s unsafe for them, right?

It’s not a perfect comparison but like, listen,

So as a smoker, when you walk by a school with a no smoking sign at the front, what do you do? Do you:

A) Barge in uninvited, grab children by the shoulders and blow smoke in their faces, shouting about how this ‘isn’t what the real world is like’, screaming about ‘free speech’ and ‘censorship’ whenever they tell you to go away?

B) Arrive at the school acting as if you belong despite not being a student or staff, and clearly violating the no smoking rule, and when asked to leave start talking about how much you love kids, or how you have children so therefore could not be harming them?

C) keep fucking walking because you know you don’t belong there and you’re an actual human person who has any sort of baseline respect for other people holy fucking shit

But they think its ok to do these things online because?? it’s not illegal? they won’t suffer any social repercussions? theyre completely immoral shitbags who think it’s their job to decide what is and isnt harmful to other people based solely on what they personally think is harmful to themselves?

it’s a mystery.

anonymous asked:

Peach san! What's the most outrageous pro IH arguments you've heard?

Hmm…I actually had to think about this. By outrageous I wasn’t sure if you meant the dumbest, or the most amusing in a sense. But I’ll just give you my top ten in no particular order:

  • They both have orange hair, they match, it’s orange love. They would make the cutest orange haired babies. It’s like Kubo designed them for each other.
  • Orihime loves Ichigo so much, it’s only right that Ichigo returns her feelings, he’s obligated to. And Orihime has known Ichigo longer, than any other girl, she has first dibs.
  • Its totally okay for Orihime to sneak through Ichigo’s window, sniff his room, touch him, and attempt to kiss him, without his permission, right in front of his sisters. There’s nothing creepy about it because she’s a girl.
  • Ichigo didn’t care about Rukia dying, he cares more about defending Orihime’s honor, that’s why he fought Ulquiorra.
  • Ichigo’s dad likes big boobs, so I guess that means Ichigo also likes bigs boobs too. Like father, like son.
  • Orihime looks and acts like Masaki, Ichigo’s mom and Orihime are practically twins. Isshin will see Orihime and think of Masaki and want Ichigo to be with her.
  • Ichigo and Orihime are like tanabata, Orihime is the weaver princess, and Ichigo is the cow herder Hikoboshi. They’re star-crossed lovers.
  • Orihime is the white sun because her powers look like the sun, and the sun is scientifically proven to be white. While Ichigo is the Black Moon because of his Zangetsu.
  • Ichigo and Orihime held hands, and they’re wearing white and black, it’s like they’re getting married!
  • Nel is like Ichigo and Orihime’s child, they’re both her parents.
ohh I forgot to mention for that anon smhhh..

yeah umm i guess my computer is big. It’s bigger than any computer i’ve had previously. It’s a 21.5 inch and the screen resolution is 1920x1080 so it’s why my menu is bigger i guess. I originally wanted the 27 inch for snobby reasons but really this is good enough.

Sorry I kinda skipped over that but I didn’t mean to.

Behind the Mask (Part 2)

Summary- A second and final part to this fic for those of you that need closure.Where Ladybug finally decides its time for Cat Noir to know her real identity.

             It was quiet for what seemed like forever but was probably only a few seconds and Marinette couldn’t stand it. After the initial shock set in and her eyes had widened she gasped, “Adrien?”

             “Marinette?” He returned his fair share of awe.

             Part of her wanted to blush. She wasn’t even sure if he knew her name before that. Then she remembered the situation she was in. Adrien Agreste was Cat Noir and he was sitting right in front of her.

             Her hands came up to cover her mouth as she sighed, “Oh my god.

             At least he looked just as surprised as she. His mouth was agape as he did nothing but stare at her. Then his mouth closed and his eyebrows furrowed. “Wait, so when Ladybug had “a secret mission” to take care of….”

             “Well Marinette and Ladybug couldn’t have both been there at the same time.” She responded immediately. Then after a second, “Speaking of which, Marinette has wanted to tell you for a while now that she totally saved your ass back then.”

             “Oh my god.” He said with a slight laugh. The worry lines started to disappear from his face as he came to accept her identity.

             Marinette on the other hand, rubbed her eyes in attempt to see if this was maybe all a dream. It seemed like something she would dream, but when she looked up Adrien was still there staring at her looking somewhat nervous as he hesitated to ask, “So do you still want to get that cup of coffee sometime?”

             Her eyes met his and she wondered how she never saw it before. She spent so much time looking into both Adrien and Cat Noir’s eyes but never made the connection. It seemed so stupid now. “Even more so than before.”

             “Really?” He smirks and Marinette thinks that yes, this definitely still is Cat Noir.

             “Yeah well, Marinette has had a pretty big crush on Adrien for a while now.” His smirk grows into a wide smile that made her feel like the sun was shining down on her. “Oh don’t act like you’re surprised. I was a stuttering fool every time I tried to get a sentence out.”

             His lips close to form a line—a still smiling one. “Adrien thought it was pretty cute.”

             Marinette realized something then. She would probably never stutter to speak to him again. Not now that she knew he was her partner and one of her closest friends. In the moment, all of her mumbling and nervousness seemed ridiculous.

             She wondered if she would ever tell him the ridiculous lengths she went to when she was trying to get Adrien to like her…maybe not, they were mostly embarrassing but now that she knew her crush was her best friend anything was possible.

             They stayed there for hours, talking about anything and everything all the while happier than they had ever been.

anonymous asked:

yes @ your tag!!! kira needs to get laid!! & Scott is going to make sure it happens!!!

RIGHT!?!?!?! Like for our shipper trash souls can we just have one tiny lil hot smutty scene between them that isn’t interrupted by Kate and/or murderous glowy blue claw werewolf and/or parents and/or Deaton??!?!? Like you just know Scott and Kira themselves are over getting interrupted, they’re even just gonna make out in the back of Stiles’ jeep with Noshiko and Stiles still in the front seats. They don’t give a fuck no more. LET THEM LIVE.

ANYWAYS. I swear, if the upcoming Scira shirtless/sex scene is interrupted…i will literally riot. I will burn my chair. Throw my laptop out the window. Contact my lawyers to sue. i dont care who it is or for what reason. JUST LET THEM GET IT ON IN PEACE GODDAMMIT.

Loosely based off Control by Halsey…

Dean X Reader - Things That Go Bump In the Night .

Imagine: You’re in the process of becoming a vamp and find Dean


“Oh, I’m not going to kill you.” The thing in front of you chuckled, large fangs springing from its mouth.

You screamed loudly, hoping the screech would keep the monster from attacking you.

Everything escaped your mind, all you could think was how Dean was right, you shouldn’t have left like that… He was right about the things that go bump in the night.

This was no human.

The creature shocked you by biting its own arm instead.

“What I’m going to do to you is much worse, sweetie.” He laughed, lingering his arm over your lips, blood slipping down your tongue.

You did your best to try and spit it out at the creature but he disappeared… Just vanished.

“This is some damn Charmed shit.” You choked out, weakly falling to the ground, hitting your head.


You opened your eyes slowly, holding onto the wall to support your standing figure. It was still dark so it mustn’t have been that long.

Your vision blurred with each weak step you took. And everything looked to be black and white.

You heard a car horn as if it were right in front of you but there was nothing.

That’s when you started running, your steps stomping loudly against the side walk, it was like your hearing was intensified, making your mind pound against your skull, which was even louder.

You screamed in agonizing pain, covering your ears as the car that almost hit you honked his horn.


You kept running, now hearing what must’ve been heart beats, so many at once but it was an empty street.

You stop at Deans hotel room, debating whether seeing him was a good idea, you left off…bad.

Someone yelled ‘woo’ from across the street, but of course to you it was much louder than a yell.

The woman yelled again.

Causing you to run straight through the ajar door, falling to the ground loudly, you screamed again.

“(Y/n)! Hey, wh- what the hell happened?!” Sam yelled running to you, his yells causing you to scream louder in pain, his heart beat radiating through your mind.

“Dean!” He yelled loudly, and Dean came stomping, your vision blurred and the more black and white everything seemed, the more tired you became.

You throat suddenly dried, leaving you gasping for air.

“No, no, no! Why didn’t you listen?!” Dean yelled, Sam eyeing him, signaling it wasn’t the best time for this talk.

“Don’t give me that look! She should’ve listened!” Dean yelled and you stood weakly, he threw his hands up defensively, running his fingers through his hair.

“It’s not time for your damn I told you so moment!” You growled, your voice deep and throat drying.

You stood weakly.

“Look what happened to you (y/n)! God damn it, you’re so irresponsible!” He yelled, you both stepping closer to each other.

“Well I must have some good self control cause your blood is flowing louder and faster by the minute and I’m still 2 feet away from you!” You screamed, Sam taking a warning step forward.

“You wouldn’t be able to hear that if you would’ve listened, you are just like your father!” He screamed glaring at you and lunged forward. Attacking him in punches, each blow making your head pound louder.

“You. Son. Of. A. Bitch!” You growled out, fangs painfully making their way from your gums.

Sam’s arms were suddenly wrapped around you, holding you back from Dean as you thrashed around.

“You’re scaring me, stop it!” Sam yelled trying to calm you.

“You should be!” You screamed, laughing maniacally. You broke from his grasp, sending him flying.

“Don’t make me do this.” Dean yelled, now holding out a machete.

“I’m not in control.” You growled, smirking.

Beware The Scorch

 Chapter Three Part One: Hit and Run

We take off into the sun scorched day, weapons drawn and determination oozing out of us like sweat. Also sweat oozing out of us like sweat because it’s hotter than hell outside. The earth underneath us spits out dust as our feet pound onto it like drums. 

I’m in the front of the group, Minho flocks to my right and Newt to my left. Teresa and Aris take the middle while Frypan and Jorge take up the the rear.The first building looms up ahead. Like all the others, most of the windows are missing and its crumbling. Typically, they’re vacant since cranks mainly congregate in the open, but I’ve run into cranks in them before and they jump out when you least expect it.

 "Stay close to me.“ I call over my shoulder.

“What?!” I hear Frypan shout.

“Hey keep it down will ya shank?” Minho loudly whispers, “I like my face where it is. Don’t want some crank messing it up now would we?”

I spot him out of the corner of my eye looking at me as he says it. That stupid smirk plastered on his face.

 "Don’t worry,“ I reply "Your face is the last thing a crank wants to see in the morning." 

Minho rolls his eyes "Right back at you, shuck face." 

"You know,” I quietly say as we near the first building, “insulting me in a foreign dialect isn’t really insulting me if I don’t understand what it means, I’m not properly offended.”

 "Love,“ Newt wearily says "It’s early, don’t get ol Minho hear off on one of his rants." 

"Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy.” Minho sarcastically spits out as we approach the open door.

 "Shut up.“ I say as I look in.

"Woah there sweetheart,” Minho says with an obnoxious tone. “I’d be more than delighted to educate you on just exactly what a shuck face is. Now a shuck face-”

“Minho, seriously, shut your bloody hole.” Newt whisper shouts as I’ve guessed he’s noticed what I have. Minho opens his mouth to, no doubt, let out another sarcastic remark, but shuts it as he gets a good look inside. The whole floor is covered in sleeping cranks. Newt, Minho and I turn around and face the group. 

“Everyone back up slowly,” I whisper. “We’re going to have to take an alternate route." 

I look over at Jorge, his eyes are wide with terror."Uh hermana?” He says pointing behind me. I slowly turn my head and spot a crank.   

 From the looks of it, the cranks a woman, about in her late twenties. She’s standing at the open door with her feet wide apart and a shard of broken mirror with a bloody tip in her right hand. Her hairs coming out in patches over her scarred skull and she’s missing an ear. However, the worst part about her is her smile. It’s deranged, sickening and she only has three teeth, two on the top and one on bottom, three black, cracked, teeth. She stares me straight in the eyes and says “I have butterflies in my stomach.”     The statement is so simple yet out of place it’s terrifying. She then closes her eyes and starts swaying back and forth while humming some jagged tune that I can’t name. I glance over at Minho and gesture towards his gun with my eyes. He meets my gaze and cocks it as I do the same. I look over at Newt to see he’s already drawn his machete, he nods his head at me as if to say he’s ready for anything. I hear the rest of them behind me ready there weapons. I glance over at Minho again to see he’s full on staring at me. It shocks me a little but I shake it off as I deeply inhale and start to back up and the others follow suit. The crank immediately opens her eyes and stops her mundane humming. “Where do you think you’re going?” She says unevenly. “You have to help me get the butterflies out of my stomach.” She then lifts her ratty shirt to reveal her stomach, which is dusted with  scabbed over cuts. I gasp as I realize what she’s been doing with the shard of mirror in her hand. The crank suddenly pulls down her shirt and starts screaming “CUT THEM OUT BEFORE I CUT YOU! CUT THEM OUT BEFORE I CUT YOU!” The other cranks behind her start to stir and wake. 

“Im no genius but I think we should run.” Frypan says to the group.

“Greatest idea you’ve had all day hermano.” Jorge  says.

 I turn on my heel and sprint towards the next building. Now years of scavenging on this godforsaken land have caused me to shape up into a speed demon. I take a risk and look behind me to see Minho trailing my heels and Newts not that far behind, I notice he runs with a slight limp.  Teresa, Aris, Jorge and Frypan are about 10 feet behind Newt. I notice also, that the cranks have woken up and are chasing us. 

Great, just great.” I think to myself.

 "Look out!“ I hear Newt and Minho shout in unison. I whip my head to the front and see three cranks charging straight for me.

 "Where’d they come from?” I mutter under my breath.  

The one on the left is a male, his right eye and most of his nose is missing and his lips are curled into a snarl, while the one in the center is a female; the flesh on her jaw is torn off revealing only bone and most of her finger are missing. The worst however, is the one on the left, it’s so deformed I can’t even tell what gender it is.I raise my MP5 and shoot three times, the first bullet goes right through the middle of the center cranks eyes while the second hits the left crank in the heart and the third also finds a home in the right cranks chest 

Gotcha.” I think to myself as the left and center crank fall. 

But before I can relish my short victory I notice that the right crank hasn’t fallen, and is charging at me in full speed. Impossibly, the bullet hasn’t killed him.I swerve to the left to avoid his arms but in the process he knocks the gun out of my hand. 

“Shit!” I yell. 

I turn around to fight him and before he reaches me again I surprise him by jumping and using his own arm to swing myself around, landing on his back like he’s giving me a piggy back ride. With lightning speed I snatch a small knife out of my utility belt and slit his throat. As he slumps to the ground I roll myself off into a standing stance, grab my gun and continue running. Minho and Newt have caught up to me now.  

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?!” Minho shouts, clearly impressed. 

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I reply with a grin. “Quick!” I shout as we enter the building. 

We all turn around and start firing and the cranks but there’s too many. I look over at Jorge.

“Your plan isn’t working hermana!” He yells. "You think I don’t know that?!” I scream back. Suddenly, I perk up as I have an idea. 

 "Jorge! Frypan!“ I shout, "Blast em!"Jorge and Frypan each grab a small grenade. 

"I’m not that much of a thrower,” Frypan nervously yells. Minho reaches over me with his muscular arm and grabs the grenade out of Frypans hands. 

“Relax shank I got this.” He says.

I raise my arm, “Ready?" 

Jorge and Minho pull the pins off the first grenades.

 "Now!” I shout. 


I don’t look to see what the damage is.

“Run!” I scream as I dash inside the building. I hear the rest of the group run behind me as I lead them through the veins of the buildings interior. My goal is to get to the other side of the building and continue on our mapped out course. As we near the exit door I hear muffled footsteps. Footsteps that don’t belong to us. Simultaneously, we all stop about thirty feet away from the door. I quickly snatch a throwing knife out of my belt and raise my gun at the door. I look over at Minho. 

“They’re coming!” I say. “We’re going to have to fight our way through." 

“What?!” Jorge exclaims “Are you crazy hermana?!”

 "What choice do we have?“ I retort "There’s cranks on the other side of the building too." 

"It’s like they knew we where coming!” Teresa says.I look over at Aris whose nodding in agreement to Teresa.

 "Alright new plan.“ Minho says.

"We don’t have time for a new plan,” I begin to say when suddenly, a muffled boom resonates from the door.  And quicker than you could say butterfly, a new horde of cranks bursts through the door. There’s no time to think, so I sprint for the nearest one. 

When I’m about five feet away I drop to my knees and slide; using my knife I slice the cranks right leg open. It howls in pain and reaches down to grab me. I somersault backwards to avoid his grasp and jump to my feet. I whip around as I see another crank jump for me and knock me to the ground. The cranks face is looming over me, teeth bared and ready to bite.

“So this is how it ends.” I think to myself.

To Be Continued.

     Okay, sorry for leaving you guys on a cliffhanger and that  its a little shorter than the last few but there’s so much action I decided to split it up into two parts. Thank you so much for reading and feedback is always appreciated. 

    xoxo Aly

We went to a shelter today and they had ex battery hens and you could see some of the birds had their toes and beaks cut

There are people out there who tell me this stuff is make believe and use spiels like “not all farms”

Even when the victims are standing right in front of us, even when you can see the physical scars of exploitation of them people will still demand its make believe so they can eat eggs without a guilty conscience

The poor chooks came running over right away to curious if we had food… After all thats happened to them because of humans? Animals are so forgiving

curse-of-the-lumberjack asked:

I'm sorry but that app is super cute???? Sadly 110% sure mine would all be dead half the time hahaha.

((If trees could scream would we be so eager to cut them down? Maybe, if they screamed all the time for no good reason.))

The teenage love angst and frustration Miraculous gives me is unbearable. Like, their masks don’t even cover their entire face, just their fucking eyes like at least chat has the ability to grow out his hair so that he looks somewhat unrecognizable, (as well as the eye color change) but God damn Marinette has the same damn hairstyle and eye color. JUST COME ON ALREADY HOW NAIIVE CAN A PERSON BE HOW NAIIVE CAN EVERYONE BE JUST UUGHHHVGHGG ITS RIGHT THHERE IN FRONT OF YOU ADRIEN FALL IN LOVE WITH MARINETTE, LADYBUG FALL IN LOVE WITH CHAT JUST PLEASR MY ACHING BREAKING HEART CANT TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS PAIN

“Wait stop! Oh my god we need to take a picture. The lighting is perfect right now. I wish I had my camera.” Khalia stated excitedly pulling out her phone and quickly opening up the camera app. She leaned in close to the other, holding out her phone in front of them “I’m gonna take a few so show me that pretty smile of yours.” A wide grin spread across her lips as she took a few pictures. Looking down at the screen her smile remained bright. “We look super cute, I am so posting these on twitter and facebook - maybe my blog too.”

I really wish the lighting were better in this apartment, but what can ya do?

This Monday is the total opposite of last Monday. Last Monday was grumptastic and awful and today I woke up at 445 to Phineas cuddles, killed it at the gym, and am feelin’ slammin.

I looked in the mirror and was like “damn Laura, you’re lookin’ fine lately.” I’m in a dress i absolutely love because it hits me in all the right spots, and despite wearing it like 3-4x before I just NOW discovered it has POCKETS. Officially my new favorite dress.

My body is finally truly feeling sore and I may or may not take a rest day tomorrow, but I’m consistently increasing my lifts and its pretty awesome. Barring inclement weather I want to consistently run outside again this week and kill it as much as possible on the food front.

I’m also getting Ethiopian food tonight which I’m pretty stoked for. I’ve only had it once before and it was delicious and basically vegetarian paradise. 

Go have happy Mondays and drink loads of coffee!!!

i cherish nights when the sky is dark and gloomy, when the rain descents the large fluffy clouds, when flowers and trees and little sprouts finally get the water and moisture and care they’ve longed for for months. when the pavements and wooden rooftops smell of fresh sky water. when you spend the night with the love of your life with your own ground coffee and them with their brewed tea. everything seems to be in its place, the right moment in the right place and the right time. everything around you seems perfect, and even thought it’s not, having everything you love around you and beside you makes it feel like the universe has stopped for you. like the galaxies expanded and made many sacrifices for you. to let you have the moment of your life. even though it might be just another normal night for another, it becomes a moment that will forever stay in your mind because it was everything you had ever wanted right in front of you.
—  a stranger to tragedy, poem number one.

as i was trying to retrieve the reaper IFF on saturday, killing mob after mob of husks, thane walked right in front of me while i was shooting and had the gall to say “that’s me, shepard”